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    Shite cars of course. Music (I worked as a D.J for 23 years).

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  1. I need to check the maxi fuses.....I had the edu soldered by the AA a few years ago. My pal who has looked at it saves that the small power wire to the starter has power but he's not sure if its getting to the starter. He tried to tow start it but it tried to run but wouldn't stay running. Would a fuse or earth fault make it cut out while it was driving though?
  2. The cambelt is the one this I've not checked for some reason.lol. Mind you there is no noise at all when you try to start it though. I'm do know the belt was LONG overdue like.lol.
  3. Oh its a van with the Isuzu engine rather than the G.M unit. Cheers.
  4. Well.....the other day I was driving along and the bastard just cut out....no warning nothing. I tried to start it and nothing at all. You turn the key and all the warning lights come on but turn the key to start it and nothing......no clicking or anything. The warning lights don't go dim either. I've changed the ignition barrel and the starter motor to no avail. Any ideas anyone? Thanks loads. Charlie.
  5. That Calibra is only a half an hour drive from me......I get paid on Friday too. Fingers crossed its still there.
  6. I had a L reg 2.0 glx back in 2003 that had 273000 mi!as on and it drove like new. I've never thought they were good looking compared to the 405 though. That's defo a keeper as its a rare sight nowadays. Great buy.
  7. An "old school" Ford for £350??? I think I must have been timewarped! That's a cheap car. GLWTS!
  8. My first car was a silver 3 door HFV 594S. I paid a hundred quid of a pal of mine in 1986. I got wrote off a few months later after a argument with a brand new Sierra. I remember it being so much nicer to drive than my pals MK2 Escort. Shame they could rot like mad though.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sorry about the double piccies but I REALLY like that!!
  10. I cant make my mind up if this is worth the money or not. There cant be many X platers left and I really fancy a early one as the face-lift ones look a little chintzy to me. Mind you purchase price + getting it nice = too expensive????? Any opinions?
  11. I cannot stand the hoards of Facefook/Gamtree "sellers" who think we are so stupid that we didn't see the sad heap of scrap they are trying to offload on the same site/forum/group a few days before. ALLWAYS with the original seller and ALLWAYS at a good few hundred bucks less. They can never be arsed to wash them or even sometimes take new photos. AND they really do think they deserve to make a couple of hundred bucks. Oh and the ad always has NO OFFERS at the end............bellends.
  12. LOL..........This has to be the quote of the year.
  13. Love that Fiesta like, I gather you stay in the Calders buddy.lol. There,s a pair of Pye door speakers from around the early 90,s in the window of the Bethany Charity shop down Leith for a fiver........still in the box too.lol. They were still there a couple of hours ago.lol.
  14. I'd Be interested in BL brochures from the 70s if there are any. Thanks.
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