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  1. She’s in Lincolnshire, not far from Kings Lynn which is Norfolk I think? So many counties meet here I get confused. Last time I was down I got magazines from Beep near Wisbech, not far away but that was Cambridgeshire! I’ll come and meet you, hoping to camp in Norfolk if the weather suits
  2. I’ll be down in the next couple of weeks to visit my mum, maybe I could meet you and get these up the road? Will check with you when I have a plan in place!
  3. Nice one Iain, lovely looking car
  4. I think it’s vinyl @320touring, although it’s got a few holes in it. Long term I think it needs professionally repaired/replaced.
  5. Got the mini wheels, thanks @Flat4 and good luck with your journey! Miserable weather, it must be because I now have a working convertible... Need to charge the battery or jump start it for a wee drive but lacking motivation right now from my warm living room! Here’s a quick picture, It’s out on the flat so i can check levels after it’s surgery. Just noticed my neighbour opposite is Chris’ wee brother 5 Cylinder! I work in a school and we’ve all to make a “summer themed” quick video to say happy holidays to the kids, was thinking I should use this car for mine but I’m scared if I take the roof down it won’t go back up! @Six-cylinder did the previous owner say anything about the roof? All the times I seen it in passing it was up.
  6. Hopefully we will too. We get into the Highland wildlife park with our Edinburgh Zoo pass! Camped at Dalraddy the last couple of times, kids loved it
  7. @Petrolize will get a shock if this is left on his drive! Edinburgh to Chichester via Durham, the obvious autoshite first stop is Aviemore!
  8. @beko1987 I was hoping it would be transport to a roffle win but these things are never that straightforward are they 😂
  9. I’m sure we can sort something. You’ve not got anything to pick up near Durham have you? 😂
  10. @gm I hadn’t looked that far yet, wasn’t sure about having to prove essential journey status as well? Was out earlier and the traffic on the bypass/A90 was 75% back to normal though
  11. As for getting it south I have no plan or preference, @loserone you are close to Durham eh? That does sound a sensible first leg, especially if I win your 306 to drive home in! Anyone else with an idea let us know
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