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  1. Shonky old camper VW Van And I spotted this one on a call out at the weekend.
  2. That and hopefully I can clear some of the shit in the garage which the wife put in there (because storage 🤔) so I can work on my cars when it is rainy. Or snowy. Or salty etc. Mini is now booked in for 3 weeks’ time.
  3. That’ll do very nicely. Flexi had such an insignificant blow he said it’ll last a few months before it needs changing, so as it’s in the boot I’ll change at my leisure.
  4. Just taken to Saab for its MoT and walked back home. Didn’t get round to changing the exhaust flexi so I left it in the boot. If that’s all it needs then the garage can swap it. Couldn’t see anything else that was an advisory or a fail underneath so it’ll be advisories onlyI I hope. Anything else and I’ll have to see what I can do at home.
  5. Oh, and the Saab may now need an indicator switch as the headlamp main/flash function is pissing around
  6. That Mini fought me all weekend and had another present for me this morning. Just wanted to check everything was still torqued up and secure. Popped to the shop and heard a rattle from driver’s front. Drop link thread had sheared but thankfully ECP had one on the shelf so that was another hour or so faffing around I hadn’t planned.
  7. Bit of ingenuity required. I reamed out the sheared bolt to 10mm. It’s an M12 thread so with my assistant we tapped a new thread in it. But the replacement bolt wouldn’t go home. So after a chat with the tame fitter at work he brought round a bit of hi tensile 10mm studding with a nyloc and washer on each end which acts as a temporary pinch bolt. Everything else went back on like a dream which was nice. A quick drive up the road and the difference in the car is night and day. Feels a lot more responsive. I’ll retorque things tomorrow before stepdaughter goes home. Does mean with some urgency I need to rebuild the second hub carrier I bought yesterday so I’ll start acquiring bits for that and get building it up.
  8. RCL2260 was my wedding car and the driver got it up to just over 70. I was sitting with a clear view of the tachograph head (old paper disc type)
  9. Strut off Going to work the sheared bolt out somehow at stepdaughter’s boyfriend’s place as he has special electrical bench tools I’m really glad I got this out. Not only is the damper itself knackered, so is the top mount. IMG_1823.MOV Proper bollocksed
  10. I need to start work on the Mini again but I’m in two minds what to do. I thought maybe I could try and drill out the knackered bolt in the hub carrier - I do have a small bench drill. It would save the hassle of trying to get those manky bits pressed out, which is something I can then rebuild at leisure and when the Mini needs a new bearing I can just whip the wheel off, then the brake and just swap the whole unit.
  11. I packed up working on the Mini about 6pm. We got a replacement hub carrier from Silverlake, but caught in terrible traffic on the way back because axidumped on the A27. I found the least seized and manky looking one of the good stock of R50s they had, but the bearing is shot, so I’ve ordered another along with brake flexis. Mounted it to the replacement strut as it’s easier assembling it off the car. Bottom ball joint feels good and the boot isn’t perished so it will do. The disc is rust welded to the bearing hub so it’s soaking overnight in plusgas. I hope I don’t need to press the bearing out as that is something I don’t have. Ugga-dugga gun made this job a lot easier than fannying around with breaker bars. Hoping tomorrow I can get these swapped over. I don’t want to use the second hand bearing but if I can swap the good one so madam can use the car for a couple of days while I wait for the new one to be delivered. I actually need to do work on the SAAB as the MoT is up in 2 weeks, but SWMBO jr wanted this done this weekend 🤨
  12. BTW I think stepdaughter’s boyfriend would fit in on here. He drives this
  13. One side has had its spring and damper swapped. Went pretty well and it wasn’t too difficult to slot into the hub carrier once we had the top mount bolted up. A small amount of lube on the bottom of the damper and a jack under the bottom ball joint and everything slid together nicely. Even the droplinks came off with no hex heads turning into cheese. Other side was a different story. Penetrating fluid AND a dab of heat and the pinch bolt still sheared off. Myself and madam’s BF are heading to silverlake shortly to see if we can get a hub carrier from a scrap car, so as a preventative measure all bolts and nuts have had some plusgas dribbled on them, hopefully we’ll finish this by sunset. I think also as a preventative measure I’ll be getting brake flexies as well. They’re starting to look a little bit meh. Again the rubber to metal joins will get a good dose of plusgas. TL:DR - mini is half done.
  14. Stepdaughter and her (new) BF are coming round this afternoon for a bit of work on the Mini. Hopefully those replacement struts will just slot in nicely. Might be a little firmer as they’re off a Cooper D and not a One D. Gonna give it a general look over as well to see if anything else is needed for the MoT in November
  15. Managed to get a £10 voucher for Halfords so I’ve bought a cordless Ugga-dugga gun. (Not for £10) Been after one for ages.
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