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  1. Yup, with reproduced dealer info. The original front plate was smashed to fuck and would look like arse on a freshly painted car.
  2. Thank fuck the weather has remained ideal for finishing this thing and not a mixture of rain, snow and freezing fog.... Oh wait. Now back to functioning as An Car, just needs some fuel hoses for the tank breather system and the handbrake adjusting before work tomorrow and I can drive it to the MOT station. There is still a bit to do, interior and trim needs a massive clean and fitting, a few panel gaps need tweaking, wheels need painting and the FUBAR bumpers replaced but the big stuff is hopefully done...
  3. I have a solitary example on the Doloshite's spare wheel, I'd offer it to test fit but looks like your car might be on 14" wheels?
  4. 1;barefoot2; Craig the Princess3; Sickboy4; Rob88h5: KruJoe +1x20206: Fumbler7: worldofceri8: adw19779: Stephen0110: djoptix11: N1912: NorthernMonkey13: HillmanImp14: gm15: scdan416: MorrisItalSLX17: Asimo18: Frogchod19: Captainboom20: Catsinthewelder21: Plumbertony22: Castros_bro23; Macscrooge24; RML2345 x225: puddlethumper26: SmokinWaffle x3 (if poss)27: Sunny Jim28: garycox x229: quicksilver30: Aldo13531: RobT x132: Vulgalour33: Dozeydustman34: billy_bunter35. Andrew353w36. wesacosa37: Tenmil Socket38: davidfowler200039: High Jetter 40: Six cylinder 41; Montgomery 42; Matty 43. Mont
  5. One thing to bear in mind with a lot of the more expensive examples listed is that they've been for sale for months if not years. A nice 700/900 estate is probably around £900-1500 with the best in the £2-3k range, saloons a few hundred less. While they days of picking a decent example up for £300-600 with ease are over they're still fairly cheap.
  6. I imagine it could easily be a '61 frame that's been updated at some point to use mechanicals/ignition from a newer version of the bike. Elements of it seem off for a 70s bike, usually bits like lights/dials are replaced to use cheaper materials or share bits with other tat if nothing else.
  7. First day back at work post Crimbo/Noo Year. Got 4 hours sleep due to wrecked sleeping pattern? Check. Starting the day with a cheeky wee dental appointment? Check. 9 hour backshift on the horizon? Check. Got root canal to look forward to as a Brucie bonus.
  8. Heater should be very hot, because Swedish. Bonus groin vent under the dash too.
  9. Sluggishly relentless. Mine was a 2.0 injection with the 3 speed auto with no top gear lockup, which I never got to run right. On paper I don't think the Volvo was much (if at all) slower than the Acclaim but it felt slow and applying heavy throttle just felt wrong. Even the 2.3 Turbo is slow in real terms so it's all pretty pointless to compare. Trying to go fast was a pointless waste of time and fuel, planting your foot would generate plenty of noise and no more acceleration. Apply 1/3rd throttle and hold until desired cruising speed is achieved, however long that might take. In to
  10. Up over the Cairngorms to see my parents for crimbo. 260odd bhp, fwd on summer tyres. Not exactly the ideal car for tackling snowy mountains but drama was lacking. Chugging up 15% inclines at 1,500rpm was a bit lairy as the idea of reversing all the way back to flat ground for a second attempt in the dark really didn't appeal. Equally chugging down using engine braking gets the blood pumping when, if you ditch the car, the nearest house is a several mile hike away and the chances of passing traffic is pretty much nil.
  11. Yes, the car has been painted! That's straight from the gun, before it'd even tacked off. I haven't seen it since it's started to be polished 'cause I fucked off to my parent's place for Christmas... I also broke in @blackboilersuit's Saab... It celebrated by shitting it's headlight levelling system. Also, contents of mystery box have been revealed: Mega, more tools are always required, my socket set is from 1982 and has several missing/broken components at this point... I've not been about much recen
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