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  1. I live there. Yes, drivers in the area are bloody insane. i refuse to turn right out of our neighbourhood, instead going left and doubling back. We see accidents there pretty much monthly. It is an aggressively unfriendly place to drive. Everyone NEEDS to be somewhere half an hour ago, and woe betide you if you happen to hold them up by 5 seconds.
  2. Apparently the new caliper has now arrived back home. Sadly I'm currently 3,500 miles away from the car so it'll need to wait for attention! Whether that caliper gets sent off along with the original one for inspection and any necessary rebuild work will depend on what it looks like. I may well send them both away anyway for the sake of long term reliability anyway. It's not as though I can start putting stuff back together properly until they're both present anyway. It *looks* good in the photos on the eBay listing, but we all know how much that means. Also on the subject of brakes, discs. Am I correct in thinking that the wheel bearing races are pressed into the discs on these? I've got a new pair of discs in the boot waiting to go on, but will get a bearing set ordered too if that's the case. If I need to take everything apart anyway I'm inclined to just change the consumables involved to save me time and head off future failures before they have a chance to pop up.
  3. This thing is fantastic. Starting to look far less shed built now it's more complete. The colour is absolutely perfect for it too. That will be so much fun, especially with the A series soundtrack without any sound deadening. If you're ever in the Milton Keynes area I'd love to see it in the metal.
  4. Another random photo from a prior FoD visit.
  5. Chrysler Turbine has always been one of my favourites. Not massively outlandish, but some of the detailing is just wonderful. Sadly I couldn't get a photo of the rear because of pesky barriers. For a better all round look, go watch this though.
  6. Yes, I hate international travel *precisely* as much as I remember. Let's never do this again.
  7. Sitting in an airport with several hours to kill and the first film from the BL Day show has come back...so here you go. In no particular order...and only tweaked very slightly based on what I can see on my phone screen. Will possibly be a couple more to follow from the other film I finished on the day depending how they came out.
  8. Christ on a bike, travel insurance has got expensive. Last time we went to the US in 2018 it was ~£300 for the four of us. This trip: Just over a bloody grand! Not like it's something you can just chose not to have and the providers have a captive audience...so just a case of grimacing and dealing with it. Definitely more ammunition for me saying I'll just stay home next time I think!
  9. Aye, the Kubota diesel twin is a fantastic little industrial engine. They're fantastically dependable little units which sip fuel. Refinement though really isn't a strong point...which given they're really made for industrial applications first and foremost isn't that surprising.
  10. I have to wonder if the difference is something daft like one having a metric pipe union and the other imperial...which obviously is trivial to deal with for us. An expensive gamble though! Going to have a look at eBay to see if I can find that one...the LHS is the healthiest looking one, so replacing the driver's side would be the sensible one I think.
  11. Think the biggest issue with that one is likely top end. The stock CVT pulley setup aims to keep the engine sitting at 3500rpm, until it reaches top gear at ~45mph. So 60mph is somewhere in the region of 4000 - what's the governor likely set at on that little diesel? I do admit though that I'd be really curious to see how it drives too.
  12. Just discovered our sodding garden waste bin has disappeared. It's walked off to the far end of the street several times before - but I've just spent 45 minutes walking around in circles without any sight of it. I thought having scrawled our street name and house number all over every single surface would have discouraged this nonsense, apparently not.
  13. Christ I'd forgotten what a bloody horrible place to drive in Oxford is. Hopefully that's my one visit for the next couple of years done so I don't need to venture that way again any time soon. Nowhere near as bad as London, but still sodding unpleasant. I always forget as well how outright suicidal a lot of the cyclists there are too.
  14. Well they're dumb enough around here I've seen handprints on my camper from them having gone underneath to look for a cat...on a diesel from 1990!
  15. Apparently one of Z&S Transport's Tridents has lost it's exhaust...it just went past me heading up the hill through out neighborhood - sounded bloody awesome...I was looking for something far more exotic when I first heard it and turned around to look for the source!
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