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  1. I’m watching you on the telly. Is this what you look like in real life?
  2. Just read the RetroRides thread. The guy who bought it sounds like a bit of a helmet; he’s expecting a 40+ year old car bought sight unseen, particularly a type known to rot badly and prone to bodgery to keep it on the road in the late 80s, to be totally and utterly as it was on the day it was tested and not to have repairs (both good and bad) of any age. An MoT is just a snapshot of the car on that particular day, opinions vary from tester to tester, and things can and will deteriorate after the examination. Foad’s replies to that thread were very honest. According to this guide £2000 i
  3. Anyone remember Kajagoogoo? Bassist and second lead vocalist Nick Beggs is a nutter. I discovered his cold caller videos last night following a recommendation. Had me pmsl.
  4. Taken a freighter to Fareham Scania for MoT. It’s tempting to buy some Swedish HGV trinkets and tat.....
  5. Depot manager has let me know I am being seconded to be a supervisor as of 7th November. 6 months period to see if a) a third supervisor is needed and b) in charge of trade waste crews and overseeing new business waste & recycling schemes. 9-5 tuesday to friday and 6-2 Saturdays + loads of opportunity for overtime. Increase of £4k salary which would be most beneficial.
  6. Guess who forgot to pay a Dart Charge the other day and now has a penalty charge notice to pay. Arses.
  7. I came home past the house which has the GS on the garden. It's still there some months on. I think the house is empty as the curtains are never opened.
  8. This is a very original example, hardly any rust. XR3i according to tailgate badges, but I always thought the XR3i had alloys.
  9. Is it fitted with a DPF? Might be worth asking a garage to force a regen if it is, or have a go at jet washing it out if you have the facilities. I believe Floatylight did the latter on one of his fleet.
  10. Dagenham Dustbin Giffer owner. I wonder if his wife dances around her handbag.....
  11. The NG & SK series were pretty hardy old things and had a decent seat and driving position, but were painfully slow and (ones I have driven) have postcodes between gear ratios (5/6 speeds). The only 'normal' cab modern Merc commercial I have driven is an Atego plated at 14 tonnes, 2013 model. Wasn't impressed with it one iota - same bum-numbing seat of the Econic, the suspension was far too soft so again it lurched about unladen, and the interior quality of the dashboard and switchgear was horrifically cheap and fragile. Not what one would expect from a 'premium' marque. Volvo trucks
  12. Haynes manual will be fine for most simple jobs. Beware the spanner/skill rating often tells fibs.
  13. Euro 6 Merc Econics. Hateful things. They wallow along the road like cross-channel ferries. Give me a Dennis, DAF or Volvo any day.
  14. Not all the time. Some dual carriageways in our area are 40 or 50mph limit. Plus it helps me get “thrifty driver of the week” regularly. I’ve had as much as 13mpg (combined) from a 26 tonner. They only do 3mpg while collecting, if that. On this instrument panel it’s idiot light and a buzzer unless you manually select the temp gauge. Doesn’t even switch to this display when temp is getting high. Older ones have a proper dial. They don’t even have an air pressure gauge unless driver has selected it. Again older freighters do. It only had a service last Thursday. This one and it’
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