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  1. The new toy arrived yesterday! I'm so happy to own it, I've wanted one for years but never thought I'd be able to afford one but a few thrifty deals with the Granada and Marina meant that I easily had enough money in the end. The previous owner ran it up to me from Potters bar and I dropped him off at the train station, can't say better than that. Unfortunately I can't really drive it yet as the clutch isn't engaging properly, the pedal isn't coming up enough and it won't go in gear with the engine running and when it is running the cars driving with your foot still on the clutch! It's pissing out DOT4 too so I'm expecting a hydraulic problem is the cause. Anyway spent some time removing the stickers and cleaning some bits up. It's had a absolute mint spent on it in the last 10 years, over £10k in receipts, it must have single handedly kept Rimmers in business! Apparently its had a full engine and gearbox rebuild and a body restoration so fingers crossed its a good one, it's only done 71000 miles. 1st owner of 2 years was a manager at Unipart and was owned by BL. I'm well excited!
  2. I'll try although I don't seem to get on here much anymore, There's a few scabs here and there and it doesn't start very well but I think the carbs need a little attention, once it's running it goes like a train though, stainless exhaust and a K&N makes it sound very angry! Also came with a load of spares too.
  3. Treated myself to a late 40th birthday present today. I'm mega excited, I've wanted a Sprint since being a kid, especially a yellow one so jumped on this when I was offered it. Drove down to Potters Bar this morning to view it and fell in love straight away, it's a million miles away from my old 1500 SE, it's a rip roaring monster which will probably financially ruined me bit it's worth it! It's being delivered by the owner on Tuesday as he gets free train travel and it saved me having to insure and going back again. Definitely my favourite car I've ever bought!
  4. Funnily enough another friend said he was the guy who delivered his Ital Van to him in Scotland, he obviously gets about a bit!
  5. Err... I seem to have sold this already! 😳 I've used it for a few days outs, work a few times, pottering about and even a small meet in Felixstowe last week but due to COVID its really not done much other than cost me money in tax and insurance and having two other cars both tax exempt and not enough room for a 3rd something had to go and with the insurance up for renewal this got the boot. Put it on ebay as a classified ad on Saturday and had loads of messages then Sunday I had a offer of £2500 which I accepted, a lad from County Durham fell in love with it, wired the money across without viewing it and a Polish guy from Shiply turned up at 10am this morning and had it away. And at 3.30pm I got a text from a very happy new owner to say its arrived. So that's that, I think the Marina might be the next one for the chop as I fancy something to replace the two that I really want, not sure what yet so watch this space but a Volvo Amazon would be rather nice, if I can afford one...
  6. I'm probably mental but i put the Granada on ebay last night, I'm not really using due to this virus and i was never planning on keeping it so thought I'd try selling it now whilst the weather is nice and it be worth more than in the winter when no one wants old cars, I've had several emails etc but tonight I had a good offer on it and pending a payment it might be going up north. The Marina might be next for the chop 🤔 I''m not not sure yet but as lovely as the car is and I know i'll never find another car in that condition i really want something a little more exciting to drive which has rear seat belts and is also tax exempt (it's much easier to live with and insurance is cheaper too!) and want to use the money from both cars to pay for it.
  7. That's a great looking car! Proper classy and it suits white with beige!
  8. This is also quite a nice period video with a Victor like mine in it https://youtu.be/9eIbiqUzuSk
  9. Well spotted! This might still be on this year but I'd be surprised, shame as its one of the biggest shows in the area and I'm a judge! Poor oldford, he's passed away now and greatly missed but his Cortina is still in good hands with a good mate of his.
  10. Hit something on the A14 on the way to work this morning, don't know if it's a pothole or some debris as I never saw anything but it made a hell of a bang which results in my tyres looking like this and me changing to my spare in a layby with lorries thundering past my back, not a experience I'd like to repeat. The drive home with that bolge in the back tyre is going to be fun.
  11. I think that's exactly what the problem was, old numbnuts here had his phone the wrong way wrong and my hand over the mic, it's all a learning curve! I think the dent is too bad for a dent man Mark, it's like a gouge that someone's tried knocking out before.
  12. Just in case your struggling to sleep...
  13. So have you bought this for just when your in Thailand or are you planning on bringing it home Hairnet?
  14. I had to collect some gaskets and a trophy from the previous owner this afternoon and joked about the vin tag, he said he made it so that he could get it moted!
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