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  1. Bloody gritters out in force this afternoon to the extent you'd think they were forecasting weather akin to the best from the east from a while back (which we saw one gritter in the run up to, and it was nearly a month in before our road, next door to a school, was cleared). Have I missed something on the forecast? It's meant to just dip below freezing again to tonight, but it did that the last couple and we've seen nothing of them...yet today they're everywhere!
  2. Quite a lot of HT leads aren't just a wire in the interests of reducing the RFI thrown off by the ignition system. Some use a resistor actually in the cap at one end, but quite a few actually use a carbon composite material for the conductor itself. Not honestly sure how they would test on a meter, especially bearing in mind a lot of cheaper meters don't have a particularly high impedance measurement range.
  3. Based on the photos I've seen I think it's exactly the same. Do you know the diameter? Would allow me to confirm pretty quickly then if the door card itself has been hacked about.
  4. Yesterday I ended the day with a car covered in smeary, hazy wax marks that refused to buff off. That bottle has now been binned. Step one for today, after a bit of experimentation, was to polish the car end to end to get rid of that residue. Much better. Though having just made the car shiny again, it was immediately made un-shiny again by throwing lots of (probably a bit much to be honest, but I struggled to get this to go on thinly) wax at it. This behaved much more as expected and didn't cause me any headaches. I did give the tail light lenses a skim over with the cutting paste to bring them back to life a bit as they were quite matt and hazy, they came up pretty decent. They're still a bit tired but look way better than they did. This is the reflector which in the US would have a small lamp behind it serving as one of the position lights I believe. There's an obvious space for a 5W capless lamp but sadly no lamp holder. Thinking I may retrofit this as these days I'm all for anything which makes the car more visible. I don't believe there's a roadworthiness issue with a steady amber light being shown to the side of the vehicle when the headlights are lit. At the end of the day once all the polish was buffed off and the bumpers etc given a going over this is what we were left with. Need to do that again as they absorbed the rubber treatment like a sponge. Looking better though. Ignore the puddle under the back of the car... that's from the bottle of antifreeze I knocked over in the boot earlier that started leaking unknown to me. Starting to look like a Jag deserves to. Last task for the day before I ran out of daylight was to investigate the utterly horrendous reproduction from the stereo. Attempting to turn the bass control up anywhere above zero resulted in it sounding like a gazoo through a guitar distortion pedal... I knew that something looked off about the speaker installation even before I picked up any tools. The moment I went to remove the covers it became abundantly clear why things were sounding so laughably poor. Firstly, the speaker isn't fastened to anything aside from the flimsy fibreboard door card. Secondly, it's fastened to the wrong side of it, so the cutout (which I am assuming is sized for the stock speakers...which were probably better than this rubbish) is leaving the door card actively pressed up against the periphery of the speaker cone. Thirdly, the door card is flapping around in the breeze because whoever installed this broke half the trim clips and never replaced the adhesive tape around the edge. Fourthly, they never put a weather shield over the speaker, so it was full of water and consequently is knackered. While the covers said Kenwood, what came out is Sony badged...but it's clearly a bargain basement piece of Chinesium with a Sony badge on. The fact that it weighs less than half what the little 100mm driver's I installed in the van last year says a lot I think...only place these are headed is the electronic recycling bin. It's a shame they've marked the door cards so badly (and I think cut it away a bit on closer inspection) as otherwise I'd look to find a replacement for the original speaker covers and replacement drivers in the original size. As it is, the damage is already done so no point worrying about it. I did wonder about putting these 5x7s in as they've been looking for a home for a few years now (bought for something else where I discovered they were too deep for). However that will involve hacking away more of the door card which I'd really rather avoid. Plus I'd need to buy a cover for them anyway as I've no idea whatsoever where the ones that came with these speakers have gone. So I'll pick up something new. Based on what's available locally and at a sensible price, will probably be a pair of Pioneer TS-R1350S units I think as they should fit in the existing cutout (properly fitted this time!). I'll probably get a cheap set of generic plain black mesh covers for them to make it blend in and look a bit less obviously aftermarket. I'll then take a better look at the setup in the back and decide what to do there. It looks like identical speakers have been fitted, and I'm expecting them to have been just as poorly fitted. They're a bit less mission critical though as once the front ones are sorted at least the stereo will be listenable. I'll obviously take the opportunity to resecure the door cards properly as well and reinstate the weatherproofing shield that I'm sure should be in there. May as well cavity wax the inside of the doors while I'm in there. Had a shot at getting the washer bottle out for cleaning just before closing up for the evening, however the fasteners are utterly disinterested in moving, so they have been doused in Plusgas and I'll try again tomorrow. At least it's one of the few things in the engine bay that are easy to get to! So this evening I am finally roughly where I had hoped to be this time yesterday before the nonsense with that horrible Aqua Wax stuff. On the plus side, at least the car has now had at least a quick polish. The bonnet I reckon in particular would benefit from a proper going over with the machine polisher at some point, but the rest of the car hasn't come up badly at all.
  5. Front speakers in the Jag sound absolutely bloody awful. Let's find out why. Hmm...Where do I start with this? Speaker not actually screwed to anything aside from floppy doorcard which they busted all the clips on when they fitted it. Speaker cone actually touching the door card around the cutout for the old speaker. Speaker utterly knackered because they didn't cover the back of it so it was full of water. Why do I smell a Halfords installation here...
  6. What worked for me was to suspend mind just above the floor (by about 1/4") by a bit of tension on the fuel lines, that seems to have pretty much eliminated the physically transmitted click. You can still hear the actual sound a bit but it's pretty subtle and inaudible with the fan speed anywhere above the lowest setting.
  7. Interesting to see that (while the actual illumination source is different) that your heater/ventilation controls use the same sort of "floating" illuminated text as Jag did for the HVAC and ancillary controls in the XJS (and early XJ6/12 I think). Yours are lit rather more usefully though!
  8. We will definitely need to get a photo of her along with some of her relations in your fleet once they return from winter hibernation I think. I can't remember if I've asked before, but do you have any recommendations for a body shop? Definitely a few areas which I think it's worth getting sorted professionally (rear arches, few areas where being under a cover has caused the paint to bubble... helpfully right in the middle of the bonnet so really obvious, and one laughably poor bit of paint blending) as they'll no doubt help the value of the car and help prevent degradation in the long term. So much for "a quick bit of fun" given I've already started thinking about long term goals!
  9. That does my bloody head in when that happens. At least a few times a week...and being on mobile there's no undo option. The tendency for it to randomly stop letting me type text in is frustrating as well. Of course because of the way images etc are handled you can't even really do the old "type it up in a text editor and paste" solution as wrangling it into a usable state winds up being just as long winded and usually more annoying than just writing the whole lot out twice. Or three times. Or four times... The forum itself works okay but the editor still makes me want to tear my own spleen out at times. Why the designers couldn't just let you use standard BBCode for URLs I'll never understand.
  10. Finally had the opportunity to actually wash the thing today. Which gave me the chance to give the bodywork a bit of a better appraisal. The rear arches definitely need some attention sooner rather than later. Probably not a massive job to sort now, but give it a few years and it will be far harder. Not quite sure what's going on with the number plate lights. Looks like the lenses have sort of disintegrated. There are a couple of wide washers on the original screws which are sort of wedging the lens half in place. Methinks replacing these will be on the cards. Though they're £25 apiece so might not be particularly high on the list just now. Spotted something which I'll need to attend to at some point shortly. Looks like the seals under the feed hoses to the brake master cylinder need changed. I'll make sure it's not the hose weeping first though. While the car was actually clean for ten seconds I decided to grab a couple of better photos. Figured that the next thing it would be sensible to do would be to throw some wax on to protect the paint until I have time to fully polish it. This it turned out was a mistake. I didn't spot the words "new and improved formula" on the bottle of aqua wax until after I'd sprayed half the car with it. Being new and apparently improved of course translates to "no longer behaves as I expect it to." As such I then spent nearly two hours trying to buff it off, without seeming to get anywhere. Tomorrow I'll set about polishing and waxing it properly if the weather plays ball. Planning to get into the distributor in the week when I should have a couple of afternoons with a decent chunk of time without interruption. Don't want to do that tomorrow as there's too much chance of me getting dragged off for other tasks and it's a job I'd rather get done in one shot rather than having to down tools and come back having forgotten half of what I'm doing. Last little job I had a look at before tidying up was to see if the foggy reversing light lenses would clean up. Before: After: That scrubbed up nicely, could probably do with a second pass (and the polish residue cleaning out of the lettering), but looks far better. I'll probably do all of the tail light lenses as even though they're not as bad as the reversing light ones they're all quite dull. Speaking of tail lights, I do wonder how much of the US spec running lights is present in the cluster...I believe over there the little retro reflector in the side facing part of the indicator would have had a little 5W lamp behind it. Sorry, I will stop spamming the thread with photos of this thing eventually...
  11. If insane standing next to the car I'd go back to basics for a sec. You've been trying to get it going with no or poor spark for quite a while, so the engine is quite likely flooded. The carb unless I've missed something is still an unknown quantity isn't it? I'd get the plugs out, clean them up and get them roasting hot with a blow torch, throw them back in while still as hot as possible, blast a healthy squirt of easy start down the carb throat and crank it with the throttle wide open and see what happens. Getting the plugs heated up has successfully got me quite a few formerly extremely stubborn engines going, so for the sake of a few minutes would be worth a shot I think.
  12. ...And nobody ever let you out of a junction or anything ever again...
  13. Ah, that moment where you see the dreaded words "new and improved formula" on the side of a bottle of a car cleaning product just after you've smeared it all over the car. Of course what that text means is "No longer behaves anything like you expect it to" and leaves you fighting with it for the next two hours. The car is still covered in hazy wax smears...will need to start from scratch again tomorrow I think.
  14. Okay...mostly works. It's touchy as hell in Firefox, but works. Only in a new post though, the functionality doesn't appear to work if you edit an existing post. I'm less bothered about that though.
  15. Bit of additional content just for you @dollywobbler - I'm glad to report that due to the fully overlapping wiper action that there is no real triangle of doom. The parking position is a bit in your face though!
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