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  1. Looks solid! Hopefully this is the start of you being able to use this for some Summer cruising.
  2. The sun shining for weeks on end in Scotland can only mean the world is about to implode in on itself, so I better get a move on with this. I did make an effort to go out and do normal human people things at the weekend, then realised people are cunts and that everywhere is full of them. First job was to utilise the sunshine to get the front crossmember derusted and painted so that I could refit it and allow the engine to go back in. I'll probably give the engine bay a quick coat of the car's original colour (Pearl White) before the engine actually goes in. It was then on to sorting the inner arches on the rear. I've been putting off doing this bit as it's an utterly shite job, lying on my back at an awkward angle getting covered in weld and not being able to see much. I started off with filling in the gap with cardboard to make templates. This got transferred to steel then welded in. Next up was to fill in the bottom of the arches where they meet the sills. For this I used the trusty duct tape method to mark the shapes. Transferred onto steel and cut out. And repairs done. The next job will be to do exactly the same on the other side, then the end of the welding really is within touching distance.
  3. Does the TPS need to do a relearn procedure through some diagnostic software? I know on many cars when replacing anything to do with the throttle body a relearn is required.
  4. Apparently I should shitpost more to make the pages less long. I therefore offer you, raccoon in a drawer.
  5. Continuing my current theme of vehicles letting go of their juice. I don't know if it was in protest of never being washed but the lower rad hose decided enough was enough. That was easy enough to fix. I also did some upgrades. So from left to right, there's a facet style fuel pump, leading into a fuel-coolant heat exchanger from an Audi which is looped into the thermostat return line. The fuel passes through into a canister fuel filter off a land rover. This completely does away with the fiddly and leaky plastic XUD fuel filter housing and massively improves the efficiency of the fuel heating. I also refitted some clear line to the return to see what was going on. So, firstly, it starts much better on the veg with this setup. It's clear that the XUD plastic housing was still letting in air despite being sealed to within an inch of its life. There's still a little bit of surging on a cold start but it's significantly reduced. I did notice a small bit of air being expelled from the pump on a cold start so that's something to sort. It looks like while the pump is sitting overnight air is being drawn in somewhere. The next job is to redo the inlet and return fittings with new copper washers and see if it helps. I also did some work on the 240 which involved replacing all of the injector seals with genuine Volvo ones from the dealer, and replacing the intake manifold gasket for a proper one. This has completely solved the vacuum leaks (to my knowledge) but it's still running like an utter bag of shit. I'm pretty much certain I've eliminated fuelling and ignition so the next step may be to smoke test it.
  6. Eleventy hundred out of ten. Thanks for a lovely weekend @Mrs6C @Six-cylinder
  7. Mrs came along last year and was made welcome. She is looking forward to this one.
  8. I just took the Delphi out of the van before I left 😑
  9. Invercaimbe Caravan Site | Arisaig | Facebook
  10. I forgot I made this thread. Now you get to sit through the equivalent of a year's worth of holiday slides and tinkering. Yay for you. I love this van. It's the perfect size for being a daily, going anywhere, parking anywhere, shifting anything. And yet it also makes a great base for a long holiday and we really don't mind spending weeks on end living in it. It gets used a lot. We head away on a Friday and just find a nice wild place to park. This is near Ardnamurchan. The Children really like van holidays. Unfortunately a stag took a dislike to the passenger door. I hammered that back out. It looks shit, but I don't really care. We took it to the Field of Dreams Davids. What a glorious view to wake up to. The boys enjoyed the 6 Cylinderses'es gigantic apples. The van also enjoyed the long drive. It actually reached 52 on the way down. It's also quite capable of displaying other messages. This is exactly what you want to see on a 9 year old French diesel. As is this. Tests were done. This was eventually narrowed down to a dodgy MAF. That's not so bad. The MAF was replaced with another genuine one. Let's see what the van thinks of that. After lots of name calling and threatening to roll it into the river Forth, I eventually found out that the new genuine branded MAF with a hologram on it was in fact a fake. That got sorted fairly quickly and another one was chucked on. Back. Oan. Eh. Road. While parked up in a particularly remote spot, we were just drifting off to sleep when there was an enormous BANG as if something very large had hit the van. I thought, here we go again with the angry stags, but no. One of the rear springs snapped clean in half. Thankfully help was on hand to fix this. Moar free power was added. I say Moar, but this was added because the original solar panel died. This takes it from 90W to 200W. This isn't bad for free electricity in the evening. I decided to make use of the stealth vents I added at the rear doors previously. I made up some new ceiling panels and installed some fans. Finish is rough, but this is just a test so far. These work OK, but could be a lot better. Still, it's enough to keep the sleeping area nice and cool. A more permanent setup will be worked upon in the future. The bed had a habit of opening on downhill bumpy roads. To be fair the catch I installed from a sash window was meant to be temporary. It was time to fabricate something way better. The IKEA bed foam did what all IKEA foam does, and stops being foamy. That was replaced with some expensive extra firm memory foam (the blue stuff). What a difference! I have continued to neglect to wash it. Ever. Some very enjoyable expeditions have been had with the company of @Lacquer Peel And @davidfowler2000in the 205 and pod. The boys loved the beach. It shat a brake line in an ASDA car park. It's first and only real FTP. It is forgiven. Once I started replacing the brake line I decided the others didn't look too fancy and could do with some replacing. Getting into the ABS module means dropping the leisure battery. I'm so glad I put this on the way I did, because it just needs 4 bolts undoing. And that's that. It's not done too badly considering it gets used as a daily, and gets pressed into 1000 mile jaunts at frequent intervals. It's next trip will be off to the Field of Dreams Davids this coming weekend. Excite.
  11. Have you ruled out a vacuum leak elsewhere? Use a spray bottle of water on every pipe and join on the intake side, and if the idle fluctuates at all there's a leak.
  12. 205 did An Leak, just as I was about to head home from work. Filled the expansion tank to the brim and it got me home. Lower rad hose has chafed away on the body. Despite having 8 motors there's nothing left for me to take to work as everything is in some form of brokenness. So here's the Peugeot Replacement Service borrowed from Mrs.
  13. Not daft, but there's no screws on K-jet, everything just clicks together with o-rings. The injection pressures are much lower than EFI so the engine vacuum is enough to hold it together. Except when the vacuum escapes.
  14. RTV fix incoming. It's definitely coming from the injectors. I fired it up last night and it sounded the same. I went round it with soapy water this time and could very clearly hear the whoosh of vacuum from injector #1, and a little bit from #2. It seems to be coming from the outside of the injector holders, so the thin larger diameter seal. I did try fitting thicker generic O-rings but this didn't help. This makes me think that trying yet another set of seals is pointless.
  15. Yes, I swapped it for a spare a while back, but it's working fine. As I say the fuelling is spot on, pressures are exactly right across the range and no interruption. Pretty sure it's down to those two leaking injectors.
  16. Head scratching with the 240 continues. The poor running turns out not to be ignition related. I replaced the coil with with a spare that was generously donated by a fellow shiter. This didn't make any difference. I then checked the leads. They weren't great. However cleaning this up made no difference. I also checked the resistances across the leads which were all fine. Taking the spark plugs out and watching them while turning the engine over showed a lovely strong, clean spark. How weird. Back to the fuelling. I tested the fuel pressures again, and went through a full cold start and warmup cycle keeping an eagle eye on the gauge. Absolutely spot on throughout the range. At this point it can only be air leaking into the intake. I went round with a tin of carb cleaner and sprayed everything. I did notice a slight blip in the idle when spraying injectors #1 and #2. I went back and absolutely drowned them and noticed that the idle dropped off to the point it wanted to stall. Huzzah! Leak found. I replaced the injector seals with new ones. No change! I then replaced the injector holders with new ones. No change! And still reacting to the carb cleaner. This is getting very frustrating. I went the whole hog and pulled the intake manifold off, since a leak on the front side would be right next to #1 and #2 injectors. Having very little luck with gaskets recently, I resealed it using anaerobic gasket maker which I've found pretty infallible for things like this. And again.. no change. What the actual fuck. I can only assume that those injectors are still leaking despite the injector, holder and seals all being new items. I am almost tempted to RTV the fuckers in place. Here's what it sounds like after all the above work has been done. It doesn't sound awful but it shakes like a shitting dog inside. In the meantime I helped out a fellow well known volvo botherer. He's got a V70 which has been lying around for years because the PCV system failed. It did so in a really odd way. Instead of having excessive crank case pressure, it was showing enormous amounts of vacuum. You couldn't even get the oil cap off when it was running. This tends to happen when the PCV separator box fails internally and there's no option but to replace it. It's a manifold off job, but since I've already done this on the C70 it was easy enough to get stuck in. It fired right up and sounded great. Hearing a 5 cylinder ticking over is making me tempted to shove the 240 in the naughty corner and blat around in the C70 instead.
  17. I did indeed. Interesting finding the other day. I had around half a tank of pump diesel, which I topped off with the same amount of veg, so a 50/50 blend. So at this point the fuel line from the tank, the filter, pump and injector lines are all full of pure diesel. I noticed right away after adding the veg that it was much grumpier trying to start, which suggests that it's not air, but maybe difficulty lifting the thicker fuel from the tank which is the problem. As mentioned previously I did fit an electric lift pump and increased the size of the fuel lines to try and help this, but maybe I need a stronger pump.
  18. It's the cost of parts that killed it for me too. I needed a rear subframe and two lower arms and that alone was a grand before I had tackled the rotten filler neck and gaping holes pretty much everywhere. It's not like you can go to a scrappy and pick them up either, as even on a 2006 car they are just as bad. A lot of it has to be sourced from Japan. The grimmest part is when you see 2mm thick steel chassis section such as the subframe mounts turn to lace. Grim. As. Fuck. Such good cars too, equally happy being a 43mpg shopping trolley with a massive boot and a thoroughly entertaining B road toy.
  19. Going by some 07 - 13 plate Jap cars I've seen I'm not sure they're much better! I think we'll see those in similar states to that Celica.
  20. Never understood why the MR2s didn't come with the cam lift engines as standard. Some quite bizarre decisions from Mr Toyoda's place around that time!
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