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  1. Likewise. If you need any help with the Mondy let me know. Or even just a session of tinkering with very little actual progress (something I excel at).
  2. Indeed it is. I think Craig Cheetham still has my old V6 one. Probably worth actual money now.
  3. Got this one here FOC if you'd like it m8. I'm never having another....
  4. I've been over twice recently and Total pez prices didn't seem too ruinous, relatively speaking. That was in Normandy. Tried to keep off the supermarket stuff as the Xedos seems a bit fussy as to what it drinks.
  5. An utterly superb and inspiring road trip thread. Glad the Panda did you proud Ian.
  6. Try doing a trip to The Netherlands in one. Painful! Overtakes were in single figures.
  7. Indeed, it had a decent innings and what a way to go. 16 previous owners on the V5, and I'd guess 13 of those are shiters. Scrap man has offered me £500 for it. Unbelievable.
  8. Initially I thought it was one of 13 ECUs these things probably have, but never mind. Back to running older stuff until the outer London ULEZ forces me to buy newer or run a W123 or something as a daily.
  9. Mental is the word. Just glad it didn't happen two weeks ago whilst in Normandy. So I consider myself lucky.
  10. The above comment is academic now as this morning it decided to self-immolate. Electrical fire whilst parked up. Source of it was the boot, and I can only assume some wiring in the leccy handbrake or something else set it off. Very strange and it was fine last night when I drove past it in the Xedos. No one was hurt and no other vehicles involved, so that's something. Off it goes on Friday for scrap as it's completely fucked. Glad I haven't got any insurance shite to deal with.
  11. Going well thanks Andy. The ABS light appeared a few times, but I'm hoping it was dirt on a sensor or something as it's been fine this past few weeks. MoT in a few weeks time but I can't see it needing much, if anything.
  12. Keeping the French End Up. Espace is still wonderful, although I need to start using it more to prevent things seizing up. Shatis turned 279k the other day so that's 7,000 miles in my ownership so far. I'm toying with the idea of getting the AC fixed, unless a previous owner can confirm whether the system is completely bolloxed. I'm lazy these days and haven't done any basic checks yet. The easier and cheaper solution would be to summer daily the Xedos instead as the AC works well in that. I can't imagine the VS would take too kindly to being laid up though...
  13. Sainsbury's Beckenham car park goes global.
  14. I've started off the list, assuming this is where we put our names down.
  15. dozeydustman - x2 catsinthewelder - x1 andyberg - x1 barefoot - x1 RobT - x1
  16. Good thread. Has made me reflect on the cars and various road trips. Le Tréport and Isigny-sur-Mer Normandy, 2018. Berck, northern France. 2018. Shitefest 2018. Cairngorms at 11pm. Sun was gone by then obviously, but still. Southwold, Suffolk. June 2019. Closer to home. My local Sainsbury's car park, in no particular chronological order. The K*nt Centryside, August 2020.
  17. One of my biggest regrets in life is not doing screen grabs of his eBay adverts. Did anyone have the foresight to do so? Step forward if you did.
  18. Sounds good, thanks. I'm not too far away in Beckenham. Maybe in January? I'll drop you a message.
  19. I'd also be bothered by the clutch. If it's fucked that's £600 to replace, based on recent experience. Lack of clutch pedal rubber in the pic probably means it is.
  20. Shatis passed its MoT. Had the rear brakes done before the test as the NS pads were very low. Treated it to new pads, discs and calipers. Front discs were an advisory, but I'll wait a few months for those. Glad that's sorted before Christmas. Reno heritage fleet. I shan't tempt fate by saying too much, but I think the Espace is fairly sorted now and able to share duties with the VS. Since I tuned it to pass the MoT it has a tendency to cut out until fully warm, so that needs a further tweak.
  21. Thanks for the update. I was considering buying an XM, but not sure I will now... Hope all goes well with the fixages.
  22. Lovely, and good to see a high mileage survivor too. The door bouncing back must be an 80s Renault thing. My old 11 and the Skizzer Espace does the same. Lubricating sorts them for a while, but then it starts up again. Probably need removing and a proper clean.
  23. Sad new, but the 416 had a good run I suppose. As for Direct Line, one for the ever growing c**t list.
  24. Thanks, yes I remember that from your FS thread. I haven't had a rear wheel off yet to see what they're like, but obviously if they need doing I know what to expect. Also @barefoot said this in the same thread: I've also remembered that the parking brake is a two stage thing. If you just pull out the little lever, you get park. If you pull it out & hold it out for something like 2 or three seconds, you get something like 180 newtons of force, which makes it utterly immobile on the steepest of steep hills. I've tried it and you can hear the extra buzz when it engages fully, so hopefully the garage will know to do this. Can't see why they wouldn't as they're a decent outfit.
  25. Same here! Once home I was on alert for a few days, as the last 'modern' car I took on a long trip (a Volvo S60 to Sweden) shat its alternator a week later. Next job is the MoT which I need to book for next week. Possible fails are the front brakes and last year's TRE advisory, but I'll be getting the front discs and pads changed anyway. Plus I need to clear that fault code again so the EML remains off for long enough.
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