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  1. A couple of familiar faces there. The Bridgestone Jinling and bent Metrobus are sitting in front of me as I write this and they look a lot happier parked the right way up.
  2. ERFs and Fodens are still the favourites and Cummins and Gardner engines are spoken of with much reverence in the showman community, but even the newest ones are over 15 years old so they're dying out fast, supplies of both parts and complete trucks are drying up and they're reluctantly moving on to other makes. Volvo is definitely the new preference but there's quite a few DAFs and MANs are starting to make an impact too. Scanias apparently are great when they work but expensive to fix so they're not that popular. This sentiment on a Volvo says it all really:
  3. The funfair is back in town after missing a year. Almost everyone has Volvos now and we're down to four ERFs, all relatively modern ones from the 1990s that are regulars here. I did find these two classics in Banbury though, and the V-reg has just had a fresh coat of paint at over 40 years old so its owner has no plans to pension it off any time soon.
  4. As it's on the first page of that catalogue, seems a good time to show my recently acquired market find Dublo Austin truck. Two flat tyres this side... ...and a random piece of baking powder label stuck to the other! It was introduced to its relatives. They only ever came in green but this one isn't the same shade as my other (which IIRC came from @eddyramrod) and has different wheels. The two-tone one is a repaint done by a friend over 40 years ago. Plans for it? Maybe fit some better wheels, glazing and interior and see if I can bring it up to modern standards.
  5. Fascinating stuff there @barrett. I have no idea what any of them are but there's shades of Bristol in the first, Jowett in the second and Sunbeam-Talbot in the fifth so it's easy to see how specials in grainy old photos could be mistaken for production cars.
  6. HGV/PSV MOTs use a different system that doesn't record tests on the DVSA website and is still at least partly paper-based IIRC. That looks tidy for a shunter, I've seen some that are literally falling apart.
  7. Weird coincidence time. This Neoplan from a local firm was resting in the town lorry park yesterday. Its driver said they used to have two of them but the other was sold to the Isle of Wight last year. 24 hours later, what should turn up nearby? Yes, it's the other one of the pair, still in the same colour scheme! And to balance out the island and stop it sinking with the exodus of natives, this was on its way there with a load of tourists.
  8. Spotted something worthy of this thread today.
  9. The USAF were about again a couple of weeks ago. Rather less weird this time with a normal Euro curtainsider but still a big 6x4 unit with Hiab. They seem to have an odd mix of LHD and RHD stuff, which must be interesting for the drivers.
  10. That's recently been in the news as it sold for over £1 million, the highest price ever reached by an online-only auction in the UK. Here it is at Bicester Heritage a few years ago accompanied by some other exotica.
  11. Pretty quiet round here of late but the first day of the new month produced this hen's-teeth rarity. HML suggests about 60 AWDs still on the road and TBH I'm surprised it's that many as you just don't see them anymore and there only seem to be one or two on the show scene.
  12. Looks like it might have started life as a Baur. It has the look of a support vehicle for some sort of high-speed challenge.
  13. I had the great pleasure of seeing this fine beast in the flesh today and it really is pure autoshite through and through. It reminds me so much of how many old Montegos looked when I was at school in the late nineties and my favourite bit is the 1.3 badge on the back, a completely unnecessary detail but whoever did the transplant clearly wanted to show off that he had downgraded his Montego to a puny little engine!
  14. Fantastic to see this living on and getting some love. Looks so much better on a matching set of wheels.
  15. There's one of those Lonestars in the UK, owned by Neil Yates Recovery who have a liking for obscure Yank stuff. Haven't seen it myself but there's plenty of photos about and it really is a strange looking thing.
  16. Here's a case of a reg worth far more than the car. RED 110T or RED HOT is for sale at over £20k and currently sitting on a Citroen AX!
  17. Don't know, but I can tell you P121 ANO is on a Volvo lorry owned by a removal firm who presumably specialise in the movement of pizianos.
  18. I reckon that Audi was bought as an investment and stored away unused and unregistered for a few years. That often happens when a desirable car goes out of production and investors snap up the last ones hoping to make a mint - witness the numerous late reg madness MGBs that have graced this thread over the years as an example.
  19. It's 90 years since the first Bedford hit the road and the Bedford Enthusiasts' Club have just held an event in Leighton Buzzard to celebrate. This was a highlight as Plaxton Paramount-bodied YNTs were the mainstay of so many operators when I was growing up but they've almost all disappeared now. It was bought new by the current owner 35 years ago and is much cherished and still fully PSV-licensed.
  20. Tis indeed a peculiar rig and I was thinking "what on earth is that?" as I saw it in the distance and waited impatiently for it to get closer. Looks quite short for 3 axles so it must carry something heavy, and at a guess they've put a Boalloy curtainside body on an American chassis for...er...reasons. There were a few USAF vehicles around that morning including some pickups and a couple of US-spec Transit vans, all heading to Croughton from probably Mildenhall or Lakenheath.
  21. A couple of rarities seen this week. The USAF sent an actual American truck to Croughton this time, a Freightliner Business Class I think. Quite surreal seeing this on UK roads. And this beast caught me by surprise, a Bedford J-type with a Reynolds Boughton Packhorse 4x4 conversion. Possibly the only one left as I've found several photos of it but no others.
  22. You're very welcome, it's great to see them being enjoyed. Thanks to Mr and Mrs 6C for another excellent weekend and to @chaseracer for the mags. There were two great sources of entertainment - trying to get the Vauxhall collection going and coming up with increasingly absurd guesses of @Ghosty's new car. The Mondeo made its first public appearance and it was brilliant to see Bonk the Magic Wagon and the return of the Mighty Dacia. Even the weather wasn't as bad as I feared but it's still a good thing we brought the gazebo back on Friday as it was really needed.
  23. If you find yourself on the Isle of Wight, head for the bus museum as that's where Terry keeps it these days. A HubNut road test of it would be ace. The ultimate HubNutBus would have to be a MAN SR280. Pantograph goodness on the front and triple rear wipers for potentially two triangles of doom on the back! I'm not sure any have survived though
  24. ^ You learn something new everyday, I wasn't aware of those two and I'm sure someone told me KVJ was the only one. I saw Terry on Saturday and he remembered that photo - it was taken in the cul-de-sac behind his house in Somerset on the day KVJ's owner collected it and paid him a visit on the way home.
  25. Plaxton Mini Supremes built at the former Thurgood factory in Ware. The older one belongs to my friend Terry Jones (not of Monty Python) and the Y-reg is I believe the only one built with the later front.
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