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  1. I made a posting, over on Swift Repository site, about my brake light.... A chap took time out to comment he would have done it differently.... I look forward to commenting on HIS effort! FFS 🤐
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132937872368?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338624526&toolid=10001&customid=f0b3954ab783acfc7b62853ddcbfcda9 ??
  3. I have just fitted a breaker sourced Picarse Mk1 hi-brake light, into SuziQ. I replaced the 5 bulbs (actually the car guys robbed them...) with Chink W5W White LEDs. Performs as Advertised...... £13, the lot!
  4. Agreed, m9.... My mitolla SuziQ is 3pot Auto! I fervently believe that car with a *factory 1.6 16V (.... keeping Auto) would have me dead (BUT what a fucking smile!!) Oarses 4coarses 🚘
  5. Before & After...... TBH 6 of 1/half a doz the other 🤔 The broad array is lower in the rearview mirror - thus gets my WIN 😍
  6. @Cord Fourteener...... Local, Wallsend..... Seen it often but never knew it's lair 🤔
  7. @Bezzabsa "..my current car is a 993, with Citroen brake lights .. loved it, *MOT fail/renewed brakes that did bugger all over 60mph...mind you flat out is just about 75.." Get the 'rose tints' on m8! 😉
  8. My '5 LED' strip is fitted.... ..... Looking Gudd! *bloo-tak to establish correct location, then a steel bracket to fix 👍
  9. Guy at the local garage, rally Boyz n lights, got the Blydenstein cam kit.... Unfortunately [pre Webbie, be fair..] he overlooked the requirement for a thin spacer - under the cam carrier - allowing for learry lyft!! Set up, spun engine... no go [no comp lol] Moar spendiez had it brattinng n fartting about the place 😉
  10. OTOH..... Bolt On mods.... I'm all for that! My plan to install an Oil Pressure Gauge is progressing nicely. After much consideration of tapping existing engine/head 'oil galleries' I elected to use a Sandwich Plate. This one cost £11 from Hong Kong! It is a substantial chunk - extruded form and machined for threads and faces. Good thread on the step/extension. Very good match to the filter rubber seal/the plate o-rings are at the same diameter as the existing filter. This is totally 'fanny fucking about' free... I will replace one of the NPT with a BSPT plug (crappy but ok with a wrap of PTFE tape) - do the oil change/filter in the next few days and then run the capillary gauge tube down to it at a later, convenient time. Uncomplicated.... That's me 🥰
  11. No one has murmured 'Randall & Hopkirk' 🤫
  12. This...... But In Spades 👍 #i suddenly feel much better#
  13. Hmm.... I feel an utter fraud 🥺 I'm going to do my oil+filter but - frankly - I'm inclined to slope off the timing belt to the garage.... I have the tools/skill/jack's & axle stands BUT can't be bothered 😱 ..... age kicking in, bastard (bus pass next!!)
  14. Oil filter just thrust into my hand, by the Caribou Guy [nope... Me either! 🤔 ] So now, with my cheappo Tesco lards, I can sort things out for a further 12M/5K.
  15. "..Whatever the case, my next car won't be capable of reaching those speeds!!!.." Yeah, mine certainly isn't 😉
  16. tooSavvy

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    No Hillman dealer would even consider making a sale of the 'povvo' base IMP unless the hapless punter could prove they had once...."licked road clean, wi' tongue!" 🥰
  17. A car worth 'slotting into the "spotted" file' as something most millennials would walk right [into..] past, with their hurry to ogle a GTA* clone...... *no, not Renault 🥺
  18. Quick 'itchyfingers..ooops!' eBay snip.... Piccarsed mk1 HiLevel brake light @£9.99 I will chop up to suit installation in SuziQ 🤐 #arrived... No Bulbs!! £2.99 has me 5 W5W White LED on the way 👍
  19. Yes.... Well, I'm not saying a thing about parking a 'CAT compliant' car behind my 'CAT fail' SuziQ to....... Can't say >> or I will have to kill you!! ☠️ Needless to say, fitting the n.o.s. CAT fixed it all perfectly 👍
  20. As a man who just* scraped his MOT..... All I Can Say IS..... Getterdunn! 😎👍
  21. Ooof! Lot 'orot* in Auto Micra! *fridge door steel may have been used in the past, but
  22. HaHa.... Stuck a 'will she/won't she' lowball onto eBay. My alt belt was up for £7.99 [or offer] so I hit them with £6.00..... 24hrs later (I watched the clock for last 2 min...) No Dice 😱 Fu##em! Banged my second choice @£6:20 p/free. My money is always waiting for them......
  23. I think 4th Down.... Rear step deckkers are repainted South Shields. Never saw the style north of the river? *and where's the one, goes straight past Terry.... Likely Lads.
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