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  1. If my faded memory works the little slide switch under the dash should operate a light - if you look to the right of it you'll see a hole - there should be a smoll light bulb which shines through the hole.
  2. I cannot recommend anything but if you are a adult then you make your own decisions AND take responsibility for those decisions, like getting an ex-military vehicle and doing stuff with it - at some point (in my personal opinion) it's not too important if you are in possession of the correctly authorised paperwork as a scrap of paper does not make you competent nor safe. Trying to escape an approaching storm whilst carrying explosives off road in a 6x6 camper for instance unfortunately using an expired driving licence. I can suggest NOT watching Eastenders (other enders are available).
  3. I can tell you the 6cy SA Landrovers go well in Botswana/Namibia Kalahari and have a strong following in SA, Botswana, Namabia and what used to be Zim etc. Probably easier to sell over there, and no transport hassle, as people know what they are, know their issues and bits/mods are available. Nostalgic masochists still use them for "outback trips" and there's probably safari companies buying/using (in non covid times).
  4. Kyburz electric vehicles | Switzerland
  5. Why would it need to come to the UK for an MOT ? KPD 67K is over 40 years old and taxed till next year. https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/VehicleFound?locale=en
  6. CZ (477?) parts available, I need to check what the carbs are, one of the rear sprockets is spoken for (if it fits).
  7. I used to have a class 2 racing hovercraft, if you've never driven/flown one on land and water (places like Weston Park or obscure bits near Poole) you need to stick it on your bucket list.
  8. 80 ish available. How many do want?
  9. Thanks, Sent them message though the tow rope suggests it may have some FTP.
  10. If you go by Diag 2 then 4 pairs of 2 (6v) batteries connected like that should all discharge at the same rate so no battery swapping - however as the batteries will all be slightly different in charging/discharging efficiency it makes sense to occasionally charge all the batteries separately to bring them all to 100%. (if you go to modern battery packs they usually have internal electronic control which automatically monitors and controls each cell) I'd initially ignore basically Diag1 as it's lights etc and pull all the fuses so you can get just the motor and control functioning reliably, in the UK it'd be possible to get an MOT without lights.
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