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  1. I can report that as of about five minutes ago the "feature" where the editor randomly decided to erase a whole chunk of the text you just typed out is still alive and well. Really had been hoping we'd seen the back of that as it's absolutely maddening when it happens. Not least because it's just infrequent enough that it keeps lulling you into thinking it's gone away before sneaking up and kicking you in the nuts again when you least expect it.
  2. Bit of a shame seeing this really. I used them for the plates on TPA and couldn't fault them, turnaround was really quick too.
  3. Crank sensor diagnosis/theory isn't necessarily a bad idea. Depending where the gearbox (I'm assuming on something that new it's electronically controlled) gets its engine rpm data from, a flaky crankshaft position sensor *could* make it throw it's toys out the pram. If the sensor isn't expensive/absolute hell to change I'd give it a try.
  4. Chris takes his company car back for changeover tomorrow (yay, we're finally rid of the TTRS... without exception the most uncomfortable car I have ever sat in), so I had to give it a clean. Oh...my...word. That is by some margin the most godawfully fiddly car to even wash I have ever crossed paths with. Gave the Xantia a quick wash as well while I had things out and cleaned the windows. Removing these stickers really felt like absolute vandalism and doing so broke my heart as they feel like part of the car's story. Sadly the sun over this summer had done a number on them and they wer
  5. ...If we've got a dodgy spark that may well be a contributing factor to why it seems to be impossible to dial the carb in to run smoothly across anything like a useful band. Would also explain why there were brief periods where it seemed to run lovely for a few minutes before playing up again. Have to confess to having got tunnel vision there and homes straight in on the carb (which does need a service kit, for the gasket if nothing else) and beyond clipping on one loose HT lead properly never really looked at the ignition side. My bad!
  6. I usually just go at them with a rag and a reasonably aggressive cutting compound. As far as stopping them from going cloudy again quickly, just a really good coat of wax should help a lot.
  7. Half of the stuff I'm waiting for the Xantia arrived today. Nice new silicone elbow to replace the cracked factory induction hose. We've stuck with black as once everything is back together and it's dulled down a bit you won't even notice it's been changed unless you specifically know the engine bay of a TCT engined Xantia. Annoyingly, while the elbow has arrived, the straight bit hasn't...which leaves the hose about 2" too short to reach the air filter housing. Fine. Back on goes the cone for now. I have to admit to childishly enjoying the ridiculous induction gr
  8. I think this means that I have officially started "sorting out" my garage... Having got fed up wasting half an hour trying to find any of the regularly used tools every time I went into the garage, I've started attaching the things I use most often to the wall of the garage. The black socket set is the thing I use by far the most regularly, so that went right by the door. It's still an awful mess...but this should save me a good deal of time and annoyance anyway. I'll need to get some actual hooks so I can add the screwdrivers and such as well. The air receiver
  9. Not everything in there is useful to me...but quite a bit is! Memory, hard drive and PCMCIA network cards are the immediate stand out items for me. You can never have too many extension cables either. If nobody else chimes in I'll grab the box. Within easy collection distance too.
  10. These vans (there are three of them) have been here well over an hour now...Neither neighbour has any idea who they belong to or where the drivers are.
  11. Council came round here yesterday (of course right as we were trying to leave) to repair the cracked slabs on the footway. Less than 24 hours later, all but one of the replacement slabs are cracked in exactly the same place as the old ones. Yep...that's about the level of quality of repair work I have come to expect of MK Council's contractors.
  12. I know a certain Olympian which will do that when parked when it feels like it due to one of the levelling valve bodies having gone porous! It's 50/50 whether she does it - but means in the museum that you have to be bloody careful when you park her up in the shed to make sure you leave a good couple of extra feet to either side in case she decides to have a lean...especially after the repaint was done! Decided to have a really bad day for it one day when there was a show on and she was out on display...I kept going out and starting her back up every couple of hours and getting things le
  13. Having thought about it for two seconds I realised that the position I'd mounted the fuel filter in was going to be massively in the way...All I needed to do however was flip it around to the opposite side of the support bar it's attached to. That should be far more out of the way. We then had a run over to the Six-Cylinder's place to assist with a bit of technology wrangling. The weather forecast was checked before I went out, and was showing 0% of precipitation. Yeah...about that. Yeah...I wound up driving back through near monsoon conditions (twice). The windsc
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