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  1. I should have guessed this, a certain Mr Peel was canvassing on behalf of this gang recently! His car is much better than I thought a Ssangyong would be!
  2. Had a look in the for sale section. It’s not the Rover is it?! Looks brilliant for the money
  3. The week my S70 passed it’s MOT also had this milestone, achieved last night
  4. This went straight through an mot yesterday @Lacquer Peel @Jim Bell, driving as well as ever
  5. I think he’s got it in him, cos he sounds like a right James Hunt
  6. Just seen on Facebook and thought of you, sorry if that’s not helping 😂
  7. Sorry I can’t work out how to link this and the photos are awful, but it seems cheap doesn’t it?
  8. Ah shit mate we were just talking about those thrust washers… I’m back in the country let me know if I can help picking up engines etc. I’m sure the kids would be delighted with a wee day trip to Forfar 😂
  9. Thanks for a great weekend everyone, and to @Sunny Jim for organising the beautiful location! So good that the kids and me are still here! Getting harder to ignore them and look at Volvos now though 🙈
  10. Sorry mate I never thought until we were there 🙈
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