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  1. Thanks for taking this on, please include me. I've been accused of being a Grinch in the past so maybe this is a chance for me to embrace the magic* of Christmas.
  2. What's that boy? You're getting bored of being on the train. Would you be happier in a car? New mobile kennel acquired. 9-5 Vector Sport 1.9 TDI auto. 114k, one owner from new, FSH and 12 months MOT. Seems a pretty solid and comfortable place to be. In fair order mechanically but a few giffer scrapes to the bodywork. Unfortunately not all the wheels are round. First time I've ever owned a saloon or an auto. Hoping it'll be a reliable winter beater while the BX comes off the road.
  3. Saturday morning at the railway station with the dog. C'mon boy, fetch!
  4. Swift Water Rescue Training at work. I get paid to do this. VID-20200917-WA0013.mp4
  5. Good luck with this, I've already been chatting to you on the BX Facebook page about it. @strangeangel & @barrett, useful list of which BXs had which carbs can be found here.
  6. Thanks to you and everyone else who keeps this place going behind the scenes. Happy to contribute.
  7. The 12th is a Monday, so I'm guessing it'll be Sunday, 11th October. I look forward to meeting folks there.
  8. Shame but thanks for trying. Are there still plans for a Shitesteddfod in October, did we ever settle on a date?
  9. Hi @mat_the_cat, the ride's definitely improved but as you say the spheres look (and feel) tired. As a treat after my Speed Awareness Course on the 2nd I'm booked into Westroen for some reconditioned spheres. Today's job was new discs and pads on the front. One of the bolts holding the disc on put up a bit of a fight but eventually succumbed to fire and a long bar. It's great not having to faff about bleeding brakes!
  10. I'll do the discs and pads myself but I'm buying the parts from Chevronics.
  11. Not yet she doesn't! Driving to work this morning and the OSF brake didn't sound or feel right. Jacked the car up after work to have a look... Ah bugger! Wonder what's caused that? Could it have been the brake roller at the MOT? I might as well just set up a direct debit to Chevronics.
  12. Original RHD Renault 4 van, currently at £2.5k RNM on Ebay
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