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  1. Why was there a last minute redesign?
  2. Off the top of my head SAG 833R rings a bell Edit just checked, it's taxed and MOT shows no results found, though on the MOT checker it says MOT expired September 2020 so who knows
  3. I'll try and get down there to get a more up to date picture of it, though knowing my luck the fucker won't be there when I try and get a picture 😂
  4. Don't tell @dollywobblerhe will get jealous 😂
  5. Last time I was down there was earlier this year, it doesn't look much different now.
  6. Chodspeed with the collection @tommotech. Are you taking guesses as to what the new chod is? I'll start by saying FSO Polonez
  7. Yeah I found that comment ironic considering what rot boxes the Mk3 proved to be
  8. Thanks Dan I found this on YouTube last night, I enjoyed it. Pity they didn't bother to reshoot it for the UK with RHD cars though.
  9. @dollywobbler another car here for you to add to your collection
  10. Eccles resting in Driffield today
  11. Finally got the parking permit for work today
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