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  1. When it's too much bother get the big step ladder out...
  2. There's others closer to Dolgellau (and hopefully you won't need any help anyway) but if you do get stuck and if there's any thing I can do I think you still have my number. Pob lwc!
  3. Is this one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hoopties-Chris-Abbot/dp/B0C94DYFXR/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3H0QA3CWC5GL3&keywords=hoopties&qid=1699558332&s=instant-video&sprefix=hoopties%2Cinstant-video%2C142&sr=1-1 It's just called Hoopties. Good watch, thanks for the heads up. As the man said, "D'ya wanna go racing? Fuck yeah!"
  4. https://www.westroen-spheres.co.uk/ fitted re-conditioned spheres for mine which have been great - also does mail order. Fantastic work at such an impressive pace, well done @juular
  5. I dunno, it's a useful cue to scroll on by - if they can't be arsed to remove their used cups what's the chance of them doing much in the way of servicing or maintenance?
  6. I find myself quite drawn to this Peugeot Rcz 1.6 thp sport 156bhp 11 months mot but ⏰it's in Rhyl (NBZ?) ⏰it's re-listed ⏰it has a colourful* MOT history That's enough alarm bells that I should wake up but it's nearby so I might go and have a look anyway. @iainrcz can you tell my why I shouldn't?
  7. F&F PayPal payment paid. Big thanks to you and Si and the rest of the backroom bods who keep this place running.
  8. @ZelandethI might quite literally feel your pain. Is yours at the end of your collar bone? After 2 years of constant pain and being passed from physio to specialist I finally had a cortisone injection under ultrasound last week. They reckon it might be tendonitis in my case. Still in pain but hoping the injection might be beneficial after a while. Hope yours clears up soon.
  9. @Datsuncog - worth a look through https://www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/essentials/
  10. Congratulations on all your work and a successful first sortie - hope it's the first of many adventures for you and the popemobile.
  11. Aye, @davidfowler2000gave me my spare back and took your alloy in a hotel car park in Peterborough on Friday night so it should be back in Scotland by now. Congratulations on getting the Fabia fixed up.
  12. What an arse. Boink's Oldsmobile cousin was at FoTU.
  13. A few spotted at FoTU today. Proton Saga 'Knight' Ford Cortina 'Carousel' Toyota Crown 'Athlete'
  14. Sunny Jim

    FOTU 2023

    Another really enjoyable FoTU. It's the sheer variety of cars that you get to see that makes it for me. As others have alluded the hipster/YouTuber/influencer crowd become more apparent each year or perhaps I'm just getting older and grumpier? My Fabia was directed into the classic and unexceptional display so I was able to park up with my fellow Celts, L-R = @juular@davidfowler2000@blackboilersuit@MrsJuular@captain_70s Photo dump in no particular order just trying to avoid cars that have been posted already
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