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  1. This is why I never go to the north of Scotland any more. Most of these places in the past (5yrs ago) you'd park up and not see another soul. Now you can't even get near them. Then there's the associated litter, road rage, fires etc. There's no secrets any more. Everything is on Instagram, Facebook, or someone is cashing in on writing books about them. </Moan>
  2. Mrs's LS400 sounds amazing. I gather it isn't meant to. And the MOT is tomorrow. Noise hole #1 of 2. I R MEKANIK. Sounds.. normal. She's going to hate it.
  3. Handsome. It's the only word that can adequately describe one of the last real ovlovs.
  4. Excellent, I'll be making a list / inventory once I've stopped swearing at it!
  5. Engine withdrawal fail. Trying to use an engine crane in this location is basically impossible thanks to the stones and the big divots despite lining the area with plywood. I'm going to chop the front of the car off and just tow the bastard out with my van, subframe, engine, gearbox and suspension in one go.
  6. This is just lovely, and spectacular repair work going on here. I like a good welding thread, and this is a good welding thread!
  7. Did you go through insurance or pay yourself? (And if the latter - can I be cheeky and ask how much?)
  8. Sad car is sad. And there is a lot of bran to find. Considering it was essentially scrap money this has been a goldmine. Overdrive! Heated rear screen. Twin carb engine. Ammeter! And the original radio. And unbelievably, some spares for a 240 were found in the boot, including the engine crossmember, and a good quality filler neck. The crossmember alone is worth more than I paid for this car, they are like unicorn tears now. I had real trouble finding one for my 240 and had to weld up the rusty original. Stripping it down commenced with the able and very welcome help of @Lacquer Peel and @Split_Pin The wiring loom is in amazing condition so I'm labelling every terminal before pulling it out. A good haul. Engine cran is being very kindly lent by @320touring& @jaypee for more goodies to be removed. Car is currently sat on stones so maneuvering the loaded crane is going to be interesting*.
  9. Why yes, yes it does! The 1100 looks really lovely. For underseal, a heat gun and a scraper gets the bulk of it off, but try one of these £3 bad boys on your drill afterwards: https://www.toolstation.com/abracs-twist-knot-wheel-brush/p14018 They are also good for stripping surface rust before vactanning. I noticed they seem to have stopped selling the big versions for angle grinders, but these are actually better as they get into much tighter spaces. They're cheaper too so you can afford to go through a few of them.
  10. That disnae sound right at all for something at that price! Even the cheap chinese inverter migs I've seen have a pretty much instant arc. I think that would piss me right off when doing thin stuff as you say. Still, if the welds on the Galaxie are anything to go by I'd love to see what you can get up to with a machine you rate. 😂 Despite the odd hiccup with my R-Tech I'm enjoying it - the infinite adjustment is brilliant. Sometimes the tiny nudge on the voltage is just right where you need it.
  11. Much like 240s, the prices are largely nonsensical / speculative as if nobody can decide if they're desirable or not. I've seen shells for £10k and tatty ones on the road for £5k. My project and the parts car totalled £2k which is about the upper limit I'd spend on anything in my life 😄
  12. That's the plan! Currently everything is in zinc primer but the next job is to shovel in seam sealer, cavity wax and decent paint. Then clean up the suspension and refit it. Much eggsite.
  13. I've got two priorities at the moment. The first is to get the breaker stripped and punted, as the space I've been given to do this was on the condition that it leaves ASAP. Secondly I'm going to get the 240 back on the road before I start on the Amazon, because one thing at a time. Plus the 240 has a towbar and the Amazon needs shifted to my own place, so I feel a photo opportunity coming on. It doesn't prevent me from looking at the Amazon and going 'hmm' a lot, as appears to be the starting point of projects. It has a complete B18(A) engine in a rather empty looking engine bay. It's seized though, as it has been stored with one spark plug out meaning that piston has stuck in place. I'm not massively bothered by that, as it's a very simple engine to rebuild plus I now have another that turns over. Regardless, @Lacquer Peelhelped me take the head off so we could get an idea of what's going on. The piston at the bulkhead is the stuck one. We put some ATF down it and that'll get left for a while. The bores don't actually look rusty. The head doesn't look wonderful underneath. An acid bath and maybe new valves plus piston rings and bearings may be all that's required to get this engine running, and it can either be a spare or be sold. Did an initial poke round the underside. There's no underseal on the car which is a huge benefit actually, as I'd rather clean off surface rust than bitumen. As you can see the suspension is in excellent condition. The floors, maybe not so much. Behold the finest bodgery. Structural silicone, rivets, filler and wood screws. My initial feeling is there's way less welding work involved in this than there was on the 240. The plan is to pull the engine, empty the engine bay and strip the paint/ rust, weld up any holes, and give it a coat of enamel before fitting the replacement engine. Tonight I will be attacking the spares car with a variety of sharp and or spinning tools. Stay tuned.
  14. Thanks @warninglight for the offer, I suspect it will be when, not if 😄 Plenty of quality spares coming off this breaker so far, but one of the main advantages is that I can see where everything should be fitted. I'm not sure what to do with the shell when I'm done. They are still desirable but this one is quite scarily rotten. I kind of want the running gear as it is in surprisingly good condition but if I take that off, that leaves me in a corner of not being able to roll it / have it collected.
  15. Should I repurpose this thread for the Amazon(s) or tag it in with my other Ovlov dramas?
  16. The welding on the 240 is finished. Behold. The last little bit of metal going on the car. Flattened down. Keep your work area clean folks. I had a few of these.
  17. My weakness is the sound of the T5. It gets thrashed everywhere as it's like an expensive dopamine drip. I CAN get 30+ mpg out of it, but that's like visiting a Michelin star restaurant and eating Ryvita.
  18. The Volvos, they appear to be breeding.. Another collection. Poo count negligible. Found this very nearby at scrap price. It has a working engine with an overdrive box, and a full interior. I'll be stripping it and weighing it in, the timing could not have been better! With thanks to @Lacquer Peelfor the heads up and the photos.
  19. Well, that's very impressive. I had in my head that my 240 ( B230 Kjet) would be a sub 30mpg car. If it can actually do mid 30s it has real potential as a daily..
  20. I don't think I've ever managed more than 32mpg out of my T5, driving a fairly long run in eco mode. But that's the slushbox. Normally I get about 25mpg but it sounds so nice.. There are a lot of people complaining about a lack of go from their T5, the boost solenoids die fairly frequently and you start losing their oomph slowly, so you don't really notice until one day it just feels a bit slow. All of the vacuum hoses are a bit crap and tend to fall apart and cause sluggishness. Mine gives you a good shove in the back right off the line, and as said, the way it can reach instaban speeds it quite something. Side by side with the Mrs's LS V8, the Volvo doesn't feel much slower apart from the lag before the turbo comes on. The later versions feel quicker, with different cams, rods and a quicker spooling turbo.
  21. Small scab.. You know where this is going right? Let's poke the outside area! Hooray! I honestly thought this bit would take me an hour tops, but it took me an hour and a half just to get this bit of board out of the way of the welding area. The headrests have to come off, the rear seat back out, and too many impenetrable clips and things.. over engineered to hell and back. Now on to the last welding job. The rear arches aren't pretty. Cut the lip off. Cut the rot out of the inner. Snipped the worst bits of the outer away. Made some citric acid gel and glooped it on as there was some mild pitting left. And a major milestone.. the very last bit of rot is cut off the car. Just to weld in new metal to those holes and the welding, at least on the car itself, is complete.
  22. Heres a wee dirty photo for your enjoyment. I gather it has a rather long shift travel meaning you punch the dash frequently. I'm not able to try it as along with everything else the stick is in the boot!
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