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  1. Ah the death knell for many a tidy old Renner. Not tempted by a conversion to manual? Possibly easier to find a donor car to raid all the relevant bits from, than find a good autobox.
  2. Fuck me. What do these go for in decent condition?
  3. This is not how Autoshite is supposed to work. At least not when importing old yad from the Channel Islands anyway. There should be a mega-fail list resulting from a dozen years lack of proper maintenance. Back of the net!!!
  4. Four hundred thousand miles!! Thats flipping amazing. Most of these things had fallen apart before 100,000. Must have been mega effort getting that through each MOT with minimal fails/advisories over the years. Fair play to the dealer for giving it another chance to live on.
  5. Got you. They’re all cracking motors regardless of what it actually is! Does it have the early version on board diagnostics thing under the bonnet?
  6. 850s are ace! Well bought. AWD back end is very different (900 derived axle for starters) so it won’t be difficult to rule that out, which seems probable as they’re very rare.
  7. Looks like both of these sold - the double decker for precisely half of what the single deck went for, weirdly. I’ve been reading up on these things, they both comically missed the mark but in different ways. I must share my discoveries on the Bus Shite thread soon.
  8. Sometimes you just have to do these things eh? Shame you weren’t able to see it through but like you suggest, as one door closes another will open.
  9. That’s ace!! Where was L trim in the Nova range? At the plusher end?
  10. G reg Regata, that’s got to be pretty late for one of those.
  11. You are literally pissing distance away from somewhere that will sell you a terrible steering wheel cover tomorrow morning.
  12. Neighbourhoods about to become a little less colourful.
  13. While this will be beneficial to fuel economy and noise levels at motorway velocities, there was another driving force behind this course of action: A friend of the previous owner very kindly allowed the Panda to be stored on his big old country estate for a few weeks. This turned into a few months because Covid, but no serious grumbles resulted, and no demand for compensation was ever made. However, it was asked if these: Could be made available for his son to use on his car: PO couldn’t find the key to unlock the security end caps, so a pair to th
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