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  1. Was that a MSC sound effect?
  2. Acclaim never left Glasgow having developed a nasty sounding knock, being knackered this morning I couldn't be arsed looking at it till this afternoon. That'd do it.
  3. My cars all have twin fogs/reverse lights because I am a flash cunt. They are all old though, so perhaps legislation has changed.
  4. Crashed, badly repaired. Out the house at 5:30am, was enroute to the office going along the M77 when it "binged" and said "engine fault" on the display coupled with immediately losing power. Managed to get it onto the hard shoulder and then up onto the grass with the starter motor. Phoned recovery at 14:00. Sat at the side of the motorway through two bouts of rain, at one point I strung up a bit of tarp under some trees to shelter under. Recovery arrived at 17:30ish. Took the van back to head office where a older, shittier van awaited me. Swapped all my stuff over, home for 19:30.
  5. Orl modernz is shit Even the Dolly managed to limp itself off the motorway...
  6. I have invested in some BLING for the Doloshite...
  7. I said I wouldn't put the interior back in my Volvo until I figured out how the footwells were filling with water. It still has no interior months later...
  8. No vinyl roof, rust trap. Already got a bored out small journal 1296 in it. If the engine lasts I'll look at better fuel/exhaust setup, I've got a twin carb manifold handy but twin SUs usually just guzzle fuel and deliver an extra 2hp...
  9. Spotted at the services on the M8. Certainly one way to tackle a rainy motorway. I saw a Riley RM earlier as well. Must be the season for early 50s saloons...
  10. I'd been pondering the concept of taking the Dolly to @320touring's unit and getting the doors hung and other multi-person jobs out the way after work today. Arrived home and gave the car a once over and decided against it. Too much stuff that might catch an observant copper's eye and bring problems... Firstly the lights. The headlights weren't working at all, indicators wouldn't flash, braking turned one of the rear lights off rather than illuminate the second fillament. Cleaning connectors, clamping loose spade connectors tight with a spanner and assaulting various earthing points with sandpaper yielded the following: Sidelights aren't working, but they're on the same connector as the sidelights so either there are no bulbs in them, they're both blown or they're supposed to earth locally and aren't. All are equally as possible. Headlights come on in the sidelight position, the car has always done this, no idea why. O/S headlight seems to be missing high beam, or is always on high beam, not sure which. Only the N/S works operating the "flash" function on the stalk, but I'm not sure if the flash illuminates the dipped or high beam! I'm guessing high beam, which would suggest the O/S bulb has blown it's high beam filament. At the rear everything is now working except the reverse lights. The bulbs look ok so may be the switch itself. The rear light turning off under braking was because it was wired backwards. I looked at rigging up a sole numberplate light temporarily until the bumper gets refitted but the socket was in such poor condition the bulb snapped in half before it came out. I managed to tug it loose with pliers in the end. I couldn't be arsed taking the other light out the bumper to salvage another bulb. The bonnet jamming shut seems to be that the release cable sheathing has popped out of it's retainer. Having looked at a few pictures of how it's supposed to look I should be able to sort that out. I also took the redundant exhaust hanger (or it's remains) off the end of the tailpipe. Both my Dolomites featured these odd superfluous mounts hung off the bumper bolts. For the 1300 it kind of makes sense, as the rear of the exhaust is just some welded on pipe and is probably heavier than stock, but it's been perished to the point of uselessness for years, so away it went. Then I threw some water at it, as it was dusty as fuck, and called it a day as it was getting dark. I don't think it's too obvious these cars all belong to one household...
  11. Aye, ground floor. Immediately beside where the car is parked. I actually have to be quite careful now as I have enough cars parked around the place that the council could probably force me to get rid of stuff. Even if you store cars on private property they can make you get rid of them if you make yourself too much of a nuisance. Broken probably. That's how the fucking thing usually ends up. It already jammed it's bonnet closed this evening with the interior light stuck on so I couldn't get to the battery... In all seriousness, this was the original plan from 2015ish when I'd not had the car very long: Now mildly amended:
  12. Headed straight over from work today to be greeted by this: First time I'd ever seen the repainted car in daylight! Hopped in and drove it home with Davie and his Dad following in a support vehicle in case it shat itself on the way. It pulls great, bit lumpy at low rpm but the dizzy is a proper lash up with a self tapper holding the advance mech in place as it's fixing bolt is sheared. I have a 15,000 mile 45D dizzy enroute via @Jikovron. Once over 50mph in top gear it just flies along with no hassle. There is some clutch/prop judder when setting off to be looked at too. Tracks dead straight, pulls up straight, drives smoothly. Kind of nuts given the state of the dizzy and the carb which was just thrown on as bought with no fiddling. Needless to say there is a fair bit left to do. Not a single panel has been properly lined up, they're thrown on with enough* bolts to get it home and that's it. The interior is fucking filthy and full of bits of car. The sole working headlight has joined it's twin in not working. Indicators only flash on the passenger side. Just a whole load of stuff left to do really. I compiled a brief list of obvious things...
  13. Plughole of Doom/Despair. If I'm feeling extra uncharitable it's sometimes referred to as the BL Swastika.
  14. I Googled it and everybody said it was a nightmare to do without removing the dash. I decided I wasn't removing the dash, a sentiment that lasted about 2 mins before I removed the dash.
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