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  1. Yorkshire Wolds Railway, we're open Sundays and Bank Holidays from Easter to the end of September.
  2. I do quite a bit of photography myself and also volunteer at a preserved railway, if you're ever up in Yorkshire give me a shout, you'd be welcome to have a look round our little line. We don't currently use steam though.
  3. As per the title really, what was the first long distance driving that my fellow shiters did? For me it was driving from East Yorkshire to the Isle of Wight when I inherited my first Fiesta.
  4. Welcome Alfa botherer, nice looking chod you have there.
  5. The other fault that was showing up was to do with the EGR, I'm tempted to leave it as Henry runs and drives fine and emissions at the last MOT were fine.
  6. Just going to pick Henry up now. They said the glow plugs were that knackered they have no idea how it started let alone ran. Shows how hardy the 1.8tdci is. Edited to add they said there's a good chance the glow plugs were the original ones. Not surprising they were fucked if that's the case!
  7. Yes it is, I believe all Focuses/Foci up to the Mk3 had that system.
  8. Henry is going back in on Wednesday for a new bonnet lock to be fitted
  9. I asked about the headlights when I dropped Henry off, they said they have known several Focuses/Foci/whatever the plural is that eat headlight bulbs for no reason. They said the next time it needs some put some Bosch bulbs in.
  10. Yes it will have done. The 240 must have been highly profitable for Volvo as basically the same car was in production for nearly 20 years
  11. I believe it was designed as a saloon and the estate was an add on to the range.
  12. Henry is going into the garage tomorrow to get the washers sorted out, thanks to some monkeys at Longleat they don't work properly at the moment, also to get the EML sorted once and for all, so will mention the headlights while he is in.
  13. I was dreaming about buying an apartment in a new build development last night along with setting up a cafe with my dad in said new development. The cafe had Ford dealer branding outside even though it wasn't a dealers. The developer drove an Austin 3 litre, I was running around in an old Jaaaagg S Type 3.0 and my dad had an old beaten up pov spec Mk1 Vectra.
  14. Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. Nice Discovery, I think the Series 2 TD5 is one of the best ones they did.
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