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  1. I'm very jealous, I'm really having a hankering for a nice 240 estate at the moment and this is my favorite colour and spec! That will look amazing after a bit of elbow grease on the paintwork.
  2. I'm glad to see your going via Burger King though.
  3. Tell him you'll swap him a Astra for it! https://www.facebook.com/MyVTECGoesBwaaahhh I just hope he let's you have it back.
  4. Any better? Edit - click on the photo.
  5. I think it is actually your hubcap!!! He found it the day after you lost yours near Brighton!
  6. I haven't been on here much because of life, even the cars haven't had much of a look in, the Granada is becoming a pain in my rectum, the brakes wouldn't bleed up after going though them all again so ended up stripping the whole master system/ABS off it and I'm now on the hunt for a replacement unit. I did find one on ebay but it was collection from Basildon and there's no guarantee that it would work either, I guess its a gamble I'll have to take though. As for the Marina I haven't even touched it for a couple of months but I had to go to Screwfix today and as it was dry I took the opportunity to take it, it fired straight up and got me there and back with no drama, it's a great car really. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. Thank you for doing that, that would explain why I'm listed as a the 6th keeper on the V5 then, annoyingly as I bought it after the GDPR changes I don't even have the last keepers details on the current V5. I suspect the 2nd keeper is the one who took it off the road in 1981 and its then been transferred to either other family members or the family have moved address but the cars stayed in the same council lock up so each time they have updated the logbook it's shown as a new keeper, sadly the V5 was missing when I bought it so I'll never know now the fully story behind it.
  8. I don't suppose I could be cheeky and ask of you could run my Marina for me please? It was off the road from 1981 until I bought it and I don't really know much about its history. I think it may have changed keeper in the late 70s but I really don't know. The reg is PEB762R. Thanks.
  9. That VX490 looked absolutely amazing in the photos.
  10. Well done Tim! I look forwards to watching your progress with it!
  11. Oh and here's a 79 mile Dolomite 1500 HL for £17500!
  12. It's just a field but it is camping, £5 a night for tents, I'll check but caravans will probably be around the same price, best bet for hotels would be one of the Holiday Inn/Travelodge or Premier inns in Ipswich, all will be around 15-20mins from the field.
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