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  1. Renault 5 thermostat in top hose. Job jobbed.
  2. I've looked for a picture of my solitary Escort Mk1. No go so far. Bought in 1992 or 3 from the standard little old lady about 3 miles from me. Absolutely solid, only rot was both edges of the front wings by the headlamp surrounds- caught on the garage repeatedly Real blast from the past for me then, bearing in mind my first 5 cars were Cortinas and a Corsair 1.3L, green metallic paint, drums all round. About 70k on it iirc. 12' sodding wheels. Made it very busy past 65-70. Still for the original steel fan as well. Once I'd sorted the wheel cylinders on the front it wasn
  3. Bit sad, but it might get saved and 'done' now - that's got to be the best of a bad situation (so to speak).
  4. Pig-iron my arse. Thats monkey metal at best. And 6 months old.
  5. If the windows are dirty the water condenses more readily on the dirty surface. Clean - less likely to 'mist up'
  6. Because I need at least one Frontera to feature - shame about the Vauxhall discrimination.
  7. One of my friends friends has had two aftermarket kits fail - both times in "new" crossflow type 45Ds. Penny-wise Pound-foolish for ignition, but happy to spend on steel blocks etc etc 🤔
  8. Weren't those threats at the end of a long argument and made in exasperation at ridiculousness / pettiness by some iirc. If only a glitch hadn't removed it. Shame it came to that. Should have had a light touch well before it. Forum lost a decent car type and a little bit of its gentleness. I has the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times, like most here I suspect, there is more in common with others than not. Might even be cars. I apologise if I seem to be 'stirring' as mentioned earlier, not sure if it's a veiled dig or not, nor do I really care (about the dig). It's not. I a
  9. Do not buy the cheap ones. They are shit.
  10. So I need to replace this. With these. Wiper arms loose, scuttle panel been off already. What could go wrong.
  11. No you didn't, you specifically ruled out light touch (your words) moderation. Based on what? There are plenty of successful forums that apply just that. Sweeping statement, mic drop. End of debate* then? *Not that there is much of one, much to the overall detriment of the forum.
  12. Have a good look on the insides before fitting. I've got a newer virtually unused set for the MTS - not sure they're same sizes though. 150 miles odd iirc
  13. All completely true. Also irrelevant to the issues concerning transparency, the courtesy of replying, random deletion of threads with no pm even, evenhandedness et al.
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