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Cars with the model number in the registration plate


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  A teacher at school had HAA 121 on a suitable version of Amazon and I am sure a lot of people know the story of University Motors being issued with the Middlesex tag of MG before the war, hence the large  number of pre-Blitz Abingdon chod with appropriate plates.   I also recall a lot of proper Saabs with 95, 96 and 99 digits.   All this stuff is much more heroic to me than merely buying a plate to put on a car, although I was quite impressed with ALV1S a year or two ago except it was on such a forgettable vehicle I have forgotten what it was...

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On 3/22/2011 at 4:02 PM, mk2_craig said:

Hey shite fans, I have been out on my travels and saw this


I see loads of cars round here with the model number in the plate, either by accident or design, for example J18440 and J66405 are both currently on the correct models of Volvo hatch and Peugeot estate respectively (sorry no pics). Examples probably harder to find on the UK mainland, surprise me?

A decade on, and I am still seeing Porsches with “matching” number plates, by accident or design:


Very would, incidentally. 

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I dunno if Jersey has the same rules as Guernsey, but generally people hold onto their number plates and simply move them across cars.

So if you have a short one (they don't even have a "G", it's just a number) which were done by date, theoretically you could have 944, 911, 325, 330 etc.
It's weird when you see a car with a plate 54992 followed by another one with just "6".

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