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  1. That's a factory build. Rare but was sold in the UK as I remember seeing a blue one around here.
  2. It's weird seeing Bob in a different garage. Good to see Dave got him there without incident and fingers crossed you'll have enough good bits to make one working engine out of the two. Best of luck and I look forward to hopefully seeing him being driven for the first time in more than 25 years.
  3. So the Buckingham chapter of Bob's life came to an end today. Windmill Dave came bright and early, loaded him up and set course for Bristol and @djoptix Out of the garage and meeting the Mondeo for the first and last time Easy to push onto the road Up he goes That's quite steep but Dave's winch made light work of such a light car Loaded up... ...strapped down... ...and away into the distance. Bye bye Bob, it's been a fun and frustrating three years. djoptix has already started his own thread so look there for Bob's continuing adventures. This chapter of his life is now closed but a new chapter is just beginning. Farewell old friend and I hope we meet again someday.
  4. DVLA says standard 1.8 and I'm sure those wheels have been fitted since I last saw it on Saturday, when it seemed to be on standard rims. It looks like a workhorse rather than an enthusiast's car. The filler work in the driver's door is quite impressive!
  5. And I also saw something to confuse the Stobart Spotters as Unsteady Eddie doesn't run tippers. It belongs to Stobart Haulage of Chipping Norton, a small firm run by a Rupert Stobart. LK67 LDV - Stobart by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
  6. Some lovely stuff passed through yesterday morning, but you're not interested in blinged-up Scania show trucks are you? Here's a couple more in keeping with this place. This waste disposal firm are well known for using elderly Fodens long past their sell-by date CF03 EEY - Cammack & Wilcox by Adam Floyd, on Flickr And the oldest I've seen so far, a 1992 Volvo FL6 still pottering around as a horsebox K196 OKB - unknown by Adam Floyd, on Flickr The most interesting spot came through just as I was leaving so I didn't manage to photograph it. A fairly elderly RHD Scania unit registered UKAX 175 with what was obviously an American box trailer. Turns out it belongs to the AAFES, the retail arm of the US Department of Defense (with an S 'cos Septics can't spell) and had presumably been supplying the shop at the nearby USAF base. A European unit pulling a US-style trailer was a really weird looking combination.
  7. I went out on the bike last night to check out an obscure part of town I hadn't been to before and stumbled on the home of that Passat I snapped on the road at the weekend. Behold its faded glory. D407 LUB - 1987 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 CL estate by Adam Floyd, on Flickr This MR2 was tucked away in the same area N113 MEC - 1995 Toyota MR2 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr And a couple snapped during the morning's truck spotting excursion. The Roller and Jag appeared to be together and both the Jag and Merc were on trade plates. Jag and Roller by Adam Floyd, on Flickr J294 ERC - 1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.0 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
  8. It blew a front tyre on the way to the Chevrons Rally last year. He fitted the spare but I did wonder if it would have been possible to put one of the wheels from the middle axle on the front and drive it on five wheels as that's still one more than a normal CX has G979 NGF - 1989 Citroen CX 25TGI Loadrunner by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
  9. What a splendid gentleman's conveyance. I know nothing about Lanchester but that's a slice of 1950s Britain encapsulated in car form right there and the patina is just perfect.
  10. There's some trucks with fancy plates about and I particularly like P.D. Izzard, whose trucks are brown for extra shite points. PD12ZRD is their best plate PD12 ZRD - PD Izzard by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Then a few minutes later the almost as good PD11ZRD came the other way PD11 ZRD - PD Izzard by Adam Floyd, on Flickr The rest of the fleet appears to comprise PD11ZZY, PD15ARD and PD18ARD. All good plates and probably not that expensive.
  11. Some absolute crackers turning up lately! They make what I've seen look a bit disappointing but nonetheless here's a few interesting things that were out and about at the weekend. Particularly pleased to snap the Granada as I've seen it around a few times and it looks mint. F525 SFE - 1988 Ford Granada 2.9i Scorpio by Adam Floyd, on Flickr F525 SFE - 1988 Ford Granada 2.9i Scorpio by Adam Floyd, on Flickr F267 OUD - 1989 GMC Jimmy T-15 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr KYN 36 - 1949 Riley RMB 2.5-litre by Adam Floyd, on Flickr N484 JMB - 1996 Chevrolet Astro Royal Star by Adam Floyd, on Flickr R705 BNG - 1997 Volvo 940 Torslanda LPT by Adam Floyd, on Flickr D407 LUB - 1987 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 CL estate by Adam Floyd, on Flickr And this has turned up opposite my sister's house. Still plenty about but this is the oldest I've seen lately. B727 JRM - 1985 Fiat Ducato Merlin by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
  12. Wow, I had no idea it had such a funky interior! Looks quite bland on the outside but the inside is a different story.
  13. Fantastic to see this with an enthusiastic new owner. It feels weird to have brokered the sale of a car I've never actually seen (the photos in the advert were all I had) and hopefully one day I'll get to admire it in the flesh. I'm pretty sure those trims are original, shame there's one missing but I'm sure you'll manage to replace it.
  14. I didn't even know a 2.2 LS existed, it must have been a pretty niche spec. The dashboard looks very familiar and shares an awful lot of parts with the Zafira so maybe driving that subliminally influenced you? It's not what I expected in a HubNut car but may be just what you need, a boring but reliable modern* for when the older cars inevitably throw a wobbly.
  15. Bye bye WMY Shame it got into such a state but it'll help others live so its death isn't in vain. I see the JCB was put to good use again.
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