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  1. Three cars on my drive None of them are working Thirty years of hurt Never stopped me dreaming... On Friday the low coolant light started coming on intermittently in the BWM although the temp gauge stayed in the normal central position. Arrived home to the smell of coolant and a hiss from under the bonnet. A fine jet of steaming coolant was being emitted from the expansion tank - a known weakness on these. Closer inspection revealed that a fastener was missing from the top of the rad so the rad rocked backwards allowing the expansion tank to rub against the
  2. Not that I'm aware of - I've seen no signs of one (ordinary key, no button to press) but not gone looking for one if you know what I mean. The car's at work and I'm home now but I'll hopefully get a chance to check properly tomorrow after my jab. Would the best way to check be by tracing the ignition wiring? Thanks for the suggestion @richardmorris
  3. Got home half an hour ago. The recovery guy was with me by 3pm but didn't fill me with confidence when his first question was, "I don't suppose it's got anywhere to plug a code reader in?". I told him that I'd taken the fuel line off the carb and confirmed it was getting fuel, earthed an HT lead off the engine with a screwdriver and seen it was getting spark and that the battery was a 12.8 and it was cranking fine but still not starting. "In that case I'm out of ideas," he replied. "You probably know more about it than I do, I'll go and get a tow truck." He was back half an hou
  4. Confirmed it's getting fuel to the carb and there's a spark but still the bugger won't start. Looks like I'm going home on a tow truck.
  5. Lovely to see you all. Mat arrived in his wonderful sounding V8 in a cloud of steam but soon got his leaking hose sorted. I, on the other hand haven't been able to get the BX to start again so am still outside the cafe waiting for the breakdown. Good company, bad weather and mediocre cars. Thanks to Tim for organising it and Mark for the brew.
  6. Or should that be, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong car"? See you in the morning.
  7. They're a really useful tool but certainly need treating with respect. Oh, and don't make the same daft mistake I did and wear a pair of polycotton gloves instead of my usual work gloves - sparks landed on my gloves and within seconds they started to melt onto my hands. Something worth mentioning that I wasn't aware of before I did an abrasive wheels course is that many discs have use by dates after which the manufacturer won't guarantee their integrity - beware being sold short-dated stock.
  8. How far are you from me (I'm near Bangor)? I've got grinders and a dremmel if either are any use to you?
  9. Table of BX carburetor types - from a Hungarian site which can be a good source of technical info.
  10. Bonk the magic wagon developed a clonk Something in the offside suspension had gone on the wonk Mr and Mrs Brownnova loved that rascal Bonk Set the cruise control to 65 and took him for a tonk
  11. Looks a great car, hope it brings you much pleasure. This might help if it is the blower resistor. bxclub.co.uk/forum has a good technical section but the search function is quite clunky and it's not very active these days as most of the traffic is now in the bx club facebook group where people are generally very helpful.
  12. Or all visit a place of historic interest... There will be a limited opening of outdoor areas of some historic places and gardens;
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