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  1. Looks truly incredible, and to be brave enough to redo those big rear panels at the end of it as well. Just eight hours left, what a feeling that must be! Will you know what to do with your time once it's done?......
  2. Just like the one we had as a family car for a few years (except ours was dark blue). The 2.3 was strangely unrevvy for a VTEC, still went nicely though - apparently Honda's response to other manufacturers using V6s. 5-stud wheels, which made me wonder if they shared brakes with the Type R as everything else in the range was 4-stud.
  3. Presumably the same Aurora who made plastic kits? This came in a mixed lot some years ago, I sold it on again. I believe some of their cars ended up with Monogram. The Maserati 3500 GT I finished last summer was one of their own mouldings, was a pretty decent kit for something dating back to the '60s.
  4. Every so often I'll have a dream about finding some old Superfast or the like in a shop, but something always happens that means I don't end up buying anything.
  5. Pretty sure that was the case with the odd example I recall in the '80s and early '90s, with the USAF bases at Mildenhall, Lakenheath, Bentwaters and Woodbridge all fairly local.
  6. Nice one! Box at least is in better shape than mine, and you don't have 'detailed' plates (unsure if it's paint or Tippex). They are a very satisfying thing, I do agree. Of course I wouldn't do anything as foolish as suggesting you need to get one of the 1:64-ish Sierras in a branded box to match.......
  7. I invested a bit of Christmas money in these: Majokit or Majo-Kit? Looks like they couldn't make their mind up. Set 733 is pretty weighty, I wonder if it's ended up with some other stuff in there.
  8. Flippin' heck, a Justy van?! I think this is the last one I saw, back at the end of 2006. Failed an MoT in 2008 and looks to have been scrapped.
  9. Wow, didn't even know I had anything in the running! April's my birthday month too, and Miss SL will be very pleased to see Fudge immortalised. 1;barefoot2; Craig the Princess3; Sickboy4; Rob88h5: KruJoe +1x20206: Fumbler7: worldofceri8: adw19779: Stephen0110: djoptix11: N1912: NorthernMonkey13: HillmanImp14: gm15: scdan416: MorrisItalSLX17: Asimo18: Frogchod19: Captainboom20: Catsinthewelder21: Plumbertony22: Castros_bro23; Macscrooge24; RML2345 x225: puddlethumper26: SmokinWaffle x3 (if poss)27: Sunny Jim28: garycox x229: quicksilver30: Aldo13531: RobT x132: Vulgalour33: Dozeydustman
  10. That scene looks like the storyboard for a dramatic episode of Emmerdale. What is the brown thing on the bottom left? Current small scale projects: 1967 Impala that's going to be fitted with the LT5 engine from a Corvette ZR-1. ARG Sandalwood Beige paintwork, which needs polishing. To save putting it back in the box, the donor Corvette is getting built without an engine. Again, just-applied paintwork needs to be polished. Colour is Ford Caymen Blue for an appropriately '90s vibe. I'm also resurrecting this long-stalled project, having recently
  11. @Jon Seen this one that I saw mention of on Flickr today? Review here: https://antiquesandauctionnews.net/articles/"Toys-Of-Road-Vehicles-Made-In-New-Zealand"/
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