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  1. You are probably right. He fecking hates them. Told me I was a dick for buying one and wished he hadn't talked me out of the Ford Ranger. Which while bloody awful, would have been better than a Land Rover.
  2. I'm worried that I may have to tell Parrot another garage has worked on the car. Kinda feels like being unfaithful lol
  3. The Disco of doom has been parked in the same place for the last week. Pictorial evidence suggests it has a fluid leak. My guess? When the garage fitted the new shallow sump, they didn't tighten the bolts correctly. Its in for MOT on Monday, at my usual trusted garage. I decided not to return to the 'Specialist'. They can fix it, if anything comes up on MOT.
  4. Mundano is now on new rubber at the front. Kormoran. Mid range. Liked them when I fitted them to the Vectra and like them on the Mondy. The Disco of Doom, is now farting and still kneeling. Since the new compressor was fitted, it makes noises like a dump valve, whenever its started. It did not do this before. Also front suspension still sinks over night. Was assured by the garage that the valve blocks were fine and had been seen to work on live data and the air leak was a valve on the compressor. Which would be fixed with a new compressor. Well that was bullshit. Given the 9 weeks the garage had it and the 2k I spent, it won't be going back to them. I will live with the kneeling for now, as so far no more warning lights. Its MOT is up on the 15th, so its going back to my usual garage for its ticket. Still can't work out whether I was taken for a ride by the specialist or not.
  5. Very very very very very very very very very well bought
  6. I suspect in a way they are listening to collectors. Diecast auction prices have been on the rise since last year and anything Ford fetches top money. Dealers would not be paying those high prices, if they thought they wouldn't get there money back. Fords fetch higher prices than any other mark, when retailing. Corgi are just following the market. They are a business. They have too.
  7. A late update on the Disco of Doom. Visited the garage Monday for a chat. Head mechanic reckons its the car not recognising its in Park, causing the non start issue. Easy fix apparently. Car has not done it since - I suspect it knows its on death row, if it gives me anymore shit for awhile. Mondy decided to be the trouble maker today, although not its fault. During a visit to Bristol to see Mother, who just got of hospital, front drivers tyre picked up a bolt. That led to rapid deflation. Put Daughter No.1 to work, jacking the car up. I bloody hate space savers. Not that gutted. Both fronts were on the wear markers, so needed replacement anyway. Two new Kormorans ordered from Asda. Being fitted Tuesday.
  8. It could be. If the key had not got stuck in ignition, then starter motor would have been my assumption.
  9. Its probably something simple, like car not being in Park properly. Although when I did park up, key came out fine. So I'm stumped. Will go speak to garage tomorrow. Really should have got her a Freelander 2. Not without issues, but probably the most reliable motor with a LR badge on, they ever made. Oh well, as @Mally (I think), said, you have to be prepared to fist a lot of cash up their ass. As Mrs C is no longer working and the Doom won't really get used, even if it works ok, its cost per mile each year will be in high two figures. Plus we are one Salary down, so my leeway for pissing money away on shite is somewhat restricted.
  10. Just seems to be a car that doesn't want to behave for me. Shame, as its (when it works) a bloody good car. I was starting to like it. But I know that Mrs C, won't change her mind. Every car thats ever let her down, has been promptly kicked off fleet. Usually the ones that owe me a lot of dosh. No idea whats out there at the mo as I've (weirdly for me), not been keeping an eye on the market. But I'm pretty sure I will be getting her a Honda. I'm happy with my Mondy, even though its powershite auto, so my CRV can also leave fleet, to try and up the available budget. Want to get her a MK3 CRV, but am open minded. Def needs to be something with a reliable reputation.
  11. Took Mrs C out for a drink today, in the Doom. All was going well, till we were leaving the last pub. Non start, no ticking sounds from Starter, no warning lights. And it wouldn't release the key from ignition. After repeated attempts to start, I released the handbrake (no idea why I thought it would do anything), cranked her and she almost went. Put handbrake on and the ignition released its vice like grip òn the key. Mrs C now in tears. She has been seriously ill the last 9 or ten weeks and today was one of the few times, she has been pain free and out of the house. We both got out of car, locked her and I tried again. Same problem, repeated attempts resulted in no crank, till I released handbrake and she rolled back a foot. Held her on brake pedal and then she cranked and fired into life. She behaved herself for the drive home. Mrs C suffers from anxiety and will not tolerate a car that let's her down. So its back to the garage Monday to pay the bill, then enquire what he thinks is wrong this time. If I can get it to reliably start, it will get a new ticket, then despite the rather massive and painful financial loss ( easily 2k), it will be punted out on FB Marketplace.
  12. The Disco of Doom, made it home today. Thanks to Andy for the lift. No warning lights so far. Garage said drive it for the weekend and if it behaves itself, come back Monday and settle up.
  13. Honda is off the naughty step. After, its diff oil change, the 4wd system has woken up. Still a bit lethargic, not kicking in as quickly as it should, but a def improvement. Snow proved good for testing Also the Disco of Doom, is actually in the garage now, for its new compressor and I've arranged to collect Friday.
  14. The mobile mechanics from Derby are really good and reasonable. There is also the Rover specialist in Brislington, who I've used a few times. Plus the mobile auto electrician who fixed the CRV.
  15. Now at the end of the third week and surprise, surprise no phone call as promised, I visited the garage. Disco parked exactly where it was last week. Told that the air leak was from a valve on the compressor. Also told 'It will be next on the ramp mate and I will call you later today when its ready' Guess what. No call. Next week will be the 7th week the Disco has been at the garage
  16. Well after nearly two weeks of not hearing anything about the Disco, I finally lost patience and went to visit the garage. Waiting for parts. They think they have cracked it. Might get it back next week.
  17. Nope. Photo bombing should continue.
  18. Thank you. I now understand and more importantly it means the garage are not bull shi**ing.
  19. Canbus meltdown was due to an end of life battery. Now replaced. Suspension fault is intermittent. Likely to be a sensor. Still not sure why a steering sensor makes the suspension drop overnight, but garage assure me they can. The suspension has been checked in live data and everything is working as it should.
  20. The Disco was dropped back at the garage this morning. I wonder if it will be another 3 weeks. Thanks to Andy for the lift back.
  21. So today, while working* I spent 5hrs driving to two auction houses in Chippenham and Worcester, to pick up a few* models I won bought at auction. The highlight was this. A Sunstar 1/24 Routemaster. A coke bottle for scale. No idea why I purchased this, as I don't collect them. I think I just wanted one to pass through my hands, so I could tick the box. A lot like a large number of real life motors I've had. Weirdly Mrs Cookie really likes it and has started saying a shelf needs to be put up, so it can be displayed. It can't get onto ebay fast enough, to save me from DIY
  22. Warning- uninteresting pic heavy. So, the Disco 3 had crap fog lights, the left one was letting in moisture, the right had gone cloudy. Even though she is on the naughty step, I ordered replacements from Powerfulluk Ltd. Largely because they also provide a long handled t20 with the lights. Saved me a trip to Halfrauds. Also came with fresh bulbs. First the bezel needs to be removed. Small finger shaped hole at top of bezel. Very good at cutting your finger, quite shit at pulling the bezel out, but got there in the end. Then three t20 screws and out it pops. New light is shiny Clip, unclipped surprisingly well and new unit attached and tested. Then screw back in place and put the bezel back. Then do the other side. Piss easy, but satisfying that I've slightly improved it. Next up spreading silicone in a cack fisted way, all over the roof
  23. I haven't read it yet, because I can't remember where I put the bloody code reader lol
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