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  1. Needs a Frontera on the front. Or two. Or the one pulling the Princess along. Just saying.
  2. Gentleman's agreement was 11,500iirc correctly, which explains the lack of some models. We sold as many Shogun's as we could get. Rest was vans, Mirages, Starions, SpaceWagons, Cordials, Tredias, L200 and L300s Gallants, Celestes, Lancers and Sapporos. Lonsdales were Australian imports so didn't come under Japanese voluntary import limits.
  3. They did indeed. We used to have a Grand National edition come in. Celeste. 2.0 iirc. Gold. At the same time you could get Colt Sport kit, twin Weber's, Janspeed manifolds etc...
  4. Indeed - the 'problem arose because they build naturally rhd drive cars, as god intended. Yes, they had the same box.. With the same propensity to wear the taper rollers out on the main shafts. '85 was the '5' speed change - new, flat fronted beast. Went Efi* as well, which 'cured' the random boost/sideways/hedge/wall interface tendencies. * Carb turbo - boost 'regulated' off secondary choke. Which used to stick. A lot.
  5. red5

    Wedding Car

    Tell me about it. Let me just get the Wedding price list sir...
  6. Blimey. Those old ohv Fiat engines are pretty tough.😁 Iirc the master cylinders on these were shit, they used to roll the seals I think.
  7. Yep. Still didn't run backwards. 😁 I spent '86 to 91 at a Colt Main dealer (Turbo). 😬
  8. It didn't run backwards and need two cogs - it just has two primary drives so to speak. You could use both primaries in all gears. reversing then changing into Economy was great fun - 'it's got two reverse gears' etc The earliest fwd 5speeds were actually the 4 speed with a vac operated 5th - 1,2,3,4 Power then 4 Economy. if you reversed the pipes 4th was lower then 5th...:^^
  9. it was a Sapporo. early one iirc.
  10. Nice work, here's my poor-man's version. only ever had RRC previously - am tempted by a P38. After all, I bought a D3....
  11. See in the wild....a real one! A forgotten ERA.
  12. Not the end of my road, however.... Thought cars modified like these had gone. Beautiful.
  13. I was very hungover. Got to bed about 4.00am. unplanned, which is ace. However, have a train pic to show willing.
  14. red5

    Ford timelord

    hahha, ace - welcome to the surreal world of AS. Could you image any 'celeb' doing a banger race appearance now... Right, off to my childhood council garage haunt where is is a 500 in white parked rotting away. I'm sure it's still there....
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