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  1. Is that the one on carandclassic? I wondered if you knew that one when I seen where it was! Why is the ado16 better? Are they not quite similar apart from size?
  2. I’ll have 5 tickets too! 3 13 and 30 for me, and a random each for tickman and Jim bell 👍
  3. Its no doubt been talked about before but I couldn't see a thread. I've been thinking about what would make an ideal second car and hobby/shite/classic/retro (delete as appropriate) in one. Something interesting (to me at least!), but roomy enough to fit the kids in, pick up shopping etc, reasonable parts availability... On that point I'm not trying to dodge the MOT and associated repairs, any car of mine would get checked by a garage at least once a year to make sure I've not missed anything, I don't want to debate that issue here! So with a theoretical three grand in my pocket here are the cars I've thought of so far, most pretty obvious. Please feel free to add your thoughts or shoot mine down! Volvo 244/245 A Scottish 'shiter has to start here! I'd love an Amazon but cheap examples are long gone. So the 200's. A lot are advertised above my budget but with patience I think a good one is easily possible. Maybe not the most exciting of cars but probably the most practical Morris 1000 / Austin A40 Farina I like the classic looks of these two and many have proved they can still be reliable transport, but they are maybe on the small side for me carting kids about, and maybe a bit tiresome on longer journeys? BMC 1800 various These cars definitely tick the family box, being so spacious and sturdy with well known engines (maybe not so much with the 2200 six). They do have a classic look as well that probably looks better now than it did when new. I'm sure most on here will know about the futuristic Pininfarina design that was binned, another "what could have been" for the British car industry! The downside to this one is that values are creeping up so I might have missed the boat for getting a good one... Small Triumphs This might be too much for one paragraph! I'll discount the Standard 8 and 10 for being a bit too old for this brief, and the Vitesse sadly for being too dear. I might just about get a Herald at the money, and I would like the chance to tinker with one given that I'm a relative novice with mechanics and they are famously easy to work on, with straightforward engines and easy access thanks to their massive bonnets. More likely given budget is a Toledo or later Dolomite 1300, the 1500s don't have the best reputation and larger engined models are again getting too expensive. I've actually owned a Dolly 1500 and sprint in the past, Dolomites are great cars and I'd happily have another! I do like the Acclaim as well but they were built 81-84 so just miss my pre 1980 cut off. This isn't a great photo but it is the only one I have of my 1500! Sold it to a guy in Walsall about 10 years ago. Big Triumphs Mk1 2000s are my most favourite car! My Dad had one when I was 5-10 years old and it's probably the main reason I'm so into cars now, I just loved it. I did have one about 13-14 years ago before I had kids. At that point in my life though I was either at work, watching hearts get beat or in the pub... It wasn't the best condition car and I sold it on for pennies. It put me off slightly but it was that long ago that I've forgotten the frustration that it caused! My wife was the new girlfriend at the time and couldn't get her head around the fact that I drove around in a £150 Rover 414 because my £1500 car was broken! But I couldn't see the problem as I had a works van and my 2 main hobbies mentioned previously didn't require a car! Good Triumph Saloons are getting above my price range now sadly, although you still see later ones at this price. I will add more later, the Allegro Maxi and Marina are next in mind but I need to go to bed, all this excitement! I will no doubt go on about this for ages then buy a Kia Picanto, as £30 tax is nearly free eh?
  4. That’s a great colour, looks like a race car to me! Well bought mate
  5. It is and you’re right, it’s always busy there! 20mph speed limits... that could be a thread in its own right!
  6. I know, at first I though someone had come out a side street but it looks more like head on? It’s a E30 BMW 3 series, shame but it looks like it did it’s job well
  7. The day after I took the photos above, the local paper tweeted about a crash just round the corner. Sad reacts only ☹️
  8. Few spots from the same street. The Citroen looked like it was someone’s daily, in slightly shabby but solid condition, just lovely!
  9. Some pictures from my first Scotoshite in 6 months, good laugh as always. I assumed that 75 was one of us but turns out not!
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