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  1. 😂 Have to start calling you Mystic Meg! To be fair I made £1000 on it so I can't complain but it's annoying when you do all the hard work for some other twat to flip it straight away making no effort for a big 'profit', His Facebook profile is fake as well, his real names Howard. I had the same happen earlier this year when I sold that Fiesta Van too 🙄
  2. All true, just annoying though, to be honest I sold it at what I think it's worth, the rear panel is rotten, there's a hole in the wheel tub on the offside as well as needing a new arch and the mileage is likely incorrect plus it was crash damaged and the tailgate was crooked and wiring damaged in the hinges It would make a good daily at £3300 but it's certainly no £5500 car without new arches, cambelt and back panel
  3. Cunts 🤬 Unbelievable, I sold this a couple of days ago for £3300 and its already up on Facebook for £5500! He hasn't even bothered to take new photos! Mega annoying
  4. That's interesting, mines Crystal blue but was a bit cheaper than the Ford RRP
  5. As i posted on the News 24 thread I've just repaired both front and rear bumpers, they had been bashed a bit and have come out surprisingly well, I'm waiting on a new bracket for the rear as that was a bit managed. That dent is very annoying too as that wing be perfect if it wasn't for that! chrome tailpipe will make it go quicker A friend messaged me to say he found a pair of Laser headrests in his mums shed if i wanted them for £20! I was over the moon! So much better, and the rocker cover, rad panel and timing cover as come back from being powder coated and now mostly fitted back on That strut top is a job for another day, I might have to farm that job out once it has a mot, It now runs straight of the key too although it's not set up quite yet so only ran it for about a minute so far. and that's pretty much up to date now!
  6. after the interior, it was exterior time, the best part of any project! I couldn't believe how much better a bath made it look! and i gave it a touch up and ran a mop over it. I've spent so much time on ebay and Facebook just souring the broken or missing bit, side repeater lamp, boot spoiler plug, head rests, fog light switch, just silly bits like that. I also fitted a brand new 32/36 DGAV Weber carb, for the sake of £280 it wasn't worth messing about with the completely seized and gummed up one, same as the radiator
  7. So my mate in his excitement wanted to check if the engine was seized or not, so we pulled the plugs out, poured some WD40 down the pours got my big breaker bar on the crank and gently rocked it, it was tight at first which was a worry but then it started to move, result! my mate said the pistons were going up and down freely so that was good news, unfortunately though what i hadn't realised is that whilst the bottom was turning, the belt had stripped its teeth and the top wasn't! Thank god these are non-interreference engines! What i hadn't noticed was that the alloy water pump and thermostat housing had badly corroded and all fallen inside the pulleys jamming them up! so it all got striped down, completely cleaned up, everything replaced and new belt fitted Whilst i waited for parts to arrive i made a start cleaning the interior which was quite mouldy and musty Shame about the seat wear, the head rests are a later story but i never did find the originals!
  8. I wasn't going to bother but as a few of seem interested i thought I'd start a thread on the Capri that i bought last month. It all started when a lady in the village who knows my wife asked her if I'd be interested in her husbands relatives old Capri they have in a garage, both him and his wife have died of old age and they have inherited the property and this old Capri had been in the garage for 20 years since he gave up driving at 83 and it was now being a 'burden', her words, not mind. The car was over a hour away near Harlow so i shot down there to visit the ladies mother in law who was at the bungalow sorting it out, she gave me the key to the garage and told me to take a look whilst she made me a cup of coffee. This is was i viewed when i opened the up n over door. I admit i got a bit excited at this point! the story is what he bought the car new in 1986, used it up until 2003 where he got Parkinson's and was too ill to drive anymore racking up 95000 miles, whilst he maintained the car well he probably would have benefitted from parking sensors these days! The lady said she'd been offered £900 by a neighbour but thought it was a bit low, i offered £2000 and she was more than happy! a few days later by mate helped me collect it. Access wasn't great as it was at the rear garden with a short drive with no room for pulling the car out easily and onto a road that was rat run and blind pulling out on, nothings easy! fortunately my mates truck managed to drag it out with locked brakes and big hammers! we then dragged it backwards down the roads, swapped ends and pulled it into a nearby school entrance and onto the trailer on the way back we got lost and managed to go past the original dealers, Gates in Harlow so we pulled in a got a photo! eventually we managed to drag it into my garage, phew! that was hard work!
  9. Ah there all the other side! If anyone is interested the Capri is plodding along, it's now running with a new Weber carb fitted, the brakes are currently being gone though, rebuilt the calipers, fitted new pads etc, had a mare with thr new hoses as they are a different thread to the originals and managed to strip the thread whilst doing up the nut 🤦‍♂️ Also bashed the bumpers straight again and repainted them today, quite pleased with how good they came out Still not looking forwards to sorting that shit strut plate out A friend came good with a pair of headrests for £20 Because priorities I got a dealer sticker of DMB on the back and have a new front plate on order from Retro Plates So finish brakes, fit bumpers, paint alloys, fit new tyres and it should be close to the road again!
  10. The Volvo went tonight So last week I got it back from my welder and used my time of work striking wisely by priming the patches, seam sealing and undersealing them all (the inner sill had a small hole as did the spare wheel well) I then painted the sill Rover Hurricane Grey as that was a good match and waxoyled it all. I put the car on ebay Sunday evening and by Monday morning I had over a 1000 views and 105 watches! I ended up getting £3300 for it from a chap in Somerset on the promise I'd put a years mot on it today, which I did. Thankfully it was a clean pass so I spent a hour heading the 5 miles home in the grit locked traffic, I did see a 340 in the traffic mind This now leaves me a little more space and some spare cash to get the Capri finished off, hopefully that will be done soon too.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144748540950 Thrown my 240 out to the wolves this afternoon, see if it actually sells now or if i get messed about...
  12. Thanks, I did think about it but I decided it was a lot of effort when people don't seem to be as interested anymore on here
  13. I spent a few hours on Wednesday attacking the bodywork of the Crapi to wash the 19 years of spider shit off it, I'll let the photos do the talking. And after... Quite a change, unfortunately I forgot to get a engine bay photo but that's cleaned up well although there's still a shit load to do under there as yet, once the parts start turning up.
  14. If she is then she never got the brains!
  15. I went up with a mate on Friday morning to collect the garage find Capri It wasn't too bad to get out in the end, we managed to inflate most the tyres with a little inflator and pulled it out with the truck without too much fuss my mate then span the truck around and towed me out backwards along the road before spinning around again and pulling it across the road to a school entrance to load it onto the truck On the way back we took a wrong turn and ended up outside the original dealers garage to got a few photos. One passing young salesman asked if it was a Capri 🙄 I said yes we've bought it in for a service and he just walked off, strange lot. After getting the car home I've managed to get it turning on a bar, unfortunately the cambelt was so gummed up in corroded remains of water pump that it actually stripped the teeth of the belt but thankfully the 2.0s are non interference. So I cleaned the interior as it was a bit mouldy Which got the Mrs Trigger thumbs up of approval. So there you have it, plenty of work to be getting on with but no as bad as it could have been, I can't wait to wash it though!
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