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  1. The little white 205 is outstanding in snow, though you may want to paint the roof orange so you don't lose it in a small drift. If we get lots of the fluffy stuff I'm going to wish I still had it - or had fixed the Dyane/Blingo - because I suspect the Lex-arse will be hilariously useless...!
  2. I've sat by that cross in Alston, enjoying some very good fish & chips...
  3. My sister has started redecorating their front room. Lux the Maine Coon approves the message. 😄
  4. The Owd Giffer is a retired radar/data recording engineer. Imagine his utter frustration with me!
  5. Dom's new job is in an Elton John tribute band. He just doesn't know it yet...
  6. Yeah, this one's going to fit in just fine!
  7. You had to drive all the way up France though! Ah, my coat...
  8. Still waiting for last year's! But yes, I'm in... 🙂
  9. Same. Bank too, which is eleventy times more annoying.
  10. That's a term of endearment here. Welcome along!
  11. "All generalisations are suspect - including this one." Attributed to the motorcycling wizard of muttering rotters Leonard J K Setright, I believe.
  12. Did you try a Scandinavian Flick? (3:40)
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