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  1. I think we need to know what that moggie's up to at the back of the Hilux!
  2. Part of the planned work for the Dyane is the complete replacement of the nearly-40yo fuel lines with fully compatible gear. However, it has an all-aluminium engine, so the Illuminati and our lizard overlords are going to get me eventually... 😉
  3. Bumpers, badges - and maybe some lights. That was the extent of the Longbridge contribution to the 'assembly process'.
  4. Maybe it's just a thing with non-scientific types, Rich... 🤔😃
  5. Past tense (and likely reason) noted... 😉
  6. Today, between the rain showers, I rubbed down the very minor corrosion on the 'new' door, cleaned it off with some very stale super-unleaded, then panel-wiped and etch-primed.
  7. There was another French/German Arena sister, Opel - but she was a bit 'square'...
  8. Welcome back 🙂
  9. Buy a RWD classic and transplant the Mazda's oily bits...
  10. @Lord Sterling has some competition! Is the 800 becoming the new BX/205/Laguna of this electronic parish...? 😉
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