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  1. Thank Allah/God/Boris they've gone - it'll take a while for the house prices to recover. A bit of history about the car would be interesting.
  2. My Nippa went for pre paid MOT and the MOT man gave me my money back if I promised to scrap it ASAP then showed me how bad the under body rust was. If you need some used bits like rear lights, engine etc I may have some.
  3. I got home alright. If you're still stranded on Sunday there's the DGR Guildford Surrey Hills with a 1950s ped available to amuse. Oooooooooooo you posted a get away pic as I typed my beer infested post.
  4. I could be interested in both of those, has "small" got a size in cms? Am ex-Colchester so plan to see folks in random Essex places Sunday 1st Sept so could collect then ?
  5. https://www.olx.pt/anuncio/lancia-y-IDDUnBm.html#f8c98385e1
  6. For a (much) slower pace of life I offer you this..............Contains not a shithole but a toilet.............. https://www.olx.pt/anuncio/citroen-1-9d-c15-auto-caravana-IDCHaQd.html#8efa20d827
  7. Not that i'm a 205 fuckwit/addict but holidays were invented for one purpose (ein(e) Segelsommer eh? ) https://autoshite.com/topic/22592-pug-bingoshite-game-about-to-commence/ CJ being rad fan rewired with a few dollars of Chinese electronics digital temperature display with proportional fan control speed to cope with desert conditions. Nothing* borrowed from my employer's scrap bin. Big boy exhaust has a collection of spirally shredded beer cans waiting to be inserted. Beeeer caansss being emptied-i-poos.
  8. I'd buy a 205 D from loserein but I'd need to dispose of a 205 CJ I have already bought from loserein.
  9. Not wasted time but just an education, if you don't make mistakes then you don't learn. After buying a loud Puglette I made a mistake of forgetting where I'd left a keys but an evening of looking after someones cat for a bottle of red let me realise I'd left it (the keys) in the wash basket in a dirty shirt pocket. Now all clean and sparkley. As is the cat.
  10. Got there and back without aid of interwebs. Bumper-foot interface picture unavailable due to bumper being housed on rear seat. Am also now deaf.
  11. Just about to set off wearing clean socks and dirty shoes in direction of for stage one/Pug 206 of Kollectioneering in a seemingly random series of chess like moves using an '90 Nat Sav.
  12. Ahhh a Pug 309 owner..............if she is owed money and has done work before and has previous paperwork and they are a legit business then check here https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money I have found that a letter (email) explaining that non payment is causing difficulties so it is necessary to take court action to recover the money owed or she'll risk being take to court herself for non-payment of bills (and interest) and this is an official request - would the business give the name and details of their "responsible person" for this situation so they can be put on the court papers. This worked for O2 when they dicked my dad about over a non-refund.
  13. I checked with the local police and they said I was allowed to park round the corner outside a private school - so I did. Head master stopped me one day and said the children thought it was a great as the school was tapping parents for money to get a school minibus to go on trips and they thought it has arrived and was fantastic and I should leave it there. Parents were not too overjoyed.
  14. There's some free apps which will let you track a phone (nominally to find your errant kids) and get approx location and/or previous locations. if you have an old phone with a giffgaff PAYG sim (*other curries are available) it just need a poundshop USB charging cable bodged to 12V (other voltages are available) and somehere on the car where it can get a signal. Clever stuff like screen locked so no display and some relay activated by the ring tone to stop the engine and lock the doors and activate the 300dB internal klaxon would be amusing if someone got a wrong number when the MOT man was testing the brakes. Someone I know* was trying to fit one into a push bike frame as these are easily stolen and never recovered
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