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  1. There is a shaving thread somewhere on your favourite beige forum.
  2. Spray a bit of Easystart (other sprays are available) into it and try starting - this'll give an indication that the ignition is working or not.
  3. My brothers brother was in Brasil mainly up north by a river, and we used the Alcool pump for all our vehicles. They mainly had aircooled flat four power but Honda in Brasil has apparently got E100 bikes for sale.
  4. Anyone here ever ran or runs an engine on E100 pure ethanol ? Any one got contacts in Honda Brasil - who used to market little bikes which run E100?
  5. I got some super old bit of Ex-DoctorRetro chod / Carina2 to do a few trips as the previous AX was impossible for slightly elderly gentlefolk to into the back of. Inn-Sewer-Ants company Lancaster refused to insure the 30 yearold Toyota so needed to find another 'Ants company. Got a quote for £86 but there's also £40 cashback so a years comprehensive is £46. I've not seen anything that low for years and years - What's going on?
  6. Sir Are you interested in a noisy white floppy top 205 CJ with updated digital rad fan control ?
  7. Not sure how but I got £87.49 for a year then additional £40 cashback. I did try to get "The Pope" addded as an additional driver (he's unlikely to complain) but under "title" there was no "Pope" option.
  8. No, it's still where it should be in the middle of the bonnet but he hasn't noticed it.
  9. DO NOT* pop it under a seat on an Easygit Aeroplane.
  10. Hi, If you don't want the AX I'll willingly bring the Carina back as all I wanted was something to give a few lifts to people who couldn't contort enough to get into the back seats of a smoll 2 door car and you seemed to want rid of the Carina ?
  11. So due to supply chain issues we are advised to use parts from used vehicles. What a bizarre idea, it'll never catch on here. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/other/can-repairing-cars-with-green-used-parts-save-money-and-time-online-giant-ebay-joins-forces-with-insurers-to-help-battle-the-supply-chain-crunch/ar-AAOfv7K
  12. I blame* you and your Enfield 80000 (other zeros are available) for my application and this subsequent rejection. Dear Applicant, Thank you for applying for the position of Special Scientist (FOSS2021SS-03) at the FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy of the University of Cyprus. We have completed the evaluation of applications and we would like to inform you that unfortunately you have not been selected for this post. Overall, there has been a strong interest for this position from a number of good candidates. We take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in joining our research activities at FOSS and hope to collaborate with you in the future for another opening. Sincerely, Prof. George E. Georghiou Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Cyprus
  13. You've got a massive Citroen H van there.
  14. If my faded memory works the little slide switch under the dash should operate a light - if you look to the right of it you'll see a hole - there should be a smoll light bulb which shines through the hole.
  15. I cannot recommend anything but if you are a adult then you make your own decisions AND take responsibility for those decisions, like getting an ex-military vehicle and doing stuff with it - at some point (in my personal opinion) it's not too important if you are in possession of the correctly authorised paperwork as a scrap of paper does not make you competent nor safe. Trying to escape an approaching storm whilst carrying explosives off road in a 6x6 camper for instance unfortunately using an expired driving licence. I can suggest NOT watching Eastenders (other enders are available).
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