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  1. red5

    Fiesta 89

    For....? Mot Tuesday probably. 😬?
  2. red5

    Fiesta 89

    It was warm, levels check, coolant flowing etc etc before anyone gives it large. It starts. Runs. Not shown - it moves. Win.
  3. red5

    Fiesta 89

    More wiring stuff checks. No pics. Secret. But... No apologies for potato/shake-o-vision camera. I normally have proper one but meh. VID_20200605_114506616.mp4
  4. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Stand-by, stand-by. Some stuff with alarms and immobilisers and dmm's. VID_20200605_114431748.mp4
  5. red5

    Fiesta 89

    So, a bit of an update. Brakes sort of freed off. Cambelt and tensioner replaced. Battery replaced. Random wires checked, reconnected, etc. Sub and amp disconnected - head unit kept by po. Old V5 found. History / reciepts found, filed. Show spec sheet found. Handy. Fluids checked - ok. Obviously due a change, but no emulsification or swarf etc. Fuel tank removed. Ah. Free advice - store vehicles with a full tank. Fuel pump seized. Tank surafce rusty. Sender rusty. Obtain spi tank, sender and pump assm. Fit. No key for shonky fuel cap. Use previously gained knowledge to effect removal with no panel damage. Apply fuel. No leaks.
  6. A Zafira A is a Astra G estate. So the drive like, well, an estate car.
  7. An addiotnal pump on output shaft iirc. You could tow-start my old Mk1 Cortina auto...
  8. When I was at college we had an A plate Montego early/pre-production with the digi - dash. Most deffo not an MG version. My lecturer also brought in a Triumph Lynx and stored it in one of the old bodyshops for a while.
  9. I find that hugely offensive. They're all to be desired. Or this isn't AS.
  10. red5

    Fiesta 89

    However...... See that delocked boot? That's you that is... See the boot mounted battery? Ah. New battery fitted after some 90's twoc related shenanigans. Brakes roughly freed off (gently mind - strip incoming) New timingbelt and tensioner fitted. Looked at alarm and immob and thought...meh....it'll come off at some point but lets see... Fuel pump is seized it appears. feck. Runs on a squirt though Sam
  11. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Nice one chap. There aren't many pictures at the moment for obvious reasons ... Suffice to say it's salted away safely at the moment.
  12. red5

    Fiesta 89

    So, possibly some sort of update to follow. If people like this sort of thing on here now.
  13. Literally was over road from me..:-)
  14. rwd

    Hi mate,  Can I have your full postcode so I can get quote to have the Fiesta collected ?  Thanks

  15. red5

    Fiesta 89

    Haha. Superb. Cheers.
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