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  1. Some purchases from today at the Irvine Model Railway Show. A bit modern, but will suit my diorama nicely.
  2. @Flat4 - this is the one I had messaged you talking about earlier.
  3. Further adding to the confusion, lol. About £33 if eBay is to be believed. I'll try my local factors as well. This purge valve, and fuel lift pump are the only things I haven't changed. I don't hear very much if I'm honest, but that's more a 'me and my craptacular hearing' issue than it is the car itself, presumably.
  4. First time it has brought the light on though, at least since about July last year. Will do. Working on that as we speak.
  5. I think this is the same colour as the one @Eyersey1234 has? It definitely stood out a bit compared to the cars you can see around it.
  6. Will do. Brakes feel okay, decent assistance off them and the pedal is normal, not hard like it was before the hose was changed. The hose that I bought was a genuine TPS/VAG one, I'm sure.
  7. Honestly, I'm not sure. It doesn't have that much to start with. There has been times where it's felt a tad flat higher in the revs and a restart has made it feel a bit better. Nope, not unless the battery has given up like it did. Fuel pump primes alright, no untoward noises from it. It has always started fine, as far as I know.
  8. Possibly, I also had a very slight blow in the exhaust at that time, which quickly got worse. Aye it had frayed, which weirdly caused the car to cut out when at or near idle rpms. Made it interesting trying to turn into a junction without PAS because the engine had cut out.
  9. I've not checked any sort of purge valve (I hadn't even considered it to be honest). Just the PCV and brake servo hoses. I replaced the latter as it had split. Pipework is a weak point on all VAG stuff AFAIK, especially on the 1.4 16v models though.
  10. I'll sort those by getting readings at the weekend, I've been meaning to do it but haven't got around to it quite yet. In terms of what the car 'learns' about you/your driving, then yes I believe so. As it has the dynamic mapping or whatever the hell they call it, I'm sure.
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