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  1. Good to chat this evening, hopefully next time I’m free I’ll be a little less under the weather
  2. I need to take it apart to see what part of the warbler circuit is missing; it certainly has the volume dial but what else is there I'm not sure. I'm hoping it's just a strap or discrete component I can substitute with some crap out my electronics spares.
  3. @Heidel_Kakao the only other Bully's special prize picture I found was far less impressive
  4. Talktalk are indeed rubbish. I'm on PlusNet, and as they're a BT Subsidiary my 706L & 722 Trimphone dial out fine. Need a tone warbler for the trimphone.
  5. You only "Here's what you could've won" these on Bullseye, if you lived in a tower block in central Birmingham.
  6. Pm me please @brownnova, I should be around from half 8 as dinner is just about done.
  7. What a lovely looking old Hector, I don't think I've ever seen one of these in the flesh. All the best with your project
  8. No response yet from the museum; I'll wait a few days as when they open it's something like Wednesday - Sunday. However if/when they do I'd need a heads up on preferred date from interested parties so I can book for the majority and make the booking. 26/6, 3/7 or 17/7 Still no joy from campsites so if anyone is a caravan club member please let me know; there are several CCC sites near here. Again this may be waiting for things to get back to some kind of normality.
  9. The people I think of as nasty, spamming or trolls are invariably ignored on here, either the magic button or just scroll past. Likewise there are more than likely people on here who think I'm a bit of a twunt. Thankfully I've switched on the random password generator on my MacBook and the issues appear to have gone away, so if the data leak comes back I'll close my account on the affected site(s). I noticed though they only appeared after I signed in on my work laptop on Saturday.
  10. The data leak only appeared after i signed up to tdw, although agreed it could be from any number of the other sites. Passwords have been changed but since I only lurk at tdw I may just close the account. I’ve forgotten also how nasty a handful of the membership can be on there.
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