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  1. @Six-cylinder glad to see the more knowledgeable about these cars managed to sort out the calliper for you. I hope to be armed with better tools and effective sun cream next time I’m up. Still yet to locate a tent for the weekend.
  2. When I left this car last time I had to bodge a bolt to the thermostat housing while I ordered some 6mm studs. Studs arrived ages ago but a certain teenager has been working and seeing her boyfriend since the restrictions were eased and hadn’t had a chance to do the coolant change. This was thermostat housing bodge bolt. Whipped it out and thankfully the housing remained firm thanks to a bit of assembly gloop I put one the mating surfaces. Bolt then went back in as I could not now find the studs. The flush got a bit more crap out but most of that came from the horrid block drain point. I must change that to a tap one day. It’s a ballache to get to and my fat hands mean I need to either remove the oil filter or the exhaust manifold. Filled up with Toyota original spec ready mixed coolant. Need to put a label on the rad to say what’s in it just in case a garage or someone else does a top up. 15 minutes idling to burp the system and then a good run plus some town traffic and the level didn’t go down when I got home so can only be a good thing. Aside from a stop/tail bulb changing It does need drop links for the MoT. It’s got its Boris extension but I’m rather reluctant to have 2 cars with tickets expiring within a couple weeks of each other. Can’t find much else wrong with it but I don’t have a ramp nor a decent jack at the moment, so have only found what I can with the car sitting on the deck. Here she is smiling in the sun.
  3. Local station SpiritFM has been taken over by them. The playlist hasn’t changed in the 5 years I’ve lived here. same 15 songs all day every day
  4. It would appear this weekend neither of the girls need a car so at last I can flush out the cooling system. Toyota has developed a new clonk so that’ll need investigating as I’m keen to get it tested before its Boris MoT extension runs out the same day as the Suzuki’s un-Borised ticket does.
  5. I was still quite fresh on this scene when Dave sadly passed. I still look through his threads from time to time because the man was a great home engineer and a brilliant, witty wordsmith.
  6. Nice tat history there. I had to take both my scimitars off the road for same reason as yours; only discovered the first one was like it after a british gas van ploughed into the back of it and took it off road to restore or break. Broke it, bought another which turned out to be worse! Nice pad as well!
  7. Should be a goer for me. I’ll see if I can find/beg/borrow/steal a tent this time.
  8. One I came across in Roger’s Profannisaurus to describe a rough car on a forecourt. Sally Gunnel - not much to look at but a good runner
  9. Not at all Chris! I’ll try and remember to bring my bleeding kit as well!
  10. I did try posting about 15 mins ago but it wouldn't go. Absolute awe at this project. well done sir. EDIT - it posted 5 times. Apologies. Have removed superfluous posts
  11. If I haven't said it yet, I'll say it now. I'm in absolute awe at this project. When Mrs Dustman asked me what I was looking at I showed her the whole thread. Mrs Dustman is now in awe at this thread. I like engineering, in particular exposed, or well done engineering. It's the only reason I like looking as steam locomotives and traction engines. A lot of the engineering in steam lorries is hidden, but I know it's good solid stuff underneath!
  12. We all have brainfarts from time to time. Would that shaft straighten out with some carefully applied heat and careful used of an engineer's vice?
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