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  1. Maybe the tester used to write for one of the tabloids and forgot he had changed jobs 🤣
  2. Henry and Eddie together at the Yorkshire Wolds Railway today.
  3. Henry resting at the Yorkshire Wolds Railway today
  4. Optares also tend to get Yorkshire registrations, that is when Optare bother to build them. Some operators have been waiting over 2 years for buses that still haven't been built.
  5. They have built double deckers at Scarborough for several years. There is talk of the Guildford plant closing though
  6. All our MMCs were Scarborough built and buses tend to get factory registrations as its apparently easier for the manufacturer to register them than the operators
  7. My chariot for the day. Unusual in having both old and new East Riding/Hull registrations on the same plate.
  8. Another mileometer moment this morning, sorry its not a brilliant picture but it reads 202202.
  9. The government has been subsidising the industry since March. Immediately after lockdown our passenger numbers fell overnight to less than 10% of normal levels, I believe they are now at about 50%. If they hadn't subsidised them the industry would probably have ran out of money by now to be honest
  10. Henry clicked over 202k today, couldn't get a picture of the exact moment as I was on the a63 but this is what he is on now
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