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  1. @andy29 A big part of being able to weld up a car is having somewhere to work. If you can find a spacious garage with electricity it will be a hell of a lot easier than working on muddy grass in the rain and wind or having to be careful not to give the neighbours kids arc eye.
  2. Since 1998 Ford and PSA have shared diesel engine tech and between them have powered everything from the Suzuki Vitara to the Vivarail D train
  3. Shite on the news https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-54665545 Theoretically, banning shite exports would be good for us. The Morrocan shite ban disrupted a holiday plan I had years ago to road trip down there in an old van and not bring it back (didn't have time).
  4. Lancaster to Ludlow on Tuesday afternoon in an empty Luton. Working and in a hurry so can't deviate much.
  5. Fillmore packaging sounds like a made up business name from the Simpsons
  6. So that's how the Land Rover at the bottom of Hopton Bank got into the hedge.
  7. An hour of spare time earlier saw a little tinkering. I went out to get the rotor arm off the Rover to drop off at our local motor factors so they can order the correct replacement. With that done I had a go at the bonnet mech on the car which was seized on both catches. 10w40 did nothing much but a search for black spray paint found some silicon spray lube which got the main (cable operated) catch working although the hand operated one still isn't springing back. Might have to remove it and try a stronger spring. While under the bonnet I looked at the washer bottle which reminded me
  8. how's might dacia

    1. catsinthewelder


      It's been more positive this week than it has for months, I'll update the thread now.

  9. It's alright, the only Ford in the fleet is the dull modern 😂
  10. In other news this turned up yesterday.
  11. That will be why I need to avoid them then 🤣
  12. Excellent news, would be fantastic to recreate this photo with them both on the road. https://autoshite.com/uploads/monthly_01_2019/post-4555-0-77844100-1548703925.jpg
  13. That's very kind of you Rob but apparently I need D2. Lucky that you reminded me to check though as I'd probably have just filled it with ATF. I'm up on Clee Hill,
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