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  1. Can't make this one - busy negotiating carnets and exit visas for the SVM's trip home after January 31st... 😉
  2. Domestic Management may possibly join us, depending on whether she has any voice/energy left after her teaching week.
  3. @Crackers... You KNOW it makes sense*...
  4. SVM Hospitality Ltd. has always recommended the Cannock South Premier Inn for its convenient proximity to the SHITE AUCTION.
  5. I'm happy enough living there!
  6. Sorry for repeating my September Field of Dreams gaffe... (Slowsilver, to me: "whose is that bloody ugly modern parked near the Maxi?") 😆 It was really good to see everyone and, as Paul says, put some faces to names at last. The crossing was surprisingly unlumpy, given the wind, and we've just finished the day doing touristy stuff in and around Amsterdam. This morning, we were at Zandvoort. Did you know there's going to be a Dutch GP there this year? Nor me. https://dutchgp.com/en/
  7. Is this reasonably easy to find? Will @Jim Bellbe waving a beige flag? 😎
  8. How would we know the difference?
  9. Why is updating a TomTom satnag such a complete BALLACHE? Answers on a pigeon please, while I download Waze onto my phone for next week's EuroBimble adventure...
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