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  1. Bit late to the party as usual but yes, it's Retroplates that I use and they always do a pucker job of them
  2. That's me! 😅 I'm selling the duplicate issues off, sold 4 of them in the first 40 mins of listing them!
  3. trigger

    AI worded ads

    I want to buy a Morris Marina again now
  4. Kicking myself for not making the effort to go to this now but life got in the way, yet again.
  5. I've apart from 16 and 17 I've got all issues from 1 to 27 and several duplicates, just spotted that issue one alone recently sold for £20 on eBay! I didn't realise they had a value!
  6. OMG your right as well, bloody well spotted!
  7. You legend! I really appreciate you looking it up for me, even if it hasn't helped on this occasion, it's so annoying Carbaba has now removed that option! With a bit of lucky the lady will find the paperwork and that will fill in the gaps. Oh and the wheels are Oscam Windy's, it seems.
  8. I came so close to buying the Chevette, If the Escort hadn't have come the day before i was going to go to the ACA yesterday and put a decent bid in on that, in fact it sold for less than my offer (£3500 tops) which is a bit annoying! The Cavalier SRi at £7000 for a good price for the seller too!
  9. I am lucky, for once the timing was just right as I had sold the Mondeo and had the money to pull the trigger on it. It's funny as the Capri came from a lady only 5 doors up fron the Escort lady, and both being on the same road as me, I did get offered a '20000 mile 3 door Escort' last year from the antique centre too but that turned out to be a 120000 mile P reg Mk5 Escort 1.6 auto Encore with terminal rust so you can't win then all!
  10. Randomly we got a message of a lady down my road who got our details from the antique centre because she had her departed husbands old Escort to sell and asked if we knew anyone interested in it, me obviously being a sucker for a old Ford and having just sold the Mondeo agreed to take a look. I was surprised when she opened the container where it had been stored since 2010! So the story is her husband used to work for Tescos and cashed in his shares in 1989 to buy this XR3i Cabriolet from Dagenham Motors, It was his pride and joy and he used to go cruising on Southend seafront and around Romford and Dagenham in it during the 90s before getting a company van in 2000 and parked it, his plan was to recommission it when he retired but he sadly passed away in 2021 aged 59 after laying down for a hour as he felt rough and passed away in his sleep, very sad indeed. For a car which hasn't seen the road for 24 years it seems VERY good, there no rust on the body or arches or behind the kit that i can see, the rear floor has a lot of surface rust but I'm hoping that will clean up ok. I agreed to buy it so yesterday my mate came over so we could collect it, it was a bit of a faff as the rear brakes had locked on but we managed to drag it onto the trailer, eventually! The first time it had seen light for 14 years! as you can see it's very of it's period! I personally think it's a Dagenham Motors demonstrator as its shows two previous owners, not one, i know his wife registered after he died but I'm thinking the garage owned it for a bit too, especially as it's all skirted up, shame that the paperwork hasn't turned up yet and carbaba doesn't give keeper change dates anymore as I'd be really interested to know if it had a keeper change in 1989. What's peoples thought's on the wheels? they are 15" Oscam Windy alloys which have been on it since new, I'm quite tempted to get them refurbished again. Half leather Recaros! very posh! and check out the hifi! big Alpine speakers in the car too, just a shame the stereo isn't in it, the lady thinks it's in the loft and will let me know when she finds it. i think it's a special edition model as they only made a few in Aquafoam blue and with the high spec of leather and electric roof back in 1989. we managed to push it into the garage, tomorrow I'll make a start on seeing what parts i need and the condition of the belt before turning it over. and here it is in it's glory days when it was brand new
  11. So the Mondeo sold last week, a chap from Northern Ireland contacted me before Christmas, left me a deposit asking if he could collect it mid Jan, i collected him from the airport at 7.30am, and he had driven to Stranraer port in Scotland by 4.30pm and was back home by 11pm, quite the day but apparently the car drove well and only done £100 in fuel so that's a relief. He's already re-registered on Irish plates.
  12. To be fair the MK1 Golf Cabriolet I had was crap to drive too, scuttle shake was awful so I can't imagine this being any better but whenyou get offered a old car you can't be fussy can you! Hopefully viewing it next week with the view of getting it back on the road for this summer now that the ST200 has sold. This is it's current state
  13. I've been offered a XR3i today, it's been of the road since before 2005, 1 owner from new who's passed away and his widow wants to move it on, still in excellent condition apparently but it has these wheels on it which are bugging me as I recognise them, anyone know what they are?
  14. I did ask last week but does anyone know of any other sites with give the same information?
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