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  1. Hasn't someone let the cat out of the bag on another thread?
  2. Basically the start of 50% of the threads on the open forum.
  3. Reminded me of this Spinale Taperstrie from b3ta.
  4. Yeah, I was expecting it to be much worse. The gunk they lobbed on seems to have worked. On this side at least, hopefully the other side has faired as well.
  5. Unexpected break in the weather today, so got out and did some work on Meg. Not the neatest job but better than what was there. Just a couple of bits that I may as well do whilst the wings off that Id normally just treat and paint and then a bit of tidying up on bits that have started to go a bit rusty and this side of the front is done. Not getting too excited until I see what awaits me on the other side.
  6. That it so bland I dozed off looking at the photos. Well done.
  7. Why is Facebook recommending this personalised plate to me? Whats going on with my algorithm?
  8. Oh, just went to post on this thread and see I was having issues with the starter three years ago, it's not a new thing. It did it last week too. Could've just looked on here to know whats wrong. πŸ˜‚ Anyhow, as mentioned on the news 24 thread, I decided to sort out a bit of rust today. This required me removing the o/s wing. In order to get to one of the bolts, I needed to remove the bumper. Unfortunately, once I had got the bumper off I found this. Taken quite a whack that. Its not actually attached on the o/s mounting, it had completely rotted through. The bolt was still attached to the car when I took it off. Once I got the wing off I was greeted by this: It ain't meant to be see through. Left a bit if a mess on the floor. All in all though, its not bad. There are a few bits that have gone rusty where the rust protection has cracked but on the whole its not bad. Imagine all of it would be rotten if it wasn't for someones hard work covering it in this sticky shit. Bit here at the end of the sill will need doing too. So on this side, its just the bit next to the light, the sill end, bit on top of the inner wing behind the light and a couple of bits at the bottom of the inner wheel arch. Could be worse. Lobbed some rust inhibitor and painted it later on once I'd dug around and prodded everywhere. Currently sat like this waiting for me to fire up my welder. Front crossmember is rusty but salvageable, will just give that a sand and a lick of paint. Weather looks gash tomorrow, so I'm probably gonna go for a bike ride round Gisburn forest instead of this but if we get a good run of weather, I'll hopefully be able to crack on with this fairly quickly. ImpJr is expecting it as his first car in 9 years time, so I'd best get on with it.
  9. Well, you can say its got matching doors now. In the sense that they match each other, just not the rest of the car.
  10. Oh fuck, I think I might be starting a project. I only spotted a bit of rust behind the wing......then a bit more under the bumper.... then some on..... and so on. Now I need a new bumper back in addition to the bonnet and front and rear o/s doors. Might actually be cheaper to pop over to France for the weekend and just buy fucking loads of bits. Any pointers as to where to look for French car spares? Can do ebay.fr but are there other places?
  11. I rarely click on these sort of 'headlines' but I had to open this one as I absolutely knew what it was going to say. Hmmm. I wonder what it can be? What have I been doing wrong all these years? Fuxake. πŸ˜‚
  12. Check out the photos on this ad. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310082777000 96 photos of the outside of the car and 3 shit pictures of the interior? I don't think its a mistake either, their other ads are the same. πŸ˜‚
  13. Glad to see its still going strong. πŸ’ͺ
  14. He's gonna get it together, painted the put the engine I gave him in and see if he likes it but might put a BMW bike engine in it. He wants to see what it's like with an imp engine first though.
  15. It's gone. Didn't even get round to advertising it. Some lad said on Facebook that he was looking for a project, he came and looked at it, agreed to pay full price, came and collected it today.
  16. My interest was piqued when Naiomi Schiff turned up in a Volvo 850, that would be a perfect night out that. Rich, top class fanny in a sporty estate. It rapidly went downhill though. Best bit I saw before I switched it off was them talking car mods which was just an advert for buying stereos from friggin' ebay. πŸ˜‚ Ab-so-lutely fucking tragic.
  17. This is genuinely fucking terrible isn't it.
  18. "Hi, I'm looking for a new dress to wear on the telly" "Sure, what kind of thing are you looking for?" "Hmm, something that looks like the trim out of a 1990s mid range family car please" "I got you fam"
  19. Youtube deleted that video. I can't find a copy on my computer either but it might be on an old one I've got under the desk.
  20. Thats what my mum calls them as the one she bought new in 1976 never worked and always broke down. πŸ˜‚
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