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  1. All done now, and gear changes up and down are as smooth as a baby's bum*. * I have not actually stroked a baby's bum (recently) - this expression is intended to be figurative only.
  2. Yep, it's a Touran. So you're right, and you managed to guess VAG IN A* jiffy! Thanks for the advice. * gratuitous smutty reference there. Couldn't resist.
  3. From time to time, especially with a cold engine (and presumably cold gearbox oil too), the downshift changes in my autobox are very noisy and clunky, with a very noticeable jerk (not me). Does this indicate that the oil might need changing? The car is a 2004 (April) 1.6 FSi and has covered about 65,000 miles in total Any thoughts, advice or suggestions will be very welcome, and for which thanks in advance are freely given. Cheers, Martin
  4. Lots of interesting comments, and lots of unfortunate cross-overs mixing the criminal process with civil. Get advice NOW from a lawyer, not someone whose cousin’s friend drinks in a pub a lawyer has driven past. I have had the court issue warrants to arrest Defendants who don’t respond to the initial “invitation” to come to court. These warrants are executed to fit the convenience of the police, not the Defendant! I cannot stress strongly enough; get proper advice without delay.
  5. No, it's not about boys in shorts and bob-a-job week. If that's what you wanted, look elsewhere! This is about digital radio in the car. For some time, I've been a little underwhelmed by the radio reception in the car. Admittedly, it's not the car's fault, necessarily, as it has a perfectly good FM and AM radio within. It's just that the reception is often a bit crackly and sometimes is lost altogether. Annoyingly, it doesn't always jump to the strongest signal when it should (or could). So, I had a look on t'net and found a digital thingy review that gives you a choice of expensive and good value devices that can connect either with a lead to your aux or do it via a spare FM frequency. I bought one off Amazon (other sites are available) that came third or so in the review as being very good and not expensive, and easy to fit yourself too. And at the weekend, it duly arrived via the man with a van and I spent an hour or so putting it all together. I can now get some 20 or so digital channels and the reception is brill. I can control the volume in the usual way, and the wires are pretty much concealed (tho you do have to fit a stick-on aerial to the inside of the front windscreen, but as it is only small and on the passenger side, it's no big deal). Avoiding the accidental detonation of the airbags in the A-pillar, the lead runs down the windscreen and eventually connects with the device which is attached to the screen in an accessible but non-intrusive place but within easy reach for channel-hopping. It is powered from the cigar lighter (nowadays called a de facto standard DC connector). I am very pleased with my new toy, and all this for a smidge less than forty quid. I commend it to the House
  6. Enforcement is down to the Claimant. That's one of the main differences between civil and criminal law. Criminal is an offence against society while civil is where you offend one person. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Huge generalisation but you get my drift.
  7. If you have a seat memory function, you need to set the car up how you want it (seats and mirrors), and then press and hold "M" while selecting #1 (as I assume you are the main driver). It works for me.
  8. I've been to The Ring twice and driven it once. There are some really good spectating points where you can spend all day and watch others crash.
  9. I love a thread where you can actually see some puppies, and to which the censors raise no objection. Good man.
  10. So far as matching the plate with the vehicle carrying it, I currently have A4*** on a rather smart German saloon. It's a BMW.
  11. And when you've been following a car for a while, there suddenly appears a few wisps of mist and, instantly, the car driver in front goes into panic mode and switches on his (or her) rear high intensity fog lamps. I mean, I've been behind you for ages and I know you're there, in front of me. I can see you. Now I can't see fuck all because you've blinded me when reminding me (and the world) that you're there. Jesus wept. It's no wonder I'm on tablets.
  12. I'm thinking of chopping in my Inshite. Bear with me, it's awesome, but I have my reasons. I'm doing 120 miles a day commuting, which is why the Insight makes sense. However, I'm looking for something a bit bigger and more comfy for sitting on the motorway every day. Something that needs a little less input, less road noise, which I won't feel quite so fried after sitting in for an hour and quarter. Got to be 55-60mpg or the fuel bill will be too high, auto, comfy, stable on motorway, quiet, reliable i.e. (impending doom won't be acceptable). I'm thinking of an older BMW 5 Series, diesel, early 00s, high mileage that won't matter if I rack up a lot more miles on. Will this fit the bill or have I made a major oversight here e.g. wildly out with the mpg, parts prices, actually going to die, £1Million+ for tyres, £550 road tax bracket? I have an old E39 that'll meet nearly every single one of your demands. That's right, EVERY SINGLE ONE almost. It's big, roomy, comfy to drive, an auto, has presence, stable on the motorway with minimal road noise. Lots of cylinders, for torquyness, and lots of bhp's for exhilarating performance when required. Lovely soundtrack too. 45 - 50 mp2g is easily possible. Yes, that's 50 miles using just 2 gallons, so a commute of 200 miles each day is only going to cost you about £46 per day in fuel, or £230 per week or about £1000 each month. Delighted to have been of some help.
  13. I had a JDM Subaru Impreza a few years ago as part of my mid-life crisis. The car was very fast but the clock was completely unfathomable. For 6 months of the year, the clock was fine but was always an hour out for the other six months. The microwave in the kitchen is another appliance from the Land of the Rising Sun that defies any attempt to set or alter the clock. It reminds me of the days of the video recorder in old peoples' house where the clock display just flashed all day and all night, every day, for ever.
  14. Here's my Waft-o-Barge 155K miles 20 years old 25 mpg No of cylinders - more than 7 but fewer than 9 Runs on petrol
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