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  1. I remember Embletons in Durham sold them alongside Kia Prides when Lancia pulled out of the UK. Top save.
  2. We tried that last year and only 2 of us made it (but we met 3 more on the way) Has anyone found my Bottom Trump cards? The kids reminded me that we didn't have them halfway home.
  3. I'd love to come again but don't know whats happening with kids, fuck it for £4.50 I'll have a ticket and someone else can have it if I can't come No camping at the site but if I can come then you can crash at mine about an hour and a half further south. 1. Brownnova 2. clayts450 3. davidfowler2000 4. skattrd 5. chaseracer 6. Strangeangel 7. catsinthewelder (probably)
  4. Thanks for another cracking Shitefest to everyone who came but especially Kirton for organising and all the folk who were very nice to the Kittensinthewelder. They all had a great weekend too. Unsurprisingly the dullsmobile made it back in one piece. I passed Mcoli when he was still driving and Anthony G further on before being overtaken by a matt black Rialto just before I pulled off the M5 at Worcester. I saw this at Tiverton Morrisons on the way back
  5. If the weather reports stay the same I'm going to set off really early on Saturday. I'm working on Friday and the kids are at school so I'd struggle to get there in daylight and it seems daft to get everything wet for the sake of a few hours. This is obviously less of an issue for car campers which I could be if the kids weren't coming too. The plan B of borrowing a van to sleep in has been shot down as I've now got all 3 kids.
  6. South Shropshire District council used to run a food waste collection with a bin wagon body on a HiJet chassis. I think it was overloaded when empty.
  7. Can you sell them to me on Friday? I put my tent up on the common last week to dry it out and lost half my pegs. I could buy them at a shop but......
  8. Just use soggy old pallets 😋
  9. All the potential buyers are on here so if we bid together it'll hopefully go for pennies.
  10. I did that the other way round by ripping the rear towing eye and bumper off a Pug 205 trying to tow start a Megane.
  11. I think you are allowed to have (a) crossply(s) on the front and radials on the back but not the other way around and never mixed on an axle. Wording will be standard on the computer program so is wrong for 3 wheelers.
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