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  1. Leaving soon to drop Musical Offspring in Coalville, then hauling ass down the M1. See you later.
  2. Will it go in sideways? <runs, hides...>
  3. Pretty sure SPOG does a panel - or maybe ECAS.
  4. It's the accent that gives it away, isn't it? πŸ˜„
  5. I have to deliver a book to @eddyramrod at the Cannock Premier Inn then collect Musical Offspring from a Steve Hackett gig in Birmingham, but I think there'll be time for a spot of online shiting...
  6. I have a tag on the Zanussi. It's always amusing being overtaken (again) by the lane-3 warriors who had to queue at the pΓ©ages...
  7. A long car journey with him is confusing, amusing, and memorable - in equal parts!
  8. Cats are always in charge... This is Poppy, the 2CV race car project manager.
  9. It was the most excellent of excellent things to see you, Mr Ramrod. Good chats. See you next Tuesday (no, really!) 😁
  10. Let me know when you hit Cannock. Then I can help you hit it again...
  11. Indeed. You know what they say: "Time flies like an Arrow, fruit flies like a banana". Now that's out of my system... THIS CAR IS FANTASTIC! My Uncle Dave had a series of Hunters when I was but a sprog; always the faster 1725cc versions - was there a Hunter with the Holbay engine?
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