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  1. I was going to put this in the lazy spotters thread but I think it would be happier here 😎
  2. With a bit of sun outside today I walked to the shop this afternoon and spotted this on my return. As I figured I'd be getting the blame for its appearance closer investigation was called for. I'm guessing that the rollcage means it isn't always pointing in the direction that it's traveling in 😂 While I was down there I had a nose at the Rover and found that I'd already removed a few bits to get to the rotor arm (don't remember doing that 🙈) and it had a nice new looking battery that I thought I'd misplaced. 10 minutes later that one was on charge and I was hooking up the fresh one from the charger. A new rotor arm had been ordered so I removed the old one and found it was different. The new one has a smaller hole in the back. Time to find the right one 🙄 This is what I bought The master cylinder has also arrived for the Peugeot but I didn't fancy attempting that today.
  3. Back to 2 working cars, Focus is fixed for less than £40 (the horrible noise was an antirollbar link). In an additional stroke of luck I got home just as my next door neighbour was getting into her car so hitched a lift back to the garage to collect the Safrane 😎
  4. Oh well all the chaos of Xmas is finished and 2 of the appliances in the house went pop so I was expecting the blue appliance to give some sort of trouble and right on cue it has. Horrible noises from underneath while dropping the small one at school. Couldn't see anything too terrible so limped it the couple of miles to my first job then looked underneath when I'd finished and found 2 loose heatshields. My local garage did a cracking job of reattaching the last one so thinking I only had a few weeks MOT on I headed over to book it in for a test with tinkering. I really should learn to check things first as its got over 2 months test, but I was there then so booked it in for tomorrow and headed home to stick my toolbag into the Safrane. Obviously that wouldn't start even after sitting on jump leads for 15 mins so I swapped on a battery that had been on the charger in the shed and it fired up with more enthusiasm than ever. With a working car at home I dropped the Ford at the garage and walked home. Filled with enthusiasm I thought I should move the broken 405 around to the back to give more space at the front. Lifted the bonnet to find it was lacking a battery, bugger thats where the one in the shed came from. Did make some progress though as looking at it in daylight I could work out how to change the master cylinder and what sort I needed so I ordered one up. Digging this thread up reminded me to order the rotor arm too so maybe I can get the 220 running soon?
  5. Arrgghh. I'm currently spending quite a lot of time in Bridgnorth but I'll be up in Durham on the 1st 😔 Pic from last week
  6. Yay 3rd change of operator on our local route. http://andybodders.co.uk/2019/12/20/breaking-diamond-bus-get-contract-to-run-the-ludlow-to-kidderminster-service-from-january/ Apparently the current operator has to let the route go over serious irregularities around vehicle maintenance and drivers hours 😳 He's right about the route fucking up busses, a few have caught fire on the inclines and the snow causes much hilarity 😂
  7. EFA 😂 Many congratulations Mr + Mrs Brown Nova 😃
  8. Mine slightly caught fire last weekend. Annoyingly I ordered a new door interlock before I heard about the recall. Not been able to get through to them so currently using the washing machine at work for free electrical win. Mine is in my bedroom up an awkward staircase so it's easier to fix it than replace it with one I could have for free but if Hotpoint bring a new one they can have the fun of installation. 😂
  9. At the bottom of your reply box can you see the paperclip and the "Click to choose files" link? Click that, pick a file and upload it 😉 Top purchasing BTW winners buy small old Nissan's from Lancashire 😂
  10. If the result of the survey is that HR make a chart showing half the employees are from ethnic minorities, 40% are gay and 35% are disabled then that could be seen as an advantage as they won't need to make an effort to increase those numbers 🤫
  11. I wouldn't say the carbon footprint to ship a bicycle in a container is enormous. It would certainly be somewhat less than shipping 4 or 5 bike shaped objects from China that will wear out within a year or two. I say this as someone who is feeling a little guilty about not joining the protest as I was making the most of a dry day to earn some money on the other side of the Square. I've not bought an Islabike as I rarely buy anything new but I like the company as they treat the staff really well. They also seem to employ really nice people.
  12. Still here and needing a load of TLC as alluded to above. I've got the exhaust bits and have a reasonable quote to fix the screen and would have got around to it if it hadn't stopped running within days of the MOT running out 🙄. Hopefully it'll be something simple but I don't want to dismantle anything till it's running again. It's also not at the top of the repairs list as I'd like to get the Dacia and 405 back on the road first.
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