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  1. Much better. Has someone bought its previous registration mark?
  2. Amazing that they continue to find you, what a honey! Well done on the work so far and, as said already, kudos to you for going in with a decent offer rather than trying to low ball it.
  3. Lancia Megagamma Citroen Activa Ford Urba (apparently this or an identical one got as far as being UK road registered)
  4. There’s some lovely old toss in amongst that lot, thanks for attending/photographing/sharing!
  5. You’ve done the right thing there!! Are the stickers next to go?
  6. Which end of the plate is the V?
  7. Wow, that’s another six months without the R19 having done anything. It keeps getting covered in pine needles, therefore every so often I brush them off and very occasionally I’ll wipe all the grime off the windows. Today was different, I did both of those things, then (after a quick charge in the garage) chucked the battery on and ran the engine for a bit. This required directing a bit of lubrication at the choke cable, which had become rather stiff and is also missing its knob making its shaft difficult to pull out (fnarr). Then ran it round the block to make sure the brakes aren’t seizing on or whatever. One of my friends has made the mistake of asking if I had an old banger in stock that he can use while on holiday here next month, so it looks like the n-n-n-n-19 is getting pressed back into service soon! I still haven’t done owt about the play in the steering rack or the non functioning indicators, hopefully the latter is something simple like a busted relay.
  8. I don’t think it was. Certainly never seen a RHD example. That one has done quite an impressive mileage considering how sparsely a lot of campers are used.
  9. This is GR8 news, and opens up many possibilities for chod fettling. Good work! I don’t know how you managed to persevere with the flat/tat situation without going completely berserk.
  10. mk2_craig

    Rozzer Shite

    Done many miles in both, at times quite aggressively/carelessly. The AWD doesn’t seem any less understeery and being heavier is even more scary when you really overcook it, like four wheel drifting backwards on wet grass towards a cliff edge.
  11. mk2_craig

    Rozzer Shite

    What could be more iconic and classic than Austin Rover’s finest?
  12. I thought the sale prices for the Sonata etc looked about right, then I remembered France doesn’t use francs for its currency any more.
  13. I'll be the one to say it, thurty-seven and a half bags buys some really nice classic tin, you'd have to be out of your mind on meth to choose this instead.
  14. That's what I thought, but how much would you have to sink into that half-complete engineless hulk for it to be worth fifty large? Much easier* to pony up 20k then nick a complete and running example, though I'll grant you that (a) you won't find one the same colour on every street corner, and (b) twenty grand is a pretty high stake.
  15. Thanks for sharing - I love the idea of exploring Europe in an old crock, without too much pressure of being in a particular place at a specific time. It would be without the wife and kid, however. Ok maybe the kid.
  16. Yes most unfortunate news. I wonder what the story is there, impounded by local authority after complaints from residents about damaged car left on the public highway?
  17. That Sierra is awesome! And love that tat hoard in the open barn, France is great for people hanging onto (relatively) worthless old chod in bulk, presumably because the land values mean it is practically free to do so.
  18. Don’t be doing that on the Super!!
  19. I’m asking. Insufficiently torqued?
  20. Could be the one @purplebargeken had until recently?
  21. Often some stray cables on an auto that’s been converted to manual. Leftover from inhibitor switch wiring perhaps?
  22. On early 80s cars yes. Possible to modify the remote/lever to remove the gate, for use with the later 80s onwards gearboxes.
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