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  1. And this rather tasty 732 at the same dealer
  2. Spotted this at a local car dealer. £2,750 apparently: https://www.crossroads-garage.co.uk/rover-100-knightsbridge-se-in-sheffield-south-yorkshire-6706946
  3. That looks tidy. Quite rare even when new I should think. It has a pleasingly square arse but then I speak as a former Volvo 940 wagon owner!
  4. Fabulous story and a great looking car. I hope the collection goes well - but how could it not, with such a flawless plan?
  5. Just seen your Olcit video. With the caveat that I know bugger all, I’d say it looks past the point of no return. Buy the solid one and salvage what you can for spares from your fire damaged car.
  6. Shame but punters have voted with their £££. My ‘97 2.0GLX was a far nicer thing than a cheap 127k miles (at 3 years old) ex-fleeter had any right to be.
  7. Hell yeah! Only 61 miles away.
  8. Actually yes. We had to push start it and I somehow ended up in the hot seat.
  9. Not a fault as such, but I once drove a Renault 5 (Mk1) with seven people aboard...
  10. Epic! I used to see one around NE Derbyshire in the mid 90s - there’s certainly no chance of mistaking it for something else in a car park.... This is a close as I’m getting.
  11. Nice to see a success story - and a real enthusiast in the motor trade! I love that early BX - I remember driving a 'C' plater with a similar interior. And stop posting photos of Honda Legends - oh, the temptation!
  12. The pink Metro looks pretty good to me. And think how easy it’ll be to find in car parks..
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