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  1. Astra saloon was probably already rare when the photo was taken!
  2. 586. 1966 Triumph TR4A Seen in Framlingham, Suffolk on 26th August. NBY 125D ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 June 2024 MOT Exempt Vehicle make TRIUMPH Date of first registration 1 February 1966 Year of manufacture 1966 Cylinder capacity 2138 cc Fuel typePETROL Export marker No Vehicle status Taxed Vehicle colour MAROON Number of previous owners: 7 Current owner since May 2022
  3. @Captain Mainwaring in the news 24 thread
  4. I don't think the car from John Shuttleworth's "Austin Ambassador Y reg" song has been mentioned in this thread. GPP649Y was a 1.7L and I was reminded about it in this Facebook post: Which also illustrates XJU322Y, another one not on the list!
  5. Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust has more info on the Sprite, including a picture of the sole survivor. Interesting that in 1954 the Sprite, with a 1.6 litre engine, was considered a breakthrough for automatic transmissions in smaller engined cheaper cars. A decade later, BMC were offering 848cc Minis with automatic gearboxes!
  6. I'll start with @Six-cylinder 's latest acquisition in his motoring notes thread.
  7. 585. 1991 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 J246 OGS ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 April 2024 Incorrect tax status? ✓ MOT Expires: 6 August 2024 Vehicle make PEUGEOT Date of first registration 17 September 1991 Year of manufacture 1991 Cylinder capacity 1905 cc Fuel typePETROL Export marker No Vehicle status Taxed Vehicle colour GREEN Number of previous owners: 6 Current owner since Oct 2020 Mileage at last MOT: 63,192 Mileage since previous MOT: 787 Took four attempts to pass the MOT this year because of brake issues.
  8. Yes, Mark 2 was launched in March 1975 during the N registration.
  9. Yes, generally speaking it was only the lowest trim level that didn't have reversing lights. The oldest Escort brochure I have, from 1971 shows "Standard" (lowest trim) and "Saloon" (second lowest) doing without, while L, XL and GT did get them. Flickr : March 1971 brochure
  10. Reversing lights weren't standard on all Escorts until 1980.
  11. Looks like it was very successfully reversed into the ditch to me! I'm guessing it was less good at driving out again. Anyway, I nominate the 2007 Volvo V50 that I had until last month and only replaced because of the bastard ULEZ. I thought it would be worthy but dull. Actually quite a decent drive. 2 litre diesel gave it a decent turn of speed and it actually handled quite well too. Decent amount of space in the back but quite compact overall. Of course Volvo gave up making these smaller estates years ago, so I've ended up with a Seat as its replacement!
  12. Possibly a contender for longest gap between generations, HC finished in 1979 then rather short-lived revival 2015-19.
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