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  1. That i cannot vouch for as not driven a tolomite at night. As I like to make any older cars I’ve owned nore competent for modern traffic I’d no doubt have done a good Halogen or even xenon upgrade to the lights.
  2. I thought this was a running in issue. Had to talk to the wife all evening instead (joking). meanwhile my niece’s husband is interested in becoming a beige forum member
  3. Father in law received a letter this morning. MiLaw doesn't get to see an oncologist for nearly another month. I don't know if this is because she's quite frail at the moment and may not be able to stand any therapies, or the writing is on the wall for her, or it's been caught early enough not to warrant urgent care. Hospital have offered no advice, leaflets etc to my father in law so this morning Mrs D and I have been contacting loads of charities etc for some advice. Perplexed and disappointed about this.
  4. I prefer the twin headlamp look and full complement of dials personally, gives the front end a more purposeful look and some interior eye candy. When I bought the Scimitar I was actually looking for a sporting saloon from the 70's and drove a fair few HLs and Sprints (and some Holbay powered Rootes stuff, other fantastic motors!) and enjoyed them all! I was keen on a really good 1500HL I saw in Greater London near Woolwich but my plastic pig came up more locally for less and just needed a new interior. Which didn't get done in the end
  5. Pt3 will have to be watched on catch up. Your adventure last week was epic @dollywobbler
  6. Thank you @Fumbler. I've not heard anything as to how advanced it is but MiLaw has been recommended to go for chemo as they *think* it's treatable at the moment. Knowing my in-laws they are not letting on the whole situation. Just got to support my wife and stepdaughter as much as possible and take some of the pressure off father in law - he's 78 and still as active as he can be with bad hips and bad knees. I'm hoping my nearby nieces and nephews pick up the baton from time to time as well. I have 2 sister in laws, one on the Isle of Wight who I know will try and get over most if not every weekend to see her, the other is totally hopeless at supporting others in times of need and is the sort that would normally claim she's had the same condition as someone but 9 times worse and survived it, because she lives in her own little bubble.
  7. With a year's ticket and a 200 mile shakedown over the last couple of days, time for a new list of jobs to do on this car over the next year. Full service including alternator belt, cam belt and water pump. Replace bottom engine pulley as I think the rubber damper in the middle of it is getting a bit knackered after 205 and it seems to vibrate a little. Sort our O/S wing repeater - the lens is cracked and mouldy, and the bulb holder is a bit grotty and has a iffy connection somewhere Check swirl flap motor connector and wiring, I think it has a broken wire or a poor connection; failing that reinstate old swirl flap motor. Replace both rear tyres - I may put the 2 y/o fronts on the back as they're about 3-4mm tread. Replace leaking headlamp washer pump Replace rear wiper blade Clear any codes that may have picked up Replace rear number plate bulbs (I have 2x 5w capless, but I'm looking at replacing with LED) Keep an eye on the rear suspension bushes and the steering inner joints as advised at MoT Replace any missing trims. Replace O/S/F front hub (that will be a mission as the driveshaft splines are still seized/rusted into it) I'm hoping now with all the work I've done the car will be on the road for a few more years yet, if I can get her to 250k in my ownership I'll be chuffed. Going to take a few days away from car tinkering, plus the Corolla's MoT is higher priority now.
  8. 200 miles post MoT run in the Saab has revealed a few bits and bobs that need doing, chiefly a full service (oil, filters, water pump and belts). Averaged 55mpg of mainly motorways and a very short DPF regen cycle on the way back down.
  9. Had a lovely couple of days away in Kent doing things I do and visiting my family. Got home about half an hour ago, wife in tears (sent home from work). Mother in law has lung cancer, the type caused by exposure to asbestos. No other info at the moment, how aggressive, how set in etc. What an shit end to a nice couple of days and weekend.
  10. I’m in Gravesend today visiting my folks plus have masonic business, and popped to see Jim Chalmers in his motoring shop. Always good to see this parked up with the owner purchasing parts. Then went to my dad’s allotment where he put some bee food out for the communal beehives I like bees and hope to get a jar of honey later this year. One of the other plot holders grows nothing but paeonies and they were covered with bees, so wonder what the honey will taste like.
  11. I knew the Toledo would be saved by someone on here if you were unable for whatever reason to recommission her yourself @CotswoldsDave, I know having read some of Ken’s threads it’ll be loved. If @purplebargeken starts his own thread on this I shall start following; RWD Ajax cars are among my favourite 70’s motors and are very much on my want list!
  12. Yep FPB7 it’s a Spanish waiter. I don’t particularly like autos
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