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  1. It is indeed a replica of a real bus, London Transport's service vehicle 1671F (EGN 746J). That was based at Acton Works so it looks like the model was probably created by the engineers there - it's certainly very professionally done and the craftsmen at Acton could strip and rebuild a bus from the ground up so they'd definitely have the skills to make something like that. An interesting piece and I bet it has a fascinating story.
  2. Couple of bits from this morning. 200D. How miserably slow must this be? Saw the red Skoda first, then looked in front and spotted the blue one and it can't be coincidence they were together. MOT history says they were low-mileage cars but are both doing over 10k a year now!
  3. I suppose it does but it reminded me of a former colleague. Her name was Dr Fillmore, which sounds like a character from a Carry On film.
  4. Snap! Went to the market today so I had a look at this. It belongs to the chap who runs the fruit and veg stall and he's had it for over 15 years. Fillmore Packaging went out of business more than a decade ago but their name is still defiantly displayed.
  5. In other trucking news, I went with a mate to the very busy A43/A5 roundabout in Towcester for some spotting on Tuesday. I knew it'd be a good day when within the first 10 minutes this old ERF rolled up. Same operator as the blue one I saw a while back. He has three of them, that's the boss himself behind the wheel and his wife was driving the blue one. He was followed just a few minutes later by a Hino. Rare to see these at all, especially one that isn't a tipper. Spot of the day has to be this T-cab Scania in the wild. V8 with upright exhausts that made a lov
  6. That looks like one of those Scanias' predecessors that were brought over as complete rigs, then the units were retired and trailers kept. I don't really see the point either but it's the US government we're dealing with so normal logic doesn't apply. Buying normal Euro rigs over here would make much more sense but be much less interesting for the spotters.
  7. Another VW crafter with a number 1 plate, New City Heating's NCH 1
  8. That number 370 caravan is a lot older than I thought. I have a couple and would have guessed they were mid-late 1980s. Majorette had a dodgy grasp of scale back then, it's marked as 1/100 but would be about 40ft long and 10ft wide if it was! Here's one behind a 1/76 lorry and even in that scale it's still pretty big.
  9. I can imagine how that conversation would go: "Is it left or right-hand drive?" "No." "What do you mean 'no'? Which side is the steering wheel on?" "It hasn't got one." "What the hell is this thing anyway?" <click>
  10. It gives you 15 lookups in a 24-hour period and on the 16th it'll start asking you to enter the details manually. Once that happens you need to wait a full 24 hours before trying again as each lookup resets the timer. Seems pretty good and is especially useful for trucks and buses as it's the only free site I've found that gives actual model names where Cazana, Cartell and the like all just say unknown for the model. Sometimes it can get confused by registration transfers though: W6 CHT for example still comes up as an Iveco but photos show that reg had been transferred from the Iveco to a MAN
  11. It's a rally car. All sorts of weird shenanigans go on with them to do with FIA logbooks, homologation and shit.
  12. They're both Leyland Swifts. J32 SFA has a Wright HandyBus body like those on Darts but taller and even uglier, and F907 PFH has a Whippet body by G.C. Smith of Loughborough, better known for mobile libraries.
  13. Check out www.ltsv.com for plenty more on London Transport (and other operators') service vehicles but make sure you set aside a few hours to explore all the weird and wonderful stuff there. There's an explanation for all the non-London registrations - those vehicles were leased and seemed to be registered all over the country.
  14. Depends on the weather really, I am planning to be there sometime tomorrow. I normally go up in the morning but might delay until the afternoon if it rains. I think I might know what you're trailering but I've been sworn to secrecy.
  15. A personalised plate on a skip lorry is a bit fancy but there it is. A bit of a curiosity this one. I found a photo from 2010 of that reg on an Austin Cambridge and PSL is an age-related series that I thought was non-transferable so how did they manage to get it off the Austin and put it here?
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