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  1. The colour, the shape, the snow. Nothing has ever looked so right!
  2. Thanks for taking this shot. The 240 has been tucked up behind the house in pieces for so long that it's never really "met" the C70 and I've never had the chance to take a photo of them together.
  3. This is going well* Removing the manifold studs went at a rate of one every few hours. A properly minging, shit, uncomfortable job. It was left with penetrating oil on the studs for over a week, then I tried welding nuts on and undoing them. All that happened was that the studs would shear around 1cm off at a time. Eventually I got them out by cutting them flush and drilling them, which took absolutely forever with bits of swarf going into my eyes and hair. Next up I repaired the cats by welding on new flanges. Lined up as accurately as possible. With those installed I then lined up the new Y section. Miles out. The flanges on the new section are nowhere near those on the old one. I'm going to have to get the grinder out and modify the new pipes. Mrs J has decided in light of this that a backbox delete and possibly a closeable valve for maximum SIKK NOIZZZE is on the cards.
  4. I don't have an answer to that, but bear in mind if you buy an ex fleet or company van you will have to pay the VAT on top of any asking price. It's much cheaper usually to find a private owner that has already paid the VAT.
  5. Ah got you, never realised any engine work had been done (catching up on the rest of the thread in bits and pieces). The work on the car itself is stunning. Can I ask what you used inside the boot? I need to get a hold of whatever that is, it's properly solid.
  6. Oooooooft. Better keep that windowlene fuel bottle handy. Do you think a carb rebuild and proper set up will get you the full murican economy mode?
  7. Decent attempt. Join in a small section of new pipe?
  8. Easily the best night out I've ever had in Dennistoun! There are no words to describe this car. Favourite quotes of the evening; - *crash*... Yes, these are all new noises - the steering feels like it's not attached to anything - There are only three gears. One is reverse. - These are death spikes - That always falls off - The seatbelts are there, just not bolted to anything I absolutely love this car and I can't stop thinking about it. @sdkrc may have opened a yank barge rabbithole.. thanks for the very enjoyable evening.
  9. Where did you put the DC motor?
  10. It's not very autoshite is it? I could cut the back boxes off and weld in some straight pipe...
  11. So to quickly bring this up to date, I managed to at least get the bastard off last weekend. The nearside O2 sensor took 2 hours to remove. I've never known one to be so welded in place. The offside came off easier, but I still had to stick a spanner on it and jack it up, using the whole weight of the car to eventually crack it loose. For the rest of it, the only spanner I used was the angry spanner because who know what the fittings were meant to be. They all identified as blobs of orange. The japanese do make excellent cars but they must pre-salt every single fixing at the factory. So yeah, 5 hours later: It doesn't help that the car has no jacking points, so using a small trolley jack means lifting it by the chassis rails with a big pile of stuff on top of the jack to actually reach them. As you can see the exhaust repair wrap was a bit optimistic. I left taking the cats off to another day, because the fittings looked absolutely rotten. I wasn't wrong. All 3 on the nearside just sheared off as soon as I looked at them. The other side came off no bother, but both cats themselves are rotten where they join the Y pipe. So the operation now looks like this: - Weld new flanges on to both cats. - Weld nuts onto the manifold -> cat studs and try to remove them. - Wire brush any orange on the chassis, treat with vactan, and underseal. - Refit cats -> y pipe -> rear section. - Hope none of the suspension ever needs replaced as anything to get swapped will be needing cut off.
  12. I did notice that back at the time but I think it was the wrong section? One of the problems that will become apparent is that the flanges on the cats have basically crumbled to dust and are going to need a bit of fabrication to save.. I didn't feel like any garage could be arsed with that kind of work and would just order up a pair of cats at £££. £200 delivered for the Y pipe is cheaper than a lot of ebay scrappies want for a heavily used one! There's very few to none in this country.
  13. I think it was this one but can't remember exactly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255224449565?hash=item3b6c900a1d:g:cA0AAOSwg0thboYZ It was around £200 delivered. When I say delivered, when it reached the UK, Herpes took over. It eventually arrived two weeks late roped on top of the delivery driver's Yaris. The earlier ones with square headlights have a different Y section I've been told.
  14. My Mrs had a long standing desire to tick off this particular box, when along came @Gerrymcd with this for sale last year. It's a '99 model with the option ticked for gold badges all round. Immense. There was a massive hole (holes) in the exhaust (exhausts) which to be honest is probably what sold the car to her, as it sounded like a muscle car. Here's a video of day to day pottering around with both banks open to the air somewhere around the Y pipe. Aside from that it's been doing a Toyota and being pretty much zero hassle. The inevitable "is it a keeper" / MOT test came round, for which I really needed to do a proper* repair* as the noise and fumes were becoming pretty epic / offensive (delete as appropriate). I played at being mekanik for the day. This lasted until it rolled back off the tester's ramp with a pass, at which point it all fell off on the motorway home. VERY SUCCESS GOOD JOB. Mrs J did her own brakes all round. It snowed a bit. It provided backup when my C70 melted, got rebuilt, and needed road tested. So here's the thing - it does sound absolutely glorious, but we live on a quiet street, our neighbours are nice and frankly I'm sure the experience of what sounds like a spitfire taking off past their window is getting a bit old. Plus, if she gets stopped, it's not going to end well. She's decided it's a keeper - for now - so she sent a number of shite tokens to the US for this: We (the royal we) are going to fix it up, sort some paint blebs and treat some of the underside. An original 2 bank exhaust on a jap car that has been through Scottish winters, WCPGW?
  15. Just adding another one as I really liked how this came out.
  16. Lovely old tub this. You can't really beat the LS feeling, Luxury Shite. I kind of prefer these with the square headlights like this one.
  17. It appears to have two. One is purely for the dash temperature gauge, the other is the thermotime switch which apparently controls the 5th injector to help cold starts. I'm fairly sure the 5th injector is working. In fact my hunch is that on a cold start it's only running off the fuel from that, and when that is used up, it cuts out. It may be I still have a vac leak somewhere and the 5th injector is keeping it rich enough to cope with it, but normal fuel delivery makes it too lean. The difficult part is after around a minute all the symptoms of a vac leak disappear (temperature causing it to close up?) and it becomes more difficult to trace. I think I might redo the inlet manifold gasket and add some flange sealant on top of that to see if it helps.
  18. It does seem to be settling a little, but it's exaggerated by the rear springs being very tired I think. I need to check the front spring codes when it's dry and see if PFS parts sent me the right springs for a GLT. It's possible they are the wrong springs which sit a bit higher.
  19. Went a very enjoyable 200 mile drive with @Lacquer Peel today.
  20. Heard that entirely in the voice of the guy that did the intro to The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer.
  21. Not sure why but I can't help thinking it looks like the owner has tried to knock a few dents out of that wing..
  22. I'd never driven one until getting the MOT just before Christmas, but I can totally relate to that. Its such a reassuring, homely and safe place to be. Once you shut the vault-like door it feels like it's going to look after you. Mine were the same until I stripped the motor and cleaned it. Given its position outside under the scuttle, and the not particularly good gasket on the motor housing, they rust up pretty well. Once cleaned I think mine is on par with the C70.. aside from the grinding noise 😬
  23. Blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub 🥰 Have you been through the clyde tunnel yet?
  24. Steamy Volvo picnic. We planned to take the 240 up to Glencoe today but the weather turned to complete grimness. We decided to turn back at Crianlarich and boot the car's arse over the back roads on the way home. Despite the bucketing rain it was a reassuring and comfortable drive. It's a really competent car and a lot of fun to drive. Classic yes, but doesn't feel remotely old.
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