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Autoshite Calendar, Feb 2024 - Jan 2025. All dispatched! Some stock left


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EDIT - Voting is live, links to the voting threads are here:

February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January

I'm afraid a whole year has passed since the last thread on this, would anyone be interested in a February 2024 - January 2025 Autoshite Calendar?
I'm happy to run this again, unless someone else wants to have a go.  I admit I'm no graphic artist, but I can put things in envelopes and stick labels on fairly accurately.

I'll bump the nomination threads shortly, plop your submissions on those (remember that it's vehicles owned by a shiter in the month of the thread, but by all means nominate your own rammel). 

There are four months May, June , December and January where we are a bit light on submissions,   If you have anything that tickled your fancy from any months, but those four especially, please post it, the more the merrier.

Lastly, please can I have a show of hands as to who would like a calendar? Bung your name down with an expression of interest (and a quantity if you would like more than one).  Like last year, I'll borrow Brownnova's idea of a form to fill in to take address details etc, and I'll work out taking payment when I have an order total.

I'm happy to offer two types of calendar this year:-

  • A desk calendar, for those who have flat surfaces.  You know the type:


  • And a wall calendar, for those of you who have, erm...  walls

Prices will be about £11.75 for the wall calendar and £8.50 for the desk one including postage, depending on order volumes etc.


  • Now until 18th January - submit photos, especially where the thread has only four or five photos
  • Now until 23rd January express your interest if you want a calendar
  • 19th - 25th January - poll for whose image gets on that calendar for each month, tactical/protest voting encouraged
  • 26th January - I design* the calendar and get the files off to the printers
  • 29th January - I collect the calendars from the printers and work myself into a frenzy getting them into envelopes
  • 31st January - The postman spills his sack into your postbox
  • 1st February - You get to mark off time in fine style*



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