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  1. The standard focus on short term gains as it looks better on spreadsheets.
  2. Whenever I go to a Halfords it's deserted, and Amazon will ship most of the stuff they sell to your door for less money...
  3. I'm interested in things for all the wrong reasons, so try to avoid telling folk my interests. Invariably other "car people" like cars that are actually good, and your average joe expects you to work out an intermittent problem with their 58 plate Octavia which was last serviced in 2013. If I'm pressed I'll say I'm interested in fixing old junk, including cars. Once folk catch on there is no financial incentive behind my actions they tend to realise I'm a lunatic and leave me alone.
  4. This was always going to become an issue with the introduction of the points system as it's highly unlikely any modification to an old car won't have an effect on some part of a monocoque shell. One assumes drilling a hole for wiring in a bulkhead, for example, would count as deviation from stock. As my 740 has had done for an aftermarket alarm system at some point many years ago. Of course a lot of repo panels are not identical to originals, but nobody is going to declare that as a modification to insurance/the DVLA so it never becomes an issue. You're gonna have to declare an electric conversion on something, else you end up with a £10+k car that is essentially uninsured. At which point these modifications are going to be inspected properly and will inevitably fail the points system somewhere. Ultimately it's fairly clear there is a push towards removing modified cars from the roads entirely.
  5. Get all my cars sorted and usable by the summer. Not buy anything else until the current stuff is finished. Loads of stuff to do...
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1481684295690579/ Sore one.
  7. I was lucky enough to be able to drive this around the yard a couple of times. The passenger door flying open on sharp right handers was a nice touch. The clutch pedal is inexplicably positioned right up against steering column and I managed to repeatedly kick it while trying to change gear despite only having size 7 boots. The engine is actually very quiet and smooth, despite the significant level of oil being ejected out of the exhaust. Brakes stop the car no better than my Dolomite, and that has front discs! The long travel suspension, soft leaf springs and crossover ride height mean it absorbs rough roads incredibly well, aided by the fact you're sat on a sprung sofa. Some bags of shit, and some rubbish bags.
  8. No change this year, I must be behaving myself as I get older... Did move house though... Acclaim and Volvo sharing daily duties depending on which one is most functional at any given time, although issues are slowly being chipped through. Dolomite serving as garage ornament to be returned to the road for Spring.
  9. Only functional car took me up to Pitlochry to see the parent's in their new house for Christmas. bit less of a trek than going to Strathdon...
  10. They aren't. They're concerned about making fat stacks. I once accidentally took the slip road to Glasgow airport and had to pay to be able to turn around and get back out...
  11. I also missed this thread somehow. I was aware of the LTD's existence but not the DMC.
  12. -5C, in the dark. Reassembled fuel system, wouldn't start, pissing fuel everywhere. Went to snug up the banjo bolts. Fuck off. Also.
  13. Regular use helps, stops the points fuzzing up and plug getting clogged from running on choke all the time. Left the Dolly sitting a month or two and it took an hour of fucking about to get it to fire, filling dashpots and sanding points and waiting 20 years for the fuel pump to bring petrol up from the tank. Now it goes on the first turn of the key again. Doesn't help the choke isn't rigged up and is actuated by jamming a screwdriver in the linkage...
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