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  1. I've been camping it up in the Cabriolet this afternoon, I'm actually really enjoying this one. I've painted the sills yellow again which have smartened it right up, I'm well chuffed with how cheap and easy it is to change parts on this, new Mintex brake pads £12, new Gates cambelt kit, also £12, new boot lock seal from China £1.86! £13 normally on ebay! All the little jobs are making a big difference now. The dash is all back together after replacing the voltage stabiliser so it now has working fuel and temp gauges and the stereo is wired up correctly again rather than turning on with the lights! I do need to replace the number plates too with more period correct ones but I can't justify £60 at the moment, especially after the starter motor on the Dolomite grenaded itself last week.
  2. I'm a bit gutted but I can't make it now this year, I was really looking forwards to it but the Dolomite which is the car I've booked in has smashed its starter motor and my dad's offered to come over on Saturday to help me fix it (it's a right sod to get to the top bolts) and I need the car fixed for a local show. Have a great time those who are going!
  3. Looks like hes decided to scrap it after all!
  4. Here's a good one going through the BCA auctions tomorrow... Looks pretty tidy, drivers seat is a little shinny but not worn out Probably done around 100000 miles right? Wrong! That's right, almost 400000! https://www.bca.co.uk/lot/N886UUX?VehId=78814958-4ab8-4446-ad0c-edda098f2c5c&FromSearch=true&searchQuery=q=&bq=&sort=MileageDescending&missingMileage=True&awaitingAppraisal=True&page=0&extraFiltersActive=true&returnTo=N886UUX&promoAppliedSets=&Source=Search&vrm=N886UUX
  5. Well, it doesn't hurt to have both!
  6. In other news I've been busy on the Golf, I've spent many hours polishing and cleaning it up and it's now looking quite respectable. Hopefully you can see the difference in shine here. I've removed a load of the tat and stickers off the car, serviced it, fixed a few bits and today replaced the 165/65/13 tyres for the correct 175/70/13 Uniroyals which have transformed the way the car drives and wound back up the coilovers by a inch. I've also removed them shit German plate surrounds now too. With the 165 tyres And the 175s The rear quarter trim should be here tomorrow and all in all its bloody lovely now!
  7. It's our Shotley meet again this Friday evening for anyone local who's interested in looking at a field full of old cars
  8. Thanks for the cabby advice guys, I went to view the car this morning, it was at a garage friend of the sellers awaiting a new exhaust and a fuel/temp gauge repair. It has been sat a while and had a flat tyre so looked a bit sad for itself but it fire up OK if sounding like a tractor, it was very tidy with no signs of rust and bone dry inside. It needs a couple of tyres, a good polish and clean and a service as it's not been used much for 7 years and the suspension it's stupidly low on adjustable coilovers but we shook on £3250 which I felt was fair. I spoke to the previous lady owner too who said she wish she could afford to buy it back, she's the one who lowered it all and fitted the wank number plates, it will be putting back to standard again!
  9. Nice buy, I enjoyed the one that I had, underated, and rapid cars.
  10. I'm off to view a potential new car for Mrs Trigger tomorrow morning but if I'm honest I don't know a lot about them. It's this 1983 Golf Cabriolet, apparently its a GLi but with a 1.8 GTi engine from factory? Is that right? What do I need to look out for? I'm told it has no rust, it's had a new hood and is currently at a garage having a ew exhaust and fuel sender fitted. I've found a old advert from 7 years when it was sold by the last owner. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1983-mk1-golf-8-gli-low-mileage-lagos-736746641 It's up for £3500, is that about right?
  11. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1353367#&gid=1&pid=1 And that's me spent. Funnily enough that's one of my photos that I took of it in Felixstowe in 2017.
  12. A couple of shitters entering our East Coast Retros meet last night, nice to see you both! @RobT @wuvvum
  13. This was for sale last week by a Autoshite member (sorry I forget your username Paul) for £1200, now the local Mike Brewer has it and added nearly £2000 😡 Another one that will be sat in his yard for months
  14. Theres a chap locally who comes to our car meets in a late Celebration model in that nice burgundy colour, I've always quite like these but the ones I've driven had pretty poor squeaking interiors which grated after a bit. As for the exhaust that's just condensation, once you drive it on the road it should all just pour straight out the exhaust, it won't be doing it much good at the moment though as it will be rotting the insides out.
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