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  1. He's doing the Isle of Thanet next.
  2. ...then continued doing so with the Stellar, which was essentially a rebooted Cortina (in its original form)...
  3. You up for a visit? Just to make things worse, like... 😁
  4. To cheer you up, Mr R, here's some more excellent garmentry: We've "got your back"... 😁
  5. I didn't think you could top that perforated American Mercedes truck, but... 😳😁 Top bombing!
  6. None of whom were Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time, nor Chair of the Tory party now...
  7. Half Capri, half XJ6... 😳
  8. Used for testing rotary engines, then later - with BFO diesels - record breaking.
  9. Winter rubber is ON. You can thank me later for the inevitable early warm Spring. Any suggestion that I forgot they are directional and had to swap the rears over may* be based on true events...
  10. Maybe a new title sponsor for the city's rugby club... .......GLOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...... (if you've been to Kingsholm, you'll know...) 😉
  11. I've been doing some DIY... Keep 'em peeled!
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