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  1. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    But more.... VID_20220429_153109327.mp4
  2. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    See below - VID_20220429_152817608.mp4
  3. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    Little bit of brake cleaner and some rag-onna-stick™ GT85. Brake fluid. Piston gently re-introduced with special tool. 'Slow, skill shot ahead'* . Oh yeah......
  4. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    35 min later and some slooooow, gentle persuasion - one piston unseized from the accelerator pump chamber. Eventually. I'll take that as a win. Esp on a 40 + year old carb.
  5. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    So, 'new' carb arrived. I went on holiday because Easter and I'm a religious sort. However, air/fuel mixing device fun. Lid soaked - nice and gentle and wehey .
  6. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    Update, etc.
  7. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    The suffix usually denotes jetting variations and so on. So shouldn't be too much of a concern. Bluntly, it can't be worse than the remnnants of the carb on it ..
  8. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    Nope. Would like it running right 'first' before looking/bodging/pigeon-shite-ing...
  9. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    I could re-bush it in engineering shop here - it's worn in other places, and the acc pump is seized/ragged in place. Been soaking for 2 weeks now....
  10. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    Yup, the base. And the acc pump/mech is , well, not. A carb or base would be preferable.
  11. red5

    Fun in the bath.

    Ah. I'll have a look Friday. 👍
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