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  1. It's a weird one, there's definitely an engine in the back that appears to be powering the van (he says it's a BMC 1.5 so presumably a diesel B-series) but it still has the engine cover hump in the cab. I can't figure out why anyone would bother converting a thrupenny bit FG to be rear engined though.
  2. That ice cream van has an awful lot going on styling wise. With that bustle on the back it looks like it should be rear-engined like an Atlantean bus (EDIT after watching the video: it is rear-engined, WTF?). Wonder what the story is with the Dolomite, exported in 2005 but still on UK plates almost 15 years later.
  3. I spotted the star of yesterday's HubNut road test video in the wild Don't think he saw me but @Six-cylinder was out and about in the AX today.
  4. That's so wedgy it looks like a giant wheeled doorstop. Was it designed by Harris Mann when he was off his tits on LSD?
  5. The only decent things Lledo ever made were the Trackside and Cargo Kings ranges. I'm sure I've told the story of the 1/76 scale ERF lorry they were going to make just before they went bust - it was superb and would have sold like hotcakes but alas was not to be. There are a few more in the world now though as I acquired one of the resin prototypes and had some copies made.
  6. Thinking about it a bit more, I don't think grandpa spec is base but exactly the opposite. Your typical grandpa probably wants a bit of luxury in his retirement but doesn't want to be spending all his pension on fuel, nor does he want to show off, so he'd choose a mundane car in a high trim level but with a small engine, something like an Escort 1.3 Ghia or Metro Vanden Plas, probably automatic as it's easier to drive. Agree about the video, he makes some good points but the execution is lazy - just dub a voice-over onto some stolen photos that aren't entirely relevant to what you're saying and call it done. A HubNut vlog exploring grandpa spec might be fun though.
  7. I would have said the Maxi was grandpa spec but a self-respecting grandpa was more likely to run away from all that advanced technology and buy a Marina instead. Interesting comments on the demise of cloth trim. it's something I can see making a comeback with the rise of veganism, animal rights and all that cruelty-free stuff.
  8. BL really were the mad house of the industry. Case in point: the Marina was designed for the E-series engine but when they realised they weren't making enough Maxis to use all the engines, instead of putting them in the Marina they ruined the Allegro design to make them fit and left the crappy old B-series in the Marina. Why, just why?
  9. Not the one I expected it to be. There's another the same colour (EUX 43C) that must live somewhere around MK as it does all the local shows. And of course I know what it is, the Gordon-Keeble is my favourite car of ever.
  10. Substitute Princess for Maxi, Maestro, Metro, SD1 or anything else from the BL stable. Releasing under-developed cars was the story of BL's life and they never seemed to learn their lesson
  11. That would appear to be one of the three Hillman Imp-based Voodoo kit cars, as described at https://www.imps4ever.info/specials/voodoo.html. Being blue I suspect it's the one in the first photo on that page.
  12. quicksilver

    TV cars

    Amen to that, I watch very little TV now as there's frankly not much worth watching. The Terranos are the only cars I ever remember them giving away and I think they were only for the grand champions who had beaten the winners of all the other series of Gladiators. IIRC the guy got a blue one and the woman (I have a vague memory she was called Eunice) got a red one. Gameshows don't seem to give away cars now and everything is cash prizes, I wonder why?
  13. quicksilver

    TV cars

    Yes! I remember Les Dennis giving away a maroon Espero circa 1994. At about the same time, Gladiators (anyone remember that show?) had a pair of Nissan Terranos for the champions, but the female winner couldn't get insurance so her prize was advertised for sale in Auto Trader a few weeks later. I can't help wondering if any of these gameshow prize cars still exist.
  14. Only two Princesses to report from the BL Autumn Rally and both well-known cars: XUH 535T (still looking great in Reynard) and our very own Retr0naut's MPC 389W.
  15. If I remember rightly, Renault did a promotion on Clios when the 10 reg appeared so you could have a CL10 reg at no extra cost. CL10 CUP was the Clio Cup press car and there's a discussion about it and other CL10s at https://www.cliosport.net/threads/cl10-cup-numberplate.513255/ including a picture of CL10 NOB. Just CL10 is the best Clio plate of all and I'm happy to report it is indeed on a Clio, a 1994 Williams.
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