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  1. It's the blue bit at the bottom page...
  2. Never have I wanted a Skoda so badly in all my life. Biggar isny much of a drive neither.
  3. If he's advertising it as "ABSOLUTELY RUST FREE" then I can tell you what it bloody well isn't.
  4. Canny find the link for it anymore but I'll grab a photo off the computer tonight.
  5. I'm interested in such a thing as I've had fucked ears since birth due to wax buildup amongst other things. What am I meant to be looking for?
  6. Fabia is the same. Quite a nifty feature in itself. Plus you can yank the seats out entirely if you're planning to have some storage doowhacky in the footwells.
  7. I think I posted a Vectra SRI on here a wee while back, only done 45k allegedly and is a little crispy at the rear arch but otherwise good. In a proper colour too, red.
  8. Never seen the fascination with it personally. I'd rather a nice cheese and chutney pickle sannie any day over a burger of dubious origins.
  9. Fabia is running on what feels like mildly reduced power again. Struggling to get up hills and mashing the loud pedal into the shagpile is just making noise and revs.
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