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  1. Also Alan 'Voice of the Balls' Dedicoat and a few other BBC DJs who made up the 'Broadcasters' Bus Consortium'. At one point they had about half a dozen buses between them and actually ran them commercially. Mainly Routemasters but Charles Nove had a nice Leyland Titan.
  2. I never would have guessed what that's based on, an Austin Ambassador of all things! Thought it looked familiar though and it turns out to be closely related to this beast: 259 Coaster Alamor RV (2004) by Robert Knight, on Flickr Both were built by the Moreton family. The Tremor is owned by Trevor Moreton and the Mondeo thing is the Alamor owned by his son Alan. They also made this vintage-style van on a Morris Ital: 178 Coaster Gemini Van *(1982) by Robert Knight, on Flickr
  3. Mmm, brown wedgy goodness! That looks like it'll clean up nicely and being a B-series surely there's a load of MGB tuning bits that will fit?
  4. I think there may be a Hubnut roadtest of this very vehicle coming soon, I'm sure he hinted at a 604 ute in the latest livestream and surely there can't be more than one. Also, @Six-cylinder has more than enough Visas to recreate that 6-wheeler - future Field of Dreams project maybe?
  5. Pretty realistic I'd say. It reminds me of that saggy-arsed Cortina estate that caused quite a sensation on here a few years ago. In my own miniature shite news, here's something I've been working on. My first experience of a 3D printed model, a friend linked me to an OO scale Nova on eBay and I had to have one as my parents ran D168 WNH in the late 1990s. The model was a 3-door so I had to file the wheelarch bulges off but being solid at least meant it was easy to reposition the window pillars and make a 5-door. It's a bit crude close up but not bad considering how tiny it is, and a welcome addition to the collection of 'cars what we have owned'.
  6. I had a few of those BP Corgis too, all unboxed and played with, but they went to new homes at Shitefest '16. I definitely remember the Polo Porsche, Visco Nova, Duckhams Escort, Pointers Transit and Homefire Sierra. The latter I know was acquired by Angrydicky to make a replica of the bASe.
  7. Round here some people bag up their dog crap and hang it on the trees like some kind of shit bauble. Just why? Tying it to a branch must take far more effort than slinging it in a bin.
  8. A local minibus firm has this LDV Convoy on an 07 reg. The VIN indicates it was built in 2004 and sat around unregistered for three years so I guess the dealer gave them a very good deal to take it away. Braziers BX07 AAZ by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
  9. Leyland Australia is a sad case really. The Kimberley had a lot of potential as a Landcrab replacement and the Aussie Marina seems to be what the UK version should have been, with the four and six-cylinder E-series and much better fit and finish. I just can't get my head around why the hell they decided to muck about and ruin the Allegro with the E-series when it would fit so easily in the Marina.
  10. One of those belongs to a garage near me and I suspect might be the only one in the UK. It was seemingly imported new by De Tomaso agent Emilia Concessionaires but I've never been able to find out any more about it. It's spent most of its life standing still in the showroom but made a very rare and brief public appearance at last year's FOTU. C850 TRP - 1986 Innocenti De Tomaso Minitre Turbo by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
  11. Nobody's mentioned the Citroen Visa 17D yet but I think it qualifies. A 1769cc diesel is a pretty big engine for a supermini, especially one that could also be had with a little 652 flat twin.
  12. * pedant (Sorry couldn't resist the obvious opportunity for further pedantry). In other news, take a look at page 10 here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1017/3257/files/Globe_242.pdf?v=1583827193 Not a bad potted history of the invalid carriage although the myth of the 600 engine has appeared again; I wonder where it came from as it's very prevalent despite absolutely no evidence to support it. Now we know the model Model 70 will be the Bubblecar Museum's KPK71P, which presumably is the one they measured to make it.
  13. Remember this tat box refugee? Battered, broken and a bit unloved... Well here it is now. Quite a transformation!
  14. Quite likely. If it's any consolation I forgot to bid first time round and it ended with no bids. Someone else bid on the relisting so I had to pay a bit more
  15. Some assorted recent arrivals, old and new. Tuf-tots Decap is the closest I'll get to owning a real one Decap by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Old skool Fords from Oxford Diecast with no added scene tax Capri sun by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Escort vehicle by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Harvest Gold Maxishite. Oxford have had three attempts at this colour and they're all different. Beige Maxi by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Collecting the Harvest by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Pretty decent Husky Zephyr estate. Broken bumper (TADTS) but glazing and tailgate are intact. Husky Zephyr by Adam Floyd, on Flickr And to go with it, Oxford's Zephyr saloon Zephyr 6 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr I bought a second Oxford Zephyr as a wheel donor for the Husky so I had some fun and made this, straight from the pages of Custom Car magazine in the 1980s. Custom Zephyr by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Custom and standard by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Finally got hold of an elusive Cararama Ford Puma. Ford Puma by Adam Floyd, on Flickr As a bonus, it came in a two-pack with this Focus. Pity Carabanana decided to model the rally version rather than a normal one. Ford Focus by Adam Floyd, on Flickr And finally, some of the Tomytec Car Collection in 1/80 (Japanese HO) that come in sealed boxes and are intended to be collected like trading cards. Lovely models but rare in the UK. I'd never heard of a Toyopet Masterline or a Prince Clipper. Toyota Crown by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Datsun 240K by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Toyota Crown by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Datsun 240K by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Toyopet Masterline by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Toyota Hiace by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Toyota Hiace by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Toyota Hiace by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Prince Clipper by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Brown Crown by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Crowning glory by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
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