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  1. Awesome stuff, you are a wizard @Rust Collector. Well done! The offer of transport still stands if you and @purplebargeken are accepting?
  2. £700, as I suspect a rush to the post in the last hour
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/305086460110 Sold for £1,369.00. @grogee
  4. Thanks @D.E I think that Vanessa will probably have more miles on her than the Zodiac by now! Right, we've studied eBay long and hard and there was some real grot on there at present. I did have to steer her away from selecting a Honda Acty that was just bran flakes held together with wob, and a tidy looking Carlton that must have a stupid reserve on it. She found this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/305086460110 A Mazda 626 Estate dontchano. It looks like it's been the plaything/project of someone who works in a garage and the gaffer has told them to get rid. It's been stickered heavily, no MOT, welded, (a bit) a wanky exhaust, needs more welding, but actually looks ok. Bidding from the seller's mates/work colleagues/Mazda circle jerk club/baker/hairdressers/candle stick maker has been rather brisk, with 20 bids bringing it to £500 with one day to go. (I must admit I have a soft spot for one of these, after a 'friend' utterly destroyed one of these against a SAAB 99 in Sweden (where else?) I'll see if I can find the piccies from 2004)
  5. Boom_daughter says 1,256.23
  6. I’m a long way off @Saabnut’s level, and from some folk on here, but this has got a bit silly… CaptainBoom, reassuringly lowering property values since 2004.
  7. Sorry, I have you a bum steer there. I didn’t see what the seller did. Seemingly that Skoda is doomed to an infinite loop of auctions until the seller decides that it has reached enough. ‘I no wot its wurf, mate’, etc.
  8. I wish it was a 9-7, but I’ve never seen one in the UK. it’s a 9-3 Aero with the ‘sick’ (as described by a 7 year old) cup holder. Pez shot in Cheltenham. It’s taken an age to get home and the kids want sausage and mash for dinner. Impressions after 180 miles of motorway and slow A-roads? It’s quick, too quick I think for me. Controls are light and sensitive, runs very nicely. On the down side; handbrake lever is a bit floppy, plastics rattle, rear brake pads are wafer thin, like Mr Creosote’s mint. Probably an iffy ball joint as well. Not a big list and I certainly don’t feel hard done by. Other than that, really really enjoyable! Tomorrow morning’s commute is going to be great (unless is rains and the roof sticks down/leaks). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/295882500648?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=4toelvfusgg&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=rbG7_vnoRkG&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  9. Buggeration! You are extremely close, as in two away. I’ll give you a trim level clue too.
  10. We can do that. Errm, it’s a petrol, 1998cc, has a turbocharger (well, it did when new, don’t know about now).
  11. Chuff chuff no. 6 at Swindon. Reading/Staying awake material: Nearly there, actually getting a bit nervous tbh
  12. Train into That London was rammed, anyone would think that is was a public holiday or something! Yeah, I fully left ULEZ preparations until the last possible minute, nothing like a bit of good planning. I also got my first visit on the Elizabeth Line. Much excite and all that. Big Chuff Chuff achieved, leaving Paddington, and heading towards Swindon for a change to another train… Travelling companion (Boom_daughter) is tucking into a OMFGHOWMUCH lunch, I have a bottle of water and plan on watching the towns roll by.
  13. To start with, I'm knackered, I've just finished a night shift that although was busy, it seemed to never end. A steady drive home, a quick power nap, get the kids up and make some brekker. Faced with the impending ULEZ and whatnot (for which there is a very good lengthy thread. If you want to talk about it, do it there) I can't keep running a diesel Saab 9-3. I was just going to cope with it, but TfL just put up a camera up on a long pole on my route to work - I can't imagine anyone wanting to vandalise that 20ft up in the air. I was going to drive most of the way, park as close to the camera as possible and walk the rest, but this scuppers it. Anyway, I was looking on eBay for a submission for 'The Price is Shite' thread last week and saw an unsuitable car, put a watch on it and promptly ignored it. My phone chirruped when I was talking to my brother with 15 minutes left on the auction. In that time, we'd looked over the MOT history/ checked the road tax and checked its ULEZ/CAZ compliance and he offered to lend me half of the money if I won, (enabler!) I bunged a bid in with three seconds to go and promptly won it for £££, and not £££££££. So vital statistics as per tradition: Miles to go: 159 each way, London will be achieved by 12:00 Turdification count = 0 (although my body clock is so messed up, literally anything can happen) Hayfever symptoms = mild to light Passengers = 1 Boom_daughter_elder (Boom_daughter_v2 is being looked after by my long-suffering brother for the day)
  14. I'd go with £2,000.00 and goodness knows how many bran flakes as it's wheeled onto the trailer.
  15. Boom_daughter says 1,628.57
  16. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/186042772627 <-- If you can't find it (they hid it well by putting it in the wrong category) £1850.00 from me
  17. Well, the auction ended (I can't use the word 'sold' as we know it won't be) at £2,050.00. I'm sure the winning bidder will disappear into the ether, leaving an already sad and bitter individual stuck with a big yellow turd of their own making. I hope they use the time to reflect on their life choices. This means that... @bezzabsa, you have the con.
  18. It sounds like good progress is being made with the fail list. CaptainBoom’s Novelty Transportation service is still available to waft this gently northwards if needed. I’ve got a work colleague who has a job in Knowsley which if I can coordinate things, he’d give me a lift back home. His taste in music is shit though, so four hours of speed garage and house music looms in the future!
  19. Boom_daughter who has never seen OFAH is in for 1,536.47
  20. Thanks Grogee! I eagerly waited by the front door for Ms van Outen from 1998, but she never showed up. Never mind, perhaps she was distracted by Jay Kay and yet another of his interesting* car stories or one of his silly hats. Her loss, I was going to ask her to help me dig over my allotment. Right, as @somewhatfoolish has mentioned, there is a plethora of tat on the bay at present. We could have had: A very nice 2009 Saab 9-5 estate which ostensibly was the sellers Mums' car, however over the last year he has sold eight or nine Saabs, so I think he's a driveway trader telling porkies. (I've bookmarked it for myself) A Mk3 Fiesta Auto in JRG, but it had too short auction time remaining. A Mercedes S-Class with no pictures and a 1p auction with no bidders A G-Wiz with a terminal-sounding battery fault A Skoda Felicia which has a suspicious bidding history which looks like Martin from the newsagent is helping get it over the line This wins however, and here's why: A tired example of an old trope that's been done to death, we've all seen them, they're hilarious*, chortle chortle. CHECK Bought ostensibly as a wedding car, wedding didn't take place, probably bride-to-be realised she was about to wed a complete jizz mop. CHECK Incorect title of the vehicle on listing. CHECK Incorrect age of vehicle used for hilarious* conversion. CHECK Seller 'wants it to go to a good home'. CHECK I give you... this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/285434926012 Currently at £1,220.00 with just under three days to go (at 1AM). Not masses of interest as it's been going for four days so far, but a couple of 42 carat plonkers (sorry) could get their Showaddywaddy record collections sold in time and will get interested near the end I'm sure?
  21. £3,200.97, if you can send Ms van Outen over next Saturday, that would be fine with me. I've got some plant cuttings that need separating so she can observe me prick out in the potting shed. In short, I think that is an abomination, goodness knows what it looks like with the top up.
  22. Sold Shill bidded up to £7,100.00. So @grogeewins it despite being £2,800-odd away from the result. You have the ships wheel grogee.
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