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  1. Move over @D701SWL. Have we had BJ69KFC yet? Owner is either blissfully unaware, or getting fed up of all the internet memes. I’d be eBaying it off!!
  2. It continues (Today’s local rag 04/05/2021!)
  3. I gotta say, that’s one hell of a gimmick. Presumably intended to divert attention away from the rest of the car’s shortcomings! It’s right up there with curry hooks, briefcases in the dashboard and integrated shopping trolleys in the boot.
  4. I like those Focus STs but they can’t now be far off the bottom of their depreciation curve, which means that the remaining examples which haven’t yet been crashed or stolen are going to be more valuable in parts before too long - unless they’re in mint standard condition. It’s the standard fast Ford routine - their numbers really thin out around 15 to 20 years old, then after that there’s hardly any left and everybody wants one again, hence £££££. My XR2 eventually made money for me that way, but it was 24 years old when I bought it and 34 when I sold it!
  5. How much structural work do you think is required within the engine bay DNJ?
  6. Do people not tend to NORTHERN-IRELAND-ise vehicles after arrival DC? By which I mean obtain number plates with an I or a Z in. Is there any stigma to not having a “local” mark on your car? I have it in my mind that the above may well apply on the Isle of Wight.
  7. I'm sure the same sort of things were being said about EFI, ABS, PAS etc in the 1980s - home mechanic can't diagnose and fix. True to an extent, but people adapt and prices eventually fall. It's just the natural evolution of things. While it really, REALLY annoyed me that the car's way of telling me "it's time to replace my battery" was by having a major sulk when I dared to disconnect the negative lead, and leave me without indicators (arguably a safety issue for which BMW should really be issuing a recall) as well as various other major functions, at least a support industry has sp
  8. I would bet a good chunk of them dispersed out to less prosperous parts of the country, where buying something secondhand is much more the norm. Also other RHD markets. Eire, Cyprus, Malta? Assuming prices are competitive with JDM cast offs.
  9. That’s great news! Presumably completely unobtainable otherwise?
  10. That makes perfect sense. There’s still one mint condition lamp on the Acclaim, so Capn has everything required to get that Daimler shipshape again.
  11. Ah yes. The OPEN-O-METER!!!! Sakes man. The merest thought of retrofitting one of those conjures up chilling visions of yet another electrical freak-out episode, in which the horn is sounded whenever the wipers are operated and the boot flies open each time the brake pedal is touched. Mrs_Craig: "Ooooh. Are there any on eBay?"
  12. Sharp exit from me this evening, early start tomorrow (and I was bursting forra slash). Till the next time!
  13. Yeah, so the message I'd been waiting for turned up: A few more anxious days followed but eventually this reappeared: I R EXCITED. Straight back to the footwell: And plugged back in: Negative lead back on the RENNER-SUPPLIED battery: And.... .... We got windows We got turn signals We got power roof. Thi
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