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  1. What a colour!! Easiest option might be another Jag lump, but isn’t the default fix for stuff like this simply an LS swap?
  2. Really? Would have thought 10k nearer the mark. Though I guess it depends which average. Mean? Median? Are they much different? Regardless, that manta sounds like it would've been a bit of a barg, though I reckon the price suggests G reg could've been a typo for C reg.
  3. mk2_craig

    More tax

    I don’t know what you lot are bitching about, check out the Vehicle Emissions Duty payable on first registration here. (Ok it’s a one time thing with no annual road tax thereafter, offset by a few p extra on fuel) Want to import an old Range Rover? Hope you have deep pockets.
  4. Those things were launched shortly after I first discovered Autoshite.com and I remember checking one out in the Sandicliffe Ford showroom in Leicester. Seeing them in end of life condition makes me feel damn old.
  5. Had one. (at six years old) Ran it for a year. No faults encountered. Liked it. Then read afterwards about all the things that could have gone wrong haha
  6. So good to see it escape death, well done!
  7. Scrappage scheme stalwart. My aunt had one on that basis. Until she recently crashed it into a bollard
  8. Got some other potential sources in Malta and Cyprus, ok probably slim pickings these days but you just never know. Or something hiding in Ireland
  9. Hey @Barry Cade, help me answer a pub argument. Mate says you can’t fit a towbar to a Focus ST (current shape). I say there’s no reason why not but I can’t find anything to confirm either way. Got any intel?
  10. Motorcycle fans, were any bikes ever fitted with a 6 digit odo before digital displays came in?
  11. Wheels suggest it’s the standard 1.8. Being six spokes instead of the five on the VVC. Though to be fair its done well to retain the original rims all these years. How many fan speeds still work?
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