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  1. Absolutely fantastic, Trigger, thanks for posting..... Rolls-Royce CD1 was the Mayoral car for Brighton, ABC1 was the one for Leicester. for me though it is all the background stuff that wins!
  2. I know its wrong but I do love a Farina on rossies.....
  3. It's just telling you that you have the wrong jeans on.
  4. I think a common perception amongst some on here is that greatness has never been achieved, things have never been completed and that life is basically a good bit shittier than it could be. I don't think those feelings are unique or common to only a few - it is just that many other people bullshit and overplay their own lives and make it seem as if we are "missing out". Some clever fella once wrote to the effect that "the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation". We only make sense of it all when its nearly over...... It just seems ironic that those on here who appear the
  5. Holy thread revival time. A belated May Day rearward glimpse.....
  6. Fine choice of motors there.....
  7. Bit of a fleet update......Not much happening so there aren't any juicy tales of newly found rust - least not until I get the toffee hammer out again. Just taxed the Minor for the first time without an MOT. Did about 1000 miles since the last one which is quite shameful wastage. Will get it tested some time over the summer but enjoying it for commuting at the moment. This means the Fezzer is currently up the barn doing nothing and would be for sale if it wasn't so warmly re-assuring having a spare motor. T25 is providing excellent sleeping facilities at various rock and
  8. Excellent write-up, BFG, and one that leaves me waiting for the next instalments.....Got fond memories of four pot TRs from my school years, a fella up the road from me was into them and restored quite a few. You should be able to get the interior right for you - they are actually quite roomy although lack the elbow-room of the 2/3 with their cutaway doors. Shouldn't think the rollbar will help you there, though.....
  9. Two note-worthy but sadly un-captured spots today on the M27......Tailed by a saffron Bond Equipe 2 litre convertible before he took a junction exit. On the Portsmouth slip road - Citroen DS towing a trailer with an S4 Elan hardtop on it.
  10. The sucked-Werthers hue of that AMI Break takes nothing away from it's awesome-ness. Lovely!
  11. The thought of driving stuff like this around in the 1970s reminds me how antiquated my fleet must look to modern eyes today.... 1915 Morris Cowley. I have chosen a Cowley to illustrate the 40+ year lifespan of the model name. However, in these years the Cowley was actually a dearer version of the Oxford rather than the other way around (that change happened in 1920). This year's model came with an American Continental engine. Er, another Morris Cowley - this time a 1923 model. Comparatively little change in a decade, considering the rapid development of cars g
  12. Good work! Not many donors around now and looks like you got some useful hard to find stuff there....Decent steering wheels are not easy to find either.
  13. Ah...clarifies the grille difference nicely, thanks Ed....I had forgotten about the Omni but have a brochure on the Plymouth so that was the one that sprung to mind.
  14. That yellow Monz-alike is actually, I think, meant to represent a 1983 Plymouth Turismo. Dunno who the diecast-er is, though.
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