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  1. A mixed bag of spots from Towcester on Tuesday Half a million quid's worth of DB6 just being used as an car. Brilliant. And one for @Mrs6C
  2. I didn't even know it was possible to have a personalised plate in Slovakia, but you can and they're fun because they can be entirely letters. Looks weird to have a numberplate with no numbers. The same firm also have SE VOLVO. No prizes for guessing what make of truck that's on.
  3. Shame, if that was my car I'd definitely have left the G-prefix on as a talking point. So much more interesting than a horrible age-related NXS.
  4. It looks fantastic and it's great to see it getting some love to make it even better. That interior pic brings back so many memories - mine was just like that but beige.
  5. I had no idea what this was when I snapped it. Turns out it's the one and only HWM-Cadillac that has raced at Goodwood on numerous occasions and featured in the Pebble Beach Concours so it was surreal to see it just casually driving through town. That's not very shite, but more in keeping with AS this Fester passed by a few minutes later. It's a 1.1 L, almost identical to my first car so it brought back a lot of memories, and the MOT history suggests it hasn't even done 20,000 miles yet. I think it was being towed by @TripleRich's van, in which case it's in very good hands.
  6. Hell's teeth, an AWD!! I thought they had all crumbled to dust years ago.
  7. Ironic one seen yesterday - COM11E on a decadent capitalist motor vehicle, one of those Porsche SUV things.
  8. Must admit I thought the Mondy had already been ditched - they must be selling so few it isn't even obvious you can still buy one. What a strange turn of events for a car once so ubiquitous it gave its name to a stereotype. It's a shame as they seem thoroughly decent cars; a friend loves them and buys a new one every couple of years so I'm not sure what he's going to do when the current one is due for replacement. RIP Mondeo Man, 1993-2022
  9. There certainly is a whole lot of weirdness going on there. I reckon that's a Euro body, possibly off a 6x2 rigid, mounted on an American chassis for reasons that only make sense to the USAF. It's definitely American with its lack of mudguards and side rails and not compliant with UK C&U regs. Why use a 6x4 tractor unit though? Is it just because US units are usually 6x4?
  10. If anyone's interested, an old thread on a US military forum helped me decode the registration AF04B00117 AF = Air Force 04 = year of purchase B = general-purpose vehicle of civilian type 00117 = serial number So this is the 117th class B vehicle delivered to the Air Force in 2004. The other classes are: C = special-purpose vehicle of civilian type D = construction equipment of civilian type E = materials handling equipment K = general-purpose vehicle of military type L = special-purpose vehicle of military type M = construction e
  11. They were good old days when Hongwell would turn up in all sorts of odd places for not much money and I built up quite a collection. I remember finding some on a market stall and the chap said he'd bought them as toys but ended up selling most of them to adult collectors, and it was always worth looking in 'tat shops' as they often had something interesting. Shame they're so difficult to find and getting expensive now. I hoped when Oxford Diecast took over the import rights that meant they would become easier to find, but they stopped importing the 1/72 range almost entirely and cynically
  12. It's gone quiet recently and there's been nothing of any major interest until this thoroughly weird spot this morning. US government licence plate on a heavy-duty RHD 6x4 MAN that looks overkill for that little single-axle American trailer. It's USAF, probably going from Lakenheath or Mildenhall to Croughton.
  13. 1 January 2019. The lack of MOT explains why it wasn't in its usual spot at the 2020 New Year's Day event.
  14. That looks like something Clarkson would cobble together for a Top Gear challenge. Got to love the brutal honesty of the linked review:
  15. That's ace and so different from Euro MPVs! Please bring to FOD so I can have a go. It looks almost identical to this one seen at a local show back in pre-Covid times, also UK reg from new so it looks like some enterprising soul was importing them back in the day. And this blue one was an unexpected on the road spot, another UK reg from new. I had the Majorette toy too in both red and black forms.
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