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  1. Going to play mopeds, NG? 😉
  2. That will make Ray very happy!
  3. You STAR! It knows the way.
  4. Breathe, Noel... breeeeeeeeeeathe............
  5. He's always been a good kid at heart, Steve - both of them are. That won't change.
  6. They are. Very comfy and relaxing, too. Tickman drove me down the quarter-mile at Crail Raceway a few times back in 2016 and we had time for a lovely chat. The supercharged something-or-other we were up against was long gone... 😉
  7. Oh, you bad man... https://www.subito.it/annunci-italia/vendita/auto/ Carry on. 😎
  8. So confirmed. They'd been used previously in a not-BINI Mini that was being converted to full rally-spec.
  9. There is a special place in COMEDY HELL being prepared for him right now... 🤣
  10. Happy to see the old thing in safe hands! It's a veteran of two previous FOTU events - they should know it by now... 😉
  11. It's halfway there already, with that 'approximate' aftermarket back box.
  12. Enjoy, Ed - look after it, and it will serve you as well as it did me 🙂
  13. I forgot to mention: it has power steering. The expression on Alex's face when he discovered this = 😳🤩😎
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