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  1. Possibly, but the consensus is that if there were really two cars the one that got raced was the 'fake' WGU so its VIN would be wrong for that registration. All very intriguing and something definitely seems to be brewing.
  2. Could be worth talking to funeral directors about parts. There's a fair few Coleman Milne Fairlane hearses and limos still in use over here so they must know how to keep them going.
  3. IIRC the Corsica was built as a static show car but a few years later JDHT sent it to a specialist who made it roadworthy. It's definitely still owned by them and lives in the Collections Centre at Gaydon, and it and the XJ40 coupe and estate are my three favourite Jags there, all very elegant missed opportunities.
  4. Some tiny shite has arrived, thanks to a thread on a model railway forum alerting me to a range of keyrings by a French firm called Z Models, which I had never heard of. They're made to a standard size so the Alpine and Golf are somewhere between OO and HO but the Clio, 205 and R4 are just about spot on OO. The bodies are solid diecast but the bases are separate and the wheels do rotate, and the key chains were easily snipped off the back - I think they're far too nice to be used as intended and get battered around in a pocket and I suspect most will end up as model railway scenery. Elly and my old Fiesta on size comparison duties
  5. I was going to suggest the same, that it's all to do with how the gearbox is programmed. Tight-fisted operators will lock the box into 'economy' mode, which tries to hold a high gear for as long as possible and won't allow manual overrides because the ECU always knows best* how to get better* fuel consumption. Couple that with shift delays and you can easily end up running out of steam in a completely wrong gear without being able to do anything about it.
  6. It must be local then. After all, who'd want to go very far in an 0709 Cargo? The BMC looks like an FG but with a custom cab instead of the standard 'threepenny bit' design. Six-cylinder too judging by the snout.
  7. I too am in receipt of a Cogbox containing some Belfast Bargain Buses. On the left is a Jinling (I assume the same company that made the Field of Dreams ATV) that just needed a clean and a few small chips touching up with a paint pen. On the right is a Guangzhou Bus, a little more battle-scarred but still quite presentable, both of these Chinese buses being by Checkmate. The poor old ABC Models Metrobus in the middle hasn't fared quite so well - it's filthy inside and out and the driver is sharing his cab with a giant dust ball, and on top of that it's suffered a fair bit of damage to the top deck, a shame as it was probably okay when Market Blokey bought it but got wrecked by other buses piled on top of it. Still well worth the pittance paid though. I'm still puzzled by how these buses from the other side of the world rarely seen in the UK ended up on a market stall in Northern Ireland, but it was a pleasant surprise when @Datsuncog found them there and I had to snap them up. Thanks again Tim!
  8. The 8LXB 240? This ERF has one and it sounds glorious.
  9. There's an abundance of elderly horseboxes trundling around here at the moment. I thought I did well to see a Ford Cargo yesterday, then another one turned up this morning! Both are the 0709 model with a mighty 90bhp to drag around 7 tonnes.
  10. GR8 PL8 4 veg-munching Citroen
  11. The good old Volvo B10M used to be everywhere but they're disappearing fast. This 1997 example with a Van Hool body was still going strong on school work last week though. I've actually travelled on this, on a university trip almost a decade ago, and it's still with the same operator now.
  12. Snap! When it comes to Fiats, seems someone at the DVLA can't tell a 6 from an 8.
  13. Now that's given me a very silly idea of fitting a back-to-front Lomax 223 body - engine sticking out of the back and a boat nose
  14. I've been talking to the owner of that Seddon Atkinson and it's even more interesting than I thought. It was built in-house using the back end of a written-off 1971 Seddon, the front of a 1979 Seddon Atkinson 400 and bespoke recovery gear, and later fitted with the last new 311 cab made by Motor Panels. It's had a few different engines but is currently running a Rolls-Royce 220 uprated to 290bhp. A proper old-school bitsa!
  15. Spotted this beauty today. A Seddon Atkinson in the old SA corporate colours looking like it's come straight out of a time machine from the 1980s. Registered in 1988 but the Q-reg means it's probably even older.
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