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  1. A bright, really bright, green Fiat Panda in about 1993. (Standing in for my Peugeot 309) Triumph Acclaim in c1990. It cut out under anything more than gentle throttle pressure. (Rover R8 214) Daihatsu Copen. I’m 6foot2 and the only way I fitted in was with the roof down. I own shoes bigger than that car. (Volvo 945!)
  2. I too missed the payment info. All done now 😃
  3. That’s a Horch Kfz70 in the centre of the top photo. The other might be another Horch, probably a kfz 15 but the same body style was built by several manufacturers.
  4. Having once had a pint bottle of full fat milk keel over in a car footwell, I feel your pain. 😬 it was a company car and when it’s time was up a couple of months later my neighbour wanted to buy it. However, one of the managers pulled rank and bought it for his wife. Served him right.
  5. Lovely example of a great car. I had a very late (1998) LPT wagon a few years ago. Took it from a barely run in 120k miles to over 170k.
  6. Not strictly ‘night’ but a celebratory pic of my RX450 dash after passing another MOT.
  7. Had a set of Lassas on a Volvo 850 20 years ago - every bit as good as the Goodyears they replaced. Used them on several subsequent cars. More recently had Toyos on my son’s Fabia - absolutely fine.
  8. I’ve had 4 ‘French’ cars: 2 Pug 104SLs when I was a student in the eighties. The second regularly did 400-mile trips. Thin, rusty steel but otherwise quite robust. Miles nicer to drive than contemporary Metro, Fiesta etc. Pug 309 1.4 (and yes I know it was built in Coventry). Company car, had it from new for 3.5 years and 90k miles. A few niggles but it only broke once. A nice, sweet-handling thing. Again, much nicer than Escort, Astra. Citroen BX16. Hmm. To paraphrase the advert, ‘hated driving, loved garages.’ Not great. Comfy and a good handler but lots of daft niggles. One suspension related.
  9. Macscrooge

    Dad cars

    This will be quite a list as my Dad changed cars quite often! I remember him saying that he and three friends had ‘shares’ in a Citroen (possibly a Light 15) whose brakes needed some miles notice of any intention to stop. After a couple of scooters he had company cars. All new unless noted Ford Anglia in grey - I think this was ‘inherited’ from his predecessor at work Hillman Imp - C reg in blue - this first car I travelled in. Ford Cortina Mk1 1200 2-door in dark green. Ford Cortina Mk2 2-door in pale dog turd. My abiding memory of it is freezing in the dark waiting for the RAC. BMC 1100 4-door x4 in blue, red, white and (drum roll please) Harvest Gold. A man appeared from head office every year with a new one. Austin 1300 - a loan car while moving jobs which broke down in the dark. Hillman Avenger 1500 Super - L reg in poo brown. I’m never figured out what was ‘super’. Hillman Avenger 1600 GLS - P reg in kingfisher blue metallic with restyles and a black vinyl roof. Twin carbs and velour seats! Cor! Written off in a 1978 altercation with a lorry near Forfar. Chrysler Alpine GLS - T reg in Kermit the frog green with black vinyl roof. Awash with luxuries - electric windows, headlamp wipers etc. BL Princess 2 1.7HL - W reg in grey. The first car I drove! Austin Ambassador 2.0 HLS - Y reg in white. Power steering, sunroof and twin-carb O-series. 22mpg though😬 then he set up his own business. He bought the Ambassador at a knock-down price as part of his severance settlement. But it still did 22mpg, so he then bought: Peugeot 205 XLD - B reg in red. 50 mpg whatever we did to it. Peugeot 205 XLD - D reg in wedgewood blue. Peugeot 309 GLD - E reg in met blue. 45mpg and much keener on going up hills! Peugeot 405 GRD - G(?) reg in silver. It felt very indulgent. Peugeot 405 GR(?)D turbo in dark blue met. When 90bhp was a lot of power. Peugeot 405 GLD turbo in light green met, I never drove it he crashed it. Fiat Brava in silver bought nearly new Mazda 323 - Bought nearly new. I was there when he bought it but can’t remember a thing about it. Honda Accord 1.8EX - W reg in green met. Bought about 18m old and kept ‘till he packed in driving in c2012. I’m not sure if I have any photos - if I do I’ll add them as I find them
  10. Cheapest car I ever bought was in c2003. A 1987 Volvo 340DL 3-dr in red. Decent MOT, lots of history and good tyres. £195!
  11. Lexus RX? Mine has the air suspension but I gather they’re all pretty smooth.
  12. I think the colour is Wedgewood Blue. My dad had a 205 XLD in the same colour.
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