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  1. I went to Clacton-on-sea. I went to the pirate radio museum (presently closed) near the pier (where I used to work). Me and some quiet ole bloke, who was the "receptionist", had a long conversation. He eventually showed me some pics of his racing in the US of A. Some bloke helping him with a spanner looked like some bloke on a Triumph before he jumped over a fence and it wasn't Bob Akins.
  2. From where to where? Were there any restrictions at the border?
  3. I think the factory is still going and seem to remember the electrics on those are AC, I'd just buy it and run it to see if you like it, if not then you'd easily move it on to someone else as there's quite a following for ex-soviet 2 strokes.
  4. I do like twin headlight set ups
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ3zZ-aWi6U
  6. Depends on your attitude and your commute, I've used small bikes to commute and do longer journeys, things like wearing suits going for interviews or buying a sack of onions need a bit of planning. You could try it whilst putting car on furlough. Used to go from London to Brussels and back on a 90cc for Sunday lunch as it went as a "bicycle" on the ferry and along cycle paths in France and Belgium, once you start riding you'll probably have some bike ( think I maxed out at 11 stuffed in the garage) for the rest of your life.
  7. If you look at duck boats (not sea tractors) in waves you'll find video of several serious accidents and there were moves to get them banned for tourist use.
  8. castros_bro


    Cat engine on the back driving three hydraulic pumps to two hydraulic motors/gearboxes, FWD + RWD + front steering and/or rear steering - no clutch but nice hydraulic winch for wrenching bits off Toyotas stuck in the Cuban mud.
  9. castros_bro


    I preferred driving the even possibly more basic SAMIL 20 or 50 which we definitely not a rip of of Unimog as that would have been unethical and they were only ever used a agricultural vehicles. Even the Belgium MOL's I've driven was more basic and still running aircooled Maggie D diesels. Will have a look fo some photos.
  10. castros_bro


    I mainly like this, Though it was in better condition before the briefcase photo, Soviet drill rig, 6 cylinder flat head with starting handle in the front, whilst on the back a diesel tractor engine with PTO as kelly drive, flat head single with pull start as donkey engine to start diesel engine., winch drum and cable to lift mast. And it all worked. And It was mine but unfortunately still in Kathmandu
  11. Presently stuck behind a 205 on axle stands in a garage but battery on charge and exhaust wadding ready for it's MOT.
  12. I'd go for a late 5 speed Fire if getting another one, try looking in Switzerland as the lovely Swiss mainly avoid anything tatty as in a few scratches and faded paint, rust is not a big problem My last one was a Swiss 4x4 5 speed Fire on winter tyres driven back to UK through snow covered Bavaria etc overtaking German reg BMWs on autobahns. Original cost of nothing. https://www.auto-online.ch/en/Car/FIAT-Panda-1000-4x4-3667702/overview.html?yrf=1974&yrt=2005&brd=26&mdl=196&ofs=10
  13. I worked for some yank outfit earlier this year and liked the expression "reaching out" as I managed to use it as often as possible in the wrong context till they sacked me "I'll be late tomorrow as I need to reach out to the VD clinic for some test results", "I'll be late tomorrow as the 206 has a flat tyre and I'll need to reach out to the secondhand tyre place first thing" "Sorry can't do 10:30 as I'll be reaching out for my tea break" "Why is this security guead reaching out and escorting me off the premises?"
  14. I bought a book, it's old and hardback with a picture cover. Then found a there's some home made clips of cine film of him and Douglas. There was a full length film but seems impossible to get as does the subsequent "revisited" one. One-Man Caravan Fulton, Robert Edison (Jun.)
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