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  1. I love looking through old pictures thank you.
  2. I'm like this, rarely change cars, had the same job for 12 years and rarely move house.
  3. Given its age and mileage it seems in pretty good shape really
  4. Nothing recorded on the MOT database, all they mentioned to me was part of the exhaust had deteriorated a bit, the heat shield near the exhaust was loose, EML on and the bonnet open warning, the EML and bonnet I knew about anyway.
  5. Longest I have had a car is 12 years (my old Fiesta), I plan on my Focus being around a while yet though.
  6. Good news is the old fellow has passed, they just doing the paperwork now.
  7. Just heard them call out headlamp alignment is out, one is too high and the other too low.
  8. Thanks, it's passed the emissions test now just waiting for the rest of it.
  9. Moment of truth, I'm currently sat at the testing station waiting for the MOT.
  10. Well bought Fumbler, nice to see one of these in such good shape considering its age.
  11. I hope the rest of your trip goes well.
  12. Good to hear all is well 6C. I didn't know these had 2 fuel tanks to be honest, how big are the tanks?
  13. Well done on the MOT pass. Could I borrow some of your luck for the Focus MOT on Wednesday? 😁
  14. Just got in from a 250 odd mile round trip into Cheshire and Derbyshire, thought I'd give it a run out to clear it out a bit before the MOT on Wednesday
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