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  1. I'll be there in the mighty misfiring Acclaim, Girlfriend_70s will be accompanying me.
  2. The monthly rent is twice my monthly income. For that reason ahm oot.
  3. Man, the early unmolested 924 is such a nice design.
  4. In all my years of fucking owning the bastards I never noticed. You can thank @vulgalour for ruining everything.
  5. Triumph Dolomite (see also 1300fwd, 1500 and Toledo) door handles sit at different heights/angles front to rear. You're welcome.
  6. Proton Savvy, think it was an '05. This would have been 2009ish I guess. I also drove a mate's K11 Micra round a car park a bit.
  7. What's the chariot? I found anything bigger than a 1.0 was hilarious money to insure as a new driver. I think I ended up paying £1400 a year for my 08 Yaris but I'd had a license for a couple of years and was 19 at that point.
  8. Did Trigger also not have loads of bother trying to move house? Is there a particular reason selling a property at the mo' seems to be nothing less than a massive nightmare? Especially with housing apparently being so in demand?
  9. All Triumph Acclaims are grandpa spec, regardless of trim. All non-HL Dolomites are grandpa spec.
  10. Well, in 2010 I didn't have a car. I now have an Acclaim and a Dolomite. Fairly predictable although I think I'd have been more hopeful in 2010 and said a Rover 3500 or something...
  11. 2 years ago, just after we started dating, Girlfriend_70s went on holiday to Poland with a friend. I jokingly asked her to buy me a Syrena 105. She just got home from a 3rd holiday to Poland (with her mother this time) and presented me with this: "They had a shiny red one as well but I thought you'd prefer the mustardy beige one" What a girl...
  12. Formerly a 20,000 mile minter before falling foul of the automotive journalists iirc Hopefully somebody saves it rather than it's engine going Miniwards
  13. It may be time to jettison some possessions for cash monies. I get paid weekly so a cash boost will come in tomorrow, however my rent/council tax is 2.5 weeks worth of wages so the fact I've already run out of money on the second week of the month is a bad sign...
  14. I had one of these as a courtesy car while my Mk7 was being service and I must admit I preferred the older generation in terms of the way it drove and looked. On the flipside the spaceship dash was quite cool and it was less broken than the mk7...
  15. My Corsa came with metal caps from the factory. Lasted about a fortnight on the mean streets of Banff..
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