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  1. That Fiesta is a total honey!! I wonder what the number plate was originally on.
  2. Been looking through some old photos tonight - can't help thinking I should have hung on to this one a bit longer Lovely old wagon this. Heather Mills-compatible gearbox, though for reasons that were never fully identified I did have to get into the habit of whacking it into neutral at every junction to avoid stalling. Was going to spend a bit of time and money fixing it up, but in the end @colc took it off my hands.
  3. This is the only Cavalier I ever owned and my first Vauxhall, an LS automatic that had been used as a private hire cab for most of its life and had something like 165k on the clock. The heater didn't work and one of the driveshafts was a bit clicky, but it drove well enough and was in surprisingly good condition (it even still had a full set of wheeltrims!!) though there were some weird stains in the rear footwells. 🤔 I acquired it some time in 2009 from @colc after he came to collect the Volvo 740 estate I was giving away, I'm not sure who got the better end of the deal (the Volvo
  4. Wow that’s some major league grot right there!! Has it progressed any since that last photo?
  5. Welcome to posting! Y reg Mundaneo looks nice. ST24?
  6. £500 mk2 Cortina: THE SHELL IS BARE AND ROTTEN clearly. V5 STATES LOTUS AND WAS REGISTERED IN 1968 ON A 'G' REG. uh huh WAS QUITE RARE BEING A SILVER ONE FROM THE FACTORY. riiiight. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114695345832
  7. A trawl through the hard drive proves that I did. I think some of these musta been posted up on that there facebook round about that time, however I don't think they ever got copied onto the forum. So here's an exclusive, of sorts. Pickings were definitely slimmer, and the country had the air of being on its arse in the aftermath of that naval base explosion combined with the lingering ripple effects of the global credit crunch. There seemed to be no shortage of mothballed restaurants, closed supermarkets, semi-complete apartment blocks and deserted holiday home complexes. I wonder
  8. Fun* fact* : You could tell if a 25 had ABS simply by counting how many wheel studs it had. This may actually be complete bollocks.
  9. NAC MG UK Ltd secretly hired the Ricardo automotive engineering consultancy at great cost to thoroughly review the TF prior to restarting production, to ensure that all the original design flaws which had gradually been eliminated over the previous decade were painstakingly reintroduced to guarantee that authentic 1996 ownership experience for lucky purchasers of the LE500.
  10. That’s spectacular! And the best price possible too. Whats it like underneath?
  11. Wow! Glad to see this came good in the end! Where in the world are you now?
  12. I came across a 1/24 or 1/25 Polistil Regata once, in a small shop in Denmark. Didn’t buy it, but I remember the boot lid opened, unlike the Bburago version I already owned by then.
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