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  1. Moving house. Not even once*.... *(This is my 11th house move) Will try to get back to you tonight!
  2. That silver Honda that looks like it was found in the sea is quality.
  3. The last, and only, car I bought from a breakers looked excellent, had 3 owners but was utterly hanging underneath. It was however very cheap. I feel that Rav is likely the same, without the cheap bit...
  4. It shouldn't be the customer who has to pay up for the incompetence. If you sent your car for a service and the apprentice filled the sump with antifreeze you wouldn't expect to pay for the resultant replacement engine they had to fit...
  5. Well remembered! I reckon that's exactly what's happened as the bolt came out with the old filter again...
  6. Pug 306 Cab with a hardtop. Never knew that was a thing until I moved and there is one lives the next street over.
  7. I hate them. I usually don't mind period alloys (aside from Minilites because they're dull as fuck), but they have a weird optical illusion quality whereby I can't see them as symmetrical
  8. From a for sale advert on Facebook Marketplace.
  9. It is, however I have already been out with a measuring tape and the patio is too short to fit a car and shut the doors. It does mean, however, that the Dolly can go out the back and another car can go in the front for work as needed as long as the back doors are open. I may stick a shed there for storing stuff. Those shelves in the garage have to go too, between them and the stairs protruding from the door into the house it's too narrow for even a Dolomite sized car. They seem to be largely screwed together so dismantling should be straightforward.
  10. So aye, tis an Atco 12". Probably late 1950s, as I think by 1960 they'd ditched the cylindrical fuel tank. Ran when parked, spins but no spark, should be a fun wee project. The eagle eyed amongst you have spotted it in a garage. I have indeed acquired AN HOUSE, collected the keys yesterday. The rent would make a grown man cry and I had to move out towards Falkirk to get a decent place for the dosh but hey-ho, it's a big place for two... A garage for a 70s sized car and a driveway for three. Obviously I have a garden now so slammed "vintage lawn mower" into eBay and bought the cheapest one that was nearest. £10, 5 miles away, can't argue with that.
  11. All suggestions so far are veritable BIG BLOCKS. It was in a garage with a Merc SL and a Rangie Classic. Fella also had a Bristol 401...
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