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  1. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Reckon so. Not bad at all for 14years off the road. Loads need doing still but...hey. 😁
  2. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Fuel gauge is a bit meh. Had to source a replacement tank and sender/pump. Always fill them up before storage....always. Fuel cap broke off. Bugger. Single wiper aligned to wrong side of screen. Brakes a bit, well, 'stood for 16years' if you follow. However, he/she/it is awaiting a test ..
  3. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Ah, now then.
  4. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Switch rocker full of 'contaminants'. Niiice.
  5. red5

    Fiesta 89

    And some much needed tlc Oil change - although it ws spotless it was 16 years old... Note to self - it only has enough clearance for the short Zetec filter. And now the o/s electric window works as well. And the boot release. And the radio. Hmmm
  6. red5

    Fiesta 89

    So, small update etc etc. really is an appallingly sparse thread - must try harder.
  7. Defender in the wild. Or the M1.
  8. Obviously not at the end of my drive....
  9. red5

    Fiesta 89

    For....? Mot Tuesday probably. 😬?
  10. red5

    Fiesta 89

    It was warm, levels check, coolant flowing etc etc before anyone gives it large. It starts. Runs. Not shown - it moves. Win.
  11. red5

    Fiesta 89

    More wiring stuff checks. No pics. Secret. But... No apologies for potato/shake-o-vision camera. I normally have proper one but meh. VID_20200605_114506616.mp4
  12. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Stand-by, stand-by. Some stuff with alarms and immobilisers and dmm's. VID_20200605_114431748.mp4
  13. red5

    Fiesta 89

    So, a bit of an update. Brakes sort of freed off. Cambelt and tensioner replaced. Battery replaced. Random wires checked, reconnected, etc. Sub and amp disconnected - head unit kept by po. Old V5 found. History / reciepts found, filed. Show spec sheet found. Handy. Fluids checked - ok. Obviously due a change, but no emulsification or swarf etc. Fuel tank removed. Ah. Free advice - store vehicles with a full tank. Fuel pump seized. Tank surafce rusty. Sender rusty. Obtain spi tank, sender and pump assm. Fit. No key for shonky fuel cap. Use previously gained knowledge to effect removal with no panel damage. Apply fuel. No leaks.
  14. A Zafira A is a Astra G estate. So the drive like, well, an estate car.
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