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  1. If you are Portuguese and in Portugal I may need a little help, here's a pic of my ole moped.
  2. Sir, There's two different flask/shutter synchronizations. Older type for flash bulb where flash starts shutter opens and closes then flash stops , newer type (electronic) where shutter opens flash starts and stops then shutter closes. Houston - you may have a problem.
  3. We used to get sent the Russian versions, there's quite a lot of mods available (try Lithuanian sellers) and somewhere I've the 2 into1 inlet manifold to fit an SU as mandated for sale in California due to emissions. Check for reverse as 2 wheel drive sidecar hacks were fitted with .
  4. PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR A WONDERFUL CALENDAR; 1; barefoot 2; Craig the Princess 3; Sickboy 4; Rob88h 5: KruJoe 6: Fumbler 7: worldofceri 8: adw1977 9: Stephen01 10: djoptix 11: N19 12: NorthernMonkey 13: HillmanImp 14: gm 15: scdan4 16: MorrisItalSLX 17: Asimo 18: Frogchod
  5. Is Hibiscus tea good for soothing hemorrhoids?
  6. Hi,

    Would you be willing to post the Arsenal stuff?

    I'm unlikely to be able to get to Cambridge.



    1. Crispian_J_Hotson


      Can look into it m9. Give me a bit of time.

  7. He may or may not have a valid point(s) but Twittter and Daily MAil are two places where were a reasoned argument will not be read and debated to see if they have validity.
  8. PS. I assume it is an alternator and not a dynamo? It's several years since I swore at Reliant engine bays or went down the Mulsanne Straight when it opened up after some race in a topless Bond Bug.
  9. Alternator - clamp to a Workmate style bench possibly with a ratshit strap, connect a 12V car battery with a couple of jump lead, -ve to the case +ve to the BIG lug electrical connector, get electric drill, check the direction the alternator should rotate, connect voltmeter tween case and +ve lug. Monitor voltage whilst spinning alternator with electric drill. Voltage should go from approx 12.6 to 14 as it spins faster. Then check the voltage between the small lug and case when not spinning and when spinning (this runs the dash battery light) so approximately not spinning = 12V, spinning =0
  10. Clutch cable on my ZX 1.9D broke but I managed to drive it home- from Portugal - but didn't have to drive up Chatham Hill.
  11. A bit dark but an UK reg ex-Swiss Dacia Logan MCV from before Dacia UK existed and an UK reg (awaiting the plates) ex-Swiss Panda 4x4 (fire engined) new 2 years after they stopped selling them in the UK
  12. Menthol fags have gone AWOL. https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/20/menthol-smokers-tell-us-what-going-now-banned-uk-12702808/
  13. Shirley you need a Saaab 96 and other numbers. An unusual feature of the Saab drivetrain was a 'freewheel' (overrunning clutch). This allowed the transmission to run faster than the engine, such as when decelerating, or descending a long hill. Freewheeling was retained in the four-stroke variant, until the end of production and in the Saab 99 with the 1709 cc Triumph engine. A minor drawback to the freewheel, particularly for drivers unfamiliar with the Saab, is that it makes engine braking unavailable although it could be manually engaged or disengaged by a control in the foo
  14. I went to Clacton-on-sea. I went to the pirate radio museum (presently closed) near the pier (where I used to work). Me and some quiet ole bloke, who was the "receptionist", had a long conversation. He eventually showed me some pics of his racing in the US of A. Some bloke helping him with a spanner looked like some bloke on a Triumph before he jumped over a fence and it wasn't Bob Akins.
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