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  1. As week later and it's like spring outside which is good for the mojo. @Lacquer Peel helped massively by assisting me taking the front end running gear off. It's actually quite nice to work on a car where you can access pretty much everything without being a contortionist or taking off eleventy hundred unrelated parts to get to a bolt. Compleat with spiders. The right wishbone is brand new and looks unused. A new left one also came with the car so I'll swap it, even though the old one looks ok. The subframe is gubbed though. The ok side for compari
  2. I didn't think it looked that bad around the towbar and thought the rotten part was actually the towbar frame. I wondered if removing the towbar would go 90% of the way to sorting it. To be fair I was crawling around in the dark in December! The boot floor looked like a decent patch wouldn't take too long.
  3. Thanks. Sometimes when it's lots of small patches it takes forever and feels like nothing is happening. Welding on a big bit takes less time and as you say really satisfying. Not sure about its origins. I bought it from Arbroath where it had been sitting off road for 11 years or so. @Saabnut may know?
  4. Thankfully the snow kindly coincided with me having no welder to play with. Stupidly I tucked a tarp into one of the rear doors and the snow just dripped through leaving me a small lagoon to deal with in the back. Welder returned. I made upgrades. Patched up a bit more of the outer and inner sill. Finished off the floor. Been waiting a while to glue the home made outrigger on. Here it is finished and zinga'd up ready. Plug welded from above. Fits like a glove. Pleased with that. Went a bit over the top with the plu
  5. Pressed like. Broke phone screen. Amazing! Pressing follow too. Please update.
  6. Spotted outside a mad enthusiast's place.
  7. Plenty of white stuffs in Central Scotland. It's currently -8C at 09:42. The streets are pretty bad. Mrs J had lots of trouble with her accord but then she has 4 ditchfinders on a torquey diesel. The C70 has been alright. TRACS and the magic W button for the win.
  8. This, bearing noise can be hard to replicate with the wheel up. It's probably the wheel bearing or the diff, although I usually find a diff is noisy at all speeds and you can clearly hear a whine around smooth streets as you dip the clutch while slowing down. Fwiw I had exactly the same symptoms on a 2000 Seat Ibiza 6K. Very loud howl above 40mph, but when lifted off the ground the wheel was totally silent and no play at all. Garage instantly diagnosed wheel bearing which sorted it.
  9. I don't think the other Volvos there have seen such a clean Volvo. They all had to gather round for a look.
  10. Not much 240 content in this update due to my welder packing in. It's currently with r-tech getting fixed who to their credit uplifted it the day after I contacted them. I got a few bits done before that. The outrigger area got thoroughly de-rusted in preparation for the new part going on. New metal was cut and shaped for the sills complete with drainage channel. Welded in. New step metal was shaped. Found a couple of unnoticed grot blobs on the floor edge so I didn't hang about and just chopped the whole strip out.
  11. Know any supremely shady characters in deepest Lochgelly somewhere? The sort that will greet you in the front garden with a wean eating dug, and armed with baseball bat with a nail in it while his mates slash your tyres? Accept their kind offer of a grand but give them Mr Scary's address and say the car's there.
  12. This is all excellent reading and amazing work. I am highly envious of your heated garage! In my experience 0.8 is a million times easier to shape than even 1mm, I wouldn't hesitate to just use that and make your life easier. In some cases I found I could make accurate shapes just bending by hand. 0.6 seems a bit on the thin side though. I've found welding 0.8 to be ok. I use the settings for 1mm and back it off a bit. Then I slowly join it up with lots of tacks about 1 second in duration with the nozzle rested on the metal and a longer pause than normal. Zap, move, wait zap,
  13. Seeing utterly knackered cars come out the other side looking like this is what helps us get our own projects back on track.. so thank you! It looks very, very nice indeed.
  14. It's going to be a common theme that I wish I'd got more done but the weather (and other things) have got in the way. Nevertheless here's an update. It was cold. Can't remember the last time I saw the canal frozen over. Temperatures here were in the region of -5 most days I had free. As much as I said I don't mind the cold, when the tarp is stuck solid to the car I make an exception. Still got a few bits and bobs done over the holidays. I long wanted to make a start on the inner sill bit that's gone, but connected to that is the chassis outrigger which is bug
  15. What a handsome looking thing. I recently went through the same water-in-boot-wtf head scratching process with my 240. Always a wet bit right in the middle where there's nothing that could possibly leak in that manner. Until I opened it with snow on it.. I wonder if there's a bit of trim missing from our cars as that unthoughtfulness seems distinctly un-volvo like. From the company that gives you headlamp washers and a light under the bonnet to work with!
  16. Good swap. There is just that special something about an old Volvo! You'll have this for a while.
  17. Finger rubbing! That's a new one to me, I'll have to give that a shot. Normally I stick duct tape over the hole and use a sharp knife around the indentation. You can then stick that bit onto clean steel and cut round it. Good luck with gluing metal on. You'll get addicted.
  18. This is a really nice car. Good to see it being saved. Your work is really paying off. Totally understand getting fed up staring at one corner and so doing random jobs somewhere else. It keeps it from getting monotonous. Following with interest.
  19. I've passed by those inserts a few times and wondered if they'd tighten up the handling on my C70. I might have to give them a go. I don't have a problem with the handling in general but there's just the odd moment where I feel it could be a bit sharper.
  20. Thank you all for the positive comments. I'm pretty new to this whole thing so the encouragement is useful. I find the work therapeutic, seeing rust disappear and new metal go in, like redecorating an old house. It's slow but so far I'm enjoying it because I don't have any pressure to get it done. Which is good because none of this makes any financial sense at all. Saying that, this car hasn't cost me much. I've probably spent about £150 on steel, abrasives, paint and consumables and that should see me through to the end of the welding. I have to admit defeat at the cold win
  21. Of all of the vehicles I've owned regardless of their reputation for rust, all of the major problems have been caused by tyre fitters lifting the car in the wrong place or without jacking pads. Folded over sill pinch seams and damaged chassis box sections have been present on pretty much everything I've owned. Left untreated they can kill a car. Even on the vivaro which was galvanised, the jacking points has been damaged by a jack to the point the galvanising was useless and they just rotted right through.
  22. Progress on the unshiny Volvo has been slow but steady as I'm only getting a few hours a week to work on it and the weather hasn't been helpful. First job was to get the tank of explodium away from areas where I'd be blowtorching and welding. As mentioned I'd moved loads of boxes of parts into the boot to access the fuel tank hatch under the rear seats.. only to realise it was in the boot under all the boxes. I eventually got there to detach the fuel lines and sender cable. Hopefully that grot will respond to a wire brush and some hydrate 80. Tank oot. I mist
  23. This is indeed inspiring me to get on with my own de-gingering project. Great work, looks absolutely solid. This thing is going to be better than new when you're done.
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