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  1. And a properly excellent surprise it was to see you!
  2. Dropped him in Handsworth around 9pm (we went looking for the Woodhead Tunnel portals on the way back, as you do...) Thanks to @loserone and all attending shiters: TOP DAY OOT, WOULD DO AGEN
  3. I have similarly hazy memories of the Toon 1985-88, when I was allegedly studying*.
  4. Dunno about the underfoot visibility aspect, but... http://beermad.web-brewer.co.uk/brewery/306
  5. Not far from Scotch Corner, so the Inspector & I will be there in good time. We'll park THE MODERN considerately... 😉
  6. I do believe there may well be a GS flat-four under that ever so slightly extended bonnet...
  7. Hence, 'assisted' not 'forced'...! 😉
  8. Yes - 9:1 pistons for racing, so Dyane motors were always favourite before the right parts became more easily available to rebuild a 2CV engine to the higher spec. 2CV 602 - CR=8.5:1 (29bhp) Dyane/Ami8 602 - CR=9:1, with assisted induction from the fan via the tube on the top of the shroud (33/35bhp, depending what you're reading) Sparrow 720 - block machined to accept larger steel barrels, so CR may be slightly higher; 48bhp running the standard twin-choke carb and cone filter, will be a few more with assisted induction through the Visa 652 Solex. We'll know more when it's been tested on the rolling road.
  9. In other local Dyane news, Laurence is a glutton for punishment, it seems! This moved under its own power yesterday, for the first time in 20+ years. The engine came out of the original racer circa 1995, and was used in at least one 24-hour race; it will have a check/light rebuild then go back in. EDIT: Further prodding has revealed a considerable amount of bran flakes where large areas of the chassis used to be. I think we've found our winter project...
  10. Iain, let me help you with that... 😉😎
  11. Yes, that is the Blingo in its silver scrapman-repelling pyjamas!
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