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  1. Brownnova x1 Fumbler x1 (maybe) Craig the Princess x1 Garythesnail x 2 Billybunter x1 Datsuncog x1 BL Bloke x1 Xtriple X1 castros_bro x 2
  2. Previous owners pic of 306 Sedan 1.9TD (https://autoshite.com/topic/32924-1996-peugeot-306-sedan-diesel-%C2%A3200-no-mot/)
  3. Mine is being collected by scrappy tomorrow in Bristol (yours for 75GBP) after a FTP for a drive shaft then a FTP for a drive shaft at 50.000 of your earth miles. I thought it was a nice drive even for 187cms tubby bloke.
  4. Use it as it's a car, hopefully it will be as *good* as the plagues of them i lusted after before and as the wall came down (Ich bin ein ex-Berliner) I used to be a jam doughnut. Assume a heater was an optional extra involving exhaust fumes.
  5. Not me though, found unused 1.5 days holiday so flight leaves early enough tomorrow so voting place will be closed.
  6. There are alternatives to your alternatives, I did some work for Petrobras in Belém, Pará and our usual transport was running E100 ( anhydrous ethanol) basically made from fermented sugar cane which could be classed a renewable. The distillation process uses energy but as it's mainly heating a liquid it can us a solar collector - here a picture of a solar collector (NORR in morocco). These things are already happening but the UK is now lagging behind possibly not helped by internal bickering.
  7. Shirley - the answer to everything is an emotive picture - all we need is sunshine and places to park. or even this https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/11/worlds-first-fully-electric-commercial-aircraft-takes-flight-in-canada Which ever way the future goes the infrastructure need to be built which will be more of a challenge then the actual technology
  8. If bored then look at secondhand stuff here in Portugal, Renault 5 for 20 euro? and lots more (don't look at old bikes) but still the eveyday stuff is older and more expensive then UK. https://www.olx.pt/carros-motos-e-barcos/carros/?search%5Bdescription%5D=1&search%5Border%5D=filter_float_price%3Aasc&page=5
  9. Could be stainless tube about 25mm i/d about 300mmm long with a petal valve block and spark plug on one end all mounted onto a flat metal plate?
  10. That reminds me, someone on here borrowed my little pulse jet engine but forget who?
  11. There's a *nice Pug 205 CJ (1.6i cabriolet) which goes but has a loud big bore exhaust and no tow bar so may have to depart due to no tow bar. If interested I can go find tomorrow and get some pics and make up some details?
  12. Drove my T60 to Biggleswade.
  13. We were pottering slowly towards Barcelona with only France and Spain in the way and the pottering got slower and slower. Somewhere near Argelès-sur-Mer we finally coasted into a strangely not-full campsite on by a beach. Spent and interesting week sitting on the nudist beach deeply grinding in burnt out exhaust valves on a Standard Eight cylinder head before refitting it and packing up then getting several large naked Frenchpersons to bump start the car, pointed the 8 towards Spain and only parked on hills for a couple of weeks.
  14. Nice AX, have always liked them as they do all the things a car should and were cheap to run and easy to get bits for, Went through 6 (I think) and the 1.5D was a good long distance ride and only sipped diesel. This is not me
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