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  1. Bit of a worry that a mechanic can't tell the difference between a chain tensioner that the car doesn't have ! and a starter motor
  2. Thats a belt engine not chain, as you suspected. Could be tensioner. Could be valves maybe. Below from an American CRV site, but applicable CR-V engine has a timing belt that needs to be replaced every 105,000 miles or 168,000 kilometers according to the 2001 Honda CR-V owner's manual. A timing belt replacement could cost from $350 to $500 in a repair shop ($650-870 with the water pump). The CR-V's engine needs periodic valve adjustment. If not adjusted in time, the valves can get too tight causing misfire. If the vehicle continues to be driven with the valves being too
  3. Apologies but can't remember if its a mk2 crv. If so, its a chain engine.
  4. Agree re the fan issue. Cant see how that would cause the issue. Take it back or ask to speak to mechanic. Has she tried a 70 mph run?
  5. Suzuki gone. Bit of a haggle, nice bloke. Straight forward transaction. FB MP is ok, if you can put up with the muppets. Eventually good buyers come out the wood work.
  6. Astra gone. Full asking price. Cash. Chatted for an hour with him. Decent bloke.
  7. If the masochist clutch changer does not work out, how about asking your local garage, to do the clutch, but ask if you can set up some fixed cameras to record it.
  8. Things are looking up on the mouth breathers front. Astra has one viewing this afternoon. Suzuki has two on Monday. Roffles in danger of being cancelled.
  9. Local on FB market
  10. Agreed. Before the Internet only friends, family and neighbours new who were pond life. Now everyone in the world can.
  11. Its no consolation, but pumps are cheap (for a Honda) and not the worst job in the world on one of those.
  12. If you built a ramp that was robust enough for the weight of the vehicle then surely its possible. Although I have no idea how fast a Stolly can go, so actually might not work, if take off speed cannot be achieved.
  13. Hated them when they were new. Really like them now.
  14. HELP Trying to remove cluster to send off for IPK fix. Someone has been here before me and snapped the locking tab on the wiring plug, when re-installing cluster. How the hell do I get this off now???? Also how do I disconnect the wire for the central vent so I can get the dash trim out?? Ta Anyone want a R75 OEW Aubergine interior? Starting to lose the will to live.
  15. Thanks. Might take add down for a week, then put for higher. Although the roffle may eventually reach a conclusion. Fingers crossed.
  16. Yes. Probably end up with 500 quid total. Plus nearest AC is in Southampton. Some distance away.
  17. Possibly the healthiest breakfast ever seen on AS
  18. Sadly the nearest AC is in Southampton, 50 miles away. Not sure, even the extra 500 quid is worth the grief from Mrs CSW for disappearing all day Saturday.
  19. bet doing over takes is fun I admire you for thinking the Foden is capable of overtaking. Parked vehicles - Yes Moving vehicles - No
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