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  1. Forum is running as slow as a wet week, getting a number of bad gateway errors.
  2. Looks great on the Lancia alloys.
  3. You find the strangest things in charity shops. ‘Anyone for an audio guide to your new Australian market Petrol 1982 Peugeot 505? It’s only $1!’ Now I need to find the car to match.
  4. Drive to interview in a t-shirt and swap into your nice shirt when you get there (best not done in the carpark of prospective employer, obvs).
  5. A cobbler should have them back together in no time. Would it be cost effective compared to buying a new pair? Possibly not, but as a member of this forum repairing old tat instead of doing the sensible thing and buying new is in your blood.
  6. The Triumph Mayflower is an attractive piece of art deco design that I would happily own.
  7. The glassware of my childhood would have to be Anchor Hocking Fire King Peach Lustre mugs. My grandparents had a set and I always enjoyed watching the tea slosh around through the shiny transparent mugs, so much better than these boring non-see-through mugs everyone else had. I have the one remaining mug from the set.
  8. My pick of wheel for an old Aussie boat would be the Cheviot Hotwire
  9. I had to do the very same a couple of months ago with my cat, 20 years old and I’ve had him since I was 4. It was awful and heartbreaking, but he was seriously unwell and it was the right thing to do. I was initially hesitant to be there when it happened, but I would have regretted not holding him in my arms when he went.
  10. I would have said it was Applejack, which came in with the Metro (I think).
  11. 4wd Citroen 2CV driving through a mud bog in Queensland
  12. Wallace and Gromit driving a Volvo 240 in space
  13. I remember in high school there was a fit PE teacher who had a white Nubira Wagon. The Nubira Wagon was possibly the most popular Daewoo model sold in Australia. There seems to be plenty around, whereas Matiz, Lanos and other models were quite rare from new.
  14. Robert did say in a recent video he had sold the Lada to another YouTuber
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