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  1. mk2_craig

    Ford timelord

    V5 issued could relate to tons of things, change of vehicle details, change of address, replacement of lost document?
  2. Some lovely old toss there Outlaw, thanks for sharing! Apart from that Jugular abortion, which makes me want to rinse my eyes with Domestos.
  3. Sounds like end of an era Bornite, but at least you’ve lived the dream for a while. Is that the Sierra Base off to pastures new as well?
  4. A decade on, and I am still seeing Porsches with “matching” number plates, by accident or design: Very would, incidentally.
  5. Still a few of those “pre-Worboys” road signs in Jersey, haven’t got any of my own photos but I’m sure there was a thread on a website somewhere. EDIT: Sent to me by a friend Here’s one I did see recently, it is presumably not older than the sixties but features an older variant of the bus silhouette icon than the standard one that’s been used everywhere for decades.
  6. Non-contemporary Alvis Stalwart content on the Channel Island Chod thread: Also, this chap is currently Jersey Minister for Infrastructure: https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2009/02/06/in-the-driving-seat-kevin-lewis/ The vehicle(s) here may have belonged to or still do belong to the gentleman here.
  7. Brilliant to read that you all got involved, and hope that karma somehow does its thing to the perps. That snowplough certainly looks like it's lived, but does it actually have much mileage on the clock?
  8. So, having done the roof repair, renewed the brakes, replaced the timing chain and resolved all the battery-related shenanigans, you'd expect this thing to have been 100% reliable, right? Actually yes. I even felt brave enough to take it out in hours of darkness, which revealed it has that customisable "mood lighting" (customisable in five steps from blue to red via purple at least). Not really getting the full effect in these photos but anyway. The car is gradually clocking up the miles without major issue. Time then to start sorting out some of the more minor niggles. For some reason it was missing the COOPER S letters from the bootlid: Note the adhesive from one of the letters serving as a reference point for reinstating them. My wife found these on eBay for a few quid: Unfortunately the seller made a half-arsed job of applying some fresh double sided sticky foam. Ripped all that lot off and had another go: To be fair that's not a whole load better, but it'll do. Lined up the letters by eye: Ran it around like that for a few days, then finished the job when it stopped raining: Much better, little by little this thing is starting to look a bit less shite. Next job was to tackle the rear indicator bulbs. Now with no annual vehicle testing, there's no MoT to tell you that they're flashing the wrong colour. Doesn't look too bad here, but in reality these were practically white. Dug out a box of bulbs I'd bought a while back (I think these were £2.99 posted for 10 or something, so should be TOP QUALITY): Whipped out the driver side: Yeah, that's seen better days. What about the other one? More or less the same script. I bet these are original to the car. Getting at these was pretty damn tricky - if I positioned myself where I could see the bulbholders, I couldn't reach them, and if I positioned myself where I could reach the bulbholders, I couldn't see them. The whole endeavour being conducted while kneeling on top of the folded-forward rear seat backrests with my arm tucked under the inner sides of the raised soft-top and hand pushed through a tiny access panel in the tops of the boot trim. This resulted in unintentionally removing sidelamp bulbs about three times before successfully extracting the orange ones, fortunately I somehow managed to get them all back in without dropping any into some inaccessible part of the bodyshell. End result: You'll have to believe me when I say that this was in fact a decent improvement, even though it looks only marginally less yellow than the "before" picture. There are plenty of other small tasks to cross off the list, but we're approaching the point now where I think a trip to the bodyshop can be justified, to sort out at least some evidence of the previous owner's years of neglect. Pondering whether to repair and colour-code the existing arches and valances, rather than replace the damaged ones - but this doesn't seem to be a common thing to do, and anxious that it might look a bit strange. Thoughts, anyone?
  9. What a GREAT story! Just read it all the way through. It has me wondering how Citroen were able to price their cars competitively in the market, what with all the additional hydraulic pipework and associated gubbins. Glad they did though!
  10. I’d say the omens aren’t particularly good for that example, 700 sounds a bit salty given the “saved from scrap” story, it no doubt owes the seller a whole lot less than that and I reckon their door is safe from being knocked down by hordes of Renner lickers desperate to be handing over that sort of cash for what sounds like a somewhat mediocre example. EDIT. Serck-a-like plates!!! GIFB someone !!!!1!1!1!!!
  11. If it does get weighed in, I’d like as many reusable parts as possible that’ll fit a 1989 example removed from it and sent to me. Gratis, ideally.
  12. BL/AR was late to the party on every major automotive trend: 1970s - took the entire decade to develop and launch a Fiat 127/Renner 5 competitor in the small hatchback sector 1980s - missed the boat completely on an Espace challenger (yeah I know you could get a 7 seater Montego estate, but…) 1990s - ditto Scenic 2000s - total absence of a competent Ka or Seicento type city car Then it all went to ratshit. I don’t doubt that had the company somehow survived another ten years, they’d have comprehensively failed to come up with a Qashqai clone too.
  13. Has there ever been any subject which has had more words written about it by British motoring journalists?
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