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  1. Aye it's got power steering -- also it *does* have central locking, which I didn't realise at first. See that wavy metal pipe that runs behind (and is cable-tied to) the bumper grille then loops back on itself? That's to do with the PAS system. There's an extremely rusty and worryingly incomplete vertical bit of metal under the bonnet latch, which has rusted away completely from the crossmember and I am guessing was what this pipe is supposed to be attached onto. The crossmember itself is a lot more ugly than the photos look - I'll get under it later on. I understand it's possible to pull out the old front panel, throw it away as far as possible, and bolt in (rather than weld) a new one. Apparently it's not essential to structural integrity? Allegedly.
  2. OK so youre probably wondering how Im getting on with this thing. I gave it a through and comprehensive ultra-quick clean up then set about seeing what's what. Jazzy GX spec interior, as was the fashion mid/late 90s. Car has an engine. This is good. Air filter (no photo, sorry) is pleasingly recent. Plug leads are dated 1997. These look a little crispy, thatll be why theyre not always working then. Lets have a look down behind: This doesnt look marvellous. Crap. New crossmember time I think. This is the most visible issue, not sure if a secondhand windscreen transplant is viable on these? Shame as it is a nice top tint job. Bonnet looks somewhat corrugated Yeah thats been bent back at some point. No doubt related to the busted screen. And that bonnet catch isnt springing back, there's the loose bonnet issue explained then. Comedy double tailgate badge action Innovative solution to missing "trim" panel clips. Tidy enough down here, though the spare tyre is PHLAT These dont look like theyve been used. Any thoughts what this might have been originally in? K11 and J11 (and ST 955i). Incidentally those fully colour-coded bumpers are a later modification, the blue paint over the "rubbing strips" started washing off when I scrubbed them!
  3. If it’s been sat around for lengthy periods, is it possible there’s some sort of brake binding issue going on that’s holding it back a bit? Explaining both dull performance and unimpressive fuel economy. Excessive heat coming off the calipers after a run?
  4. Evening all, starting to build up a K11 Micra wanted list, if anybody is breaking or has a spares hoard? - Crossmember panel - Pre-facelift boot handle - Parcel shelf, grey Will also need a screen, but presume a second hand one would be impossible to remove from a bodyshell?
  5. Well bought - both car and parts. Do you fancy some NOS mudflaps that I've inexplicably still got cluttering up my loft? No rears but THREE front flaps (2x nearside, 1x offside). Doesn't look like they'll fit a car with sideskirts, so yours is the ideal candidate. Part no. = XPT000075ACA. Price would be basically zero, though Jersey Post will want a few quid to get them from me to you. This may or may not be cheaper than Rimmer Bros, assuming they also have these in stock.
  6. Ah man, those alloys woulda smartened up this blue one a treat! According to the registration document it’s a 1.3 GX, which sounds a bit upmarket but has keepfit windows, no central locking, and as you can see above also no rev counter. This is a shame, as I love watching what the needle does when you hoof it in a CVT-equipped vehicle. I havent had much time yet to properly check it over, it’s not immaculate by any means with plenty of Channel Islands dinks and that. The front crossmember looks like it might need some attention, and it’s got a comedy repair involving a facelift tailgate handle, but the main issue is a big KRAK in the screen which I suspect was caused by the bonnet catch seizing open and letting the panel blow backwards when not closed properly. On the plus side it’s got a full set of brand new 13 inch tyres, everything seems to work as it should and there’s nothing wrong at all with the way it drives. Overall verdict: Liking it so far!
  7. The other issue with retaining a registration mark ad infinitum is that they’re a liability, either retention certificate fees which I think carry an annual charge? or transfer fees each time you swap it from one vehicle to another. Fine if it’s a combination that increases in value over time, but a lot of these Select marks never do and you often see them still attached to worthless cars when they get to end of life status. Sorry if that doesn’t make you feel better about it! Maybe see if there are any companies with those initials who might be interested...
  8. No collection thread because Jersey and dark when I cycled up the road. I think this is the first K11 I’ve driven since I passed my test in an early Super S 24 years ago. Its great!! The gearbox isn’t shagged yet so hopefully I won’t be the last owner. Needs a good clean up though. More photos to follow when I’ve done that.
  9. WOW I had forgotten that shape Croma existed. I reckon this is the last rhd example I saw. I don’t think it had passed its third birthday at the time. PS. FUCK YOU PHOTOBUCKET
  10. Strange things can happen when a vehicle has been registered in several different countries. If the previous one was not the original one, and it moved from (say) Germany to Holland in 1989, then the previous date of registration would line up with an F prefix - even though someone has somehow determined that the car was built in 77. Weird shit though, you’d think folk working at Swansea would quickly get to know what was a plausible range of ages for a particular model, and therefore a plausible range of registration year identifiers. Well I would think that anyway.
  11. Some interesting stuff in that letter, “Which?” was/is the name of the magazine mailed monthly to members of the Consumers Association. My parents took it in the 1980s. I think they’re probably still on the go, so there’s an article for you to track down there. Your local library may well have old copies in the reference section. EDIT. There’s a reference in the Greeves book to an edition of Which around March 1972, which may or may not tie in with the people in the letter.
  12. Ok it’s on a local Facebook group with the usual “offers” spiel, but hey, who can’t resist a mk1 Panda? Happy to make enquiries/help with storage and shipping if anybody’s seriously interested in this.
  13. Christ that’s like out of the frying pan into the fire isn’t it? Glad First are gradually getting themselves into the fucking sea though. Their quality of service when I lived in Leicester was diabolical but it looks like they’ve completely screwed up their Manchester business, hope someone else makes a better fist of it when they sell up or close down.
  14. mk2_craig

    Jago Geep

    What was the eventual outcome here? Did the Geep find a new home in one piece?
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