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  1. @Floatylight the battery was put on February/March last year, I’ll see if I can find the e-mail receipt from Tayna and will forward to you (I thought I had included the paper one). The bonnet switch is something to do with the alarm and central AFAIK and I think it was the cause of a previous (but different) door lock issue I had about 3 years ago. TBH as the car was largely garaged from June this year it was normally left unlocked.
  2. Mmmm. Muscarine. the above penny bun mushrooms were on a village green with a handful of old oak trees on it. Along with various Amanita fungi - panther caps, blushers, death caps and what i think is A. Excelsa.
  3. On a farm in middle of nowhere (near Lickfold)
  4. Felt quite rough last night. Better this morning and done some foraging while on tacho break Horse mushroom Porcini. i know what’s for dinner tonight...
  5. Will the 502 error ever go away?
  6. +1 recommend Basil johnson for anyone in Gravesend/dartford area wanting to drive. He was my second tutor
  7. Dollywobbler I wish you all the best for your travels good sir. Looking forward to Hubnut’s antipodean adventures on the ‘tube.
  8. Sorry for your loss. Just be there for whoever needs you at home.
  9. Instructor 1 - Suzuki Vitara H reg. Instructor 2 - initially Pug 205 Junior D, then my own car My own car with parents/instructor 2 - Talbot Samba "Style" C229FKL. Modded post-test with 1360cc engine from 205 GT and 165/70 tyres.
  10. I am both. I have successfully driven an AX with relative comfort. Short(ish) legs and long body helps.
  11. Buggerations. I was in Gravo that weekend visiting family. I won't be up there again for a couple of weeks but if you still need them collecting next time I'm up there I'll let you know
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