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  1. Aah yes but don't forget @Cavcraft joke book 不
  2. Isn't this from Carry on at your Convenience?
  3. Another mileometer moment yesterday. Eccles will have done around 11000 miles this year by the time New Year comes, which is low for me, its usually 13-14k a year. I need to get him in after Christmas to get the grumbling front wheel bearing changed, I'm also hoping to get up to Northumberland to see family at some point, which will add another 300+ miles.
  4. Aah I see what you mean, sorry I misunderstood
  5. I was under the impression there were about 9 delivered this year
  6. To be fair during most of 2020 and into 2021 the only new vehicles delivered were buses already on order due to Covid. GNE have introduced more this year.
  7. Unlikely to change before the end of the year so I will put my contribution in now. At the beginning of the year the Eyersey household fleet consisted of one 2010 Corsa and one 2015 Focus,at the end of the year the fleet consists of ....... One 2010 Corsa and one 2015 Focus, so net balance is exactly the same
  8. Ooh well I'm not sure which long term fleet member you mean @LightBulbFun 不不
  9. Eccles reached 110k miles this morning
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