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  1. I’m almost relieved. It’s years since I had a dangerously rusty car....
  2. Number 51 please. I’ve always rather fancied a 305. No idea why....
  3. You want a Volvo crash? Happy to oblige. Many years ago I bought a Mk3 Escort estate. It had seen a bit of life but was cheap. Among its more characterful aspects were a broken rear bumper, scratched tailgate and blowing exhaust. I got gently rear-ended (oo-er missus) at a junction by a very apologetic bloke in an old Volvo 343. We swapped details and his insurance paid for my car to be fully fixed. Result! As a bonus, I was offered the choice of three bodyshops - the Ford dealer, an independent or the Mercedes dealer. Having experienced ford panel work before I opted for option three I recall I was lent a surprisingly nice Toyota Corolla for the week.
  4. That’s where the new panels for the Astra are coming from....
  5. A 1985 Nova 1.2. I was doing delivery driving for a daily rental company (Swan National in Dundee if it’s of any interest) and came off a roundabout a bit too quickly. Luckily(?) the car I hit - a Mk2 Fiesta 1.1L was owned by the same firm and being driven by a colleague. Both cars were fine to drive but I was out on my arse.
  6. First car I ever drove was my dad’s Princess. HSP30W*. A 1.7HL in pewter metallic with paprika cloth interior. It was followed by OSR388Y*, an Ambassador 2.0HLS in white. This was his first car with power steer. The twin-carb O series was quite a beast in its day. 22mpg though..... * - how do I remember this shit?
  7. Agree with the CR-V comments. I’ll add that we’ve had three (mk2 and 2x mk3)and they are great in snow and mildly unpleasant going. Including a ploughed field with a foot of snow on it!
  8. Loving the Croma - especially that upholstery!
  9. Mine change from time to time. Day to day even! Currently I’d like: Lexus LS - either a 400 or 460 (so I like Lexus and these are big uns) Honda Accord Coupe (I cant explain this one - I just like the look of ‘em) Mazda MX-5 (sometimes this seems a good idea, sometimes it seems it’s too damn small,and I’m too damn old) Subaru Forester XT (drove one last year and rather liked it) but tomorrow it’ll be a different list.....
  10. Sounds like a doublecab pickup to me. That said, a petrol Mk2 Honda CR-V With the right tyres is a surprisingly capable thing.
  11. The mighty Daihatsu Copen! Powered, if I recall correctly, by a 1-litre 3-pot turbo! I had one as a loaner for a day. Luckily it was dry as I’m 6foot2 and could only get in the little fu**er by lowering the roof. Fun though, in rather a ‘honey I shrank the MX-5’ way.
  12. Nice Saab. I have very fond memories of my 04 9-5 Aero. Probably the best value I ever had from a car.
  13. I agree with the ‘basic 90s hatch’ idea but I guess the trick might be finding an as-yet unshagged example. I had a Pug 309 1.4 from new to 90k miles. Only 70ish bhp but grin-inducing handling and poise.
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