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  1. There's some free apps which will let you track a phone (nominally to find your errant kids) and get approx location and/or previous locations. if you have an old phone with a giffgaff PAYG sim (*other curries are available) it just need a poundshop USB charging cable bodged to 12V (other voltages are available) and somehere on the car where it can get a signal. Clever stuff like screen locked so no display and some relay activated by the ring tone to stop the engine and lock the doors and activate the 300dB internal klaxon would be amusing if someone got a wrong number when the MOT man was testing the brakes. Someone I know* was trying to fit one into a push bike frame as these are easily stolen and never recovered
  2. And I thought it was my fault - first bringing down the fascist Batista and installing communist rule then secondly destroying Autoshite. Where's Che when he's needed?
  3. Am having a issue with uploadablility on the ole mobile so here's a foreign starter for four. Mor L8ers. M
  4. I ran a 5 speed 250cc Guzzi (Benelli) two stroke twin ( double sided 2LS front brake), Suzuki 6 speed 250cc two stroke twin (disc front) and Royal Enfield 250cc 4 speed two stroke (turbo) twin (wanky brake) concurrently for a couple of years.
  5. Qu’est-ce que c’est ? ' YamXT600.mp4
  6. May I have the spanners, particularly the BSF/Whit but the others as well if available? Am in Guildford so probably not too far away.
  7. Hi, Would you ping me the name/address from your UK licence as I may have a 1500 km collection for you later this year but I'd need you to go on the insurance which starts this week so will be zero cost whereas laters on it will be a change so cost s few many cents/phennings/pronouns ? Randomly yours Raúl Castro (A3 ahora desbloqueado de mi 205 incontinencia del radiador)
  8. For Sales from Guildford Surrey GU2 7XH 5 X 12 inchers on Nippa wheels inc wheel trims (if I can find them) £5 Safe £5 Green Blood (unopened 1L maybe anothe bottle if I can find) Free Rover 25 near side electric mirror £10 Seaward Supernova PAT tester (out of cal) £25
  9. Hi, I'm interested, would the big bit sit on a bike trailer for a 400 mile ound trip or is it too dismantled?
  10. If only I wasn't in Surrey and needed a newer Megane I'd wave a wad of cash.
  11. 'Tis to do with outwitting bots that scan fuel prices then update sites like " Git yer cheepo fuel here". A price of $120.7 automatically wins over to a price of $120.9 in the listings so if you do an online search for cheapest fuel it'll show at the top - but only works till everyone does it. I is not no Psychologist.
  12. Just post them, this be Autoshite so that's normal and you'll only get a few dozen "Austrailia" comments.
  13. Havana - looked at a trio of buggered but original sidevalve Indians but after a month trying there was no way of shipping them anywhere (legally). Will look for a photo or two. Bishkek - looked at some Urals and sidecars but all too worn out to risk the journey back but did some time with an Ex=Soviet truck.
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