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  1. Did you fetch it from a particularly damp bit of Tenbury Wells? 😳
  2. It still runs beautifully but an ABS light has stopped me from taking it for an MOT (along with lockdown). A fairly cheap sale has been arranged on here by PM as I'm overun with projects at the moment and not making much progress with any of them even during lockdown has been a bit of an eye opener. Good to know that you have those parts available. I really like it but I'm only keeping one project car and it's the Dacia. It's next owner is doing enough running around to convince me that it's going to a good home.
  3. I've seen some interesting that over the last few days. I saw this on a walk just before it's blue ovaled equivalent. look closer, there are two Fiestas. On the way back I stopped at the supermarket and got back to find that my girlfriend had stopped the owner of this lovely 240 for a chat so I'd see it before he left. He's got a couple of Triumphs too and has been directed here. Yesterday's walk found this Today's trek out saw this hoard, I'm fairly sure the purple 144 was at the big field auction a few months ago having just watched the Smith and Sniff video of it.
  4. Lockdown seems to have left this in the carpark near work.
  5. I suspect the MOT tan out a long time ago on this. It's an old BRS Noddy van, found it in a field near my house.
  6. I'll be amazed if we're sending these out within 3 weeks so with any luck we might be able to talk to each other again 😉
  7. I suppose you could write up a contract of sale, both sign it and lock it in the buyers old car along with the money while they do the test drive alone. I'd want to see proof of insurance etc first People are going to need to make the odd car purchase during lockdown to replace knackered things they are using to get about. Be tricky to justify buying anything exotic at the moment though.
  8. With it being left in trust to the school as a nature area I can see why you're pissed off that they've completely gone against her wishes. Well done for getting the trees in 😎
  9. I've taken a picture of my daughter in a leftover large one from the last batch. This batch has a bit of a mistake on as we cut out the P6 to put an SD1 in its place for a secret santa present a few years ago and we managed to use that file by accident. Nobody noticed for ages either 😂 This batch will hopefully be back up to 4 cars. I would guess that large is about 16 as I wear a medium T shirt and could swap tops with a size 14 female friend when we used to wear fancy dress for work. When I next see my girlfriend I'll try and convince her to put the hoodie on for a size comparison 😉
  10. 95 quid Peugeot XXL T-shirts x2 or 3 Loserone XL T-shirt? Simon 8201 XL T-Shirt Lightbulb fun (M) T-Shirt+hoodie+mug Craig the princess XL Hoodie Meshking M Hoodie Paulplom L T-shirt+hoodie+mug Andyberg L T-shirt Beko1987 XXL T-shirt They-all-do-that-sir L T-shirt Andyberg L T-shirt Jim Bell XXXL T-shirt Chaseracer XXXL T-shirt +mug Dozeydustman XXXL (or bigger) T-shirt + mug Andyrew L T-shirt + mug Etchy 1 mug Lostnotfound XL hoodie and a mug (+truckers hat if possible) Brown Nova T-Shirt in medium and a mug Dabooka , XL T-Shirt and hoodie Datsuncog hoodie in L and a mug Catsinthewelder 1x mug (I'm that forgetful) Billy Bunter mug, T shirt and Hoodie in Large Macscrooge XXL t-shirt Steve79 1x mug Jerzy Woking XXL t-shirt and a mug We are all good to post mugs, especially with clothing to pack it in.
  11. Mr Nova added, not planning to do any stickers but certainly could do. What are you thinking? 4 wheels good, two wheels bad 😝
  12. List updated again. Don't panic, I can post mugs, I'll just start saving bubble wrap 🤣 Paypal f+f and BACS are both good. I'll look into truckers hats but don't start ordering them yet.
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