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  1. Been making a mental note of where I see these, went back for this one today: Great! Except it’s a crossroads: Maybe they felt the sign for a three arm junction was adequate.
  2. I had this with a Ford Courier years ago, but intermittently and it drove me crazy until I pulled off the door cards and found one of the speakers was non-original with a terminal shorting out on the door frame. One pair of proper Fiesta speakers salvaged from a dead XR2i in my fave scrappy layer and the problem was permanently solved, though I did also fit the high spec wiring loom to the doors to gain central locking and electric windows.
  3. Post-script. J76955 has been shown the inside of a test station: Successful? Ah. What’s up with it then? ok, not too bad. Anything else? Hmm. That’s got to be borderline worth fixing up. No corrosion issues at least!
  4. That looks well! Getting rid of that after a few months is going to be a tough thing to bring yourself to do.
  5. Daihatsu Applause, holy shit! Where did you unearth that?
  6. Plate was probably on a late seventies example for yonks then.
  7. Yeah he liked his mobile bedrooms. I bet that Rangey camper saw quite a bit of off-road action, by all accounts JS wasn't one for posh hotels where staff and other guests could see who he was coming and going with. Here's a thing: http://web.archive.org/web/20090228083219/http://www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/press-releases/jimmy-savile Potentially the world's quickest depreciating VW T5.
  8. Watched that Savile documentary on the telly last night and was reminded about this, https://garagewire.co.uk/news/trader-tries-selling-private-plate-without-admitting-it-belonged-to-jimmy-savile/ History probably doesn't record what the original JS247 was. I quite like the idea that old Jim here "plate raped" some old 1920s heap found rotting in a Scottish bog while he was a radio DJ. There were various other motors in the same auction as the Rolls. I wonder what happened to them? Vaguely recall one of them being a newish Fiesta van with a guide price of about 3 grand and thinking at the time that it might be a good investment...
  9. Great progress!! It must seem like two steps forward, three steps back at times but I can assure you, it will be totally* worth it to end up with a usable, rare and desirable* slice of iconic Frenchness.
  10. Gotta be a combined Oil and Charge lamp, no?
  11. Fantastic - presume that’s what it would’ve been fitted with when new. At least it’s less likely to rust. What’s for sale next? Norn Irish registration? Wheels? Everything must go! 😄
  12. I would have said Mini 850 but it would be 100% guaranteed to get nicked. In fact, thinking a bit more about it, pretty much anything that age is at risk of getting nicked. Apart from an old FX4, possibly, if any still exist.
  13. Basically the wiring loom. I think you used to get that in low end German stuff so that they looked slightly less overpriced, thanks to unhelpful £ vs Deutschmark exchange rate in the eighties.
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