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  1. mk2_craig

    End of shite?

    I love these but there can’t have been many sold, is the survival rate good?
  2. Of all the things to spend money on, paying to put a HGF registration mark onto an old Rover strikes me as one of the strangest.
  3. Did you actually time travel back to 2012 for those?
  4. I can see why people might complain that it's non-shite, but the way the used car market is right now, I wouldn't be surprised if you paid less for this than what some manky old 2004 Corolla would have cost you.
  5. Yes!! Yellow TF is something my wife wanted but never achieved (ended up with an orange NAC era one instead) and values surely on the up soon. Base spec black mirrors and door handles too I see = win. PS. Nice number plate as well … if you’re San from Viz comic’s Fat Slags.
  6. mk2_craig

    End of shite?

    This. Plenty of usable stuff got binned ahead of life expectancy back in 2009-10, and although a lot of that wouldn’t be around now, the ripple effects mean that the bottom of the market was artificially shifted upwards a bit. And the long term effect on the UK car manufacturing industry? Not brilliant is it. The whole thing seemed like madness then, and it seems like madness now.
  7. You’ll surely get a non-worn one from a French breakers easy enough, seeing as their passenger side is the UK driver side and therefore likely to have been used less. Wouldn’t this be a generic Renner part anyway, rather than 25-specific? Is there a chance that the rear door is the same and a swap could serve as a short term fix while replacement parts are procured?
  8. This is one that I’ve known about for at least 15 years but never had the balls to go in and snap. The site is now in the process of being cleared and unfortunately some other old shite has already been swept up into a giant dustpan, this old Dolomite is probably next to be skipped.
  9. Your Escort van here would be the slightly inadequate consolation prize.
  10. Mk2 XR2 minus the bodykit. Those photos have been doing the rounds for a while now but yeah, still some useful parts. Those wheel nuts might still be reusable
  11. I changed the engine on this for someone I knew probably about 20 years ago now, he reckoned the colour was Aston Martin Green, though I recall the engine bay was Ford Mercury Grey and rust. Keep up the good work on the Spitfire!!
  12. I reckon there's an equal chance that one or more of those shown simply as tax expiring circa early 1990s will have been pushed into a shed and left to gather dust, years before SORN was a thing.
  13. Steering wheel on the opposite side of the car compared to where I’d expect it on something in that part of the world.
  14. My wife has had two ageing E46 convertibles both of which averaged about one owner per year. The first one had no service history but displaying a lowish mileage and behaved itself reasonably well (immediate previous owner was a Polish mechanic and there were plenty of new bits on it). The second was newer, higher mileage, and a stack of receipts showing that the last but one owner had sunk several times the car's value into repairing/replacing all sorts and presumably threw in the towel when the EML came on YET A FUCKING GAIN. Couple of sensors and it was faultless with us, proving that occasionally you can benefit from somebody else's restless expenditure. As its usually me who keeps chucking good money after bad on a car, then sells it as soon as I've resolved all of its issues.
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