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  1. I don’t mind Bognor to be honest. Probably because I hail from Gravesend……
  2. We could give that a go, won’t be free unitl mid February though, unless a weekday visit is possible. I also have a few bottle of home brew for you as well. Plum, Sloe and apple & blackberry.
  3. Stepdaughter wants a new car, despite the Mini having a long MoT the traction control light is on and friendly garage can’t clear it. Might be for sale on here soon.
  4. I have found my local ECP and GSF to be pretty much spot on - no incorrect parts and they guys behind the counters are pleasant and friendly. Halford has its place as in it’s convenient for a bottle of oil or some wiper blades but they train their staff to sell or sign up to e-mails etc which when your car has thrown a wiper blade off on a rainy Sunday is the last thing on your mind.
  5. I defected a van I had the pleasure* of driving this morning for poor brakes and a handbrake lever so high it looked like a donkey was laying on its back while it had a stiffy. That’ll be why.
  6. I was thinking that but they’re subtly different
  7. Yes and no to the original question. I do like older cars and for the most part enjoy working on them. The simpler the better. I get a bit nerdy when it comes to -04, -05 and -06 series Peugeots (and a lot of that era PSA stuff). Most cars from the 50s to the late 1990s interest me However people do make sweeping generalisations that because I work on my cars, I can fix their 3 year old PCP financed 1-series beemer; I’m a prat with a socket set not Edd sodding China*. Certain aspects of motoring don’t interest me - caravans, SceneYO!, DriftYO! And MaxPowerYO! Certainly don’t. *other famous mechanics are available.
  8. You are welcome to borrow my wife's pushbike to get around on. It has a basket on the front if that helps seal the deal 🙃
  9. Am I the only person who thinks new year should be celebrated on the 29th February?
  10. Thankfully I fell asleep at half 10 last night, so I didn’t have to endure the absolute pointlessness of celebrating new year. I was watching ‘Knives Out’ until the effects of the 3rd pint of cider and getting up for work at 3:30 that morning kicked in.
  11. If it was that long I’d be a happy man. It’s the dog’s snout
  12. Many thanks ASSS. Sadly due to food allergies (wheat & soya) I can’t eat the biscuits so Mrs D has dibbed them. I’ll have a good look through the laptop’s software later & hopefully it’ll take a hooky version of Tech-II and BMW software for the fleet.
  13. Bastard Mini broke down last night. I’m hoping something simple as all the electrics went so my bet is loose battery connector.
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