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  1. To be fair it’s @sdkrc’s fault, he should have stuck it in that cardboard box of his and posted it up to Forfar!
  2. Brilliant @Tickman, there’s me thinking you were heading over the border to pick up that Minor 😂
  3. Love this 😊 I work in a school and our primary 2s were making loads of things out of cardboard boxes yesterday, all donated from parents. I only noticed when tidying that one of them was an Ann Summers box, who brings that in for the kids to play with 😂 thankfully there was no “space rocket” inside!
  4. Seen this in Helston, Cornwall in July, forgot about it until this thread appeared!
  5. This is when I miss a 7 seater, a tip run is not the same in a saloon car 🙈
  6. Just back from 3 and a half weeks camping with the odd night in a Premier Inn, from Edinburgh to Cornwall and back via Lincolnshire. Over 2000 miles in a £650 Volvo S70 TDI bought from @Lacquer Peel, it ran faultlessly and is the most economical car I’ve owned. It was packed so full you couldn’t have got a Daily Record in there (other moaning faced Scottish rags are available) yet MPGs only dropped from 46 to 42! Thanks Cal it’s a brilliant car. To get all our camping gear into the Volvo I needed roof bars which @Minimad5had, I talked my Dad into going down to Liverpool for a night. We went straight to the pub ready for the England Germany game and Mark actually brought them to the pub, handy incase the Germans scored and we had to fight our way out 😂. So thanks to you too Mark! Made me and the kids holidays happen, top shiters both!
  7. Was camping in North Berwick this weekend in our Autoshite supplied seven seater
  8. It was Sainsbury’s Super unleaded it got the two times I filled it up. Just got an email from WBAC but they are a wee bit late 😂 Although I’m sure someone told me you have to have owned the car for 6 months...
  9. She tried to play it cool at first but now she’s asking about how you put the roof down and taking the oldest out after school... it’s won her over I think 😊
  10. Loving the 240 as well!
  11. Sounds like it’s with the right owner good luck with it mate!
  12. Wasn’t too bad thanks, though I was a bit later maybe, back of 8 I left GM
  13. Aye, made an arse of the petrol situation and had to divert, then got caught in fog. Car went really well though and the initial rage has calmed at home...
  14. Just brought this up to Edinburgh from Chester-le-street, it’s lovely and even better than described! Thanks @gm
  15. I’m the same L1, I’m due in on Thursday... seems 50/50 wether it hits you or not. Get well soon @SiC
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