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  1. Never seen that hoop around the front before! Yeah... wondering about largely body-less technical demonstrator so folks can see what's under the skin?
  2. I never even realised the Sonett existed in two stroke form...that must make a lovely noise.
  3. Really just involves me not being lazy! It's not really difficult to do, it just requires a bit of engineering to design a bracket really. There's really nowhere convenient you could just slot a switch in as it stands. If the selector on the other side I might suggest a momentary button on the gear selector like the high/low range switch on older lorries as a starter enable button. So it's not actually a neutral lockout, but having to have my hand on the selector is pretty good insurance that I'll check where it is. As you need to give the engine a bit of throttle from a cold start t
  4. Problem there is I'd need to figure out a way to get back (and then back over there to collect it) which right now would involve me needing to borrow a second vehicle and driver as I'm not even entertaining the use of public transport until I'm fully vaccinated (which isn't going to be until late September), and at a glance it'd be a reasonable trek as there's not an obvious direct route there. Were it a normal year and I had a bit more spare time I'd maybe see it as more of a scope for a bit of an adventure...however my desire for adventure right now is very low indeed!
  5. Do love these things. Only thing I really wish they hadn't changed from the early ones was changing the dash faces from white to black. Always thought the white clock faces suited it well - especially in this version which is trying to look a bit more sporting. If I had room for a convertible I'd definitely consider one.
  6. Going back the best part of 20 years now, but I'm pretty sure we had an issue with one of these (it was the TD version, so not sure how much was different) through the garage which had an issue with a horrible judder when reversing which turned out to be that the rearmost engine/gearbox mount had completely disintegrated. It looked absolutely fine at rest because of how things sat, but once unbolted it became immediately apparent that the two halves were no longer actually attached to each other.
  7. Can't speak for the 944 but usually the setup with heater blowers is that the switch is indeed just a multi-pole switch. The actual resistor (or resistors if there are more than two speeds available) are usually mounted elsewhere, commonly on or inside the blower housing. Maximum speed usually works by completely bypassing the resistor network, so even if the resistor fails generally full speed will still work. So given you've got off and 4, I'd tend to be looking at the resistor pack. I'd be looking for a diagram of the blower housing and seeing if it's visible there. EDIT: Just
  8. Really would be nice to get out somewhere to grab some more interesting photos one day... Though she did tick over 13K miles today. 356 to go then that will be 2K covered in my ownership...2K has rolled round a lot quicker than the first thousand did!
  9. Given how high the exhaust gas temperature gets during a regen cycle, basically anything going awry in the vicinity could be a recipe for fire. At those temperatures pretty much anything that isn't completely non flammable will become fuel. Flash point of LDS fluid is 155C, so well within the range you're likely to find in areas of an engine bay if you had a leak somewhere bad. Given how much stuff is crammed into the engine bay on these trying to figure out the cause is probably going to be nigh impossible without spending a lot of time on it...even then unless an obvious flash po
  10. Want to sort my bodywork out for me? Makes my bodges look downright embarrassing!
  11. Which they made a habit of doing at the time. We did quite a lot of 440/460 exhausts when I was at the garage and they generally had signs of having a lot of water sitting in them, especially on ones which didn't do many miles.
  12. Zelandeth

    E10 fuel

    Yeah, that's the same text as on the page for a while - just curious to see if with the introduction of E10 if it will change. Hopefully it will remain the case for a while. I'd really rather avoid the stuff if I can.
  13. Zelandeth

    E10 fuel

    Esso have been a bit of a help with this so far as their Supreme+ 99 has been kept ethanol free (except in a few specific areas) thus far. Couldn't see any mention of this on their website when I last looked a few days ago, but does anyone know if this is likely to remain the case for a while, or it it going to be moved up to E5 now?
  14. So long as it's not there once the car has actually been driven for a reasonable amount of time at speed don't worry about a wet exhaust. It's just a sign of how ridiculously clean by the standards of the time they ran. If a huge portion of your switchgear illumination appears to be dead don't panic - a lot of the lighting is via fibre optics, so if the lamp in that fails it obviously takes out a shedload of the lighting (including the seatbelt buckles!) in one shot. Nice driving little cars these. Though having the same fake indicator tick as in several buses I've driven is someth
  15. Not been much to report. My Covid jab left me feeling pretty well wiped out for a few days - nothing really to write home about, just absolutely dead tired. Having hurt my hand also largely put me off doing much in the way of practical work. Feeling more myself today though and my hand is pretty much sorted (though it still looks an interesting colour of purple), so took TPA out for a run today to get some errands run. Seemed to dodge the worst of the weather too, given that it rained quite heavily just before I went out and just after I got home. Was a little b
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