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  1. The Ashok Leyland Stallion, apparently - presumably built under licence. 70% chance of accuracy here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Cargo
  2. Well, that's dangerous - Musical Offspring has just moved to Catford, which must be all of three miles away...
  3. Chris, make sure they're treating you right and consulting meaningfully. Here's the ACAS advice: https://www.acas.org.uk/redundancy
  4. I thought 'fire', but that doesn't explain the surviving paint!
  5. Thanks for (over)sharing! 😳😄
  6. This may yet affect the poo count.
  7. Jesus wept... Wheelbase-wise, that looks like a 'Defender'/LR90 with half a Disco shell nailed approximately on top. Which is arse-backward from the usual OLLI abomination.
  8. More of Brum when it was still Motor City. This is looking up New Street toward the Town Hall, 1974-ish at a guess because that Jag looks fresh out of the box. Some decent chod there...
  9. The last 'family' holiday with the parents was to Brittany in 1982. One chap in a Sunbeam 1500 was very excited to see our bright red Avenger...
  10. Just found out my mate Chris was on the Deltic train, so I would have watched him go past three times without realising!
  11. It's "measure twice, cut once", not the other way round...!
  12. The AS Midland Massiv enjoyed a day-trip to Albert Looms in Derby a few years back. We should do something similar again.
  13. Gosh, that's... visually challenging. Metro front lights, or Nova/Corsa A...?
  14. If you need to move it on, Tim... 😉
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