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  1. Girlfriend just spotted this 😎😍 I said she'd done well.
  2. The one they'll never let me forget at work was the time I changed the rear pads on a Luton van. Once I'd finished I tested it and there was still a bit of noise so I loosened off the osf wheel bolts ready to check the front pads. At that point the boss returned and told me not to put any more parts on a van we were getting rid of. The wheel inevitably fell off 3 days later just after I'd said "best stop the van so I can see what that noise is". Another memorable cock up was starting up the 405 I'd just reassembled on my drive and surrounding Dodgy Tom with a pool of oil as I'd needed
  3. I'm fairly sure that the disappointing van you drove was made at Luton. All the Renault Traffics, Nissan NV200s and Fiat Talentos are presumably now made at whichever french factory made the hightop versions (which wouldn't fit through Luton). The new Vivaro and it's French and Toyota brothers doesn't have a hightop version so solves one problem. We used to have Vivaros at work but switched to Renault Traffics as the new one looked a bit small. Sounds like we dodged a bullet.
  4. PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR A WONDERFUL CALENDAR; 1; barefoot 2; Craig the Princess 3; Sickboy 4; Rob88h 5: KruJoe 6: Fumbler 7: worldofceri 8: adw1977 9: Stephen01 10: djoptix 11: N19 12: NorthernMonkey 13: HillmanImp 14: gm 15: scdan4 16: MorrisItalSLX 17: Asimo 18: Frogchod 19: Captainboom 20: Catsinthewelder 21:
  5. I've driven quite a lot of vehicles but without much variety in engines. I'll try and add some vehicles that haven't appeared above. 1 cylinder, Yamaha TZR125, Jailing JH125L, KTM 250. 2 cylinder. Honda CM125, Honda CB500. 3 cylinder. Suzuki Celerio, 4 cylinder, Lancia Trevi, VW type 2, Suzuki Bandit. 6 cylinder, Renault Safrane, Reliant Scimitar, Daimler Sovereign 8 cylinder, Jeep Grand Cherokee
  6. Not as far as I know but there's been threads on Corsas, Picassos, Mondeos and Golfs so it's only a matter of time. Incidentally I'm not complaining about any of them. Two really good threads on here from Blackboilersuit and Andyrew have some brilliant work on Mk 4 Astra's, a car I can't get even slightly excited about but it's still good to see.
  7. If I tried that I would rustproof most of the village.
  8. I'm sure it'll cause a bit of chaos here. My job for tomorrow has been delayed as tree surgery in slippy conditions seemed inadvisable. No idea how we're going to get the Corsa down the hill so my girlfriend can go to work tomorrow.
  9. South London? I was parked by a house there over the summer with a yellow Maestro van like that and a red hatchback outside.
  10. I very much doubt it. I think showmen and farmers can get away with two trailers.
  11. A lot of broccoli by the looks of things.
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