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  1. Unintentional personalised plates are a whole new angle on the GR8 PL8 theme. PZA is an apt coincidence for a pizza lorry.
  2. BOOOST! How much of which is provided by that ridiculous tea tray bolted on top of the factory spoiler? It's 800 OST, not 8000 ST as I first thought.
  3. Looks like someone's had a go at restoring it not very carefully and stuck the base back in upside-down with big blobs of glue that have gone yellow. Hopefully you can get it off and turn it back the right way.
  4. I think that's a Morestone/Budgie no.13 Austin Taxi.
  5. What an utterly shapeless blob of a car. It seems to have no detailing at all in the bodywork and the Ka headlights are the only interesting feature. Donor car was a Skoda Rapid if anyone's wondering and a distinct lack of any other photos suggests this was thankfully the only one made.
  6. Didn't notice you but I do vaguely remember seeing a Ferrari. Here's another good spot from that afternoon. International half-track and a Ford Marmon Herrington 4x4 (which I'd never heard of) on the back. Truck is labelled 'not for hire or reward' so must be privately owned just for moving these around, no doubt off to a show somewhere.
  7. It certainly was! I've never been mistaken for a policeman before though What car were you in? Not much about but it got me out of the house for a couple of hours and I did see this transporter of excellent Fordness. Just realised the reg on the Cortina almost says BLOBBY.
  8. Wolseley 1500/Riley 1.5, innit?
  9. Great to see the plushy REV being enjoyed. I was thinking REV would actually be a good choice for a model given its film history (not to mention being owned by the world's leading invalid vehicle expert ). If they put the story of it being a private car in the blurb that would hopefully go a long way to dispelling the myth that they were only built for the government.
  10. They sneaked that one out, no mention on the Oxford Facebook group and this is the first I've seen of it. Good to see another version but I fear loads of Hubnutters will buy them to give to Ian and he'll end up with hundreds of them!
  11. Coming back from Bedford on Sunday, a lovely Mk2 Zephyr pulled out of a layby just behind us with the memorable reg POO 53.
  12. "WTF is that?" is exactly what I said to myself when I saw this beast coming. Lots going on here, a Mini body apparently on a Daihatsu 4x4 chassis for one.
  13. 70 JB on a Polo this morning, Driver looked about 2ft tall and 300 years old, hunched over the wheel at 20mph, so they've probably had the plate since it was first issued to their brand new Moggie Minor or something.
  14. That'll be a sad day. Would be good if he could carry on until next February so the Volvo hits its 50th birthday, then somebody needs to preserve it exactly as it is. DO NOT PAINT!
  15. I've heard rumours Ford UK are contemplating official RHD imports. Currently they only seem to be available in one spec (LHD 4x2 with 500bhp) which limits their appeal here. They've started to take off in western Europe recently and a Dutch firm (Pieter Smit) have several, some of which are over here supporting Ed Sheeran's tour.
  16. Very similar to this one in the Britaniacrest Recycling heritage fleet, although it was built by County. I assume this AWD is not the same one that took over Bedford?
  17. Circus Berlin, now there's a name from the past. One of the many names used by the late great Gerry Cottle IIRC so I wonder how Vegas ended up with it. The history of circuses, their changes of identity and the families involved is a complex and fascinating topic and you'll find the same few people popping up over and over again in different roles. I've long had an interest in fairground and circus logistics so this thread is right up my street and really brings home how hard these folk work behind the scenes, something that just isn't appreciated by the majority of their audiences.
  18. They did the rounds, notably in London, but didn't impress anyone enough to buy any, perhaps because it was an old design and/or from a manufacturer with no history in that market sector. Both settled with Hornsbys in Scunthorpe and against the odds one has actually survived into preservation.
  19. Mr Kwszyzy sounds more like a Polish name than Italian Wonder why he won't give up that reg so it qualifies for tax and MOT exemption. He must have a very good reason.
  20. I don't own it unfortunately but this enormous splat of purest green from Cadillac is worthy of this thread. It has ALL THE GREEN
  21. Luton Airport had odd taste in buses back in the day. They were the one and only UK customer for the Renault PR100, probably for political reasons and not because they were any good as Renault UK's head office was just down the road in Dunstable. Only two others were registered here, both as demonstrators. Then there were these beasts, three of them. LHD Mercedes O305Gs with Maxeta Flexibus bodywork built by Lex to a Heuliez design featuring just 35 seats, three doors on the UK offside and two on the nearside. I believe this one was destroyed by Richard Hammond in the Top Gear airport vehicle race. Other things I never saw included such delights as Reeve Burgess-bodied Bedford VASs, some hideous Commers and a trio of Leyland Swifts. All long gone and today's airside fleet consists of the usual Cobuses and some of the surplus London Citaro bendies.
  22. I keep seeing a Volvo with the reg DOU614S. I wonder what the owner's name is.
  23. Yep, unit and trailer both from 1973. Bob has been driving it on timber haulage since 1982, first for a haulier then when they closed down he bought it and went self-employed. Surely there can't be anybody else who has driven the same rig for 40 years and I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of miles they've done together. Man and machine in perfect harmony for sure!
  24. Twas the 914 International Meet in mid-Wales last weekend. Some must have stayed on to explore other parts of the UK as I've seen three of them over the past week, all on Dutch plates and I'm nowhere near Wales.
  25. I've seen these two separately before and thought how good they'd look together
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