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  1. It was taken over about 2019 and a bit lot of dosh spent. In the summer (that's two and a half weeks in July here) there's proper posh sittery-ootery tables there on the right with fancy umbrella things over them, table service and a menu priced to match. When the steam choo choo from Aber is 'in' the place is packed. Most of the bikers/car meet guys tend to use the cafe back up the road towards the A44 then (but even that can get packed out on a busy weekend). It's much improved from 2015 to be honest.
  2. and how long is it ? (the missing bit)
  3. Plastic or steel dipstick? (The Renault, not the Boss)
  4. £40 difference? This one's new though I do have some wishbones and brake pads lying around that are good* for a year - £8?
  5. 1 owner, 33K, 2004 pez Rover 45. FSH and Cassette Player! https://www.leominstercarauctions.co.uk/details?listingid=7df979e8-44af-4d2e-83f4-6c1faa95a5f2
  6. £2.5K, low mileage then I checked the (non) MoT https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394465979783 - wonder if he tried two different VTS?
  7. Had a girlfriend like that once too.... He's driven over a plank with a couple of nails sticking out and punctured close to the side wall?
  8. Halifax did that to me last week too - I got to call them and then felt alternately like a total fucking criminal or a doddery old fucker as a twelve year old told.me.in.one.syllable.words what their script told them to say. Anyways - wanted to ask, is it like 'sex with an ex?'
  9. I not sure if this counts as a Vauxhall or not tho'
  10. I spotted a rather immaculate Sierra 4x4 on a K plate locally on Friday in the giffer queue for the local tip, not seen it around before, it was mint. When that 4x4 was new I was, indeed, shite motoring in a 1978 2.0 GL Cortina estate (gold paint, everything else was brown) £400 plus a new battery and a clutch - ran that for a year and it never went wrong - never did find out why the bellhousing was cracked? Flogged it for what I paid for it - happy days.
  11. I give you the Elan Valley (where we store the water for the Brummies) & Devil's Bridge (Hafod Hotel) - about 6 miles from chez noooz. The picture below pretty well sums up how crowded* it gets around here It's the 'shortcut' road from here to Rhayader and the SW Midlands. Being Wales though it is rather full of sheep which rather curtails the ability to use the heavy left right (! sorry) foot. After Easter you'll usually get at least one car club rally or meet up there - it's quite popular even if it does rain a lot
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