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  1. Change to MOT tests could make cars 'death traps on wheels' 20th January By Joshua Searle @josh_searle99 SEO Journalist Share The AA has warned cars could become “death traps on wheels” if annual MOT tests are changed to every two years. Under new plans the time between MOT tests could increase from one year to two years, and from three years for a new car needing its first MOT to four years. The Department for Transport (DfT) said it has launched a consultation on the proposals, hoping to cut costs for drivers. The DfT said it wants to “ensure roadworthiness checks continue to balance costs on motorists while ensuring road safety, keeping up with advances in vehicle technology, and tackling vehicle emissions”. Drivers can be fined up to £1,000 for using a vehicle without a valid MOT. The tests check a number of parts such as lights, seatbelts, tyres and brakes to ensure they meet legal standards. The DfT said MOTs cost an average of £40 and delaying the first test for new vehicles could save motorists around £100 million a year. It said “major developments in vehicle technology” have increased road safety since MOTs were introduced in 1960, such as lane-assisted driving. However, Edmund King, president of the AA, said the organisation was “totally opposed” to the changes, also telling This is Money the change would see “an increase of death traps on wheels on the road”. He said: “The MOT plays a vital role in ensuring that vehicles on our roads are safe and well maintained, and while not a formal recommendation, we totally oppose any change from an annual MOT. “Last year, 83% of drivers said that the annual MOT was ‘very important’ for keeping our cars and roads as safe as possible, which highlights why an annual MOT must remain in place. “With one in 10 cars failing their first MOT, we strongly discourage the Government from extending a car’s first MOT to the fourth anniversary due to road safety concerns.” The RAC’s head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes said: “While we’re not opposed to delaying a new vehicle’s first MOT, we believe there should be a requirement for particularly high mileage vehicles to be tested sooner. “If the Government is looking to improve the MOT, now is the ideal time to take into account how much a vehicle is driven alongside the number of years it’s been on the road. “We’re also disappointed the Government is still entertaining the idea of increasing the time between MOTs. “Our research clearly shows drivers don’t agree with this and believe it’s dangerous.” COMMENTS:- MetalBoots . 20th January 9:18 am User ID: 4284414 The mighty AA has spoken ,so the Govt will listen Just have another think why the AA dont want this to happen losing anywhere from £128-400 for doing you a Yearly 'inspection' thats why(if you opt for one etc) Last Updated: 20th January 12:47 pm 0 Ritchie6 20th January 9:33 am User ID: 395313 We are getting mixed messages here. The AA is flagging up the dangers of cars being tested every 2 years but classic cars which are 40 years old are exempt from needed an MOT at all and it's left to the owner's discretion. My car is 3 years old this July and will require it's first MOT which it will pass with ease but an old banger can be left uninspected. Last Updated: 20th January 4:41 pm 6 ↪ in reply to Ritchie6 [Deleted] 20th January 9:39 am [This comment has been deleted by the person who made it] Last Updated: 20th January 9:39 am ↪ in reply to Ritchie6 [Deleted] 20th January 9:39 am [This comment has been deleted by the person who made it] Last Updated: 20th January 9:39 am ↪ in reply to Ritchie6 [Deleted] 20th January 10:11 am [This comment has been deleted by the person who made it] Last Updated: 20th January 10:22 am ↪ in reply to Ritchie6 Gob smacked 20th January 9:39 am User ID: 1557412 Classic and historic vehicles cover far less mileage than normal vehicles. also they are given a lot of attention. They can be submitted for a test too. Its just not compulsory and they are far from being called /classed as 'bangers'. Last Updated: 20th January 2:49 pm 4 ↪ in reply to Gob smacked MetalBoots . 20th January 10:15 am User ID: 4284414 Go down Alquin Ave and have a Look at a Maroon and Black 2CV from around 1952 he drives about everywhere with smelly smoke belching out and petrol leaks etc so there must be some of the se old cars that need looking at Last Updated: 20th January 4:36 pm 7 Yorkie biscuit 20th January 9:40 am User ID: 2437424 A lot can happen in a year. Will they make changes to advisories? They're given on the basis of an MOT every year, but by the time 2 years are up that advisory might have changed to urgent. I don't think this is where they should be trying to save people money. Safety is more important. Last Updated: 20th January 5:05 pm 8 ↪ in reply to Yorkie biscuit [Deleted] 20th January 10:21 am [This comment has been deleted by the person who made it] Last Updated: 20th January 2:04 pm The_light 🔥 20th January 9:39 pm User ID: 344692 A lot of people think an MOT is a certificate of a roadworthy vehicle - it's not. The MOT simply means a vehicle has met or meets a minimum safety standard at the time the test was carried out, a week later a component could fail and the vehicle becomes unsafe. Vehicles that are except from having an MOT could also be unsafe, as could a brand new one. It's the responsibility of the driver to do checks often on a vehicle (as far as reasonably can be expected) to ensure its safe to drive and be on the road, any doubts take to a garage to look at. Personally l think private use cars up to 10 years old can be tested every 2 years after the first three year test from new, after which they should then revert to every 12 months. Cars used for business purposes and all commercial vehicles - vans, trucks and such - should remain 12 months. https://www.clactonandfrintongazette.co.uk/news/national/uk-today/23263936.change-mot-tests-make-cars-death-traps-wheels/
  2. I was overtaken by one yesterday on der A3 when a smoll sprinkling of snow was happening, modern V twin so has a heater but no lid.
  3. That's a YES but MOT n TAX in historic class (still need to do "paperwork" but no cost) so will appear on ANPR n DVLA as taxed etc.
  4. Vehicles in the "classic" category (which varies from place to place) do get special considerations when being imported and registered in other EU countries. Obviously hiding a classic UK registered old motorbike in your villa shed and keeping the free MOT and TAX up to date would almost work except for, theoretically, if stopped by the special vehicle police, having to prove when the vehicle crossed into the country.
  5. Have a look at the cost of registering your non-Portugese car in Portugal, the import tax will almost certainly be more then the original cost + conversion - there's an online vehicle import cost calculator somewhere. Have a check on a few of the expat sites for a lot of moaning about cost getting a foreign car registered - there is one get-out clause if you move here you can import one vehicle tax free (terms and conditions apply). OXL Portugal has a few thousand secondhand cars available. https://www.olx.pt/d/carros-motos-e-barcos/carros/
  6. We had 3 Danes visit Godalfulming over the weekend n sleep in an posh hotel sleep on the livingroom floor and I now know why.
  7. My dad did some of those, the boat over didn't cost him anything and he didn't have a passport. His bike was an M20
  8. You'll be needing to look at this site now. https://c90adventures.co.uk/
  9. I don't know yourself except from some ole car wibblesite, howevers, you seem to be one of those people who will just sort stuff out and end up being invited in to join an impromptu wine tasting barbecue by retired Australian vintners/pilots on their annual pilgrimage to French cheese emporiums.
  10. Build you own Vespa - or there seem to be a lot of rusty old bits, The Bill Drake Collection - Vintage Vespa Scooters, Parts & Memorabilia, comming up for auction. https://www.ewbankauctions.co.uk/20220322BD-lot-118-Quantity-of-various-Vespa-fork-stems?arr=0&auction_id=712&box_filter=0&category=&department_id=&exclude_keyword=&export_issue=0&high_estimate=0&image_filter=0&keyword=&list_type=&lots_per_page=0&low_estimate=0&month=&page_no=10&paper_filter=0&search_type=&sort_by=&view=lot_detail&year= Who would not want a fine collection of Vespa KickStart Spings ?
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