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  1. I’ve not been brave enough to try taking the roof down yet... will definitely have a go once it’s back! I’ll look out the speedos and re-create the advert posted on here a while back 😂
  2. That was March 2019 when Jim Bell took us to the seaside for Ice Creams, we were talking about this on Facebook recently! I think it’s had 6 on here. RML Adrian (well his girlfriend) sold to Jim, I won it in a roffle thanks to Tickman, swapped it with Geordieinexile, then yourself and now Robson!
  3. I think my Xantia win deserves mention for including a family swim on the way back! Top man @SierraMikeHotel picked it up for me and met me at the Hertz drop off outside Heathrow. The Bini that’s become an AS bike was a good one too, especially as @Tickman bought me the ticket and I didn’t know until it was drawn! Brilliant wee car that’s ready for a new owner again I’m sure?
  4. No problem we had a good afternoon! That’s Alex, Ella’s twin brother. He wanted to get in on the act as she thinks she’s famous after appearing in the club mag! We walked over a nearby park to my mother in laws and took her car home as it needed some lockdown exercise... The car is in good hands, will let you know when I hear from the garage on Monday
  5. Dropped the Visa off at a garage that has lots of Citroen experience, with a boot full of spares! Hopefully by the end of Monday it will have a functioning clutch 😊
  6. Getting done on Monday, that’s a shame would have worked well. I’ve just spoke to the garage, I’m taking it over at 4pm. Hopefully by the end of Monday it will be all sorted
  7. It’s the kind of tat that comes up often on my car searches! A lot seem to be turning into DIY Campers
  8. I had one just like this about 20 years ago, loved it especially the green velour! It ended up in the bin after the mot man’s screwdrver sent the rear shock through the wheel arch...
  9. It is an AW71, fingers crossed
  10. Thanks Dan! Will update next week when I’ve got the radiator
  11. There’s a guide on the interweb saying to put 3.4 litres in the top, disconnect the return pipe at the box and let it run until it’s clean, then top up. This sounds a bit dodgy! I think the HBOL says to drain then top up 2 litres 3 times, but it’s a while since I looked it up... got a few days to decide until the radiator turns up
  12. Thanks Dan! Does it literally suck it up? I wasn’t sure if I would have to pour it in and hope it was at the same speed as the atf coming out!
  13. Good to know, I’ve never used that garage but know where it is. Worth speaking to them
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