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  1. So you fingering your dogs arse and her having a lollypop stuck to her fanny does?
  2. Why not move the car forward 4ft so it's in the garage?
  3. I probably should know better being a Visa owner but is that a later front with an early rear or what? Would it not be a pig nose with those rear lights?
  4. Yeah, looks like a block and head not attached to each other to me. There's a nearly completed one for Β£10k in Facebook though that looks good value for money. Probably cheaper than this in the long run. Can't find the link at the moment.
  5. Thats tempting. I wonder what engine it has in it. *Edit* Says 875 when I look online. Might not though.
  6. Think I finished all the welding needed for the MOT on the Visa today. It needs a fair bit more work to get it right but definitely feels good to have what the tester will hopefully consider sills and floor.
  7. This thread has gone far too fast for me to be able to follow it. πŸ˜„ I was at something like page 3, then it had suddenly jumped to 6, so I thought I'll catch up and read it later but by the time I did that it was at 11.... I need to put some time aside to read it properly.
  8. Looking online KAC still isn't on the road. Is this an old photo or not? I see a new V5 was issued recently though. Looked pretty grim a few years back when FOAD was looking at it. https://autoshite.com/topic/20273-foads-fleet-hairdressers-slk-added/page/68/
  9. Guy on the Porsche 944 Facebook page is selling his Turbo with nothing but a video of him doing burnouts. https://www.facebook.com/groups/porsche944parts/permalink/2198422116989587/
  10. Just came here to post that. What a twat. πŸ˜‚
  11. Possibly by the new owner, you never know. Last I heard it was exported to Ireland. Yeah, can't get squat for anywhere near that these days can you. Let alone something quirky and interesting.
  12. Quite odd but I've just had a phone call about this enquiring if it was still for sale. Have just deleted my number from this post in case it came from here and will try and log into RR but can't remember where else I listed it and where else my number is plastered, the ads so old. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. https://autoshite.com/topic/27751-johnks-ultra-autoshite-talbot-horizon/
  14. Wow, the Ultra. I love this car. IIRC, it was originally owned on here by Benjyp10. JohnK had it for a bit too didn't he, sure it was at Shitefest at the microcar museum.
  15. Mid life crisis camper wanker status achieved. Just went up to Appletreewick near Bolton Abbey for a test camp to see if everything worked. Close enough to home if it went tits up. Only things to change though that we identified are the table is a bit wobbly and we need a better sleeping bag. Electric worked (twin leisure batteries), gas worked and didn't kill us (I've got an alarm in anyway), slept all 3 of us in the van okay, with MrsImp and I in the back and ImpJr across the front seats. Only issue was I drank too much so snored a bit apparently. However it works okay as a camper. Will hopefully get some use out of it over the summer. Wouldn't normally let ImpJr use the telly when we we're away, I'd make him go out and play but as it was our first time and it was such a bugger to fit I let him. Also managed a couple of spots. And saw this in the morning when I was getting comically overcharged for gas.
  16. If you accidentally pour it on your hand nothing would happen as it would create a vapour barrier and just roll off.
  17. This chap lives in a very posh area near me. Don't think I've ever seen them out and about so no idea of they're roadworthy or move at all or if we've just never crossed paths.
  18. There was an OAP polishing convention at the local Moss this morning when I was picking up some shizzle from Toolstation, so I wandered over for a look. The far end was the most interesting by far. However that all pales into insignificance compared to my drive down to Shipley just now. As I pulled out of a junction, I saw something boxier than normal out of the corner of my eye. I looked in my rear view mirror, is that a Suzuki SJ? No, dont think it is, what is it? Hold on IS THAT A MUTHA FUCKIN RICKMAN RANGER. I do believe it is. Apologies for the shite photo and I know I shouldn't be using my phone when driving but it was a fucking Rickman Ranger. Imagine if I'd crashed? "How did the accident happen?" "I was using my phone" "Thats illegal son, you're for it" "But there was a Rickman Ranger behind me" "I mean, that maybe would be pretty incredible but come on, no there wasn't" "There was really... heres a ph.." "Don't lie to me son, In the back of the car, I'm also arresting you under suspicion of driving under the influence"
  19. It sold before I could look at it. Should've gone earlier. Thats the 2nd one up for sale locally that I've missed out on in as many weeks. Think someone somewhere is telling me to finish the one I already have.
  20. Yeah, mental isn't it. They guy who did it probably had all the parts in his shed from the one just like it he scrapped in 1982. Was just having a conversation with my mate about it on WhatsApp.
  21. Wow! https://www.carandclassic.com/auctions/1969-hillman-minx-deluxe-custom-gZPLa4
  22. There's this BX for sale on Facebook. I'm quite annoyed nobody got my joke as I was quite proud of it. Or maybe its just because its not funny. Although the CitroΓ«n Car Club probably aren't my target audience with this one. https://www.facebook.com/groups/citroencarclubuk/permalink/5219031518142416/?sale_post_id=5219031518142416
  23. Viewing arranged on Friday for a totally stupid, overly priced, (probably) unreliable, inappropriate, midlife crisis money pit which I have absolutely no room for.
  24. I feel your pain with roofers. We must've had half a dozen round, agreed to get some work done for them to fucking vanish off the face of the earth. Keeps happening. I think the only way to actually get them to come will be to replace the whole roof. They're just not interested in a couple of grands worth of repair work at the moment it seems, must be boom time for them. I saw one of them walking down our drive so thought, yay, finally gonna get it done but no he was popping round the neighbours to give them a quote and 'would be in touch about ours soon'. I've not heard from him obviously. I've decided not to chase and am trying yet another. In the meantime its leaking like a fucking sieve. Brilliant eh?
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