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  1. Shell only, or in other words V5 and VIN plates only because someone's stripped the fucker already, sold off anything of value*, and forgotten* to update the advert with any "after" photos.
  2. Anything supplied new through a Jersey dealer will be absolutely a normal UK spec, type approved vehicle. Including this Panda. Where it used to get a bit confusing was if something had been bounced around the Crown Dependencies, usually if someone moved between the islands for work, and after a while the "date of first registration" could get lost due to the authority only recording "date of PREVIOUS registration". Case study: my wife's Astra. New 2010 to local dealer as demonstrator. Couldn't shift it locally so sent it to Guernsey for the branch over there to re-home. Reimported to Jersey 6 months later... as a 2012 car.
  3. Fuck knows what the local offices did before DVLC was established but I'm at a loss to know why that didn't go on a B-suffix, seeing as "age-related" marks weren't a thing back then.
  4. I came home from the maternity ward in an orange "phase 1" Renner 14 TL which was less than a year old at the time. Featuring black vinyl seats for maximum mingebag points, by the time my parents traded it in for an early Fiat Uno it was rusting quite nicely. More than four decades later I was gifted a 1989 R19, which I haven't got rid of yet. Its rusting quite nicely, and various electrical things don't work. In between those two events, my dad briefly had a supa-basic AX 10E with static rear belts and no wheeltrims or radio, followed by a brand new face-lift AX GT which was an absolutely great car and kept just about long enough for me to snag a cheeky drive of it round the estate while my parents were not at home. I think that's it for French car ownership in my immediate family, though before I was born there was apparently a corrugated-dash R5 and a Simca 1100 on the driveway simultaneously.
  5. This worked really well on an old Fiesta cluster. Until the barrels seized up 😄
  6. I’ve had two - 88 Sierra which had (in 2009) an odometer reading of 96k, which I’m sure would have been 196k - and a facelift mk3 Cav on about 165k. Paid nothing for the Sierra and the Cavalier was effectively free as I swapped it for a Volvo 745 that was given to me. There might still be some pictures on old threads here depending on whether Photobucket has locked my account yet. Both surprisingly tidy inside and outside, though the Cavalier had some strange patches of carpet glued over the original in the rear footwells, and the Sierra had been used as tip run van/dog transporter for a while by its ex cabbie owner between coming off the rank and the car passing to me. They both ran and drove ok, but I had to sort out various mechanical issues with the Sierra (overheating, brakes, carb etc) and the Cav had no heater with slightly clicky CV joints as well. Neither lasted long after me. I’m pretty sure the Sierra donated its 205 block Pinto to the next owners mk2 Escort rally car, and the Cav knocked about for a year or so looking increasingly battered then disappeared, probably fragged rather than exported anywhere.
  7. I must say you appear remarkably calm about all of this grief Pete, if this had happened to me I reckon my stress levels would be off the scale. Have you barked at the chap who reassembled the box yet? An error as elementary as using the wrong thread bolts would have me wondering whether any of the internals are equally substandard.
  8. If it hasn’t moved in nearly eight years I bet the interior of that Escort is greener than vegan snot. Always liked them in that colour combo, with the “snowflake” lattice alloys.
  9. Yup - see it now! Cheers folks. Wonder how old it was in that pic.
  10. Yes!! Wishing you a grief-free trip. Got a stock of wheel bearings on board?
  11. That Maxi facing the opposite way to EVERYTHING else is playing havoc with my sense of orderliness. This picture of the bombsite, what's that silver grey thing top right? Can't work it out. Looks almost like a crew cab but also a bit more modern than the other old toss there. Fab photos, by the way.
  12. That’s remarkable. The average cost per day of owning and operating that must work out to be absolutely tiny.
  13. @sharley17194 found some better pictures and uploaded to page 1, do you know whether any more of these eventually made it back into use?
  14. So far so good! Its amazing how our transport system works really isn't it, when you think of all the different connections you've had to make today where something could've gone wrong. Long day though like. I'm getting to the age where I'd have factored a hotel stay into the schedule somewhere. P.S. Cav looks like a honey. Love those original looking plates on it.
  15. Bike train bus plane. Is there a ferry in the equation at some stage?
  16. WTF. Edit. Yes, that's Mansell Collection as in Nigel. His son running the outfit I think.
  17. Yeah that’s humped!! Indeed strange how it’s deteriorated so swiftly, wonder whether a previous owner had pasted something on top, which has finally let go on your garage chap giving it a poke? Whatever, sad times but as others have said, you’ve done not bad out of that car. Definitely should be a fair bit of value in it when reduced to component form - shifting it whole might be slightly harder, but it’ll bring in a handsome sum either way.
  18. Nasty. What part of the car are we looking at there?
  19. Do you know what Bornite - I just need to pull my finger out and get it sorted. I should be capable of dealing with the steering issue myself, plus trying to get to the bottom of why the indicator stalk isn’t doing anything. Relatively modest old Renner issues, in the context of electric parking brakes and keycards and that. Did I mention the asking price would basically be £FREE ?
  20. Yup, starts runs drive stops. Issue is the offside track rod, there’s play evident within the gaiter. I bought a repair kit including track rod but the opportunity to get tinkering hasn’t yet presented itself. Would I drive it onto the boat? yes. Would I drive it to Peterborough? maybe
  21. Might as well show future readers of this thread what that soon to be dead link was all about eh? JTX131K just in case anybody owns or is shortly intending to acquire* an ID-less Supervan. Not that this is on the same level as classic Mini or Land Rover ringing of course. EDIT. Incidentally, that Mini in two halves, at the top of this page? Of course it was.
  22. "All vin numbers present inc front slam panel. Reg is F461 LJH" Thanks for that, I'm sure someone will be keeping an eye out for F461LJH miraculously returning to the road in a remarkably short space of time.
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