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  1. Keep your pecker up sir. This is just the end of a chapter, it's time to write a new one. Take your time, have a think on what you want to do, don't sell yourself short. Customer service skills are good currency on a CV, you'd be surprised at how bad some people are when dealing with customers (be they public or other employees). I think we need to update the Autoshite calendar with Fanuary, might have an issue or two with the printers though...
  2. Please may I have one random calendar?
  3. Dead chuffed to see this! Well done @bobdisk and yourself. I guess that you removed the cover beind the seat to access the pulley area? I suspect you will get papped a lot, even in London (where people famously don't notice things and stare at the ground a lot). Top stuff and many congratulations. Make a list of the running issues as they crop up, and they can be tackled a bit at a time. An oil change will be much easier now you can get it hot and move it into a position to access the drain plug.
  4. As per Mr Pastry's comment, I can put slits in a few washers and bung them in the post if you like? I should be able to get them out to you tomorrow, just let me know which size that washer is (I'm guessing that it was in one of the bags I posted you last week). @Mr Pastry is this what you were thinking of? (Microsoft Paint FTW) Thinking back to brake cables on bicycles, they are usually run straight and any curves are taken as gently as possible. The loop/bend under the car and the slack near the carb end won't be helping things. It might be prudent to trim down the outer cable, this comes with a few obstacles challenges; chiefly getting access to cut the outer at the carb end (as that is the only end that can be trimmed). The cable could be disconnected from the carb and pulled out from under the car. IIRC the handgrip end is easyish to undo, meaning that the whole assembly could be trimmed off the car. I reckon that I could find a bench mounted vice at work that I could 'borrow'. A few minutes with a junior hacksaw would give a better fitting cable. The inner could also be removed at that time and lubed and inspected. I'm wondering if I can get up to help again during the Christmas period if you are free? Once the pre-Christmas madness at work calms down, I should be able to escape for a bit. It depends on Mrs Boom looking after the kids, but it could be done if you would like a pair of hands. Also, is the choke cable AWOL? If the run is straightforward it could be done at the same time. Not sure where your choke controls are (they vary on Invacars don't they?) You're on the cusp of that chip shop run now!
  5. Top bombing sir! That is a superb addition to your fleet, and not too far to travel, although I bet the DLR from Stratford was a *delight
  6. Top stuff sir! I should think you need a lie down after fixing that. Go on then, what's next on your project list?
  7. Phwoar! That looks tasty, I’d forgotten what an Espero looked like, used to see them regularly etc. chodspeed on your journey sir/madam!
  8. Good point, I forgot that your loom was cloth covered pvc wire and that the Lanchester has a wooden frame. That is one job you shouldn't need to do again though!
  9. Not really grafitti, but sort of... In the early 2000's I worked in a High Street bank, I was involved in various schemes that caused trouble. One particular jape got me into a LOT of trouble. In our office, we had a photo board of the staff and management, just 3" x 2" headshots with our names underneath. We had a manager who was a bit of a plum, a David Brent-a-like if you will. One evening, when I had the ground floor to myself, I borrowed this manager feller's picture and wrote 'Do ya think I'm sexy?' onto a sheet of A4, placed his photo above it and photocopied it about 20 times. Once the printer had finished spewing these out. I drew out all of the paper (probably about 500 sheets) from the feed tray and dispersed the 'rogue' sheets face down, in amongst the contents of the tray, purely at random so no two photograph sheets were together. I then left the scene. Nothing happened for a day or so. Then we started getting phonecalls from other branches that had received memos from our office (the bank were very slow to adopt email). The sheets with David Brent-a-like were getting everywhere. Eventually, some senior manager of a processing centre phoned up and complained that he'd had to stop his team working the previous night as there had 'been a data protection breach' or some other cobblers. That's right 'Do ya think I'm sexy?' had turned up and been scanned as a customer's ID document, it was then very difficult to delete from their system or some such twaddle. It got traced back to me somehow, probably because no-one else there had lack of sanity to do such a thing and I got a verbal warning. There is a postscript to this, a bloke who I worked with had applied for a job internally and must have photocopied his CV before sending it. Some weeks later, he was called to interview and the recruiting manager had his CV on the desk in front of him. At one stage the recruiting manager lifted the document up to bring it closer to him, and, you've guessed it, our man, was on the back! The bloke didn't get the job, mainly because he started pissing himself with laughter in the interview...
  10. If it helps you out Dez, I’m heading up your way on Saturday afternoon and back again in the evening. If you would like the battery taken upstairs I can do that to save your back.
  11. Looking good! That looked like hard work running that lot in, but you've made the car much more usable. It's pleasing to see the bootlid so intact after 70 years, I reckon that there was a trim of some description over the lock/latch mechanism, there are some small holes for some sort of fixing around the access panel, and loose items in the boot might find their way into the bootlid/jam the latch if it were left open. That's just a theory, but perhaps a small sheet of painted ply was put over that hole... It's probably too late now, but wire lube is handy for getting a loom into reluctant grommets and small access holes. https://www.screwfix.com/p/ideal-yellow-77-wire-cable-pulling-lubricant-950ml/44462 <-- 950ml will probably last you a few lifetimes We use a similar thing at work, the stuff we use turns into a glue when dried (it's not a very strong glue, but it helps hold things in place). A small dab of fresh lube will loosen things up if the wires need to be moved in the future. Keep up the good work!
  12. That reminds me, how about warning everyone that you have a coded radio… https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/594168733
  13. Echoing the recent comments, you are cracking on well with this. The 309 has a good custodian in you. That sill panel is decent. You've done more in the last two weeks than I have managed in three years with my SAAB. I have similar conditions to you, welding on a driveway next to a busy street and little in the way of storage. Keep up the good work, I think if we had a race to get an MOT certificate, you would be past the finishing line a long way ahead of me!
  14. I’m glad you are ok. If it’s The Fantail junction I’m thinking of (near Princess Royal Hospital) that is a horrible rain trap. And close to where I live. Yes, the bell end count is high round my area.
  15. Yikes! I'm a bit worried that I missed the springs and the steering rack boot. I'm glad GoldCar lives to see another day, it really wafts along very nicely indeed. Mrs Boom was quite taken by it, so I can envisage getting one for myself her before long.
  16. Looking good! I have fond memories of my parents 340 with the Variomatic CVT rubber band transmission. Usually it was sat in traffic with the hazards on and us waiting for the AA as it was a tad unreliable. I was a nice car though, with mad blue and white check door cards. It was great until my brother threw up all over the back seat, lost it's shine a bit then! This looks really good - and I'm glad it's been saved. The wheels suit it IMO. Excellent work on sourcing a radiator!
  17. Top work sir! Postives vibes and encouragement coming your way. The kids and I want to see this beast live (they both love the colour, I like the mechanicals).
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