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  1. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Might be, Got a name? PM if needed, cheers.
  2. red5

    Fiesta 89

    It's the best one unrestored one I've seen in years. Fuel gauge sorting. Decent,new rubber fuel hoses. Filler neck retainer replacing. Gearbox oil change. An engine mount replacing. Tidying. I removed 10billionty webs from it. Makes a lovely noise, and pulls like a fish. Was a car mag feature car as well.....oooooh etc.
  3. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Went into po dad's garage in 2006 I believe, then life got in way. I, with help from mk2craig and cintwelder effected a recovery / prevention from breaking for parts. It's Mot'd but in need of fettling. Time is something I seem to have none of. Umm.
  4. red5

    Fiesta 89

    So, I need storage for the beast or sale incoming. No shows, no space now and it deserves proper attention now or after storage. Had two offers for bits so far, unsolicited....is there that much interest in mk3s these days?
  5. red5

    Fiesta 89

    I suspect some snaggage yes. Speakers! Radio two!
  6. How does he know its abandoned ? O know loads of vehicles/places left to deteriorate because the owners choose to. Fucking wanker trespasser.
  7. Carefully prise the old cover off the metal casing tags all the way around. A number of times. Do not stab yourself in hand or the airbag charge. Drill badge off back of cover, 3 plastic lugs welded to rear. Leave approx 3mm to locate in new cover. Glue or tape badge to new cover. Refit cover to airbag, up, over and back until it sits in place. Refit airbag connector and lock in place. Refit airbag assembly, T30 at a jaunty angle as prev . Give it a wiggle. Refit battery with ignition off and key out. 'Toot toot'. Repeat. Check radio contro
  8. So as per usual I'm doing stuff on a vehicle I'm selling. Win. Horn buttons non-existent. Shonky cover purchased. Battery off for 15 min or so. Steering wheel at 90 degrees. T30 from behind at a 30 degrees angle outwards. Repeat. Carefully prise unit out of steering wheel centre. Caution with clock spring connection. Remove airbag connector from rear of unit. No bang = win so far.
  9. Err, no, actually. AHEM.
  10. red5

    Vespa 50 Special

    I'd love another 50 special. Or a 125 Primmy, or a 90 sport, or a 100..😁
  11. Ford mirror pads or Tiger Seal. Win.
  12. Top bombing. Love a jellymold estate.
  13. I'll take you up on that Might even bring her over....
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