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  1. Zd.. "..Especially when I had the Niva and rear engined Skodas.." +1 for gunning through lakes in a Skoda!!
  2. I recall a moto journo, always rubber stamping 'factory ideal' 0-60s in their waffle, honestly stating.... "In north yorkshire the A1 has 'T' joining minor roads.... The only time a driver will ever need to explore their cars actual 0-60, totally buttock clenching!" Having actually had to do '3D Tetris' @70...... Will I get out [2 lanes] comfortably before this tractor makes a kamikazi left+ON!!>> but ffoff huge Euro Scania is bearing down on me @82.. Gahhhhh *all 4lanes now, no romance + tombstone every mile.......
  3. I stated on Geo/Swift forum [US biased] I was servicing it & refilling with 10W-40. I got roasted "10W-30 MUST BE USED or Nuns & Kittens die!" Whatevvs..... As a shopping trolley I won't exceed 6k PA so annual refill will be my schedule >>> just like ToMM©
  4. Did anyone find out if the 'other buyers' were RiggaBoot wearers
  5. Sky news flagged up a guy getting pulled & fined, on Saturday, travelling into Wales for a bumper. North Wales Police officers also stopped a car from Portsmouth as the driver was travelling to pick up a front bumper on Saturday. EvilBay at your peril!!
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Small-Electronic-Clock-Digital-LCD-Table-Car-Desk-Date-Time-Clock-/143418269887?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Sorted, m8
  7. Watch a video of 'skidmarks, after a fatality' and be told [often] "20s Plenty!" &or "30 is a limit, not a target!" *also.... "Hog in 4th, you will find most moderns will drift you over 30 in 5th" You'll do fine.....
  8. The day I collected SuziQ, from York, I wizzed down to Lincoln for the alloys... From a guy I had never actually spoken with... Great bear of a guy, Polski my guess, he was great... Insisted on a test fit if the wheels to ensure the were "Owwa Kayyee" [ruff approximation]. Deffo a shrewd move to get the 5 @£70 + get them home THEN & THERE
  9. Would have sure improved the humour in Happy Days....
  10. "..My app tells me the van got from 0-40 in 8 seconds and 0-60 in 16.6 - which sounds quite impressive until you realise that's.." my Swift Auto
  11. "..That Mazda seller's communication reads as someone using some sort of a speech-to-text processor - at least I hope it's that. The idea that someone typed that out on a computer screen, read back through it, nodded contentedly to themselves and then clicked Send is mildly distressing.." aw, shucks @tooSavvy
  12. Haggis Bashers banned from 'home tinkering' during Lockdown... So then.... No A-series refurbing on kitchen table AND the Enfield can only be PARKED!! in the living room.
  13. LED...... That'll be a little red light, next to the *switch you slide to ON. *in case its a sunny day
  14. I seem to remember (waaayyy back ITD) cable pulled roller blind rad covers. Back of E&M oof! https://mgaguru.com/mgtech/accessories/at107.htm Also a neat venetian blind, made of some robust weatherproof stiff material, might be a neat little project... Either one will be on all year, ready for Summer [joke...]
  15. Slightly offtopic... I noted the Toyota temp sender, for the gauge, is mounted in the 'water from radiator' side of the thermostat housing >> the needle would drop if the engine wasnt working hard but heater would still melt ya Crocs
  16. Measured the dia. of my '98 Swift steering wheel.... 14 3/4". Or.... 375MM. Thats quite a hoop!! Some PAS cars, of course, get by with less 🤔. I'm thinking of changing it for something leather bound but the size needs to be no smaller.... I have found some really nice ones (obvs from part-outs) and some could be easily adapted with a 'dummy shell/horn pooper' to fill the missing AirBag centre. Will report back 🔧
  17. *... You'd be in the Hospital, or Infirmary
  18. The Clio 1.1 D4F engine in my Savvy.... I did lots of oilchanges and never replaced the original seal washer BUT ptfe taped the threads.... No Leak
  19. I follow 'Russian Crash channel' Utoob. Lots of quality rammel [...& Dacias] ... usually spinning on their roof....
  20. ..... forgot .... Dipped oil = FULL & clear as maidens water
  21. Just 'pop up' really... 1. Nothing to report 2. Still 'hooning'.... *I know 3. Happy New Year (.... well, from my driving seat anyroads). Toot toot...... .. ........
  22. [@01:00] Happy New Year to the guys who cannot operate 'timeshift' +/-1hr on their Casio......
  23. Timewarp to...... https://www.aronline.co.uk/cars/mini/mini-special-editions-1979-1100-special/ Cool
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