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  1. First proper day of route learning on National Express today.
  2. How come the 1.8tdci in the Mk2 Focus is considered to be the best diesel engine for it yet in the Mk4 Mondeo they are so problematic?
  3. Tachograph card arrived over the weekend, means I can now drive the coaches
  4. Just home from a weekend in Sussex, Henry did 561.8 miles in 3 days at an average of 64.1mpg according to the OBC
  5. Been at an alpaca place in Sussex earlier, feeding the llamas and one of the ungrateful bastards spat at my OH.
  6. My OH's Corsa clicked over 100k miles a few weeks ago though not sure when as I wasn't in the car at the time and she's not interested enough to notice these things
  7. New front discs and pads were about £220 including labour and VAT.
  8. Henry now dropped off at the garage to get his brakes looked at.
  9. Never knew they made a Mk3 Capri hearse
  10. Early Tridents don't have the best of reputations but I drove an ex Lothian open top one when we used it on the short lived Hull Explorer service and I didn't think it was that bad.
  11. Our oldest front line bus is a 54 reg Wright bodied Volvo B7RLE
  12. Heading back to the depot for the last time earlier.
  13. VKH 44, a Willowbrook bodied AEC Regent V new to EYMS in 1956. Now used for weddings etc.
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