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  1. That Hemel Hempstead pic is particularly good - 3 Maxis and an Ital!
  2. Not just stores in the archive - this is the gatehouse at Charlton depot in 1977 Site clearance before construction of Charlton depot, 1968:
  3. White was a popular colour for cars in Hastings in 1993:
  4. Bexhill Opening day, 1976: PPN522M lasted until 1984. Plenty of BL tin in the background. Sometime after 1976:
  5. The then new, now long closed, Epsom High Street branch in 1982. Two J reg Vauxhalls in the car park that would have been quite old even then, but the Metro was almost brand new: Efficient parking in the street outside - three small cars in two spaces!
  6. Epsom Kiln Lane 1994, including a Renault 14!
  7. What a gold mine! Crawley town centre, 1970s - there is still a Sainsbury's in this block but I think it's now smaller with other shops taking up the rest of the space. Haywards Heath 1991 when both store and the Fiesta were new:
  8. 197. 1992 Ford Escort LX Seen in Morden, South London. K401 ADP ✗ Untaxed - Tax due: 19 February 2015 ✗ No MOT - Expired: 8 April 2015 Vehicle make:FORD Date of first registration: 3 August 1992 Year of manufacture: 1992 Cylinder capacity (cc): 1392 cc Fuel type: PETROL Export marker: No Vehicle status: Not taxed Vehicle colour: BLUE Current owner since April 1998 Mileage at last MOT: 65,690 Mileage since previous MOT: 920
  9. As far as I know, the early C had the full bumper and full wheel trims, but was later downgraded to metal bumper and hub caps. EDIT - This video is all about a slightly later 1.1C and the rear bumper is discussed at around 14 minutes in.
  10. 196. 1985 BMW M6 M635 CSi Seen outside a BMW dealer in Finchley, North London. I have no idea why I failed to get the whole car into the photo! Offered for sale in 2014 with the following description: "This delightful UK supplied BMW M635 CSi has covered a mere 50,755 miles from new with a total of three owners. The car was first registered on the 19th October 1985 and purchased by the first owner from H.E. Averill and sons in Norwich. After 18 months the car was sold to L M T garages in Cardiff, where it was purchased by the second keeper who owned the car for over 27 years. He had it serviced with LMT Newport every year right up until 2004. Following 2004 it was serviced and looked after by a local specialist. Having only covered less than 4,000 miles in the last ten years... " A20 GCP ✗ Untaxed - Tax due: 15 November 2018 ✗ No MOT - Expired: 24 September 2019 Vehicle make: BMW Date of first registration: 19 September 1985 Year of manufacture: 1985 Cylinder capacity (cc):3453 cc Fuel type:PETROL Export marker: No Vehicle status: Not taxed Vehicle colour: WHITE Current owner since June 2016 Mileage at last MOT: 53,097 Mileage since previous MOT: 1,644
  11. 195. 1995 Mitsubishi Colt GLX auto Another supermarket car park and something more modest, but with a very 90s side graphic that is specifically for a Colt GLX, just in case you thought it might be a lesser model. N771 PLJ ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 February 2020 ✓ MOT Expires: 21 July 2020 Vehicle make: MITSUBISHI Date of first registration: 10 August 1995 Year of manufacture: 1995 Cylinder capacity (cc): 1597 cc Fuel type: PETROL Export marker: No Vehicle status: Tax not due Vehicle colour: WHITE Current owner since Sep 2001 Mileage at last MOT: 57,368 Mileage since previous MOT: 1,230
  12. 194. 1950 Bentley Mark VI two door And now for some proper class. Seen in Tesco car park of all places. When I win the lottery, I shall drive to the supermarket in something like this. With a coachbuilt 2 door body, possibly by James Young. I don't know what happened in the 42 years before it was registered! LNC 711 ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 December 2019 MOT Exempt Vehicle make: BENTLEY Date of first registration: 27 August 1992 Year of manufacture: 1950 Cylinder capacity (cc): 4257 cc Fuel type: PETROL Export marker: No Vehicle status: Tax not due Vehicle colour: GREY Current owner since Dec 2016.
  13. 193. One owner 1991 Rover Metro 1.1 C Seen in Barnet, North London. I've photgraphed this car before (No. 32 in this thread) but I like it, so here it is again, looking much the same as last time! H194 GLL ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 July 2020 ✓ MOT Expires: 13 July 2020 Vehicle make: ROVER Date of first registration: 1 February 1991 Year of manufacture: 1991 Cylinder capacity (cc): 1118 cc Fuel type:PETROL Export marker: No Vehicle status: Tax not due Vehicle colour: WHITE Number of owners: 1 Mileage at last MOT: 56,818 Mileage since previous MOT: 259
  14. Have we had this one yet? The 2019 Ford Escort! Chinese market only, based on the Mark 2 Focus.
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