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  1. Sorry Billy and Richard, I decided to have tonight at home, setting off at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Hope to make the breakfast meet.
  2. Nobody fancy overnighting at The Shady Oak on Saturday then? It's not gonna be much fun on my own... maybe time to reconsider my choices.
  3. Yay! I'm in, thank you BrownNova. I'd really like to do the usual car camping at The Shady Oak (CW6 9UE) on the Saturday night, preceded by a pub dinner and a couple pints there... There have been some mentions of it, but I've seen no list. [Edit:] I've just spoken to the pub, no tents this year (waterlogging and other reasons) so hard standing only. If you call your car a "camper" then that's ok. The £25 includes electric and access to new loos and showers. (Bring electric blanket and extension FTW!) 12 plots available. I'll phone up again mid week and book some slots in the field if anyone else fancies it. Names below please: Shady Oak Campers: 1. KruJoe 2.
  4. PM incoming, Brown_Nova. I CANNOT break the habit of a lifetime and miss this. So sorry to be late to the party...
  5. Aye, 'twas I. It's a creamy colour, right? I didn't notice it as I was gathering my gear from the kitchen, it must have been tidied up from the draining board. But I did miss it when I landed home. It would be nice to see it again, such a handy size, but don't worry about it if it's gonna be a ball-ache, I don't want you posting it or relaying it north or anything like that. Might I see you at Chumley in September?
  6. Just home as the sun sets over Malhamdale. Six-and-a-half hours. No FTPs to be seen here, the Pleasure Wagon has looked after me brilliantly. TFFT! Thank you so much everyone, it's been emotional.
  7. Leaving soon... do I need to throw in an A-frame to scoop up a Stellar from the M6?
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