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  1. I'd gone off reading mags but this does look good. Think I'll get a subscription as well
  2. That looks great fun GM! I need to have a go at this while I still have the Bini.
  3. If you are on a budget the old shape Suzuki Ignis (5 door)are a good bet, they are a good height for passengers to get in and out as well as being cheap to buy and reliable
  4. Some brilliant pictures! It was my "surprise" 40th a few weeks ago (my cousin had shouted at me from his van about seeing me there about 2 weeks previous!) and my mum had put up old pictures as is standard for these occasions. This one stopped me in my tracks, featuring the car that got me into all the joy and frustration that old motors bring. We had it '84 to '89 when its auto box failed, my Dad replaced it with a second hand 'box which lasted all of 2 weeks... it was parked up and eventually met its maker at Cowdenbeath on the banger track. I loved it, felt like a rolls Royce after the Imp it replaced! After a mini clubman stopgap it was replaced by an '82 Cortina 1.6L, which didn't feel nearly as special. Will have to dig out photos when I'm next at my Mums!
  5. 3 13 and 30 purlease!
  6. Local celebrity in the background in the last picture! That’s all the pictures for now
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