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  1. What a swap. Nearly as good as that Dolly Sprint on Facebook that'd had it's 2.0 16 valve exchanged for a 40bhp BMC 1.5 diesel.
  2. I don't think I know anybody who pays for Longstone tyres for normal cars, they all seem to be working in the classic press and acting as publicity... I imagine if you have a £100k+ car the issue of £600-700 tyres stops being an issue.
  3. One way to find out, fire it up. If the clonks stop when the starter withdraws then it's the starter, if not the engine is fucked.
  4. That'll be fun* to get registered.
  5. Dunno' what you're talking about. No dealing with a sore neck for months or any shit, just straight up dead. Nae hassle.
  6. As I recall the garage is so narrow that even just containing the car and nothing else it's too small to really work on it.
  7. Given the ratio of working vehicles to non-working vehicles it seems prudent to trim the cars that don't currently car.
  8. I suspect keying it might not write it off now...
  9. The paintwork looks great, but I leant on the bonnet and my jacket left corduroy print in it... When fitting it's radio I briefly sat the radio on the roof while I unlocked the door and it left a gouge just from it's weight. It'll probably still look fine for a year or two, but it'll age badly as the amount of damage it'll accrue from general use and washing will be extreme.
  10. The Acclaim's failing trim tape was starting to be slightly* irritating. So I yanked all the rubbing strips off. They'd already collected a fair amount of shite to boot. After a bit of scrubbing the remains off, it looks fairly smart. An L shouldn't really have rubbing strips anyway. The fleet is mega square.
  12. Sure you haven't been moonlighting behind your own back?
  13. My Volvo is a galvanised Welsh car and I think you'll find it's in great* nick.
  14. Majorly jealous of your shed. Even if the uprights for that lean-to look a bit... Ripe.
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