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  1. Paging @worldofceri to the beige courtesy phone! Ah........... 😁😉
  2. Blimey... that makes an Allegro estate look well-proportioned.
  3. Probably swapped an overheated coil. Fuel vaporisation is still a possibility though, as I discovered on several occasions in France last month...
  4. Wait until his 17th-century alter ego makes an appearance!
  5. Have we seen this before? Can't remember... Anyhoo... Brands, '92. At 0:54 and 2:10, a couple of background views of #48 in its original yellow/dark blue form.
  6. That only happens when Sam Pepys tries to buy a sedan chair with doubloons.
  7. The redacted bloke is WRONG, in so many ways.
  9. As part of my first attempt at hypnotic mind control, I need to remind you that you agreed to sell this car to me and I'll be round to collect tomorrow...
  10. He did his ARDS test at Donington in that!
  11. That's our new marketing strategy, right there.
  12. This was with me in France last month!
  13. Said it before, but it's worth repeating... The AA and RAC are venture-capital-funded financial institutions with piss-poor breakdown 'services' loosely attached.
  14. Dave, it was great, as ever. You should come over and see the car sometime.
  15. Laurence the 2CV 'team principal' has found me some 100% stiffer springs for the Dyane. May* not need the door handle roller skates soon...
  16. He was at Silverstone for the 2CV races, so not far away!
  17. https://fb.watch/dtUptpQDxO/ George, mixing it with the frontrunners in race 2 yesterday, before an involuntary 'granular excursion' while skilfully avoiding someone else's accident. He had third at one point, very briefly. Good man. PROPER BLOODY RACING DRIVER. 😎
  18. Looks more like a cut-down estate - which is probably rarer than a GT by now.
  19. Good commentary - thanks 😎
  20. In France, generally around 2.07-2.13 for SP98, though I did have to make a 'distress purchase' at one point on the autoroute near Lyon at 2.39... 😳
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