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  1. Enjoy, am celebrating birthday at mo. Old git.
  2. You guide and nudge rather than steer. Sorely missed already - been an ever present for me. Genuinely has a relentless feel to her. Good to see you again chap.
  3. Same - hope new owner enjoys it.
  4. Yes, still waiting on disco man...
  5. Etes vous hommes sans chapeau ?
  6. You can never over order. It's always just right.
  7. red5


    I need to do an afternoon shift at this - great planning to have two events at same time... https://www.threecounties.co.uk/whats-on/malvern-festival-of-transport-april/ I'll try and get over for breakfast.
  8. It's not a BW Rogers van is it?
  9. The chaps other daily was a wheeled APC with a knotted 30mm cannon in it...cracking article.
  10. I thought it looked familiar...
  11. Wt actual f ? Phone auto-correct possibly...can't see how though. a knackered pulley
  12. If there is a knack Meredith on available if like to have a shufty with the engineering students.
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