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  1. Hers: Ovlov 340 4 door saloon His : Ovlov 340 2 door hatch Both cars were (entirely by coincidence) stopgaps. Both cars were true shitemobiles and were independently bridged within our first year together. He got a V8 RR with mild HGF which became hers after the 340 died. He then dailied his 34 year old LR until the chassis finally crumbled.
  2. Tbh I don't recall if the 820 had any immobiliser lights or LEDs - just that the maintenance guys (fleet car) never trusted the plip on the remote and said to always just use the key.
  3. No, he was raging so hard he had to pull over and let his personal coolant level drop Mind you - those number plate are shite (and inside lane is left considerately clear so that us folks in 60mph limited HGV type things can safely* undertake the 57 mph car things in lane 2)
  4. Lovely looking car there - much jealous. Master Grogee looks to be handy with the tools - I was wondering tho' - Ello, ello, ello, what have we got 'ere then, sonny? - I'm picking a lock, officer. - Plainly. Care to explain why? - Yes. It's the initiation test for the Bill Sykes School of Autoshite Kiting -<frown> And your name is? - Artful Dodger McGrogee. Mr Bill Sykes McGrogee has promised Mini Eggs next if I succeed.
  5. There was a 'thing' on the 820 where the immobiliser would get confused after a battery disconnect and you had to do some tribal dance involving opening/closing doors, boot and bonnet then lock/unlock the car after you had reconnected the battery (My ex-wife had an 820 company car back in the day and I took the battery off to recharge after we came back from a holiday and, off course, car would then not start. Local dealer's workshop manager phoned the fix through to Mr. Egg on Face here) If the 827 is the same immobiliser unit then could this be the problem (forgive me if it has already been considered and excluded)?
  6. Discos were on carbs and not EFi when first introduced, I think LR were trying to get them slotted in as a cheap RR idea - so the first Discos were, pretty much, a mashup of my 1983 2 door RR with some Montego switches (let's face it - they had the two door chassis available, parts bin full of switches etc, why not). I think when Disco went to 3.5 EFi when the RR moved up to the 3.9 EFi - don't quote me on that bit. (Heh - don't forget the powerful MPi - my farrier at the time had one from new.....).
  7. He's back - 6am this morning shouting his head off. Thought I saw one during the week getting mobbed by a thrush but audible confirmation this morning, Spring is officially Sprung.
  8. Any better in Welsh ? No, thought not. Not sure if a graphic designer got paid oodles of monies for this or if it was the result of an age 4 to 6 schoolkids competition.
  9. Bins? Euwww - there's posh - we get this four 'thing' collection this week:
  10. +1 Herald too https://www.jamespaddock.co.uk/heater-valve-delaney-galley560612 ??? We had two things you could pull out of the dash on my Dad's - the heater control and the choke. One worked, the other didn't.
  11. It's been dropped £200 - another 11.5 weeks it'll be free
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