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  1. Rear pads didn’t come with any anti-rattle springs when I fitted them last April, and there weren’t any on the old pads either, so lord know how long they were missing for then!
  2. You didn’t notice the Landy forward control behind it? I think that one is D702SWL
  3. Having a little trouble with PayPal. If still no joy can I BaCS you the £ @brownnova
  4. Pair of Avon ZV7s fitted to this today having picked up 3 nails in one tyre. Spare was dated 2001 so the undamaged front tyre was put on this rim. The droplinks now look very tired and the strut tops have started to rattle, so I will have a few jobs to do before the ticket runs out by the sounds of it. I'm still after a nice driver's side front wing so I can get her in smarter shape than she is. Failing that a pattern part and save for respray of whole car will have to suffice. Current list of jobs: replace o/s/f wing regas air con & change pollen filter Change water pump & flush out cooling system. thoroughly clean interior. save up for respray? unless I can get one in the same metallic blue Unseize track rod ends for purposes of wheel alignment and future replacement. Change drop links and strut tops Locate another set of good alloy wheels (original Toyota) or save up for refurbishment of current set of wolfies. New exhaust system - the current 20 y/o system is getting more and more rattly.
  5. Pair of Avon ZV7s fitted to the front of the Toyota after picking up 3 nails in OSF on Saturday morning. Put spare on and it was date stamped 4901..... Good front tyre on spare, and car now drives superbly and quietly. Also I have repaired a Poundland mouse because I'm a mingebag.
  6. Another one from my photo library of spots, very remiss of me to not put in the original post!
  7. Indeed. The crews I work with normally point out a Ferrari or some other swanky motor going to/from Goodwood, whereas I tend to point out a Bluebird or some other wanky motor.
  8. I’ve been working in Chichester for 4 and a half years, I think this car has been there for that long at least. The door bottoms are starting to look frilly. Next to it, under the tarp, is a Deux chevaux vapeur.
  9. Driving around all day everyday I get to see a fair amount of old chod on the roads and rusting rammel on driveways. Been meaning to do this thread for some time now, so here’s what I’ve seen over the past few months.
  10. Congratulations @sdkrc I’m actually a little bit jealous so I’ll defo have a ticket or two when recirculated. @loserone can you PM me your PayPal or BACS details please so I can reimburse you in the morning
  11. EGR was new in May this year (3rd in the 4 years I owned it). Then again it may have crapped out. TADTS
  12. There are 2 different types of manifold for these; the swirl flaps are different sizes so you would have to change the whole manifold assembly. Check the wiring loom to the injectors; they are fragile and one I had to lockwire into place which stopped a lot of chuntering.
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