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  1. My Citroen BX was a ‘Pilot’. Basically a 16RS but with GTi-type seats and a couple of stickers. And nice wheel trims. Mine had a set of rather nasty aftermarket frisbees. 🙁
  2. I spent many miles as a passenger in my mate’s Astra Antibes. Very poverty spec inside - not even a fag lighter.
  3. Saw this rather butch Shogun (well, Pajero) at Costco in Sheffield yesterday. Bet he was ok in the recent snow!
  4. I can’t compete with some of these numbers. Highest miler I owned was my S124 Merc which departed with getting on for 230k miles, though I only added a few of them myself. The most I’ve put on a single car was my Pug 309 which I ran for nearly three and a half years from new. It went with c95k on the clock.
  5. That's excellent. And possibly terrifying!
  6. I don't want to like that. However......
  7. I remember seeing - in Sheffield in the '90s - a 5-door W126 S-class. Possible even this one as it was the same pale met green. The hatch panel from the rear had a look of Rover 800 to it and the car looked really rather good. (photo pinched from curbsideclassic.com)
  8. Still coming down at 1800hrs. The garage door needed quite a shove to open.
  9. Just been speaking to the butcher in my village (that's his actual job - he's not a hitman for the mob) who said that the gritter has been past his shop early every morning this week.......except today.
  10. Today’s snow. All in the last hour and still shitting down.
  11. I’m sure it was in Derbyshire before. I damn nearly rang the seller - which suggests it was under £2k.
  12. That car was advertised a few months ago (with the same photos). The price seems to have doubled!
  13. The Metro doesn’t look too pleased at the arrival of this Latin upstart!
  14. First car I drove and indeed the first after passing my test was my Dad’s Princess 1.7HL HSP30W. He also took me out in a borrowed Mk3 Escort 1.3GL in which I bloody nearly had my first accident. My instructor Eddie Lyall had a new W plate Mk3 Escort 1.1L.
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