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  1. Was camping in North Berwick this weekend in our Autoshite supplied seven seater
  2. It was Sainsbury’s Super unleaded it got the two times I filled it up. Just got an email from WBAC but they are a wee bit late 😂 Although I’m sure someone told me you have to have owned the car for 6 months...
  3. She tried to play it cool at first but now she’s asking about how you put the roof down and taking the oldest out after school... it’s won her over I think 😊
  4. Loving the 240 as well!
  5. Sounds like it’s with the right owner good luck with it mate!
  6. Wasn’t too bad thanks, though I was a bit later maybe, back of 8 I left GM
  7. Aye, made an arse of the petrol situation and had to divert, then got caught in fog. Car went really well though and the initial rage has calmed at home...
  8. Just brought this up to Edinburgh from Chester-le-street, it’s lovely and even better than described! Thanks @gm
  9. I’m the same L1, I’m due in on Thursday... seems 50/50 wether it hits you or not. Get well soon @SiC
  10. Went for a jog earlier (seemed a good idea at the time) and met @Lacquer Peel who had kindly come through with my new car! My first car collection on foot and without kids in tow. Thanks for your help Cal . Those of you who know this car and commented on the sale thread are right, it’s a brilliant thing!
  11. @Alusilber good spot with the headlights! I scrolled back to see if I had posted them before but not on here... thought I had? Must have been another thread or Facebook... Your first post is on this thread though, in 2013! That Skoda only looked marginally better 2 years ago!
  12. I think it is a GSI, will get a better photo next time i’m passing
  13. Some very different but all interesting cars to finish. The old chap that owns the BMW has had it 23 years he told me!
  14. The Skoda intrigues me as it’s MOT’d but never seems to move. There’s a thread recently started about leaving a note enquiring about a car, I’ve thought about doing that here a few times!
  15. Hard to see in my rubbish pictures, but the metro (ok, 100) is looking a bit pissed, needs a wee pump up. It’s been sitting for ages, no wonder at £2000! It’s called Bargain Autos as well... they do have interesting stuff lying around though
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