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  1. Looks like a Dacia Denim on the left in white?
  2. That Cortina is definitely touching!
  3. How much shopping can you fit in the back of a Peugeot 505 estate?!
  4. 1300cc's of power, lasted until 1985.
  5. Probably, I'm always confusing the two!
  6. You can zoom right in on the website, Applejack Allegro and Renault 17 being personal favorites. https://www.sainsburyarchive.org.uk/catalogue/search/sabra7d646-photograph-of-derby-kingsway-store-exterior-and-car-park-c-1987/search/eweo-term:car-park/action/ajax/c/2
  7. Try this link Tim, It was my local Sainsbury's for many years too. https://www.sainsburyarchive.org.uk/catalogue/search/branch/ref/p658-colchester-stanway-tollgate-west-1987-2011-sainsburys-branch Here's some more car park gems.
  8. Lexden Colchester 1979
  9. Moreton hall, Bury St Edmunds 1987. Cornhill, Bury St Edmunds 1981.
  10. I'm not sure if it's been posted before but today i discovered that Sainsbury's have archived each store online so that you can view media about them, and it's a treasure trove! https://www.sainsburyarchive.org.uk/branch/branches/ I've picked a few from my local stores so far. Hadleigh Road in Ipswich 1992. Warren heath Ipswich 1985. Any ideas what this car is?. Daf maybe?
  11. Great deal! Thanks for posting, I've ordered 3 boxes.
  12. I'm not even joking when I say I actually did wonder that!
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