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  1. She really liked it. No back problems at all I was quite loudly on the pedal. 75 cruise from M4 / M5 to Birmingham. Crawl through last couple of junctions until M6. Then 75 to Lancaster, then 78 to Carlisle. Was very impressed with 33 mpg.
  2. Indicator arrived. But I forgot to pack it for the trip to Hexham , so it will need to wait till I get home in a fortnight. But very impressed with the BFG on the trip up. Comfy, fast and actually better on fuel than the CRV on this trip.
  3. As well as ordering a wing mirror cover from a scrappy, that has the indicator, but not the puddle lamp wiring, I've also bought a much more expensive replacement indicator from Eurowagons Ltd. They have good feedback, so hoping it will have a resister fitted.
  4. I confess, I do forget its got a big lump under the bonnet sometimes.
  5. So the non resisted led indicator, is a tad brighter at night than I thought. Looks like I have U.S. style marker lights. Maybe I should get one for the left side too
  6. No offence taken. I think I will be ok with having a bash at the wing mirror. Will work out when I can get over to drop the laptop.
  7. @SiC Have you changed your number or just ignoring me Laptop is ready. Can drop sometime at weekend or one evening next week.
  8. Went the long way home via Shell in Westfield. The MPG improved a bit. Now off to Westbury Sub Mendip (other side of Wells), to take Sang to medical appointment, so will see if stretching her legs improves things. Then I'm going to stop looking at MPG numbers
  9. Quick trip to pub this lunchtime. She looks good in the car park. But she ain't built for short journeys. As someone on the W211 Faceache group said - might as well have bought the 5 litre. I need to ponder that potential life choice
  10. That is bloody spooky. I just bought that, then saw your post lol
  11. Maybe but I suspect it would be a major bit of surgery. As I suspected, light still flashing every 5 seconds. Common problem with cheap led products. Will try and get one from a scrappy.
  12. Ok, will go check. Anyway of getting them to stop lighting up permanently when ignition is on? I may have to phone every Merc Stealer in the country to see if they have any old stock.
  13. In other news to brighten my mood a little. The instructions for the head unit have arrived, although I've already had a play. Also a DAB adapter, so Mrs Cookie can listen to Planet Rock.
  14. Got mad and pushed the cover a lot harder and bingo it went on. The bad news is that when the ignition is on, the led's stay lit (but at a low level, not as bright as when they flash). They do flash as expected, when indicating. Ignition off and they flash every 5 seconds (again not max strength, but noticeable). I'm assuming that the cheap Chinese totalitarian w*nker, who owns the factory where the part was made, told the slaves not to put a resistor in the wiring. I believe that the part is NLA with merc, so what do I do. No mention on forums of other people having the same issue. Also a tad worried, that if left for awhile it will drain the battery. Why, is nothing straightforward in life ?
  15. God that looks shite. I've never scrapped a car due to a wing mirror cover before, but there is always a first time. Wish I'd left it alone.
  16. I voted to leave well alone, but the comment re the ebay threads is valid. I can't change my vote, but I do support some kind of auto delete for clearing down the old data not needed in those threads.
  17. I dont think the flyleaf is long enough, even if it could be disconnected. I did try to disconnect last night, but will take another look.
  18. I dont know if it does, as its all being done blind. I will get some silicone for the rubber boot and try again.
  19. The new drivers mirror indicator arrived, so once work was out the way today, thought I would give it a go. Watched a YT vid. Seems easy. Well it wasn't. My mirror had a internal cover that the ones in the YT vids didn't have. So being the professional mechanic that I am, I pryed it out the way with a screwdriver. Miracle - I didn't break it. See that little metal clip at 10 o'clock? It needs to be pushed to the right, so the cover will come off. Success. Two little philips screws to remove and unplug the puddle light. Fitting the new one is simply a reverse of the process. Then push it back on. Sadly epic fail. I can't get it to clip back in. See the electrical connection, with the red plastic round it? Well in theory, it should slide back in to the connector attached to back of the mirror assembly. It won't. So now my mirror looks like this Classy hey
  20. Yes LC got picked up. She asked if she was going to get to drive the BFG. I was non committal
  21. Yes could just be not enough gas. Still getting use to the box. Sometimes it will creep with no throttle - which I'm used to and expect. Sometimes it won't. Also when in Comfort mode, its reluctant to get going. It does start in 2nd in Comfort. Maybe I'm not giving it enough beans. Switched it to Sport mode, that gets off the line quite nicely.
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