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  1. Not quite the same but it reminds me of this one in a similarly 80s-tastic colour scheme that infamously got stuck blocking the entrance road at Showbus in 2015.
  2. With a Holland Coachcraft streamlined body, as immortalised by Dinky Toys. Dinky's bus version appears to be a work of fiction but the vans were very much real.
  3. Thought I saw Mr or Mrs 6C out and about today, but no, it's another white S123 in Buckingham!
  4. I wonder what the heck those other four or five vehicles licensed as Lonsdales actually are and why they're under that name when they're clearly not Aussie Mitsubishis. Looks like DDF 565Y is the only genuine Lonsdale among them and there shouldn't be any imports as Lonsdale was a UK-only brand. I suppose there's a chance one might be hiding as a Mitsubishi that's really a Lonsdale, but finding such a thing would be needle in a haystack stuff. Funnily enough, it's Australia Day today so this topic is very apt.
  5. Seen this? https://www.hagerty.co.uk/articles/automotive-history/cars-that-time-forgot-lonsdale/ Written last September and claims four survivors including two taxed! The HML data it links to says one of them was made in 2015 though so they could be something else entirely.
  6. A fascinating topic as our Maxi was made in 1977. It was only an eight year old design but looks like something from an entirely different era with its dumpy 1960s styling and lashings of chrome trim compared with those sleek, boxy, black plastic clad machines pictured here. To think it was on sale at the same time as the 928, a car that still looks modern now, is astonishing and rather proves the OP's point that '77 saw a major leap forward.
  7. That's a British military plate. Must be some high-ranking officer's car.
  8. Didn't notice before as I was distracted by Belfast Buses. That Kenworth is an obscure Corgi, 1/76 scale, produced for the 2002 James Bond series and never seen again. Not a great looker as it comes but can be made pretty cool, as I did with mine - repaint in Ford Purple Velvet (my favourite colour), new wheels and plenty of chrome.
  9. That's not at all unusual - there's a whole section of the Model Bus Federation for fleet operators and even a quarterly magazine detailing fleet news in the style of Buses magazine. Some of my friends have been 'operating' their fleets for decades and have literally thousands of vehicles on the scale of the big real-world groups. My username comes from my own fleet, nowhere near the same scale as the big ones and I don't bother with things such as timetables and vehicle rosters, but it gives a better reason for my collection to exist and adds more interest than just a random collection of models. I've never heard of that fleet though so it's possibly not an MBF member.
  10. Now that is interesting. I have some 1/76 scratch-builds with the very same name and address labels on, bought on ebay a few years ago from a seller not far from me in Brackley. He may not have built it himself though as the ones I have are the unmistakable handiwork of Bill Day (but that definitely isn't one of Bill's). I assume Mr Wilson is no longer with us and that's why his collection has been scattered, but I suspect Market Blokey didn't buy that directly from his estate and it's been owned by someone else in the meantime. I'd be very interested to find out where he's getting this weird and wonderful collection from.
  11. I wouldn't even give them $566 in total for that. So much effort to make something so hideous. Also Looking at the state of the wiring that doesn't surprise me. If you're going to ask $35k at least sort that out first.
  12. Thought that reg was familiar - it's a refugee from Stondon but looks very different now.
  13. chodweaver - x2 Popsicle - x1 Sunny Jim - x1 rob88h - x1 95 quid Peugeot - x1 gm - x1 MorrisItalSLX - x1 adw1977 - x1 AnnoyingPentium - x1 Matty - x1 I_am_Diesel - x1 castros_bros - x1 Rust Collector - x1 Macscrooge - x2 Six-cylinder - x1 dozedustan - x2 chaseracer - x1 sutty2006 - x1 brownnova - x1 loserone - x1 ProgRocker - x1 Wibble - x1 RobT - x1 grogee - x1 Wilko220 - x1 quicksilver - x1
  14. Here's one I made earlier thanks to Oxford Diecast making both Rover and Volvo. The model actually looks more elegant than the real one. @Slowsilver has actually seen TMK in the flesh. It belonged (and probably still does) to a chap in Bedford who was selling a blue Maxi he ended up not buying. I think it had been damaged and was waiting to be fixed.
  15. I guess this services the toilets at music festivals. They also have G20 BOG for political summits. Also seen today, A1 VET. One assumes the owner is a first-class veterinarian and and not a veteran in artificial intelligence.
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