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  1. Someone was out and about again today. Now proudly displaying her replica tax disc. Ended up doing something I haven't in years. After I was done with the errands I had to run, I just picked a road and decided to see where it went. Was probably out for a couple of hours. That says a lot I think about how I've started to build some proper confidence in this car - and enjoying driving her. Observations: 10" wheels and quite firm suspension aren't great with the condition a lot of roads round here are in. The fact there are quite so many crashes and rattles from th
  2. Ouch...out run by a Lada Riva (measured mine at 15 after the injection conversion). That is a tad leasurely by the standards of a modern car!
  3. I drove one that was basically that but with a Paramount body on it...no idea what it based based on other than Volvo as it had a late B58 style dash. Knowing the company who owned it, wouldn't surprise me if it was a Heinz 57 by that stage in life to be honest. Two things I remember being that it went like the clappers...if you dared as the suspension was about as softly sprung as normal for a 70s/80s coach...but without making any allowances for the comically short wheelbase. The see-saw bouncing was truly comical. Heaven forbid they ever had passengers onboard who were seasick.
  4. How the blazes do you get copper lines so neat? I'm downright embarrassed to show my efforts from routing new brake lines...
  5. To be fair, the MPG was in the teens before I got the carb and CVT properly sorted! In contrast, her last fuel up was £18.22 over 101 miles - so just over 37MPG.
  6. Still working through the web page for TPA. We've made it to the installation of the fuel tank now...so early February 2019 I think! In other news, filled the Jag up again today. Everyone knows a V12 Jag is thirsty and that the MPG is laughable. However I don't think an MPG number actually means much to most people. So here it is in a more recognisable way. Last fuel up: £87.70. That got me: 129.8 miles. So call it about £100 for every 150 miles! She be a thirsty old girl. Do I care? Nope.
  7. You know...with the steelies and the black mirrors and bumpers, I actually kind of like the look of that.
  8. So the pubs are open again. Walked past our local on the way to pick up a prescription. About thirty people outside, not a mask or inch of social distance in evidence among the lot, and there must have been about fifty people crammed inside. *Bashes head against nearest wall* Why are people so stupid?
  9. Never realised quite how long these were until seeing a couple of the photos above. I really do need to get something American on fleet one day. Still fancy an early Cherokee...
  10. 40 mile round trip done in TPA today (Dunstable and back), and spent the vast majority of it being held up by other traffic. The woman in the Fiesta who kept slowing down to 30 while looking at her phone then accelerating back to 70, then repeating roughly every 60 seconds got old in a hurry. Was bloody glad to get past her once we got to a dual carriageway. She actually needs a wash now as the heavens opened halfway back.
  11. Before you get too deeply involved in getting the interior clean...make sure the windscreen scuttle trim on the nearside is intact. It often cracks, the result being that rainwater drops straight down into the heater intake and into the passenger footwell. The result quickly being a damp and mouldy interior.
  12. The market at the moment is beyond crap because of how many people have found themselves out of work due to COVID. One of my housemates is on the interview panel for some areas where he works. They had a post open about a month ago, normally they would have expected 150-200 applicants for a post at that level. They received just over 36,000 applications for this post. Apparently it's like that in all areas of the business. My husband has been job hunting for 13 months now too. Fixed term contracts suck.
  13. Yep, this is the oil filler. It just pulls off...but they can be an absolute pig to get off sometimes so be prepared for a fight. It's just a push fit.
  14. The issue you had with the paint and the car wash is the extremely aggressive spray detergent they use. It's completely unsuitable for paint which doesn't have clearcoat, or just strips all the surface finish off - then you need to polish the whole car. Specifically ask them not to touch the car with it and you should be okay...but my experience has been that they listen about 20% of the time. That car was shiny and just a bit dirty...left me needing a full polish!
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