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  1. On of my friends has taken it upon himself to police what people are posting on social media. I can understand certain subjects shouldn’t be entertained lightly on social media, but a video of parrots and budgies talking and acting like idiots for my brother to watch with his kids? I think he needs to stop smoking the wacky baccy.
  2. I can certainly think of worse things to be left on your driveway. What a lovely old beast
  3. Mini is back in the world of the living, fitting the new alternator was a sod but the belt was relatively easy. See communal Bini thread on moderns if you are desperate to see a smol diesel start up.
  4. Alternator arrived at 18:30ish, halfway through dinner. With ‘by midday’ sticker clearly visible. No apology from UPS driver on the delay. Hopefully tomorrow madam can have her car back.
  5. Alternator was supposed to be with me by midday. It’s just coming up to 2pm and I have other errands which need running. According to UPS it is still at the Southampton depot, but I bet my bottom dollar as soon as I go outside the brown delivery van leaves an out card for me.
  6. The only car we said we'd never sell was the Corolla, which shat it's oil pump system last summer. We scrapped it for decent coin but had time and circumstances been better we'd probably have done a full resto on it. Regretted selling a couple of cars, but there aren't really any others I wanted to keep forever. I'll quite happily keep Saab version 2.0 until no longer viable to keep running, it shits itself spectacularly or is written off.
  7. I'm still a maybe at the moment. I work on Saturdays and arranging cover can be a nightmare (we run trade waste services 6 days a week). If I can come along it will be sans wife and saturday from late afternoon returning Sunday with car.
  8. Some great updates there sir, hopefully you'll have Katie back on the road in no time.
  9. Sadly I have neither the room nor equipment to do that. Bigger garage or a dolly on which to drop/crane to hoik out the engine and yes I would.
  10. People who use their car as some kind of status symbol. Plenty round here who think because they have a prestige marque they're allowed to ignore the rules of the road or it gives them the right to drive aggressively/like a twat everywhere. There's a family in my road with a Merc AMG 63 tourer. Wife drives it quite sensibly whereever she goes about, bloke rags it everywhere, pulls out in front of everyone; have seen him lose it on roundabouts and the gyratory at Northgate. I don't envy the car (it's probably one of the few Mercs I'd entertain), but I do think that in certain people, some cars bring out the deeply buried prick from within. And the contraversial grill on modern BMWs. They just look hideous. Until BMWs got flabby in the late 1990/early 2000s they made some absolutely handsome cars. What went wrong?
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