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  1. Good morning - as per title. possible m/cycle collection/storage until collection required. Fairly urgent Cheers, Sam
  2. They'll let anyone in here. And Foggy. 😀
  3. I'm in Worcester/Bewdley - shitely I'm sure. Appreciate it. Chaps name is Paul. I'll pm contact.
  4. It's at Swan Valley, J15a on the M1 - any good?
  5. is it ok to ask vendor then? Would really appreciate it. Thanks, Sam
  6. As title - is there anyone near Northampton who is able to collect a Discovery 2 wing for me? Thanks, Sam
  7. First dibs please. Ta. really.
  8. A - idle screw B - mixture screw (tamper proof cap probably long gone but...
  9. Don't turn anything else until you are sure what it/whatever does. Got a picture of carb?
  10. I hope he's actually in his purchase.😀
  11. Standard boilerplate. Farce. Sold Volvo. To a man who has probably voted. Hope he's got home without stopping to buy a tartan blanket.
  12. Enjoy, am celebrating birthday at mo. Old git.
  13. You guide and nudge rather than steer. Sorely missed already - been an ever present for me. Genuinely has a relentless feel to her. Good to see you again chap.
  14. Same - hope new owner enjoys it.
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