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  1. I do. I still have naughty ideas about that car.
  2. https://londonist.com/2015/11/london-made-motors
  3. Same weekend as the 2CV racing at Silverstone. Which is only a few miles from the FoD...
  4. Off to France tomorrow in the Dyane. At Le Mans Friday/Saturday, so will do as much of a lap as possible before heading south.
  5. Bet that's a snappy* gearshift...
  6. In 1947, Citroen offered a snout AND sitting right over the front wheels!
  7. Lead caseworker. Giving the boss a hard time about the need for better organisation has either paid off or backfired, depending on how you look at it... 😉
  8. Sorry to miss you all, even @hairnet (slightly) - see you next time. In other news, all the Dyane jobs are done! I even managed to do some electrics, which apparently work...
  9. That's at least the second @Six-cylinder Jaaaaaaaag that @Talbot's killed! Only temporarily though, cos he's a bit of an XK-whisperer... 😎
  10. Three was enough. Little French cars used to be light, and cash was scarce post-WW2. Four would have been too many, and the mechanical/practical disadvantages of two are obvious! 'Smol' cars are no longer smol, and can weigh about the same as a minor asteroid. They often have five-bolt hubs with the same PCD as larger vehicles in the range, so rationalising the robotic assembly machinery. Volkswagen Group, I'm looking at you...
  11. (Library image may not represent actual chalet supplied) 😁
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