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  1. What an excellent day at a show that seems to get bigger and better every year. I photographed pretty much everything so I'll just share a few highlights. Mmm, purple Wolseley wedge Police pursuit* vehicle Camp in style* with a beige Maestro Allegro Equipe with Serck plates. Oooof! MGA was the oldest and most exotic car there. Turbo diesel SD1 in hot* pursuit. Oldest Marina in the world, registered two days after launch. Note right-way-round wipers. Another Marina with right-way-round wipers. Weird one this as it was LHD and converted to RHD quite recently. Have the words "beautiful brown Montego" ever been used in the same sentence before? That's how this prizewinner was described. Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his Maestro van Intrepid traveller came from the Netherlands. In a Metro. Beige Ital, cor indeed! Never seen a Vermilion ADO16 before but the colour suits it This has allegedly done over a million miles on the original engine Only known surviving Metro in this weird colour called 'Sombrero' Definitely not BL, this enormous barge was lurking in the car park, on the grass as it's far too big to fit in a space Also got to meet Sarah Crabtree from Bangers and Cash, who was doing the prizegiving. She seems a lovely lass and reet northern.
  2. I can't see any mention of TAO488S here. 1977 Leyland Cars Princess 2200 HL owned by former shiter Breadvan72 (but for sale) and piloted to today's BL Autumn Rally by the esteemed Mr @Skizzer. Also in attendance were known cars KKN840P and LRX19P, all attracting a lot of attention.
  3. I've been such a lazy spotter I haven't even uploaded any pics for ages but I've got to share this one. I thought this guy had balls of steel venturing onto the M40 in an A35. I looked it up and DVLA says 4948cc. Surely that's a typo and it should be 948? No, there's a 5-litre Mustang V8 on a cut-down Lotus Elite chassis, gearbox and suspension crammed under there! It looks so standard yet has 10 times as much power as it did originally. Brilliant and I'd love to have seen the looks on the faces of the modern drivers he overtook.
  4. Spotted this Frontera last week. It is legal but looks like it's been sat under that tree for quite a while.
  5. Today's surprise sighting was this removal lorry from Guernsey. Looks weird for a DAF CF to have a black plate with such a short registration.
  6. Authentic numberplates are something I have a real thing about as they can do so much to improve a model. I spent years searching for accurate pre-2001 fonts without success until a lady on one of the Facebook model bus groups created this Windows font file by scanning all the individual Bluemels plastic digits. It must have taken a lot of work but was definitely worth it.
  7. Has anyone else bought a TWC model from the esteemed Mr HubNut? Seems a lot of people have as the first two batches sold out very quickly and mine is number 111 from the third batch. Of course you might remember I had an 'unofficial' TWC I had created before this model was announced. That one has had a change of identity to another example that might be familiar, albeit not looking quite like this.
  8. I was hoping to see a 72 reg this week but wasn't expecting a 1972 reg! Look at this glorious beast: 50-year old Atkinson Borderer, period trailer, Gardner 240, aftermarket sleeper box, patinated paintwork and Serck plates. Absolute perfection and I wouldn't change a thing. Its load is quite interesting too, a 1922 Kerr Stuart 'Wren' narrow-gauge locomotive from the Leighton Buzzard Railway, where I assume it was heading.
  9. Giffers. A giffer dies, his family sells them to another giffer who assimilates them into his own collection, then he dies and the cycle continues. Nobody else cares.
  10. Went to the local flea market today. Nothing to compare with the delights of Tat Friday and the usual model seller wasn't there but a few other mixed tat stalls had some toys/models. If you like Lledo Days Gone (but who does?) there was an infestation of them on every stall, attracting precisely zero interest at £2 a go. I did pick up a couple of the old Lledo Cargo Kings Volvo trucks, crude as they come but exact OO scale and can be worked up into something very decent, and an Atlas Stobart Scania. The seller of the latter amused me, going on about how it was in great condition when it wasn't really, being stuffed loosely in the box without the plinth and having the mirrors and trailer tailboard missing. I just humoured him as for a fiver it's cheap conversion fodder and won't stay in Unsteady Eddie colours.
  11. Could it be...the return of the hallowed Tat Friday? How much did Blokey want for that Metosul Atlantean just out of interest? I do have one (and very nice it is too) but probably paid a lot more than what he's after. A tenner a go for boxed Oxford trucks isn't bad either, not that I need any more. Edit: just spotted the other Atlantean on the left, is that another Metosul or the Dinky original?
  12. How about a five-bank W30? Sounds crazy but Chrysler made such a thing to use in tanks by grafting five straight-sixes together! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_A57_multibank
  13. I suggested a KW12 in the BS facts thread a while ago, using the two KV6s side-by-side instead for potential quadruple OMGHGF.
  14. I was thinking about how complex an engine could be made. I reckon something like a W12 (no, let's go more absurd, a W16) with four valves per cylinder, twin cams in each of the four heads, variable valve timing and twin-spark ignition would be a nightmare - that's 64 valves, eight camshafts and 32 spark plugs plus all the VVT gubbins. Might as well go the whole hog and throw on several turbos and/or superchargers to make it even more extreme than the Bugatti WR16, which has most of those features and does actually exist. A 7-cylinder could be interesting as that's a prime number. Unless it's a straight-seven, there's no way the cylinders could be divided up evenly so some sort of complicated balancing mechanism would be necessary. Also, we have V12s and V16s so why not a V14?
  15. and that engine single-handedly put many Americans off diesel cars for life. Didn't somebody on here have one?
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