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  1. Failed. We’ve only ran out of juice once. They have a 24 volt supply to power the ECU and whatever is left of the original chassis electrics. That conked out so no lights, hazards operate on one side only, and worst of all no brake compressor. They’re at the depot and struggling to get it off the low loader with hardly any air left in the system. On both electric trucks the fails have been the non-motive systems. This is the second major failure for this one. The other electrical vehicle has had about 15.
  2. Just got in after starting at 5am. These electric trucks have caused us no end of hassle since they arrived here
  3. Been here 3 hours. And the low loader can’t cope. I’m cold
  4. I was about to post this then Inthought maybe someone already had. You missed out incorrect numberplate on the trailer for the tractor hauling it, and the trailer often skips down the road when unladen.
  5. Congrats on the first drive. This has been one epic thread from start to finish.
  6. Not a car I spotted today, but woeful maintenance. How many stones do you think must be trapped in between the pad and the disc?
  7. Having been on the extra early (3:30am) start today I have managed to do a job on the Saab I have been waiting a good few weeks to sort, that of sorting the leaking cabin filter box and suspected blocked scuttle drain. I changed the cabin filter about a year ago and the filter box was still watertight but the drain was blocked. A year on the drain was blocked up again and the cabin filter was no longer sealing, so a self adhesive seal was installed having cleaned out the scuttle and its drain, and wiped off the now slightly brittle old seal from its mating surface. Finally a bead of silicone was placed around the new seal before installing everything back in the car. The fan also received a dose of light motor oil to stop it squealing and I’m glad to say it has! New cabin filter hadn’t arrived at ECP by the time I finished work so hopefully I can pick that up tomorrow, and investigating the leaking rear door quarterlights on the Kia.
  8. The C2 has another year’s MoT. No advisories which is good. Will need to do the cam belt on it soon though and possibly the clutch.
  9. Yes. But check the A and B Pillars where the steel is bonded into the GRP. It’s difficult but not impossible to repair. Later cologne engined ones should have most of the chassis etc galvanised but whether this extended to the body strengthening areas I can’t remember. Mechanical bits are pretty good to get hold of and in fine fettle these are good dailies, particularly overdrive ones.
  10. I would just shop around. My renewal is coming up so I’ll just Meerkat it as in 27 years of driving only once was the auto renewal within a few quid as the previous year. Further in advance you take the sign up for the policy, the cheaper it tends to be so I’ll be looking at next payday, which is middle of Nov, but the current plan finishes 13th December. Tend to save double figures of pounds; quite often if I purchase the day of expiry of the current policy it’s can only be a couple of quid for the year of not more than renewal.
  11. I have read this thread on and off since the start. Absolutely stunning work from the beginning. Cap doffed.
  12. According to howmanyleft there are 6 ZLs, 1 ZR and 5 ZSs either taxed or SORN.
  13. IIRC the LN(A) used the 104 short (Z) chassis, the visa used the 104 long chassis (G) and the Samba was somewhere betwixt the 2 in chassis length. The Visa being the only variant I haven’t driven, but the
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