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  1. Seven years later, when I was an idle student living in a shit upstairs flat in Benwell, there was a similar 911 always parked outside the bookies on the West Road. Could it be...?
  2. <94th_person> Taxed worse, that'll buff out, etc. </94th_person> 😉
  3. You need... ...for that job!
  4. Welcome back 🙂 Kettle's in the same place. @Pillock ate all the pink wafers, but there are always some slightly oily custard creams somewhere...
  5. All of which explains the fancy door pressings on the (once!) more common 620 pickup...
  6. Moved to main page for added exposure. Constable...
  7. What have you done now, FFS...? 😉
  8. I have one of these, picked up (along a couple of scale models, which I also still have somewhere) from the Renault dealer in Powick, between Malvern and Worcester, when I was about 12. The buildings - from the time when the A449 was still a main route from the Midlands to south Wales - survived until fairly recently, but there's now a 'glass box' Skoda retailer on the site.
  9. Part-owned with Charles Nove out of Scala Radio!
  10. That has to be the ultimate 'flat-roofed pub'.
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