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  1. They look like fun, and totally safe*
  2. Plastic garden chairs and wheelie bins are very popular around my way, they must get caught in the shrubbery. Strangest thing? A cast iron bathtub, duck egg blue if I recall correctly.
  3. I’ve seen this one before, looking very sharp indeed.
  4. That’s probably an import from Australia, they were sold here until 2013 as the Mitsubishi Express.
  5. NEWS FLASH: Nothing’s happened. 2000 more kilometres covered, only thing of note was a flat tyre thanks to a rock rolling onto the road as I was going along. A service will be coming soon, hopefully some further improvement work which has been sorely lacking of late. 33,000 Kilometres in my ownership, and counting.
  6. As an alternative to the springs, is there a gas strut kit out there that would be a direct replacement?
  7. I hadn’t noticed that, especially as for the most part it has all the features of a 90s Mini with the side repeaters, reverse lights, bubble arches and graphics pack. Now I have 2 gripes.
  8. My only gripe is they fitted bullet mirrors, which as far as I’m concerned should be systematically removed from all classic minis with a lump hammer.
  9. Looks to me that the A/C compressor has failed, quite spectacularly I might add. If you are not fussed about the A/C working, you might be able to fit a belt for a non-A/C model, thus bypassing the dodgy compressor and restoring lift to this fine chariot.
  10. Very Sporty! I wonder if the black trim on the lower half of the steering wheel would benefit from the same treatment?
  11. That could very well be factory. Tesla shut lines make a Range Rover Classic look like an S-Class.
  12. I’m sold! Where do I send my $149.97 (plus $14.99 P&P)?
  13. Shame about the sunroof (and the rampant corrosion) as that would be my ideal spec Mini.
  14. Previous owner was a coal miner who used to talc their hands? Either way, WOULD.
  15. I saw a delicious white BX 16 Valve driving the other way a couple hours ago and I’m still nursing a semi (this may be a side affect of the Covid jab I had just prior).
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