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  1. Does it mean their stock is any more interesting than the dross that seems to be available in most/all other supermarkets at present? A local Tesco that I sometimes visit had it's shelves emptied of toys and big boards saying that Entertainer will be coming soon, but I haven't had the opportunity to go back and take a look. Maybe next week....
  2. Maybe heading back from visiting the Historic GP at Monaco?
  3. That Wader garage I got today suits 1/43 stuff really well:
  4. The result of my visit to the fairly quiet toy fair in Ipswich this morning: Corgi Transit doesn;t have a tailgate, of course. RAV4 is by High Speed, was only £2. 205, BMW, Suzuki and caravan are by Edocar. Fiat is no-name Chinese, presumably a loose copy of the Matchbox? Good to get the Majorette TR7 without overly wide wheels. Garage is nice, never heard of Wader before but they still appear to be going in Germany. It was the single most expensive thing I bought. Trawled round Smyths and a few of the big supermarkets, but there was nothing left of interest.
  5. Nice flat bonnet to use as a desk and table - don't get that with a modern....
  6. Put the Carina E to work today: First job, take a load of empty bulk bags from the last gravel delivery back to the merchant's. Drove around listening to an old cassette I recorded in the early '90s, this one a bit of a dance-ish compilation with Stakker, Depth Charge etc. This made me laugh, I wondered what were the chances, if any, of someone driving around in an automatic Carina E listening to Acid Over by Tyree. Saw a few old cars bimbling around and remembered that it was the monthly autojumble/show/farmers' market thing at a local village, which for some reason I'd never manaaged to get to. Had some spare time so I called in, meeting up with this chap who I know from attending shows over the last 30 years. He's owned this fantastic Celica since it was a year old. One stall had a box full of old tax disc holders from cars that had gone through their now-closed garage business, it was good to get this selection from a few around Ipswich that I remember. Lots of stuff to unload when I got home - bags of landscaping bark to finally finish off the garden, new mower, lengths of timber, weekly shop and the magazines etc I bought at the autojumble. Carina E drove in that capable, comfortable way that seems to be particular to 1990s 1.8-2-litre midsize, non-sporty family cars, even with all the stuff on board. It has a decent turn of speed, good ride from tyres with a decent amount of sidewall and a roomy, comfortable interior. It still makes a lot of sense as a daily driver. Didn't really need it, and I still don't, but I'm glad I got it.
  7. Nice colour for it. I already have the blue one with a decal, and then picked up a different variant this morning: Was pleased to get the Siku R5. Cherokee had chien and tailgate: There was a nice Majorette Sierra on another stall, but a bit steep at £8 (still got the Ipswich toy fair to come tomorrow). On the subject of Sierras: All the above came from a 1:1 autojumble. There were probably a few other things I should have bought, but I'd already spent quite a bit on magazines and 1/24 built Tamiya kits for spares/repair:
  8. Even at the biggish French show I went to last summer I didn't see any, but I have seen a handful on previous trips: Plus a van on a wet day in 1980!
  9. That middle area of France seems to contain a lot of older stuff. Away from the northern and coastal climates, and not overly rugged or demanding terrain.
  10. Streetview shows they had a Bluebird 910 in the yard back in 2022, sadly gone last year:
  11. Sorry to hear about the blowout. I know that place! Moulismes, a handy stopping point when travelling between the A10 and A20. I saw this 504 there last year:
  12. I mostly use Revell enamel nowadays (or email as they call it). Seems to work better than modern Humbrol.
  13. Fantastic news to wake up to! Well done Mr_B, I can only imagine the sense of anticipation and excitement you now have about driving up through Spain and France. Make the most of it, what a thing it will be to look back on. Even when I go on holiday there in my modern I have to pinch myself and savour the moment, but to be doing it in something that was designed and built there?..... A lesson to us all here - it's too easy to get overwhelmed by the Bad Stuff going on in our own lives and/or out there in the world, we just need to get on and do something. (Also good to read a collection thread without having to learn about the poster's toilet visits.)
  14. Got colour on the Fiat kit yesterday evening: Still needs clearcoat. I chose this shade as it's reminiscent of the Olio Fiat rally cars - it's being built as a hi-po road car, so I can do what I like. I'm imagining it's what the team gave one of their drivers as a thank you.
  15. Nice purchasing AD! The Laguna is the one I find more interesting. I used to have the odd drive of one back in the '90s, borrowing a colleague's company car for work trips. IIRC that was a 2.0 petrol, I remember it as having a supple, relaxed feel and I preferred it to 406s and Mondeos.
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