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  1. Minor Injuries unit? Is that because I've had to let @Slowsilver out without his carer today Sorry I couldn't make it but not feeling 100% and don't want to risk infecting anyone. Have fun everyone!
  2. That'll be this one. They've also got another Actros, a Volvo and Scania, always immaculately turned out. Quite rare to see these old-style Actroses now as they're all over 10 years old but there's still a few nice ones about.
  3. That was the easy bit! Full gory details coming soon in the Containershite thread over on the open forum.
  4. Always great to see a Foden Alpha and I got two recently. Anyone spot what's odd about the second one? This was the first T cab Scania I saw on the road back in 2020. Great to see it still going (and much cleaner this time). An old Iveco recovery truck still going and not in need of recovery itself And the big question: what on earth was this Perth & Kinross Council dustcart doing 400 miles south in England?!
  5. I still see a couple of those fairly regularly in use with Nick Pelosi from Milton Keynes, who transports VAG cars and usually pulls one with this big Actros V8, allegedly tuned to more than 660bhp. His trucks are all on the older side too, this 61-reg being the newest, but always immaculately turned out. Edit: looks like these are only the 5-car version missing the middle deck. They still look a fair bit older than the fancy modern multi-adjustable ramp types usually seen. This is the other one that appears to be the same design.
  6. @wuvvum owned a Rayton Fissore Magnum some years ago and there's probably a thread about it somewhere. I'd never heard of them until recently and never seen one so it was quite exciting to discover I know somebody who actually owned one. EDIT: turns out I mentioned it in this very thread when I first discovered it in 2018. There's a surprising number of mentions over the years if you search the forum.
  7. It is a bit of an odd one. The combination of only being nine years old, having its controls removed and being on its own suggests this was not a routine planned withdrawal. Looks like it caught fire, the local repairer deemed it beyond repair, transplanted its controls into another and then got this chap to take away the remains. I wonder what controls it had.
  8. That's a six-cylinder version. The ad is wrong in claiming the later models had the snout because a. that's quite an early one and b. the much more common four-cylinder versions never had the snout as it was only needed for the bigger engines.
  9. Don't worry, I saw a different one. It was a Citroen GL05SER in Milton Keynes.
  10. A painter's van seen today had the very apt registration GL05SER.
  11. Saw my first one of those last week too. At first I thought someone had just nailed a griffin badge to a Boxer as there's so little difference. A quick and dirty job I suppose as Stellantis wanted to put an end to Vauxhall paying royalties to their arch-rival ASAP. This too. The mid section looks identical to the Audi and only when I looked at the ends did I realise it wasn't one.
  12. That 2009 MOT is very odd and surely a mistake. I think the owner is Italian and imported it himself from Italy in 2015 so it shouldn't have any previous UK history. The 'mileage unreadable' is strange too so maybe it did have a change of instruments at some point to fix that. Very peculiar all round really and you'd think he'd want to save a lot of money in tax by getting it correctly registered as a 1977 car.
  13. Sure I've featured this here a few years ago but worth another look as it's still on its late reg. The 52 plate does belong to the Alfa and not the Zafira towing it. IIRC the owner said 2002 is when its last Italian logbook was issued and the DVLA took that as the year of manufacture. Presumably he's still paying for tax as it's officially under 40 years old, so you'd think he'd sort it out and save a load of money.
  14. Must have been some horsey thing on today as a motley collection of elderly horseboxes were milling around. WOO is the noise I made on seeing this: how many Dodge Commandos are still on the road? And Friday afternoon saw a very rare sighting of a Moroccan. Non-Europeans are exceptionally unusual over here and I hadn't seen one for over a year.
  15. The Macpherson Strut is the name given to the distinctive style in which supermodel Elle Macpherson's famous long legs cause her to walk. This style of walking is said to be very effective at absorbing impacts.
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