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  1. That's an Isle of man registration, I'm not certain but I think it's the first letter that indicates the age not the U. I believe the current system was introduced in the mid 1980s with AMN 1A, then when it got To AMN 999A it went to BMN 1A to BMN 999A etc so CMN 945U would be issued mid to late 90s.
  2. Nice car. Those that go on about "it's not a real Porsche l" should be reminded that the 911 was based on the 356 which in turn was based on the VW Beetle.
  3. @Dan302lives in Lincolnshire
  4. That looks a chodtastic bargain. £320 for that? What a time to be alive.
  5. A photo I've wanted to get for ages, Henry with the famous bridge at Ironbridge in the background
  6. In 1979 my grandparents had a Mk1 Fiesta which my mum learned to drive in during the early 1980s. My stepdad now has a 17 reg Vauxhall Viva so I suppose the equivalent of that is a Chevette, my dad has a Mk4 Mondeo estate so he would have either a Cortina Estate or possibly a Zephyr. His first car in reality was actually a van, some kind of Fiat which blew up on him and was abandoned at the side of the road, this would be early 80s.
  7. Henry resting at the National Memorial Arboretum.
  8. Had a nice run down to Shropshire this afternoon, plan for tomorrow now is to go to the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire given the situation with coronavirus.
  9. Poor Sierra, how easy is it to get another screen for it?
  10. Henry will get a good run out to Shropshire this weekend, probably be the last one for a few weeks owing to the current situation re coronavirus. Sadly some of the places I was planning on visiting will be closed but the weather looks like its going to be good so I should be able to get some good photos of the area, and currently some of the Ironbridge Gorge museums are still open so the weekend won't be wasted.
  11. National Express are cutting services right back from Tuesday as a result of coronavirus, so I'm temporarily transferring back to local bus to help out.
  12. I've also seen some new E200 MMCs being delivered to London with London registrations lately, no pics as I was driving
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