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  1. Wassup miniature shite fans. Alright we have managed to get everything packed up and sent off this week, some of you will probably have received your parcels already though please bear in mind these are sent from Jersey so it might be a couple of days yet if nothings arrived yet. There’s not much left now, I’m in France next week so will update on what’s remaining once I’m back. Thanks everybody! Craig
  2. Afternoon all. Its been a busy couple of days, so to those of you who havent had any private messages from me, I might not be able to get back to you until tomorrow (Thurs). Muchos apologios. There's been some local interest too, but I've held aside anything that shiters had already enquired about, so when I get a chance I'll make a list of what's left. Finally, I found the blue Corgi Juniors Rover SD1 that I thought had been sold previously and crossed out on the original photo earlier in the thread - just in case anybody was desperate to acquire it. You still can! Cheers!!
  3. Sure! The scales are out so I'll work out what the score is and let you know. Of course! Gonna pop home early and check out what the parcel weight is.
  4. The Volvo in question has already been requested Tenmil, but the others haven't. I'll get onto that later!
  5. Of course you can. I think the only add-ons now would be anything already on hold that unexpectedly becomes back on the market once more, but I'll update over the coming days.
  6. Blue car is actually a Maxi. Five cars in total then? I'll get the scales out tomorrow and see what the parcel weight would be.
  7. Yes of course. They're all quite well played with, and the Capri is slightly loose on its base, but I'll get them weighed up hopefully tomorrow lunchtime and PM you later in the day. 405 still there. I think the 605 was in fact a Renner 25 (but sold) however there is a 604 in amongst the Majorette stuff. No problem!
  8. Just a quick caveat - Jersey Post rates are as below. I'm very happy to weigh up a parcel to confirm postage, as I think this is a fair bit higher than Royal Mail? As of this spring, everything now has to be sent as "parcel" now due to some international regulations or whatnot.
  9. Alright team. I figured it was probably easiest to just go ahead and photograph all the Matchbox/Majorette/Corgi Juniors etc tat in stock. These are full resolution pics so hopefully you can open 'em up and zoom in. I'll go back and edit the old photos later to confirm what's definitely gone. Pipe up if you'd like dibs on anything!
  10. Basically car boot sale prices I think, generally. Postage from the Channel Islands can be quite hefty, and a single car will cost me £3.71 to send, so there's an economy of scale in mailing a package with a batch inside.
  11. A few of those have gone but most are still there. I'll pull them out and get better photos later.
  12. Certainly. Let me make sure they're 100% complete then I'll PM you probably tomorrow evening. Most of those went I think. I'll check tomorrow and come back to you!
  13. OK here's some bigger photos to save digging back through the thread and having to open up thumbnails. Please note that in pictures where there are multiple models, some individual ones were sold a while back, but ask away and I'll confirm which ones are still on fleet strength (and therefore available for purchase). Cheers! EDIT 13-05-2019 - Red or green crosses show what has definitely already gone. 2CV, Renner 5 turbo, Volvo 245, AMC Pacer, Fiat X1/9, Mini Metro, Sierras x2 available Jugular XJS and XJ40 (Corgi), FX4 taxi, Leyland Terrier x2, AA Land Rover, Escort mk3 x2 available Volvo 700, Merc SL, Camaro? Sierra XR, Audi Coop and Porsche 928 available Rover Sterling, Nissan 300ZX, Rolls Royce Silver Spur, Jugular XJ40 (Matchbox) available Mercury? Bin Wagon, Ford Model A x2, Chevy van? Tractor/trailer (Majorette), Chevy recovery? Forklift available Majorette trailer, mk1 Capri, other 70s Matchbox tat available Clio, Volvo 700, Renner Extra, Peugeot 405, Tipo available Available mini-shite includes Renner 5, green Jeep, blue Merc SEL, Range Rover Rolamatic, Porsche 928, Ford Model A van... ...Mk4 Cortina, Talbot Alpine, Peugeot 604, Mk1 Capri, Mini, Datsun 240Z, Renner 5 (no tailgate), 2CV, BMW CSL, Hovercraft Renner 14 and others visible all away now (1:24 Ferrari F40 still available though) Metrobuses all sold now.
  14. Hi gang, thanks for the interest!! OK let's go through these one by one, ZEL There's other Majorette etc stuff at my parents' place. What I'll do is get some photos and post em up here in the next day or so. Lord 800 Due to a shiter enquiry by PM the 1:24 Punto/Uno IT90 are provisionally SOLD but you can have a couple of Milka Couriers and the orange thing is the door-less Renner 14 that I think is on page 1 of the thread. Don't think I've any Greater Birmingham buses, unless you want some Mk2 Metrobuses for repainting? EDIT - 1:24 Tipo also still available! SPLIT PIN Nice of you to think of CMS but alas an early PM from a non-Scottish shiter means the Volvo estate is provisionally SOLD!! Also the Z1 kit is already built-up, though it's yours for an insultingly low offer if you think you can do owt with it. EDIT - Z1 pic attached CMS regrettably as above re the Volvo. You're correct about the Majorette vehicles! Again I'll have a hunt through what's still at my parents' place and report back. The big Superkings set is the Shell garage transporter, pics earlier in the thread. I'll copy them back here in a while so that they're easier to see. EDIT There has been a Volvo 700 Estate-related development!! PM incoming.
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