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  1. Good to see Hobbs & Parker are still going. 22 years ago I made my student beer tokens there buying snotters with 6 months' ticket and flogging on for £50-£100 profit to fellow students who needed wheels. Got my 205 from there for £150 and ran it for 3 years with no issues save worn carbs
  2. Some are easier to work on than others. I’ve certainly found on cars where the drum assembly acts as the wheel hub i.e. the centre of the drum has the bearings etc inside it are not too difficult as you can get better access to all the fiddly bits. Brakes where the drum bolts onto the hub flange, getting springs around said flange can be a sod of a job and good brake spring tools/pullers can be a real help. They’re still horrible to work on though.
  3. Really good to see Betty. I missed the video yesterday due to excessive migraine but caught up this morning. I'll be sad to see the Fox go - a thorough clean up video of it would be interesting watching before you do sell!
  4. Thank you @tobydfor your work over the last year or so and to @Slartibartfast for taking over the tech reins again
  5. £45 a pair as demonstrated by Trigger’s Marina https://www.tippersvintageplates.co.uk/phdi/p1.nsf/supppages/tippers?opendocument&part=4
  6. Took a detour home via Lavant today to avoid traffic. Very glad I did!
  7. The to-do list: ➡️New tyres all round + spare (which is a different size and not a spacesaver) ➡️Sort Radio and various French electronic eccentricities ➡️polish headlamps ➡️fit new rear exhaust rubber mounts ➡️Timing belt and coolant change (more for peace of mind than essential) ➡️Get air conditioning looked at. It tries to cool the airflow as I have noticed a small drop in temperature from the dash vents when it’s switched on so hopefully just a regas. ➡️Find and replace missing and broken bits of trim
  8. Had a first decent run in this since bringing the car home 2 weeks ago, as we popped up to Kent to see my brother for his birthday. The brake wasn’t leaking and the fluid level hasn’t dropped so we took it. Car performed absolutely faultlessly there and back and since filling up we’ve only just put more diesel in it, according to the on-board computer we averaged 68mpg on a full tank which I am more than happy with. I’m in the process of a list of jobs for the car. MoT is booked for 1st September so I’ll give it the once over at the weekend and see what it needs that is blindingly obvious.
  9. Good luck with your travels. If you’re passing through chichester and you need to stop for a wee ping me and I’ll make a pot of tea
  10. Finally, and apologies to @Crackers for the public announcement delay, many thanks for the lift home sir. My first trip in a P6 V8, what a glorious old hector you have there! And also @MrDuke, I’m glad to hear the Ignis got you home safely, she’ll be a great little car for you and I hope she serves you well, thank you for coming along!
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