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  1. The AS BeigeX preparing for its latest journey...
  2. Just home to Castle_Cleland, despite a bit of an ATF leak on the Pleasure Wagon. Hopefully an easy fix. What a grand day out! Good to see you Jaz, @djimbob and more of the family, and thank you all donors for the chippy tea - lovely! So the BX is safe on a charitable driveway now, but who is going to inject its next dose of loving? Just* needs putting in for a test - should fly straight through (etc.)
  3. Cock and bollox. I ain't riding no pony - guess I'm walking. *grumps*
  4. This recently occurred: Also, my summer work rush is slowing down now, so can give the BX an afternoon, and hopefully there'll be movement happening next Sunday, recreating such scenes as... and
  5. Jaz, just thinking aloud here... the car's still in Denby Dale, right? Where does it need to go, and what's the deadline please?
  6. Hi gang, if it's not too far to come for it (BD23), use my trailer. Jaz, you have my number. Brakes are still S H I T though. Sorry I don't have time to pop down and help shift it myself any time soon. I'm SURE we had the plugs out while the car was up here, the only tool we could get to fit was the box spanner thing that lives under the bonnet. It was there.
  7. They do look the same, but Metro ones were 12".
  8. *Bollox spunks £100 on "the right tool for the job"* *Bollox gets stuck in and finds the bastard's only finger tight*
  9. Are all the speakers in the doors? I've had speaker wires break with the flexing caused by 20 years of the doors being open and shut.
  10. That's some really pretty work you're doing there, Sir. Your pale blue 924 is the spit of one I used to walk the long way home from middle school just to gawp at. The year was 1989, and the car was parked on a shitty bomb-site sales lot near Keighley, West Yorks, where the stock never seemed to change. The screen price was £395, and I never understood why it was there for so long. Even tried to persuade my parents that it was a bargain for a Porsche. They laughed. I moped upstairs to gaze at my Porsche 959 poster. Other lads liked Testarossas and Lambo Countashs. The fools.
  11. YAAS! FotoRabia's back! Ace pics, as ever. We never know who's gonna crawl out of the woodwork. I've not met him, but I met his good friend at Uluru - Rab was a great help in planning my 2011 (?) trip across Oz.
  12. I don't know who this @tobyd guy is, but I like him already!
  13. Result Pleasure Wagon just sneaks in under the wire - one day to spare! I've already MOT prep'd it, but with work grinding to a halt, I was unsure whether I'd need it this summer so hadn't call my tame tester yet. But it's good to know I can just "tax-n-go" if I need to shift owt.
  14. I read the depressing news this morning, and it has really knocked me for six, I've thought of little else all day. To echo everyone's tributes, Richard really was a champion bloke, a true gentleman and hugely interesting with it. I first met him back in 2012/13/14, I forget exactly when, but I've very much enjoyed his company at Chumley/Shitefest events over the years. His presence was always a joy, and he was rarely without a smile, even if it was one of bemusement! My albums are a real mess right now, but here's a snapshot of a jolly moment at a recent Chumley meet:
  15. Home and fed, what a great day! I'm glad you took loads of pictures, Will, coz I didn't. I took a couple of shit videos but I can't get them to play on the laptop, so bollox to 'em. Snagglepuss: Offering his car to internet randomers for a day's racing? - What a legend! Thank you so much Will. I'd love to do it again given the chance, and repaying the favour by using a car of mine next time. And everyone there were helpful and welcoming, the organisers, the competitors, and all the other helpers, so I highly recommend any other newbies to come along too next time. I can't think
  16. Autosolo Class A , as instructed And the Clubman Licence was the free, basic level, which is ok for Autosolo.
  17. Admin all done. I had a question about payments so spoke to the AMSClub secretary Tracey Smith, she was very helpful, and also advised that I need a Clubman Licence, which is easy and free to do online at https://www.motorsportuk.org/get-started/2020-rs-clubman-licence/
  18. Excellent, thank you! I'll do that admin tonight, alongside renewing my driving license. I'm excited already!
  19. Will, I really fancy having a crack at this, could you please put my name down for one of your drivers' places? I don't expect to be competitive, but it looks like a laugh, just what I need to boost my mojo. I'm just back from winter in Thailand, so it'll be great to have a catch-up too. Cheers!
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