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  1. Interesting to see that comparison between the old and new Capris. New one looks a lot better, just somehow needs the front and rear valances to be done in body colour. It's a shame the original wasn't done as crisply as the Mk2 Cortina.
  2. I remember one in the little toybox at my grandparents, the front of the roof was caved-in but it still got played with. I think the trader who I bought my stuff from yesterday had one if you feel like reacquainting yourself with it.....
  3. Like this? I have this one in my colection, it's a particularly nice little model.
  4. I had my playday at the Kempton Park toy fair today. I could easily have spent a four-figure sum there, I was tempted by a large Joustra R/C Toyota Land Cruiser at £65 and Hong Kong-made R/C Datsun 240/260Z for £25, both boxed. Also an AMT Lexus LS400 kit and numerous examples of bigger Corgis, Matchbox Superkings etc. In the end I got most of my haul from one chap who had a great range of Superfast, plenty to choose from and fill some gaps in my MIB-ish collection. Don't recall the Corgi Reliant. The 1:36 Corgis came from someone else: They had a boxed red Jaguar XJ-C just like the one I was given at around seven years old, but the Merc is one I've been after for a while and I already have a playworn Jaguar to fill that gap in my life.
  5. is it just me, or do the rear lights look like narrow pre-facelift despite it having the facelift's twin headlights?
  6. I missed this one, it's wonderful! I like what you're doing to it. As others have said it was never very common here, only sold as the 5-door hatchback and with a high-ish spec including A/C (unusual back then). We got skinnier chrome bumpers however: Always thought they were an attractive car, but I don't remember seeing many. Even at the Japanese shows back in the '90s/'00s there may only have been one or two and the last one I remember for definite was in a Norfolk scrapyard. It was available, I was interested but I believe it ended up going for export.
  7. I assume they owe more to the saloon's underpinnings than the hatchback? I saw one on a local driveway recently, been unused for several years: Just a 1.6, and a distinct lack of badges....
  8. Good to see the Suffolk reg on that Volvo 164. Maybe one from the importers, they were based in Ipswich back then and the '70s press cars were always registered in Ipswich. Pleasing to see some French spots, fingers crossed I manage one or two myself this year......
  9. I had one of those Orange Blossom kits a few years ago. A little bit outside of my area of interest, so I sold it on eBay and even then it went for a decent amount. Assuming the kit is intact and decals are good then I reckon £20 if the box is a bit damaged? I don't seem to win very much for less than that.
  10. Ta. I don't want to spend too much, but it'll be good to see what sellers in a different patch have compared to the little fairs we have around here, usually with the same regulars. If I can get another 2-3 MIB Superfast and some odds and ends, maybe a kit or two, I'll be happy.
  11. I'm trying to steer clear of toy fairs for the moment, but circumstances are taking me south of London next weekend and I'll have a bit of time to kill so I'm looking to visit this one: https://www.rmtoys.co.uk/pages/kempton-park-toyfair Anyone else going?
  12. Great to see it progressing Dan, and so nearly finished.
  13. Sadly no Golfs there anymore, despite checking through both boxes. Still a few LS400s and red Civics though.
  14. There were quite a few in my local store last week - do you want to see if I can get one or two for you?
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