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  1. How has a shitter of your calibre not got an A frame in the boot?🀣🀣
  2. Usually everyone drives in together and the concourse lot are filtered off into the show field. A couple of Marshall's then point the other arrivals into either the chod carpark or the boring modern carpark. Most pre 2000 stuff goes into the chod parking forming most of the show. Boring shit like MK2 Focus's, Rover 45s and Maclaren P1s goes to the other one. You tend to end up parked in arrival order so if we want to park together we need to arrive together. I'm not sure if I'll have time but I'll give it a go if I can get the pistons out.
  3. I imagine the lad knows the score and is grumbling at his dad for not giving him a lift but why's he buying rims if he can't drive there himself? Unless he's stuck at home with a couple of knackered wheels on his car I've no sympathy but wouldn't bother starting a war of words over it.
  4. Having unwittingly driven a HiJet pickup with no back brakes for some time 3 would be fine with me but it's at the MOT garage and they won't let it leave like that. I'm not sure if he'd be too keen on that unless I was buying it πŸ˜‚
  5. A rear wheel cylinder, I bought one from the local factors that an eBay seller said would fit a Dacia 1310 but didn't so the local factors found me the codes for one to fit a Renault 12 and only one UK seller had stock but are taking forever to send it. I did grumble about the dispatch time but stupidly didn't check that the Monday they agreed to send it by was the right one πŸ™ˆ
  6. They are brilliant an cars to be fair. I've been running a slightly newer MK2.5 with the worse 1.6tdci for the last 2.5 years as family hack and work van. It's been great and has just turned over 150k.
  7. Arrghh, looks like a dickhead eBay sellers ridiculously long dispatch times will kybosh the Dacia's chances of making it to this. What's the likely result of turning up in the Focus with one spectator ticket and 2 classic tickets with 2 kids?
  8. That Ora Punk Cat looks loads better than any of VWs water cooled beetles.
  9. Brings back memories of a certain Italian hotel πŸ˜‚ Best of luck with the slog through France.
  10. Thanks for keeping the place running so well @tobyd Thanks to @Slartibartfast for taking over and informing me that you don't pronounce his username toe bid 😯
  11. Or in this case a black and white cat.
  12. For some reason they auto selected from the cars I've told them about so my tickets have the Bollox Rover registration on them.
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