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  1. Strangely enough I didn't predict MK2 diesel Focus, Safrane, 405, Dacia 1310, Rover 220 and Disco 😆
  2. Mine mostly drive whatever you've left in the field of dreams Chris
  3. I don't fancy dismantling your Daimler gearbox on my dining table
  4. It's grim today but wasn't actually raining so I thought I'd best fit the headlight I bought for the 405 six weeks ago. Hadn't even unwrapped it so was happy it was in one piece. Oh FFS, checked eBay and yes I'd ordered the wrong one. So put that away and ordered a driver's side one. Ah I remember a job that's too noisy for an evening. Impact driver, check. 17mm socket, check. Brew, check. Gearbox from 6 cylinders ATV check. And much noise later the CVT thingamybob is off. Which means I can take the cracked casting off. I've texted the blacksmith to see if I can leave the bearings in as I can't see myself getting them out in reusable condition. It's almost progress 😉
  5. Yes it is, have we got another Shropshire shitter?
  6. Just spotted this on Facebook sales while looking for something else
  7. Brake pads for Peugeot, came with my 405 but don't fit. Free + postage
  8. Not sure what the trains are like between Brum and Chester but I know we have regular trains to Chester from Ludlow. Sure we can work something out between me and Mo to get it somewhere less civilised
  9. The current 38 stock is the 2nd generation of ex LT stock on the island. Steam was replaced in the 60s by older standard stock which lasted 25 years before the sea air gave them a touch of the Lancia Beta.
  10. I don't think I dare click that link 😆
  11. Can we tell them that they're a bunch of sissy's or is that how you end up with the Dark Hub 😳
  12. I think I watched the rainbow coloured beetle being painted at a VW show. Closer to home Quite ambitious levels of loosing a Vauxhall
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