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  1. @Alusilber good spot with the headlights! I scrolled back to see if I had posted them before but not on here... thought I had? Must have been another thread or Facebook... Your first post is on this thread though, in 2013! That Skoda only looked marginally better 2 years ago!
  2. I think it is a GSI, will get a better photo next time i’m passing
  3. Some very different but all interesting cars to finish. The old chap that owns the BMW has had it 23 years he told me!
  4. The Skoda intrigues me as it’s MOT’d but never seems to move. There’s a thread recently started about leaving a note enquiring about a car, I’ve thought about doing that here a few times!
  5. Hard to see in my rubbish pictures, but the metro (ok, 100) is looking a bit pissed, needs a wee pump up. It’s been sitting for ages, no wonder at £2000! It’s called Bargain Autos as well... they do have interesting stuff lying around though
  6. Out for a walk on my own this afternoon, took a few pictures. Feels like years since i did this, and looking for this thread I find it has been years!
  7. Yeah, it does look a bit worse for wear, will get a better picture. The Calibra was lovely, a blue SE8 I think, not sure if I have a picture of it. I sold it to buy an old Triumph 2000
  8. Liking this thread but I’ve nothing interesting to add! Had a mk2 years ago and a Calibra but sadly no mk3. So have this photo from round the corner. I think it’s been sitting as long as I’ve lived here, 8+ years...
  9. I think I remember that V8 mini, I’m sure he used a princess gearbox! So O series makes sense. He made a bonnet scoop but rejected it for looking too professional, said he wanted the front to look shrink wrapped! Will have to look for the article, was PPC if it’s the same one
  10. This is how I see it. So many of the coach built ones look like they are 40-50% kitchen, but you’re on your holidays! Get a chippy! A comfy bed and some kind of toilet facilities would do fine. You can always have a wee burner under the tailgate to make a coffee or whatever
  11. Upgrade to the premium service for just £4.99 a month and get a free Fu’gutty branded face mask, not available in the shops
  12. Was just going to PM you on this subject mate! That’s a sore one. Couldn’t even make a good one out of the two of them
  13. I think I’m the one being shafted Jim 😂
  14. Here’s hoping mate. I have a budget with the pubs being shut for nearly a year, will either fix this or buy a Koenigsegg.
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