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  1. I’ve got a couple of Laidlaw key rings from when I lived in Edinburgh, I’m pretty sure they got absorbed into a bigger dealership from down south though.
  2. Check out this honey! Also from facebook. Same as mine, but fewer doors and Frencher plates. I think the owners attempting to get it U.K. registered at the moment, which it might have been originally seeing as it’s right hand drive.
  3. OOT: Indescribably shabby Volvo 850 IN: Dreadfully tatty Renner 19 Also oot: Triumph Sprint ST, briefly replaced with a 125 scoot but Mk2_Towers is now a powered two wheeler-free zone. Changed both the moderns this year too, so a full fleet refresh has happened.
  4. Or sell it to someone with a mk2 Fiesta.
  5. mk2_craig

    Ford timelord

    2020. New V5C issued. But to who?
  6. Brilliant work, especially those front Floorpan repairs! Look forward to seeing how this progresses.
  7. Also possible it was built from a kit of new bits, unused brand new shell, and registered on the current year letter assuming it complied with all the relevant regulations of the day whatever they were. Strange how you see so few Q plates nowadays, there was always a stigma about them even in motorsport and I reckon most of them have been “legitimised” through a good old ringing process (particularly common on these old rear drive Escorts)
  8. It doesn’t sound like he’s bitching about the car not being as described, or even badmouthing the seller, more that he doesnt believe it’s had a legit MOT in recent years. I glanced at the thread and it looks like it’s been to various test centres, so unless there’s a dodgy tester been flitting from one garage to another and looking at the car each time, I don’t reckon that VOSA will be much interested.
  9. That does look in better condition than a Scottish-registered Jaguar of the era has any right to be. Great work!!
  10. Also this which is about halfway between the above two. What is it with the blue ones? It seems I am now in the habit of going outa my way to photograph these things.
  11. This one is less non-standard. As well as being too long for the parking space
  12. Oh this is just brilliant. Summer 86, Commonwealth Games we travelled up to Edinburgh in a two year old Prairie and stayed at my grans flat in Willowbrae Road just round the corner from the stadium. Don’t suppose you caught on camera any of the Renner 21s in Games livery? I well remember all those Nissans around the city that had what must have been a dealer-applied two tone livery, my parents were giving thought to doing the same (would have covered all the supermarket car park scratches up ) however they never got round to it and they traded it for another, nearly new Prairie in 88.
  13. Nice one! I like mk2 Sierras. Had four, Though none was an estate, none had a CVH either. Would go there again.
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