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  1. 14000 miles since purchase covered yesterday morning
  2. @eddyramrod I hope they didn't smoke when operating the pumps 🤣🤣
  3. 4 more i have remembered about. There was a Citroën dealer next to Elloughton bus garage as well though I am unsure what it was called, the site was turned into housing years ago. I'm told the garage at Flamborough used to be a Skoda agents too. Finally a couple of Ford garages, Nicholson at Hedon and one at Winestead on the main road to Withernsea from Hull. Does anyone know if Hornsea or Withernsea ever had a main dealer?
  4. Glad to hear it. How many miles does it have on the clock now?
  5. Hi Dan how's the Seed coping with its huge* commute these days?
  6. Currently on my way back from Landguard Fort at Felixstowe, Eccles will have done over 400 miles today when we get back. He clicked over 107k on the way down.
  7. Welcome you will fit in well with your fine chod history
  8. At the tyre place waiting for 2 new tyres to be fitted to Eccles
  9. Must admit I have never heard of Neepsend, they must have been a small company
  10. Yes I bought Eccles an Eccles cake to celebrate 🤣🤣
  11. Today marks one year since purchase of Eccles, so happy Ecclesversary everyone
  12. Eccles booked in for 2 new tyres on Saturday, I'm getting Firestones on him as the cheaper tyres they had were all cheaper Chinese brands I had never heard of before. I also managed to catch a bit of trim yesterday and broke it off so I have to find a way of sticking it back on.
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