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  1. Did you not try Anton Martin at AS car Dismantlers? He said he had one and he's only up near Newmarket?
  2. I feel the same as you Dan, it's like we're in some kind of disaster film and Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to come along and save us, but he's not, he's just gonna hug a donkey and pony instead.
  3. That looks cool, I like that!
  4. That R18 is remarkable, he was selling it on Facebook for £1600 complete with the parts needed too which I thought was a massive bargain, it be interesting to see what it makes in the auction though especially in these troubled times.
  5. Unfortunately so Dave. I think we should just cancel the whole of 2020.
  6. This is all very hypothetical anyway, the car will probably not be for sale and if it is the owner will want £5000 for it or something stupid anyway. I'd just see what they want for it first and then sleep on it.
  7. I'm so upset about this, I was really looking forwards to this summer.
  8. The museum has now closed its doors for foreseeable future so that's out the window now even if this was still to go ahead, we'll see how long this virus lasts for but hopefully we might be able to redo this again in August or September time, that said with every other event poseponing until later in the year there might not even be enough time for it?
  9. What shit luck mate, have a word with Anton Martin at Red Lodge, he has a replacement.
  10. With the latest developments with this virus there's a possibility this may also have to be postponed, obviously its early days as yet but I thought I should pre warn people. I have no problem with reorganising it again for later in the year if thats the case though.
  11. No photos sadly but I think it was back in 2004 and was a L reg Peugeot 306 1.9 XLD in white, I won it for around £700 and it was in Southend, I remember driving down and meeting the chap in the sea life centre car park, it had the front fog light bumper of a XSi and remote locking which I thought was pretty exciting at the time. It lasted a good year as a work hack and was even rear ended at one point on the A14 by a Fiesta before being sold to someone at work for £600. I think the inevitable XUD head gasket failure killed it in the end. It was a bloody good car to be fair!
  12. I've just remembered that I saw a red GSA today in Tescos!
  13. I organised a little car run today to Bawdsey with my car club, I wasn't expecting much of turn out due to the black death and cold weather but we still had about 10-12 cars, this Fiat Croma CHT was a particular highlight though. It was mint, only 35000 miles on the clock too, other highlights were Not one But two Monzas! G60 BX Diesel A genuine Broadspeed but the 3.1 is currently awaiting a rebuilt so it's just a 3.0... Then the police turned up And this was the longest drive mines done yet, sadly the speedo packed up which I think is the sensor on the box so I need to find a replacement and I'm not convinced the gears are changing up correctly so I can see a box filter and oil change on the cards too, does it ever end...
  14. Oh no! I've just realised this is 'Richard', as in Richard Black, he was such a nice, friendly man when I've met him at Shitefest, I'm really sad to hear about this, my condolences to all his family.
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