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  1. Also on the A1, weird vents above the grille that make it look like the bonnet isn't quite closed.
  2. Another vote for words and pictures if possible, but I appreciate it's extra time that might be better spent working on the car!
  3. @DodgyBastard in the FOAD's Fleet thread
  4. And three door! And 1.3 engine! I need to win the lottery this week.
  5. That's a really good idea, have someone else with you (at a safe distance) purely to watch out for signs of fire so you can focus on the task in hand. Although a cup of tea might not be the most effective fire fighting equipment! 😉
  6. Talbot used that image for a brochure cover too. April 1980 brochure
  7. Vauxpedia has some images of the aborted CD van program, which was forward control: Vauxpedia page
  8. Although my local hospital charges between £3 and £12 normally, chemotherapy patients get free parking. Not sure if that extends to radiation therapy. Anyway, good luck with the treatment.
  9. I count myself lucky if a visit to the vet with my cat only costs £65. Last month I paid out over £300 for one visit.
  10. How much do you really need a lawn?
  11. As suggested by @N19 this photo that @Tommyboy12 posted in the Land's End to John O'Groats thread seems like a good start to this month's calendar thread. I've taken the liberty of cropping it at the sides.
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