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  1. Our was just shy of 200k when it developed the ability to squirt oil and coolant everywhere. Until then was 100% reliable and lasted my wife’s side of the family 19 years with little more than routine servicing and consumables. Ended up with crankcase compression and a handful of oil seals gave out. I have some parts going for £cheap but they’re for a pre-facelift 1.3 with the 4E engine. Some I have put by for another shiter and will eventually get round to posting them!
  2. This sounds like an arduous evening. Are you back home now?
  3. @DodgyBastard’s new Škoda
  4. Yes. Everyone saves the higher spec cars. Good example is the the Ford Capri - everyone saves the 3.0S or 2.8 Injection but seeing Dan’s 1.6 Base/L progressing through its restoration is very refreshing to see. As is Vulgalour’s Maestro. Nothing wrong with preserving the ordinary version of the car.
  5. Just pulled into Sainsbury’s petrol station for the airline. Wife pointed out an “old brown car”. It was @Crackersin his P6
  6. Indénor and column shift = maximum Whin. As today is the first afternoon I've had no guests, visits or other arrangements I had a fiddle around with my stepdaughter's Mini. The intermittent radio appears to be a badly fitted iPod kit connected into a mangle of Scotchlocked wires. Aftermarket shite removed and took the car for a spin and no cutting out. If it does do it again I have read up it's a bad component in part of the switching power supply in the amp, so hopefully I can repair that if needed. The central locking appears to have cured itself after madam used the key in the lock for the last however long since I updated the world. Apparently it helps with sticking actuators so I've sprayed a bit of lube in there and exercised it with the key a few times. Another spin round the block and whereas before when the anti-hijack kicked in and locked the doors it wouldn't open again. Taken a little slack out the internal handle cable and it's working. I did order some universal bowden cable nipples but no idea where they are, so when I find them I'll put a new end on the inner internal cable. Grump is the n/s/f wheel bearing is grumbling, and along with new discs, a droplink and a CV joint I may have an afternoon or two of work to do before the MoT in November.
  7. That was the plan I had as well. Did you leave a bit of red wire connected to the back of the fag lighter socket? That came in very useful for poking at various bits of Electronique Francaise. Incidentally it was one of the yellow wires which wasn't getting the pulse. I didn't check the connector in the door as my multimeter ran out of juice and I cannot find my 12v probes anywhere. I may pull the shunt out the ECU as well, as this sometimes resets the bizarre behaviour (wipers going off at random etc). Local tame mechanic says the wiring running between the A-pillar and door is common point on these, so that may be getting some attention. Trouble is my car tinkering time is not at a premium at the moment.
  8. Managed to unlock the passenger door on the Citroen, I think the wiring is broken between the fuse box and the door lock. Pulse of electric comes out the ECU but doesn't reach the doorlock 100% of the time. Will need some investigating when I have some free time.
  9. The C2 has gone all French on me and locked it passenger door on its own while driving home from work. Got to strip that down tomorrow and do what @wuvvumdid to get it open. Hoping this is a Lexia job to reset the locking part of the ECU
  10. It’s normally caused by a small amount of the liquid in the inner ear forming a crystal and interfering with the tiny hairs on the inside of the balance loops (labyrinth). Video below explains it. Quite often the result of an inner or middle ear infection. For me, looking up and to the left gives me the wobbles, worse if I’m dehydrated or I move my head sharply. Everyone is different and if it’s persistent you will need to see your GP and declare to DVLA. Sometimes just the epley manoeuvre once will stop if for years between attack. EDIT: the manoeuvre may make you nauseous or chunder (if really bad)
  11. I get like that from time to time and have been diagnosed with BPPV - benign positional paroxysmal vertigo. If I look at a certain angle my eyes flicker very rapidly (nystagmus) If any of this is familiar Please get checked before you have a crash.
  12. These are pretty hardy. I’d suggest renewing the brakes (at the very minimum new discs, callipers, flexis and friction materials) giving it a thorough service (all fluids & filters, plugs, tappets & timing). Have a check for any obvious rust & welding which may need doing while you have the wheels off, plus condition of any rubber bushes and gaiters. Expect things to be recalcitrant to move. New tyres (I think it’s 145 R 13 on XE models) and a thorough clean. Send for test. Hopefully a pass with advisory items or a few major but easily rectified defects. Once roadworthy expect various running in niggles as cars dislike lack of use.
  13. Husband & wife Woollard
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