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  1. I've got one of those on the Dacia. Saddest looking mod is the chrome numberplate surround and LED rear lights on the Freight Rover Sherpa 😂
  2. Not so much a modern thing as a Peugeot thing, I don't think they made any cars where parts gathering is simple. I never did find a sump to fit the 405 so had to get the old one welded.
  3. It's more car versions of small vans like the Berlingo and Connect now. Although I think you could get the Corsa E and the last Fiesta as vans. Edit. I'm sure they were offering an almost pointless commercial version of the Twizy 2nd edit. Van version of electric London Taxi
  4. If you don't mind a trip for one I seem to be trying to get rid of sofas almost weekly. Just put a beige 2 seat sofabed into a lady's storage unit that she probably won't want when she completes on her new house in a month or so.
  5. And look here comes a Ford Mondeo Isn't he Mister Inconspicuous And he don't even have to say 'owt She understands she's here to get picked up
  6. I saw a UAZ 452 on the M25 yesterday, I got very excited much to the bemusement of my colleague.
  7. There was the fact that the NSF wheel on a certain Dacia rusted through. The tyre went flat on the ferry to England after a few thousand km of all sorts of roads.
  8. Possibly the most memorable was a kart I was trying to diagnose why it had been red carded and taken out of use. I checked everything on the usual list and could only come up with the brakes being a bit spongy. Asked the gaffer for a new cable, "none in stock, cut some off this reel and use a choc block for the end" did as instructed and all seemed fine so put my lid on and took it onto the track. At the first bend I learned 2 things; 1, The reason for the card was a bent bumper that held it on full throttle once the pedal was pressed down. 2, My choc block wasn't on tight enough.
  9. Because a Rolls Royce never broke down but did occasionally fail to proceed.
  10. Well done, now crack on getting the Standard roadworthy remembering at all times what it's called 😜
  11. Ah we were wondering 😂 I remember doing that when mine were small, it's really odd waking up at 11pm with no idea where you are 🙈 The Zoom call was great, Chris can pretty much only do Wednesday's but we could always try one on a different night to pick up the folk that can't do Wednesday. Friday night Northern Powermouse? (To follow The Zoom of dreams) 😜 I can't think of a computer based pun for Midlands Massive but I'm sure someone else can.
  12. Sounds good to me and unusually for things like this the timing is perfect 😁
  13. I suppose that each new environmental standard causes them many £millions of r+d to meet so they need to sell a lot of trucks to make it worthwhile. There's a few smaller specialist manufacturers such as Dennis and some of the super heavy haul stuff. Do they get exemptions from some of the standards or just buy a complete engine and electronics package from the big boys?
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