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  1. It is and you’re right, it’s always busy there! 20mph speed limits... that could be a thread in its own right!
  2. I know, at first I though someone had come out a side street but it looks more like head on? It’s a E30 BMW 3 series, shame but it looks like it did it’s job well
  3. The day after I took the photos above, the local paper tweeted about a crash just round the corner. Sad reacts only ☹️
  4. Few spots from the same street. The Citroen looked like it was someone’s daily, in slightly shabby but solid condition, just lovely!
  5. Some pictures from my first Scotoshite in 6 months, good laugh as always. I assumed that 75 was one of us but turns out not!
  6. Getting close are we on for tonight?! How many tickets is the last payment for?
  7. @paulplom that boot full of beach toys is my car all the time as well! Lovely looking car as well shame about the damage
  8. Is 29th September still a goer for this? @GeordieInExile can you make this date?
  9. It really wasn’t the day to test drive a car with the power the Saab has yesterday! Will hopefully take it out again later. Will definitely be on bigger roads than the ones I took the mini on!
  10. The Volvo has a flat tyre hence the slump. Not moved for nearly a year, really need to get my finger out and do something with it, was my New Years resolution...
  11. Had a great time with the Mini, but with 3 kids the chance to swap for something bigger that can also GLF was too good to pass up. I think I’m really going to like the Saab, it drove back up to Edinburgh very well, taking the horrible weather in its stride. Good to meet you @GeordieInExile! Rain stopped any woollarding but I’ve got a couple of pictures
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