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  1. Having it securely bolted in place all the way round with a thick foam gasket seems to have reduced the number of squeaks and rattles from behind me by about 90%...just the doors now that make a racket on poor surfaces really.
  2. Not unexpected really, those places have always had demand based pricing so given that everyone who would normally have gone abroad with no expense spared are descending on them the prices have inevitably gone silly. Motorhome prices have gone mental as a result apparently - had someone trying to buy mine yesterday and they were up to offering nine grand before I finally managed to convince them that I meant it when I said it's not for sale.
  3. Late HDi Xantia would probably be my vote. Not sure if you'd quite hit the target MPG in general use but it must be close. Yes there are plenty of horror stories out there, but they are absolutely a dependable car once the well documented bits of preventative maintenance are taken care of, and the hydraulics are nowhere near as terrifying as rumour would have you believe. They're worth pennies so it should be easy enough to get one and give it a thorough going over without breaking the bank. Comfy car to spend time in that won't make you want to gouge your eyes out with a dull spoon or need to hire a chiropractor during the commute.
  4. Glanced at weather report. 17C and cloudy... excellent, ideal weather to go take the dogs for a walk. Little warmer than I'd ideally like but fine enough. Idiot... should have read the whole screen. Ugh...six miles later and I've just had to change every item of clothing and take a shower. The thing I hate even more than heat is humidity. Again...moving down here was a dumb, dumb decision.
  5. Random engine stopping without prior warning, my usual suspect would be crankshaft position sensor - especially if it starts up and behaves fine again from cold. That's just general engines from this sort of era though - some folks here probably know the precise habits of the Mazda engines better than me as it's a car I've never worked on.
  6. The system on my 107 would do that very briefly when you first turned it on on a really hot day. The AC in that thing was astonishingly effective for such a basic little car. I remember in really hot weather that it had a really annoying habit of causing condensation to form on the *outside* of the windscreen when you were sitting in traffic.
  7. Finally got around to getting something done today which had been bugging me since the day that TPA first started rolling again. They're pretty cheap and nasty but will do the job just fine. It's not as though I'm going to be commuting daily in the dark. Hopefully somewhere down the line I'll come across a better quality more in-period set of 7" H4 headlights. They certainly look better than the clear ones which I've had in here until now though! Halfway there... Done. Doesn't that look better? Before I called it done on the offside door I wanted to get one last issue ticked off while I still had the drill and such out - that the upper runner channel (normally held on by several tiny self tapping screws) had pulled out of the door at the front. I drilled a couple of new holes and secured it with proper bolts with large penny washers behind the panel to better spread the load. Hopefully that won't cause is any issues in the future. Then once I'd resecured the seal in a few places I called it good. That door is still a pig to get closed sometimes and doesn't run properly on the lower runner so I will need to pull the whole lot apart at some point. I think that the rollers are knackered or seized to the axle they sit on. While I was fiddling with door seals I resecured the one on the nearside door which had started to peel off yet again. I've given up on gluing these in now after the third or fourth time and have just screwed it to the frame. Yes, I know that's not how the did it at the factory...but I'm sick of having to clean everything off and try a different type of adhesive every two months...and Sikaflex seems like overkill which is about the only thing I can think of I've not tried yet! I do have a full set of new door seals for this car which I'll probably get fitted soon as these are a bit dog eared in places. It's a pretty low priority though. I checked the oil level in both the diff and the gearbox and despite the visible leak they were both still showing as spot on. Before I went to put the service hatch back in through I wanted to make an improvement to the fittings for that. Originally this was secured by moderately large self tapping screws which screwed into spring clips behind the panel - all but two of these had dissolved in my case and required me to drill them out to get the panel off. Trying to get the screws into the bottom two holes is also nigh on impossible given that I can't just pull the back of the seat off with two bolts because I'm not using the original seat. Even having replaced the spring clips in there I've found that the screws tend to loosen themselves off over time as well. My solution was to stick a bolt through from the back side, sandwiching the bulkhead panel between two big washers, essentially giving me studs attached to the bulkhead which I can then bolt the cover down onto. This is the first time that I've ever actually had this really solidly secured in place I think. It made getting the thing in way, way easier as it just slotted onto the bolts rather than having to spend forever trying to wriggle it around until all the holes line up and I can get the screws in. I'll be curious to see if this has had any impact on the noise level in the cabin. Just need to finish tidying up tomorrow and then we should be able to get her out and about again.
  8. Sorry to hear that you had headaches when it came to selling the Lada on. Wasn't just me then...if that's the sort of crowd they're now attracting it may well be the last one I have as I can't be done going through that again.
  9. The important things for the belts are the taper angle and width. The taper is the most critical as while it might require a bit of trial and error, it should be possible to mitigate slight width differences by tweaking the distance between the pulleys (a bit of math could probably figure out how much change would be needed). I've got two or three spare belts here so it's not something of immediate concern, just would be nice to know that it's possible to switch to a modern one in the future if supply of the original ones becomes an issue. The impression I'm getting is that they're actually pretty resilient to the passage of time so it hopefully won't be too massive a headache.
  10. Zelandeth

    Bus Shite

    Small world...P865GND. If memory serves, Volvo B10M-55, Alaxender PS and ex-Stagecoach Bluebird. Spent a good few hours on it on the 307 when I commuted into Aberdeen by bus - which means no later than 2006. Makes me happy to know she's still on the go!
  11. That is very true for me, just anywhere above 18-20C these days I start falling to bits. I'm trying to maintain momentum with this though. I've really been enjoying buzzing around in this little car the last couple of days now I think I'm starting to get a better feel for it. I don't want to end up putting off sorting things and ending up another year down the line with it barely getting used. Having got the door back together it was time to reattach the gear selector to the gearbox. This job is most easily done from underneath, though jacking the car up would have meant taking the car out of the garage and working beneath the deadly ball of death that is the sun today. Not happening. I wanted to inspect the pulleys, CVT belt and check the oil levels in the gearbox and diff - all of these things want the rear service hatch in the cabin out, so figured I'd just work from above like last time. Pulleys look perfect. There was quite a bit of surface oxidisation on the primary pulley when it was fitted, as I hoped though it's cleaned itself up through use. Lovely satin smooth finish on both of them now. Belt also seems happy enough. The manual states very clearly that cracking between the teeth on the belt will happen early during its life and shouldn't be considered a sign of impending failure, so I'm not worried about that. It's really noticeable that before the pulleys were replaced that this whole area used to get covered in finely atomised belt material during any run. No noticeable deposits anywhere since last time I was in here though so that behaviour seems to have been purely down to surface corrosion on the old secondary pulley. The gear selector was originally attached to the selector arm on the box by a roughly 1/4" diameter roll pin, held in place by a split pin. I was missing this because the replacement selector I fitted (the original one in TPA was totally siezed) didn't have it, and no amount of effort was able to shift the original one from the linkage. Originally I fitted a bolt in this location and used a locknut arrangement to try to stop it loosening itself over time. Apparently this didn't work as since then I've lost two bolts. Annoyingly the replacements I have, presumably because they're a metric size, don't fit. The smallest size I've got that fits drops straight through, the next size up won't fit. Adding an extra washer to the smaller one adds enough length that I can't then get the split pin in. So we will need to use a bolt then for the time being. It was at this point I had a bit of a brainwave. There are two pivot joints on the gear linkage of this type. The lower one (the source of my problem), then an identical one where the rod actually pushes/pulls on the actual gear selector on the box. The lower one is an absolute swine to get to other than from underneath because there is a load of pulley and belt in the way. The top one however is near enough level with the top of the gearbox pretty much and is readily accessible. So I took the standard coupler out of the top pivot and installed that in the hard to get to bottom location. I then fitted a bolt and lock nut to the top one. The fact that I can actually get to it makes it possible to easily do the locknut up *way* more tightly than I probably managed last time. I also put a blob of thead lock on it. At least if it does drop off again in future replacing the thing will be a five minute job as it's dead easy to get at. I do get the impression that I may need to look at replacing the gearbox seals at some point though... Still out of gloves. I'd been literally dripping with sweat since about two minutes after leaving the house so called time at this point before I wound up passing out from heat exhaustion (showing 36C in the garage by the time I called it). I'll check the gearbox and diff oil levels tomorrow before I button the service hatch back up. Edit: Keep forgetting to post this. One real bonus of having a wide angle mode on my camera now is that it's way easier to get group fleet photos. Obviously I'll need to take another one once the Xantia returns from the garage, but I've been meaning to do this for months so wasn't going to miss the opportunity. I enjoy how many extremes of the automotive spectrum we have covered in that one photo.
  12. Aaaand there goes 90% of the text of a post I was just writing. So yep, that bug is still alive and well.
  13. I always forget how skinny the 12" tyres are until I see an angle like this! If circumstances allow one day it would be interesting to see how much difference the wider rubber on the 10" wheels really makes. I'm guessing they're so light that it's not actually as much as you'd think. At least it sounds like circumstances might be giving you a good opportunity to make the decision to get some of the issues worked through. Oil leaks really aren't something you want to take chances with on an air cooled engine.
  14. Happy to volunteer to give the 2CV some exercise! Perfect open top weather... I'm definitely *hoping* to make an appearance, it's just hard for me to commit to something like this more than a couple of days in advance with how my mental health is these days. Also is the weather is anything like this it will definitely enforce my having to call time after a couple of hours as I just can't handle temperatures like this like I used to.
  15. Well after nearly three hours of swearing and nearly passing out from heat exhaustion the offside window runner is sorted. Look, no daylight! Here's a "before" image for comparison. (From the opposite side, but they were pretty similar). The channel rubber is pretty knackered but will do for now. It does at least hold the glass properly now. Really don't want to have to do that again!
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