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  1. Well, the last time I managed to attend I took her along (last meet of 2018) and although she enjoyed it she did also get terrible food poisoning...
  2. Just catching up with this. Fantastic work to a lovely machine! Shame there has been some bodgery/missed problems previously which has reared it's head...
  3. While I'm not working, for the first time this year, it is Girlfriend_70's brithday. So will most likely be having a meal elsewhere with her and her family. I suggested it was selfish and that should consider being born on another day but she was just unreasonable about the whole thing. Soz chaps. Might see you next year at some point...
  4. I thought the ones on my Dolomite were irredeemably fucked. Turns out I wasn't hitting them hard enough...
  5. Fucking hell. That is crunchy. Moderns can rot under the covers in an alarming way...
  6. I quite enjoy cleaning out my socket set and toolbox, usually done for the same reasons you had to do yours. It's just nice to have everything exactly where it should be for the 17 seconds it stays that way before I'm just randomly throwing things in it again...
  7. I can't recall which one but is there not one insurance company who considers factory optional extras to be "modifications" in their small print? Technically the base Acclaim is fucked as it is running wider tyres from a higher spec car and has fog lights and side trims that have been added at some point.
  8. Tis. Spooky. I had exactly the same experience last night. I though somebody had broken into the Dolly's boot and nicked mine!
  9. Some days ago I accidentally sent my iPod Classic through the washing machine. After being pulled apart and drying in rice for a few days... Screen is fucked but that bastard is only bloody working, still on it's original HHD from 2007!
  10. Looks like their Fundraiser is going fairly well, £900 thus far. Stancers gonna' stance.
  11. Every single one of my BL cars fills it's boot with water, even the one which is a Honda. In the Dolomite's case this means water collects under the fuel tank and rots out both the base of the tank and the boot floor. Great fun. Not sure on the 'ol MG but on my Triumphs the main water ingress area seems to be the rear light cluster seals. Again, the Dollys are a similar story. Especially the 1850 which required a good 1/4 turn of the wheel to keep it in a straight line against a crosswind... By the time you neared triple digit speeds keeping it on the correct side of a standard width A-road was a genuine struggle due to front end lift. Worth checking any U/Js in the steering system for play, Dolomites burn through them quite rapidly for some reason.
  12. Play stupid games win stupid prizes etc.
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