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  1. Spent a whole night out once trying to tell the difference between these two, and still none the wiser.
  2. XUX332S pulls as Which would all seem to match up. Great spot!!
  3. Enjoy it briefly Eddy, it sounds like long term it’s not likely to be making a positive contribution to wellbeing and could end up as more good money after bad. Get a month or two gentle pleasure from it then offer it up with long MoT in the new year, it should sell quickly with all those faults sorted out. And after a while if there’s still a car-shaped hole in your life, replace it with something simpler and less needy, buy with the head not the heart much as I’m sure you would always gravitate to another wafty barge. Or at least something that’s likely to go up in value quicker than its maintenance costs!
  4. I’d love to see it return. 205, that cable looks a bit fucked as well, does it operate freely?
  5. This one was about eight or nine years ago. Initial asking price was SEVEN GRAND!! Don't know if it ever sold
  6. That’s quite a spot. https://www.ahspares.co.uk/healeys-for-sale/162-2000-trojan-healey-sprite.aspx Apparently the only one completed and Road registered.
  7. It says something about these TV series' lasting impact when people are painting up much more modern vehicles as replicas, decades after the shows were cancelled. Though to be fair I haven't yet seen any Peugeot 207s in Starsky and Hutch colours.
  8. Here’s one from what must be over 15 years ago, big engined example too!
  9. Yeah, or, it could just be a portmanteau* of the phrase pile of shite. *I have probably used the wrong word here.
  10. Nice* Transit motorhome. Left hand drive?
  11. Spot the difference: Ignore the wheels we’ve covered that already. Yes that’s right, those wanky bonnet stripes have finally gone. Blown off the car by Storm Ciaran
  12. Looking great. Hope you get some good use out of it and not tempted to sell if someone waves cash under your nose! Have you got anything lined up as a replacement project?
  13. LNA! That would've been a rare sight even 20 years ago. And C-reg must be a really late one, when did production stop? Good to see the car surviving and being given some love, thanks for sharing the story. I'm sure getting it back in the game will be beneficial to dad's quality of life.
  14. mk2_craig


    It's a shame, hopefully if nothing else most pages have been picked up by the Wayback Machine. When a site like this closes its not just the authored content that's lost, it's the thousands of comments that add information and context too. Though in the case of some people posting on AR, the comments are barely legible drivel
  15. Tarp challenge!!! Looks old and dull.
  16. 320 must have been a constant pretty much since original launch too? Not that the badge has always meant 2.0 engine though.
  17. Is this in relation to the UK market? Some of the above are non-continuous or not offered here officially, though Passat and Transit are good shouts. I would add as other long runners, BMW 3 and 5 series. Is the 7 series still offered? If so then these must all have been on sale for well over 40 years each.
  18. Don't tell me you wanna buy it back Ken.
  19. mk2_craig

    EO the Clio

    Are these the ones with the reworked back end, different tailgate and bumper?
  20. Exempt now. You would imagine that it's clocked up a bit more mileage than that though!
  21. Ta - this should counter the accusation that somehow the mystery car has been “photoshopped” into the picture. I see in that Twitter thread that the renders of a mockup in the styling studio are getting dangerously close to becoming gospel.
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