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  1. Forgot to mention there is a second 'service position' for the bonnet which opens it wider for better access to the backside of the engine. Access is still dreadful though, and I've had to use all the tricks to move the fixings under the turbo. Also even if you can get your hand/arm onto a ratchet, I'm in such an awkward position that I can't get any purchase on it. Despite all this I have birthed a turbo. Just having a lunch break now but I did get pretty confused about one of the turbo oil drain pipe nuts, I was totally flummoxed about why it wouldn't thread onto the stud. See if you can guess why...
  2. Has anyone said this is sterling work yet? If not, I will. Your patience with the filler neck is incredible, well done. I think when the time comes on the Maestro I'll be using some combination of aluminium tube and fuel-friendly silicone/rubber hoses.
  3. Be like sister Grogee. £650 Smellihull. Engine light is on, a bit of black electrical tape should fix* that. https://www.gumtree.io/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/2003-vauxhaul-astra-16/1477320380
  4. My plan worked, unbelievably. Propping the car up about 6" higher gave me room to get the big ugga dugga under the car, and with a couple of extensions I was able to undo the turbo to manifold nuts which are generally tighter than a council pothole budget. I can't help but think it's no coincidence that I was able to route the extensions through the only gap in the underbody between the subframe and gearbox. I get the feeling Toyota takes servicing pretty seriously. I mean this isn't an easy job (it's still not finished) but you can see where provision has been made for tool access. I've still got to undo some coolant hoses that pass over the top of the turbo. I think this is a bit of a bodge by Toyota, on some models the turbo is water cooled but not on mine, so a bypass is routed over the top of it. I think I'll lose a bit of coolant but it's quite high up so hopefully not loads. I would have done it this afternoon but the gusty wind was really pissing me off.
  5. I've been driving the Avensis around Lincs all weekend and while it's been mostly fine the lack of turbo oomph has been fucking me off so after I'd unpacked I jacked off it up and commenced battle with the turbot. Access is pretty shit really, I'm sure modernz are worse but I was having to be creative with tools to undo the (15 year old) exhaust fixings. However we're now at the point where I can begin to try and unbolt the fecker from the manifold. It's released from the cat so that's a good step forward. Two of the turbo to manifold fixings are only accessible from underneath, and the gearbox and subframe obscure the line of sight to them so again I'll need some luck in getting it shifted. I think I'm going to jack it a bit higher, put it back on stands then I've got a bit of room to get an impact and selection of extensions on, hopefully they'll shift it.
  6. Yes. Need a brave pill to cut into the floor. I guess a wooden box behind the speaker might be OK (marine ply)? Cutting a smooth oval will be a challenge, I always manage to fuck things like that up. I have had some success using various hole saws to approximate an oval.
  7. The vertical panel that sits under the front of the rear seat base and either side of the transmission tunnel. So nearly at floor level. If you were sitting in the rear seats, it would be behind your calves. (I may have dreamt this of course so be aware).
  8. I have a vague memory of there being room for 6x9" speakers under the rear seat base, it does require cutting though. I think mine had that Clarion. I remember squinting at it on a dark motorway as I drove home after buying it, then seeing stationary traffic in front of me. The brakes were really good, and there's no ABS either. When it finally becomes mobile, you'll notice the front tyres scrubbing when you're manoeuvring at full lock - this is normal and a result of Chapman's steering geometry.
  9. Definitely the worst photos I've seen this year. £1700 Nunny https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/proton/1477123965
  10. This feels like it's from outer space and only* needs a service. Is it the jackpot of bork: a diesel hybrid? £1800 Cov "Needs sercice less then 500 £ New tire new brakes, new oil filters," https://www.gumtree.io/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/citroen-ds5-hybrid-2012/1477175322
  11. Hurry up! There's pie to be eaten in Melton Mowbray...
  12. We are the Old Saab Retirement Home. Well bought, I loved mine and wish I hadn't sold it after fixing everything.
  13. I have that kit, it's surprisingly good quality. Well done on the tractor, Zetors were all the rage in rural south west England where I grew up.
  14. Is there any better* sound than an old shiter minus exhaust being manoeuvred? Just glorious. If there was an AS video calendar, these would be a shoe-in
  15. Well I've got a pass, but he didn't bother checking the CV gaiter which I've replaced so I've still got an advisory for that. Which is annoying. Normally I'd let stuff like this go but it's a bit slapdash not checking the things that were picked up in last test, so I will mention it. I'm not sure if it's possible to revise an issued MoT or whether it has to be 'fully tested' again - @RoverFolkUs do you know? Eg if there's a mistake in the issued cert, can it be changed or does the system need to 'retest' it?
  16. grogee

    More tax

    I got a bit of a shock yesterday taxing the Maestro, I didn't realise the 'over 1549 cc' has now gone up to £345 (£30/mo). And the Puma falls into this band too. Roughly four years before the Maestro becomes exempt, if the current structure remains unchanged.
  17. Erm, I mean yeah it's made from Chinese pressed "steel" but it's man enough to support a load of tools and stuff. I seem to remember there was a knack, and a hammer was useful.
  18. grogee

    Daewoo Esperos

    I had a green 1.5. They weren't as bad as everyone made out really, well equipped and spacious.
  19. Bumper is on. Spent ages fecking about with the rear number plate lights. The supplied bumper had one missing, one loose. Turns out this is a shitty old Ford design that relies on the 'springiness' of plastic. Probably was fine in 1995 but in 2024 that plastic is now brittle so it snaps when you go to move the release tab. I had six light housings in total, only one successfully got fitted without snapping. I bodged the other one using a bit of cable tie and a glue gun. Luckily I found a genuine replacement for £not silly. I've taken it down to the MoT man who'll look at it tomorrow. I'm outside of my 2 week grace period now so I wonder if I'll get charged for a full retest? Note stupid reflective tape. After a certain amount of faffing I managed to peel it off whole. Unfortunately I completely neglected to do the other side and didn't notice until after I'd fitted the mud flap which partially obscures it. Ah well, job for another day.
  20. I think I bought the same thing, the assembly method relies on tabs in slots but it's possible to misalign one tab, which might have lead to the 'falling apart' review.
  21. I should probably point out that the bike on the back partially or completely obscured the lights and number plate (I made sure brake lights were OK). I was fully expecting a tug from the law on the four hour drive home. Instead I spotted at least three police or highway eager beaver vehicles that were stationary on bridges or by the side of the motorway checking for speeding. At one point Mrs Grogee was driving and one of the highways pretend police vehicles was right next to her, I felt sure they would stop us but no, somehow we Obi-Wan Kenobi'd out of sight. I'm not sure why I'm telling you all this except to say it's OK to drive like a complete twat with a totally unroadworthy vehicle - the only thing the law cares about is speeding at the moment.
  22. Right, got down and dirty with the Puma bumper, determined to make the most of the new light evenings (stupid clocks). It was a bit of a journey of discovery opening the package containing the used rear bumper. I'd ordered it a few months ago knowing it was the right paint code but it felt like a steep price at £90+£40 postage. Gingerly opened the bubble wrap, and it's a 7/10 I reckon. Better than the creased one I'm taking off, but not perfect. I'll reserve judgement after I've been over the scratches with some magic paste. However it's decent enough apart from some weird reflective tape on one of the bottom corners. Got cracking on drilling the holes for the sensors. It's not straightforward because I had to cut out some of the 'inner' bumper structure to get access to the proper reversing sensor location. Yes, this is really how Ford dealers did it too. Bonkers really. I do tend to procrastinate critical stuff like this where it's possible to fuck everything up by drilling a hole in the wrong place. But sometimes you've just got to bite the bullet and get on with it. I'm now ready to refit the bumper having fitted the sensors. I also remembered to replace the boot lock motor while the bumper was off, and I gave some of the metal areas a spritz of lanoguard for good luck.
  23. Heading back to Grogee Towers after our jaunt in the rainy South West. I'm thinking I will get the bumper onto the Puma tonight (it's not just a bolt-on as I have to fit reversing sensors). Then at some point tomorrow I'll drop it back to MoT man. Once the Puma is ticketed I'll be taxing the Maestro and hopefully sorting out its misfire, and I'll start getting the Avensis apart to change the turbo. The Avensis turbo is at the back of the engine, pretty common I suppose but still a bit of a pain. I may take the bonnet off again for better access. It's four bolts and a lifting assistant so not a major ballache. Master Grogee and I are off to Lincs this weekend and he will be trying karting for the first time as his 10th birthday treat. I'm also hoping to pick up this damn Maestro tailgate (North Lincs) which I've been promised but collection arrangements haven't worked out yet.
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