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  1. Edit, I scrolled back to previous post. Haven’t seen a Sudden Accident of that shape for years. Never driven one though. May have been a Seddon-Allen Municipal number - crew cab with a Jack Allen body.
  2. That’s what I’m going to do, however the Toyota is due in Middle of June, 6 months makes it middle of December which is the same time as the Suzuki. Rather not have 2 falling in the same month if at all possible as it could leave us without an car if both need remedial work I can’t do. I can SORN the Toyota if it needs a lot of work once I’ve given it a once over as not letting wifey and madam drive in a car that’s unsafe.
  3. I think some of the big chain garages are still offering MoTs. Had a few marketing e-mails from Formula one over the last week or so saying the local to me branch is still open providing all the normal services.
  4. great. Washing machine is growling on a spin. I hope it holds out for a while so I can find what bearings it uses, so far this morning a googlefu has been inconclusive.
  5. I've lost pretty much a whole day to a hangover. Been awake since 9 and I still feel like shit. I can't handle drink any more
  6. @Stanky will this be open on 20th? Wish to contribute but have awkward payday
  7. We have an Aldi as well. Both are counteracted by large M&S and Waitroses, and most of the riff-raff go to Iceland or the huge Sainsbury's, two places I only go to when all else fails.
  8. Ha! Like any town only parts are posh.
  9. Live from Lidl in Chichester Why oh why are you still allowing more than one household member per trolley?
  10. Shock! Horror! I've done a car thing! Ordered service bits for the Toyota and a big bottle of oil courtesy of Euro. My Honey coupon browser plug in got me a discount of 55% (higher than the 50% shown on the website), as I already have the filters for the Suzuki plus 4 litres of oil looks like I'm doing some car related jobs when this lot arrives. I will also be giving the Corolla a pre-MoT at some point; it's due date was 12th June, as it stands this falls under the 6 month extension but don't want madam going out in an unsafe car when she's working (which appears to be 5 days out of 7 at the moment). And I need to check the rear brakes, the shoes haven't been done in the 7 years I've been with Mrs dust, and last time I looked (about a year ago) they had 3mm of material, so approaching the end. Car's done sod all mileage in the last year though, probably around 5000 miles. In the interim I need to get some essentials in a moment, I'm hoping the idiots aren't still queuing for hours outside a shop, plus the Suzuki hasn't had a run for over a week now.
  11. There were some in Oxford well into the late 2000s IIRC
  12. Moar gratuitous stealz from the faceache group for my home town of Gravesend, this time featuring black & whites. Local shite peddlers, in The Grove. Started as a BL dealer in the 70s, if not from the earlier BMH & Leyland motors days. 1985 for 86 model year, selling you the improved metro (slightly warmed over) and a rehash of last year's old bollocks. Auto Reps taxi and coach, 1977-8, was taken over by the mid 1990s by Reliance coaches I think. If my memory is correct the orange one was still going in the late 80s at we went on a school trip in it a few times. Stonebridge Road, late 50s/early 60s Local independent bakers Smiths, plenty of 80's tat in this one including what appears to be an early Yoghurt 45/55 King Street in the 1960s, Anglebox, BMC J and a Guy utility GS class bus. The pre-Mellor era traffic lights were still in use until pedestrianisation of the town centre in the early 1990s. Custom car club meet 1977 at Gravesend & Northfleet FC (Now Ebbsfleet Utd) car park.
  13. It's a list of attachments from now locked, closed and deleted posts, plus a few I no longer want to see (those I will do myself) I'll compose the list and send it to you by PM
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