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  1. Bought this last week. Can't bear another summer without AC, so that was pretty much my only requirement. Cheap and not dull as fuck were the others. I decided not to read the horror stories, just making sure the AC was cold and it was being sold by an honest person. It's a 1.9 dCi, handbrake is inop, and all I ask is it lasts until October. That's seem some action but meh. I'll take my chances.
  2. 2012 and I paid £650. Makes the mind boggle, doesn't it. It was pretty much rust free too. Found this calling card stuffed in the engine bay...
  3. Bel Autos indeed. I was waiting to see if you were going for it, as I need something with AC for the summer. But will give them a swerve.
  4. Blimey, that is a bargain for a tested 740 these days. Buying unseen is the best way to do it too.
  5. Seeing as it's you we'll let you off...! Thumbs up to the colour though.
  6. Can only hope this is the case. Maybe they just entered £995 as a default price, in the same way some FB sellers list stuff at £500 or whatever to grab attention.
  7. Blimey that 604... Here it is in 2008 at a show, which is probably when those Truprint photos were developed. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Peugeot_604_ca_1978.jpg Would but mustn't. Maybe one for a certain Pug fancier? @loserone
  8. That's how I felt when he collected a Rover 214 off me a few years back. A positive guy full off zest, and a credit to the AS community. To hear he's gone is very upsetting news. Take care Mrs Spart, and I hope you've got loved ones to support you through this difficult time.
  9. £395 with 9 months test, Canterbury. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144040054081?hash=item218974cd41:g:KhkAAOSw7Ohgn4KF
  10. I drove along the A259 this time after a trip to Rye Harbour. I was following a winner in an F-reg Bedford Bambi, and he lost me a couple of times through the bends. But I was in waft rather than blez mode.
  11. My only criticism of the Ibiza is the rather shallow boot. But it's big enough for the weekly shop, so it'll do. Feels very different to my Mk2 Clio of similar vintage, but no surprise there I suppose. French flimsiness FTW, and charming too.
  12. 500 miles in and the ex-HMC Merc is going well. You pilot rather than drive this...big old lump that it is. Such refined waft. Mingebag Merc on the above trip, as I ran it on LPG for 140 odd miles. 70p per litre from the only place I could find in SE London, Sainsbury's on Greenwich Peninsula. That was a nice feeling as it does chew through pez otherwise. But then I'd got used to chucking a score in this, which seems to last ages. Bought in late February and I haven't really posted about it. Very short MoT so I tested it and replaced the rear wheel bearings (surpris
  13. Reminds me of the ex-Bo11ox Rover 623. The previous owner to him, who was an ARG mental, painted the steering wheel and gear lever to match the beige interior. As you can see if you zoom in, it didn't wear well. And it looked shit. You might have more luck obvs. I spent ages cleaning that paint off, only for the head gasket to kipper soon after.
  14. Sorry, I probably won't be able to make it after all (although I'd neglected to confirm a day anyway). Got an ill pet to look after. Not entirely sure she'll last the weekend, so I might need some car therapy come Monday...
  15. Spotted this winner yesterday. But it was quite clearly her daily rather than a special DiD outing.
  16. I'd say so, considering it cost me over £300 to get the free Fiesta through a test...was worth it though.
  17. The only image I clicked and zoomed in on was the Multipla. Nuff said! Good turnout though.
  18. Another good suggestion. One solution* would be to stick to moorland blasts only, and avoid any long trips. I iz bodger extraordinaire... Lovely little car otherwise. I was growing fond of it.
  19. I could be up for a visit. I've got some parts for @Heidel_Kakao and am wondering if a pony express might be possible i.e. leave them at yours for a bit until he's able to collect. Would also be good to meet up with you and other shiters too obvs.
  20. Daily driver ULEZ beater. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124686704098
  21. Since the end of February. It had a few days MoT left, so I got it tested, replaced the rear wheel bearings and a pair of tyres, and fingers crossed it's been fine ever since. 1.4 SXE and it has AC. Or did. Could do with trying to fix that soon.
  22. Off to Eastbourne tomorrow for an outdoor meet with the in-laws. Not sure whether to take the newly acquired ex-HMC Merc or Ibiza. Here they are cluttering up the street. Might take the Morris for a blez in the evening, as the above aren't really that old, are they.
  23. On a SORN, so it survives somewhere...
  24. V62 form plus £25 in those instances unfortunately. You might be waiting a while too as it needs to be posted off to the DVLA. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-log-book/if-you-cannot-apply-online
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