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  1. They told her 3 weeks FOC which was good of them.
  2. Thanks I'll pass that on, I thought she'd be starting no claims from scratch
  3. Thanks, I did think about suggesting a Focus Estate based on my experience with mine. Stepdaughter whinging like fuxk that MIL is going back to an older car but it's tough shit 🤣
  4. Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. The dogs are fox coloured retrievers
  5. My OHs dad died a few days ago and as their car is a Motability car in his name it will have to go back. MIL needs an estate car due to the dogs and while I am unclear as to her exact budget it isn't likely to be much more than £1000-1500. What cars does everyone recommend? Pez preferred as she won't do the mileage to justify diesel. Thanks.
  6. I'd say a pre 2007 Mk2 Focus 1.8tdci as a daily, the engine goes on forever, no DPF on them, the rust you see is the rust you get and up to 07 ref they are a lower timing chain as well, the cambelt only drives the top of the engine.
  7. Your mums would have been either a 1.4tdci or 1.6tdci
  8. Good cars. As mentioned in my thread I had a 56 reg 1.25 Style from 2006 to 2018 which did 173k.
  9. Just been giving Henry a much needed wash, he's not spotless but better than before.
  10. Chodtastic little Charade you have bought Dolly
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