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  1. Oxford Diecast have added a Maxi to their range of BL chod. Naturally I had to buy one and do a review.
  2. Could I have the Matchbox tank transporter and LRDG Chevy kits if still available please?
  3. I think it might be a Simca Océane, I could be completely wrong though
  4. 1979 was six years before I was born but if I was somehow teleported back then with everything else being equal I guess it would be the following. 1978 Maxi: a late pre-war Austin or Morris 10 1972 Renault 6: some sort of small vintage Renault. I wouldn't be driving it though as it would be broken and almost impossible to fix. 1999 Zafira: MPVs weren't a thing in 1959 so I guess the closest equivalent would be a PA Velox Friary My sister's 2006 Hyundai Getz: no Korean cars in the sixties so I'll have to go Japanese, maybe an early Toyota
  5. I think that might be factory. I'm sure South Africa had Mk3 Cortina pickups (or 'bakkies'), the predecessor of the Mk4 P100 we got over here.
  6. I went to Aylesbury yesterday. Normally that would be cause for a grump but the circus is in town and they're tooled up with a fine collection of classic British lorries including several beefy ex army 4x4s with big winches. The P-reg Fodens are their newest trucks, no modern rubbish here! They've got Fodens... P15 THL - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr P819 PGJ - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr M870 BNO - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr ERFs... F51 CNY - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr M210 RKN - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr L857 RFL - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr B334 JJH - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr 4x4 Renaults... K314 VUE - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr N811 UOA - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr 4x4 Bedfords, including one Puddlethumper might like - his van is E734 WOL and this is E735 WOL E735 WOL - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr A119 OFX - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Just for Cavcraft, one of his favourite Ivecos... Unknown - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr And to make up for that aberration, the crowning glory is a 40-year old Scammell Crusader... UEY 446T - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr UEY 446T - Circus Fantasia by Adam Floyd, on Flickr All in all a good day and the chap I spoke to at the circus really liked the Maxi as he used to have one.
  7. Maybe Roy Haynes designed the Woosh-N-Push and gave it his generic Mk2 Cortina/Maxi front end? Converting one into a Maxi buggy type thing sounds like a cool idea, a sort of shitty BL equivalent to the VW beach buggy but more beige to match the dull rainy British seaside towns it would frequent instead of glamorous California. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hated the fantasy cars as a child and craved toys based on the real cars I could see on the road. I look at what's on offer from Matchbox and Hot Wheels now and it's very difficult to find anything relevant to UK roads among all the Americana and bizarre fantasy creations so today's kids aren't going to have the fun of growing up with toy versions of their parents' cars.
  8. Linky no worky, it just opens the Youtube Studio rather than your channel. Disappoint as I was looking forward to some monotone warped plastic excitement.
  9. I thought I recognised this lovely car. Here it is at last year's BL Autumn Rally in Milton Keynes. 1964 Austin A60 Cambridge by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
  10. Remember those Airfix kits Aldi had a few months back? As I hadn't built a plastic kit for a while for the sake of £3.99 I invested in a Jeep to practice on. I'm no fan of olive drab so I ignored the suggested colour scheme to make a bright civilian one. Behold 'Jeep Purple'. Jeep Purple by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Cheap Jeep by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Quite a fiddly little kit with some small details that needed careful preparation but it looks great and compares well with the ready-made Cararama diecast. Jeep comparison by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
  11. Saw A4 AUD yesterday, a plate that would look great on an Audi A4 but not so good on the Jaguar XF it's currently registered to. I bet the owner had an Audi before the Jag and transferred the reg even though it's meaningless on their new car.
  12. Sadly not but I remember seeing one years ago on a forum I'm no longer a member of because its owner is a twat who reacted badly to my legitimate concerns and banned me as a result.
  13. According to their website all SAMS Model Cars are 1/43. If it was 1/76 I'd definitely buy a few but I can't really justify £75 for a model that doesn't fit the scale of my collection. I believe at least one scratch-built 1/76 Model 70 does exist though.
  14. Something for all tastes there. Two red Maxis though?! It's rare to see one at a show yet alone two the same colour.
  15. Maxi booked into general classic parking but may end up in the special class for cars with significant anniversaries instead Don't worry about changing cars between now and then - it's happened before and Hagerty said to just email them so they can change the reg on your booking.
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