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  1. Not much of a grump compared to some of the above but the fridge at work is disgusting. The canteen is closed for refurbishment but due to the virus the building work is permanently postponed. So I've taken to bringing in my own food. The smell from the communal fridge is nauseating, and I'm fairly difficult to disgust. The bottom of it is solid green with mould/rot and everything stored in there comes out smelling of it. The Tupperware box I store my sandwiches in has to go in the boot of the car on the drive home or the smell makes me feel sick.
  2. On which note, CARPETED GEARSTICK GAITER. Only present on poverty spec Dolomites, the girlfriend hates it.
  3. 1 out of 3. The two that are non-functional are engine-less and rotten, respectively.
  4. Christ, hard to believe it was already that long ago. My hair was exceptional... Here's a some pics of the the Trab I took!
  5. It was named "Trevor the Tenaciously Terrible Triumph" before it's legs fell off, but was usually called "The Yellow Peril" The dash is pretty good, the bit holding the choke and lower heater vents is broken on one side so it sits at a jaunty angle but other than that it's all intact, the door tops are all chipped though. I've found the interior to be remarkably resilient to the sun, it's been sat in a field for several years with no deterioration, I left a TDC membership card sat on the dash and it turned brown and melted so it gets hot in there... Aye, the 1850 was already relegated to "garden ornament" status and the 1300 was the daily runner when we met. I think it was the Buckie Summer show where it absolutely pissed it down and was freezing cold...
  6. It was the daily driver until I found the chassis legs had ceased to exist.
  7. I'll be working as well I'm afraid, although there is a plan to have the next Scotoshite meet (whenever that may be) in his memory.
  8. On my commute I usually bomb along in the middle and right lanes passing everybody, since the travel ban I've been sitting in the left lane doing the same sort of speed but getting passed like I'm standing still. Also, when did red lights become optional? I've seen more reds blasted through in the last week than in my entire driving career up to that point...
  9. What a selection of cars. Makes you weep at the rotted out, patchwork dross we have to work with in the UK...
  10. Agreed. They emptied work and got us to stand outside (2m apart) and clap. Some folk set off fireworks, some motorists beeped their car horns. While it is nice that people seemingly support the NHS and the gargantuan amount of work they do it seems to me like a self congratulatory pat on the back for the clappers who are probably the same people voting for political parities that want to reduce the system's funding and panic buying toilet rolls. Plenty of people were videoing their clapping as well, no doubt to post online to show what a good person they are.
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