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  1. @Six-cylinder to the beige 11-sphere courtesy phone please...
  2. Is this what theatrical types with mechanical sympathy might call 'suspension of disbelief'...?
  3. P6 had passive safety designed in, including progressive collapse. This is also an interesting read: https://oldmotors.net/rover-p6-radical-disguised-as-traditional/
  4. Though unintentional, @Inspector Morose may just have found the inspiration for the paint job on the Autoshite Racing 2CV...
  5. Tradition/charter/something... 😁 Travel safe, chums - sorry I couldn't make this one.
  6. I know what happened next. Used notes in a brown paper bag, all right? Usual place... 😁
  7. Christ alive, that was a SHIT day. Still, there's always tomorrow... πŸ‘
  8. Should be 0.5, shirley...? πŸ˜ƒ
  9. As ever in contemporary usage, that word 'iconic' is doing some seriously heavy lifting here...
  10. Dave, I'm just up the road. Anything you need, shout.
  11. 2003 2.0HDi; Siemens. Codes are: P0571 - brake switch signal coherence P1641 - injector(s) control power stage P0215 - supply relay control open circuit, short circuit to positive, short circuit to earth P1352 - pre-post heating relay circuit coherence P0222 - accelerator pedal sensor signal 1, short circuit to earth P0227 - accelerator pedal signal sensor 2, short circuit to earth P1169 - voltage converter P0341 - cylinder reference signal, short circuit between two wires, open circuit or no signal P2137 - accelerator pedal sensor monitoring coherence P0562 - battery voltage too low
  12. Arsebiscuits. Blingo turns over but will not fire. Scary results from Tame Mechanic's code reader point to ECU issue. Checking cheaper possibilities first, strapped on big charger to eliminate tired battery as problem. Still won't fire. Bumhats. Tank pump next.
  13. Married to a certain Richard Starkey, relief drummer of popular 60s beat combo "The Beatles".
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