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  1. Whatever the car is, it’ll be a let down after all the poky-faced dog cuteness!
  2. Great find and excellent work so far! Good to see this being saved.
  3. Fabulous seats! I can quite understand why the travel rug is on the outside.
  4. A truly epic thread! I read it in one sitting and now I need a lie down!
  5. Macscrooge

    Rozzer Shite

    I spoke with a traffic officer a couple of years ago ( in my professional capacity, not his!). Apparently he and many of his colleagues really missed their V70s and S60s. The BMW 3-Series replacements were regarded as worryingly unstable at high speeds, especially when laden with all the shit these cars carry around.
  6. Macscrooge

    Rozzer Shite

    Exhausting just to watch!
  7. Macscrooge

    Rozzer Shite

    Not Polis or ex Polis but i once had a very entertaining drive from Dundee to Glasgow in a borrowed white SD1 3500. I kept the headlights on (in broad daylight) - it was like parting the Red Sea! My dark blue Volvo 850 had a similar effect when South Yorkshire Polis had some on fleet.
  8. Macscrooge

    Rozzer Shite

    I’ve not seen any of these ‘new’ Volvos in Polis use. What engines did they buy?
  9. Not owned, but I had an '89 Escrot 1.3 Poverty Plus as a company car in 1990 (cheers Norwich Union). Good points: a nice flexible and surprisingly willing engine. Bad points: the main one is that it took every opportunity to try and kill me. On motorway cloverleafs the back was desperate to get there before the front. It generally felt cheap and mean, while the Maestro 1.3 Shitty X which preceded it felt like a proper car. Slower yes but no nasty handling surprises. Fabulous on snow too, as I recall.
  10. This is why I love Autoshite. Stuff like this makes my accumulation of toy soldiers and military history books look really quite normal!
  11. Only sad gits. So me then….
  12. Pug 405 estate at Grenoside in Sheffield this morning. Metallic dark blue, GTX(?) alloys, looked to be a working car. No photo ‘cos driving.
  13. Well bought and extra marks for the bonus 450! Crumbly front wings seem to be pretty standard on these - as indeed does some carpet mould. My ‘95 E200 wagon suffered both and it’s been away nearly 10 years now. I have a load of spare beige carpet that’s going in a skip next week unless you want me to keep a bit.
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