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  1. I think it’s the early model wheels that are throwing me. A mate in Scotland had an E reg City with the recessed lamps, though he soon binned then in favour of the flush ones from a Vanden Plas.
  2. Isle of Man was up to NMN when I was there Sep 2018. But it looked like quite a lot of people transfer the older marks eg there were some that started MAN and had up to four numbers.
  3. That black dash came from a slightly later diesel which had succumbed to an engine bay fire. I both removed it and fitted it, nearly twenty years ago!
  4. mk2_craig

    Ford timelord

    Thanks for hunting that down! I was about 13 when these guys were at their peak, it’s an enjoyable bit of nostalgia.
  5. Great to look back at this era! One of my Edinburgh friends was batshit mad for EK Civics around 15 years ago and paid insane money for assorted JDM bits, including that parking pole thing and the associated dashboard switch.
  6. mk2_craig

    Ford timelord

    ^^ This!! Coulda banked enough to buy that nice Aussie example and make it into another Timelord replica.
  7. mk2_craig

    Ford timelord

    Cheers Mr B! Though that still looks a bit too much to absorb in one hit even for my legendary post-lunchtime visits to the crapper, I don’t know if I can get away with being away from the desk any longer than I’m averaging at the moment.
  8. It’s not a tyre bulging on the tread is it? Worth swapping front to back and see if there’s any effect?
  9. New version due out this year I think. Which is even blander!
  10. I want this to be a Fiesta Popular with no clock in the dash and in that flat blue colour that half of them came in.
  11. I picked up the full set of those (four) off eBay a year ago “for my son” neither of us have read any yet though.
  12. Something like only 200 of these in RHD or thereabouts? I’ve only ever seen one in the metal.
  13. There is (or used to be) a bus breakers in Bromyard area...
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