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  1. Sorry, there's no Volvo at Castle_Cleland this month. 😊
  2. Thanks Billy I found your thread for it!
  3. A bit of shameful self-promotion... It came to us via Cavcraft in early 2015! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394956450049 If any established Shiter srsly fancies it, a discount may apply at checkout
  4. Yes it's still here too, I'm loving it! 😊
  5. Just caught up on the last few pages, it's all good stuff. Thank you for keeping this thread going, as I've said before, it has been a real inspiration. I haven't been to rural France for at least 20 years (God, I sound ancient!) It's great to see there are still quality spottings to be made. A surprisingly attractive highlight to me was the Renault 21 hatchback. I'd nearly forgotten about those. Thanks again 🙂
  6. I just caught up on the whole thread Conan, good to see you still doing what you like doing. The car's looking brill! That last picture is great, thanks for sharing. I do like night-time/early hours driving in Bangkok. It can feel like a video game, but at other times of day it can be hell on earth. Me and the current Mrs_KJ are in town right now, we're upcountry bumpkins, so properly out of our comfort zone. Tomorrow morning we submit Lin's UK visa application then head to Chiang Mai. Just a flying visit this time; I'm back to work in Yorkshire on Friday morning. I'd love to hook up sometime if we have chance one winter. 🙂
  7. Yes, we're all going to Shitefest in Shropshire 😊
  8. And one of mine, featuring @AnnoyingPentium 's unfortunate Fabia:
  9. Of course there's loads of eligible pics in the Shitefest thread, this is my favourite of @brownnova 's:
  10. Use the one from your car. You're welcome 😊
  11. I'm suspecting HGF on Colonel Eccles's Marina powered Moggie. It was blowing water from the non-standard(?) expansion bottle. The cap may have been faulty but I suspect it's more serious. And his barry-spec rocker cover keeps coming loose and pissing oil out. I remember them being a problem from my Mini days, especially with those quick release bolts instead of the standard hex jobs. That 1275 might be ready for a rebuild. He was heading off to Lytham St Anne's, without a phone, and he didn't even have the number of anyone who could come and rescue him. Sounds like the sort of thing my 90 year old father would do!
  12. We're safely back to Malhamdale, having done a job on the way. Sorry to have had to leave before the group pic, Lin did suggest it to me, I should have listened. Anyway, just this side of Preston, we came across this old boy, stranded in an awkward spot with his 1275cc Moggie boiling over. Let me introduce Colonel Thomas Eccles (89): He was out of water and it wasn't starting, so ARSE kicked into gear once again. We had about two gallons on board which it took after letting it cool for a bit. Then the car would fire up then stall, like poor fuel pressure, there wasn't much in the lines. The electric SU pump on the bulkhead wasn't doing very much. While we were talking about towing him back to Blackburn, he tried it again and it sort of ran, long story short, we found a water supply and then nursed it back to his work shop. Brace yourself, this place is a bit special: He was suffering with his COPD but we made sure he was well enough to take himself home in his SAAB daily. But not until he'd spent 20 minutes trying to find a business card for me. During which time I'd found him in his own yellow pages. In the bottom of a filing cabinet he found me one, check out the phone number! He says he's still there most days with his son. What a joy to know we still have these places tucked away down cobbled back streets behind red brick terraces. Brilliant 😊
  13. Charnock Richard achieved 😊 Poo count: 3 A big thank you to everyone for your various efforts, for coming the distances you did, and for welcoming me and Lin back into the fold. Love you all. 😘😘
  14. Just finished a full day of work, we're about to set off from North Yorkshire. Not really looking forward to this drive. But I have company, yes, the current Mrs KJ is coming. Be nice to her 😊
  15. Pack your favourite mug, folks. I'm geared up for tea and coffee catering aplenty. Nowt posh but it'll be warm and wet.
  16. Yes please, something else to look forward to 😀
  17. Until earlier today I was highest bidder on this POS: Luckily for you all, the listing was pulled, so I'll be there in just the Pleasure Wagon. So yes please @Sunny Jim save me a spot 😃 preferably somewhere between Scotch Corner and Cornwall, coz I come from somewhere in between. And I wouldn't want to be confused with being "normal". ETA evening Friday, hopefully before dark. But wherever, not too bothered. I'll just glad to be there amongst good buddies.
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