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  1. Need some orange indicators for my 205 if they have one there, can get new repros off ebay easily enough but would prefer originals.
  2. Third 205 acquired, just clicked over 50,000 on the way home, couple of little jobs to do but very happy with it. The GTX was available for one model year and was basically a run out model for the XS/GT I believe, it features a fuel injected 1.4 TU3 rather than the carburettor in the older GT, this means it’s slightly less powerful (75bhp) but better for me as I couldn’t be arsed faffing about with another carb’d 205. GTX spec gets you the GTi front valance with fogs, Peugeot Sport Steelies, that big sunroof, electric front windows, velour sports seats, a rev counter, temp gauge and the all important digital clock which actually works, though I’ve not tried to set it to the correct time yet! Mods planned: gingercators, drop me a message if anyones got a spare set.
  3. Just omg hail chaos atm, reet chunky bastards.
  4. Pretty much nowt here on the North East coast, this was a couple of days ago: they’ve since told us to work from home but it’s clear skies and clear ground out there right now. I was looking forward to testing out my first 4WD but nevermind!
  5. You’ll occasionally get the odd interesting car in the multi-storey where I park for work, a few abandoned cars in there as well like the Peugeot and a ropey Mk4 Astra.
  6. They used the Substance rerecording in the episode weirdly so I guess Meggarsdog was half right!
  7. Not as bad as how shit they look in the dark with that wanky led halfords light strip across the front!
  8. Looks gd that, lmk when the bairns have a growth spurt and we’ll do an swopage
  9. I'm sure this ones had many, many owners, how many of us on here have had it?
  10. Owned this/took this pic back in June.
  11. jmsguzzi

    FOTU 2023

    I'll be going to both, loved FOTU last year and gutted I missed Radwood, the price and the ques aren't that bad for what you get ya grumpy auld bastards!
  12. Quite a busy year as usual… OUT: 1996 Jaguar XJR6, never meet your heroes, sold to @straightSixand converted to a manual. IN/OUT: 1990 Peugeot 205 GR, bought from @loserone, thought I’d enjoy it as much as the Inca but unfortunately I didn’t. OUT: 2000 BMW 528i SE, can’t remember which shiter I bought this off back in March 2021, was someone’s Dad’s deceased friends car I believe? I spent a fortune on it and kept it for longer than I have any other car. Great car but fancied a change. IN/OUT: 2007 Mercedes CLK 280, the 528’s replacement, nice engine, shit build quality, bit modern for me. IN: 1991 Mercedes 230TE, bought from @HMC, a car I’ve always wanted. Was planning on buying a ‘nice’ one but couldn’t pass this one up for the price, slowly improving it. IN: 1997 BMW 523i SE, originally bought this from @prepace back in 2020 and then stupidly sold it when I shouldn’t’ve. Managed to buy it back this year, have spent a small fortune on it already and will probably stupidly sell it again at some point, but it’s sticking around for now! IN/OUT: 2003 Smart City Passion, roffle win from @gm, absolutely horrible.
  13. G-Limited = proper Gran Turismo spec
  14. There's nowt unusual about seeing a Golf Cabrio parked badly!
  15. Otterburn ranges: Half demolished chemical plant: Driving through the North Sea: In a lamppost:
  16. There's not much point in having a Calendar for the year just gone!
  17. I always thought that shape Laurel looked older than the car it actually replaced.
  18. Shirley this needs to come home, do you mind driving it up for me this time? 😉
  19. Just missed out on a mint local Mercedes E500 last year for around 4k, asked the seller to pass my details onto the new owner incase he moves it on, got offered it a couple of weeks ago for half that price, can't justify it at the moment, I know I'm going to be regretting it for a long time. Regret not picking up the low mileage Mitsubishi Galant that was for sale local for around 300 quid just after I passed my test, actually went through a few members on here before being wrote off.
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