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  1. Excellent, having a common brand part number to go with makes all the difference! Very first hit punching QR1072 into eBay..."Classic Mini - 1962-83 Track Rod Ends..." Looks like we have our answer then. For the sake of £13 I'll get a pair ordered. Will let you know how I get on.
  2. There will definitely be more Jag updates. I've got a to do list for it as long as my driveway, it'll likely kick off properly once the spring arrives. It's not likely to be seeing much of anything until the weather improves a bit though. Aside from anything else, I'm obviously trying to avoid letting it near any more road salt than I can possibly avoid. The most recent development with it was the alternator losing interest in providing a useful amount of charging current...Once it's slightly less freezing and soggy outside I'll have a closer look at it and decide whether I'm going to chan
  3. Right...for future reference. Invacar/AC Model 70 rear brake hoses are shared with the FRONT hoses on a Mk I Triumph GT6. I've just fitted a pair so can confirm they fit.
  4. Let's finish the job we started yesterday. It's still cold. Somewhere down the line once the garage is actually sorted out I'll have to think about getting some heating installed. Step 1...Do what I should have done yesterday and spend ten minutes taking the seat out. Today this is the corner we're doing battle with. The first retaining nut came off without too much bother. Was still a bit of a struggle, but nothing too dire. Of course the last one decided to be an absolute pain. Not helped by having to do everything 1/32 of a turn at a time an
  5. It's the end of the world. Just back from walking the dogs. Four stuck cars within a mile of the house. Well...no. Not one of them was stuck. They'd all have been absolutely fine if the drivers lifted their foot off the floor for two seconds rather than just sitting there bouncing off the rev limiter while twirling the steering wheel around. Well, except for the BMW M3. Though if you're going out driving in the snow in a BMW, with tyres worn down to the cords, you deserve everything you get. Dangerous vehicle, reported to the police.
  6. Here's the closest we've had here this year... Despite being in the garage, in a car and having left the garage door overhanging, the snow *still* managed to find a way to get down the back of my neck and in my ear while I was working. Here's one from far more years ago than I care to think about. Much to the surprise of everyone, that little car was nigh on unstoppable in the snow.
  7. We're 50% done. After nearly two hours of cursing I got the first hose off. The retaining nuts fought me every step of the way. At least this meant I could fully confirm the new parts matched. Excellent. Getting the new one on was merely "bloody awkward." Here's a before and after. Doesn't that look better? The hose isn't twisted, it's just slightly longer than the gap so bows out a bit. The old one was just doing it towards the camera in the above photo so it's less obvious. Still surprises those hoses show no signs of perishing, just cru
  8. Wow, haven't seen one of those in a while. Had forgotten they existed. Totally fitting a pair in the Utility Room if I come across a set now I've remembered them. Or possibly in the van...
  9. Oh FFS. Another friend of mine has just had a cancer diagnosis. That's three in as many months, plus a close friend who died from it at the end of last year when their treatment was stopped during lockdown. All in their late 20s, early 30s. Plus the news has come through that an artist I've followed since before 2000 passed away for reasons unknown last night. I don't know them, but when it's someone whose work you've followed for so long it still stings emotionally.
  10. This is the one main gripe I have about my Xantia. It really needs a 6th gear or far, far taller 5th. 70 is around 3500 rpm and you can hear the engine drone - partially because of how creepily quiet the car is otherwise. It's got more than enough torque/power to handle another gear. Would make the world of difference to comfort when cruising, and probably really help economy. She only manages 35mpg even on a motorway run, which ain't great for a 2.0 car with decent aerodynamic properties.
  11. Well that's a break from the norm... These were ordered from MEV Spares via their eBay store yesterday, at 16:34. Arrived on my doorstep a few minutes past noon today. That be some speedy service! Now trying to decide if I can summon the enthusiasm to go work in the garage while it's snowing outside. Though I can't drive the car until it's done (I deliberately didn't put things back together yesterday) so probably will just try to get the job done today. At least then it's done and I won't always have the nagging worry that one of these lines might let go at the back of my
  12. Yeah...on a similar subject... Immediately to the left of this photograph used to be a decent sized wild meadow. As of about year ago, there's been an industrial estate there. One of the (many) objections to the planning permission being given to that was worries over surface water run off. We were repeatedly assured that there would be no impact whatsoever. The fact that this now happens every time it rains for more than a day (it was pretty much level with the seat of the bench yesterday) suggests otherwise! Never got flooding there before the industrial estate went up.
  13. To be fair the garages I'd consider using I trust to do the job properly. They've either proven themselves to me by prior work done, or have been recommended to me by others having actual work done on cars, not just unplugging and replacing a black box as on most moderns. I've also been able to hammer into them that I'm far more interested in a job being done properly than cheaply. The brake hoses I ordered a few days ago arrived this morning. Unfortunately it was immediately apparent that these aren't what I need. Both ends of the hose on the Invacar need to mate
  14. Fair enough...I learned something today! Thanks for that. They could do better than having them parked on three consecutive overpasses though!
  15. You know...the police around here could be out actually trying do do something about the blatant disregard for the lockdown rules. No, instead there are three speed camera vans within 5 miles on the virtually empty A5. Yeah, that's good use of resources. No...they know the road is quiet so people are likely to let their speed drift a bit higher than normal so they reckon it's a good money maker. Or have I just turned into a cynical, grumpy old man?
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