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  1. Congratulations on the good progress you're making here. I enjoyed watching your videos too.
  2. There's a manual release in the cockpit and if that didn't work for some reason there's hydraulic cutters to cut the cable at the winch end. i.e. two back-ups. Stu was statistically more likely to come to harm doing his DIY than I was going gliding.
  3. I got to do a glider flight yesterday. Winch launches you 0 - 60mph in 3 seconds up to 1000ft when the cable is released. Did the, "You have control" "I have control" bit while I frantically tried to remember what the instructor had told me and managed a few manoeuvres for a few minutes, all in all a wonderful experience. VID-20210725-WA0002_Trim.mp4
  4. I've seen adverts for specialists repairing CEM's for other models of Volvo so I assume they'd repair them for the 480 too but I've yet to enquire. From what I've read a lot of the problems can arise from dry solder joints so they'll hopefully be repairable - something else I should probably learn to do!
  5. I'm going to try another CEM which will hopefully let me know if it's the module or something else which is causing the electrical randomness. Got some tinkering time in this afternoon. I'd picked up some ramps off FB marketplace for a tenner so after checking they were ok got the front of the car in the air and removed the under tray. The leak is obviously coming from the right hand side of the engine - it's also obvious I'm going to have to spend some time with a wire brush and rust cure before the winter looking at the underside of the car. Back down off the ramps I jacked the front offside of the car and removed the wheel and inspection panel. Bingo! It's the water pump. The timing belt was last done in 2015 at 66k (currently on 82k) so I'll do that while I'm at it.
  6. Pleasure to meet you and your wife. Hope you have a good journey back to the smoke. If you're ever up this way again let me know and I'll show you around.
  7. How Ratrod do you want to go? This was at the Mavericks meet last week. It had an MX5 engine and we suspected possibly running gear too as it had discs all round.
  8. Chodspeed, have a good day.
  9. Animal magic, an elephant moth on a tiger lily
  10. Good time at Mavericks, home in time for another wonderful sunset.
  11. The three of us agreed that there was plenty there that we'd like to own but none of us bought anything! I was trying to sell my Mini but didn't have any takers tonight.
  12. Good to see you @brownnovaand family and @Flat4and dog. Great variety of cars there this week. For me the star was this beautiful Alfa Romeo Sprint 2600 This minty Scirocco was a peach Nice Cortina, shame about the wheels Hopefully see more Shiters there next month.
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