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  1. Have sent a message to the gent who had the hub, will see if I'm that lucky. Looks like the hub needs to come off one way or another...so that will probably be the task for tomorrow. At least once it's off that opens up options for getting it machined...May well see if I can just get them to sort out the snapped stud as well...it's a couple of minutes work in a proper workshop with the proper tools. If I break a drill bit in there or wreck the threads it'll make things far worse. Let's just hope I don't wreck the wheel bearings putting things back together!
  2. Do you need to remove the clusters on these to change the lamps? If not, go for Sikaflex or Tigerseal. Decent bead and it should be waterproof enough for submarine use...but once it's stuck, it's not going anywhere If you do need to get them off...go for something less permanent!
  3. Had a few of those Galants through the garage while I was there. Seemed nice enough motors, but just like Nissans of the time, we struggled to shift them. I remember reading that group test when it was current too...which makes me feel a bit old...
  4. That reminds me I still need to retrieve the one from the stereo in the Xantia...the tape deck there works just fine in every way aside from the belt on the eject mechanism being knackered...so the tape is currently trapped in there until I find time to fish it out.
  5. Problem with going down the Fiat wheel route is they're not 10" - and I'm not aware of any 4x100 pcd wheel that are... they're all 12". Which I'd really rather avoid as it would mean buying both new wheels and three new tyres. Think it would be Fiat 126 wheels I'd need...the 500 uses a larger pcd (4x190 it looks like). The threads seem fine thankfully (though of course there's still the broken one waiting to be drilled out yet). Unfortunately I think I'm just going to have to pull the hub apart. That opens up the option of tracking down a secondhand one with good studs on, or getting this one machined to accept Mini style push through studs. Long term that is probably the sensible way to go as it makes future replacement far easier if I break another one at any point.
  6. Bloody sodding fluffing useless pile of excrement DVLA. No V11 delivered beforehand...and why should there be? It's paid monthly by direct debit! ...Which they've not stopped taking...so I've no idea what's going on here! The letter doesn't even have the sodding reference number on so I need to dig the V5 out to sort it too. What a joke.
  7. Problem with using old ones is that they were tacked in with a blob of weld on the back to stop them unscrewing with the wheel nuts, so getting them out without overstressing them is a challenge...or we'll just wind up back where we started. It's always the silly little things which are a pain!
  8. Have you double checked that the wiring isn't already there? It's not unknown for common options like that to have the wiring installed as standard at it makes it cheaper to produce than having multiple versions of the vehicle loom. Certainly was in the first Saab I had, I know that because I nicked it to run my override switch for the radiator fan.
  9. Well that's a pickle. The fabricator has been back in touch, having examined the Invacar wheel stud I had sent over. They reckon that the treads have been roll formed for strength, a process they don't have the tools for. Not do they know of anyone who produces custom studs of that type. So next steps? Find some 3/8" UNF bolts in high tensile (8.8 being appropriate if I remember right) steel, using the original nuts essentially as conical washers to seat the wheel right? Unless anyone has any other brainwaves I reckon that or drilling and tapping the existing holes out to M12x1.25 to accept metric bolts are the only really practical choices. Thoughts people?
  10. Well I've set a saved search up on eBay now to keep my eyes open. Probably 80% of my travel is trips of <10 miles, and at least three or four times a week I have to sit in a queue for 20 minutes waiting to get to the pickup spot at the train station to give Abby a lift home. She's got a bad hip so if it's been a busy day the mile up hill is painful for her. Having something like this would be absolutely perfect for these runs and would make the guilt free... ...Would really need to be a few hundred quid though to make sense. I've checked though, and yes - if cleared out properly you could fit both a G-Wiz and the Invacar in the garage together. I really want a shot of at least driving one now. Miss the electric Pug 106s we had at work years ago...rest of the staff hated them but I thought they were an utter joy to trundle around town in.
  11. So the Lada was dragged out from under the tree yesterday. Figure if I'm trying to sell the thing, looking like this isn't really helpful... I'd abandoned it over there and basically forgotten about it for a couple of months after I had a member of the public who knocked on the door having seen the for sale sign turned ridiculously aggressive when I wouldn't accept his offer of £250 with the new wings fitted and painted. It obviously isn't going to just miraculously sell itself...so time to tidy it up. It's due an MOT anyhow, so I want it to be tidy when it turns up at the garage. After a couple of hours it had been thoroughly de-treed. Now clean, but the paint is as dull as a documentary about the history of the colour grey. Yuck. Had to give the engine bay a going over too as the scuttle drains were unsurprisingly full of tree. The interior at least isn't bad...just wants a few bits of rubbish removed, a vacuum and the plastics given a wipe down. This afternoon I decided to continue with the tidying and attacked it with the machine polisher. I knew from prior experience that the paint on these cars despite being cheap, actually comes up pretty well. Yep...takes a nice shine. Still needs the fiddly bits I can't get into with the power polisher around the mirrors etc doing by hand and then to be drowned in as much wax as I can make stick to it. That might be tomorrow's task if time and the weather co-operate. Last task for the evening was a bit of IT wrangling. Our household makes quite a bit of use of a digital "vault" on which pretty much every movie, piece of music etc has been backed up on. This then can be accessed over our local network by anything anywhere in the house. However the drive involved has been getting close to full lately...and there was no easy way to add another one as the drive was simply hooked up to the USB port on our wireless access point. This also make file management rather clunky. Recently two old HP servers were added to my network, and it made sense to me to utilise one of these, as they're up and running 24/7 anyhow running distributed computing research clients. These are really tidy little machines...hard to believe these are from 2007. Especially being so clean. The lower hard drive is the one I've just added which has our media archive on...need to track down a right angled SATA cable (I've got one somewhere) as aside from being miles too long it means I can't refit the side panel at the moment. Glad to report that despite all my previous attempts ending in abject failure, setting up the DLNA server this time worked first try.
  12. Yep...the sunburn on my Xantia has apparently reached the point at which it starts spreading like wildfire. Irked to see it going on the roof as it's been resprayed at some point before...now it's flaking off just like everywhere else.
  13. Same colour as my T25... actually looks less rusty though!
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