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    +100% m8 My 'pieintheface' stock Suzzi wheel was, on no PAS, small + a turd 😵 My Classic* METRO wheel is thin + larger dia! Each 2 their Own 😉
  2. tooSavvy


    Exhaust, you say 🤣 ... 🚙💨 👍
  3. Right 😎 Weatherman says 'sunny + warm[..ish!]' Monday is FartCan-a-go-go....... 👌😋 *Everyone? wants lotssa piccies + Vid !! 😱 ..... I'm quite looking forward to all this 🙄 🚙💨+💨💨
  4. Just been rummaging in 'man cave' (back kitchen cupboard) hoping to unearth a tube of Ex paste [non-solidified 🙄] Pleased to report the Granville tube, last seen light of day when cobbling back box onto ToMM©, is 80% full + soft as toothpaste.... Full Of WIN 😎✔️
  5. We now have a 'full kit'......... 58 + 54 Need a clear dry & warmish day.....
  6. I'm wondering what my Astra 'rice cannon' Jetex will do to my sober, restrained Swift 🤔 *Swifter? Not A Chance, mister 🤣
  7. ..... I have ACTUALLY driven one!! I had my MK2 escrote 4dr stolen from the MetroCentre, Gateshead [... regular gig for 'the lads' 🙄] and made a few quick calls for cheap hire wheels, that afternoon..... Cab ride over to a 'Rent-a-$hiter' outfit, at the end of Byker Bridge = Lonsdale wagon 😮😮 ...... Yeah, well, fuc#inn pissed off when I got home..... Someone in extremely greasy overalls had been in the car [driver] and the 'pull out I.R.' seatbelt was coated (not obvious, obviously!!) in black oily $hite >> deposited on my nice, light buff, cotton jacket. These things..... One does not forget easily 🤬🤬
  8. This was 'exploratory' scoping..... I have a plan and once I get the ex clamps and have a whole dry day, chop chop chop 🎉🍾🥂 🚙💨
  9. Been lying under the car today (yupp = warm + dry day!) Backbox has been 'cobbled' onto the main link pipe previously... Good News = I have a stout length of 42MM pipe (clamped onto factory original pipe) then running to rotted out box... I chop through the 42MM and wizz the Fart Can onto the end, using a short piece of the linkpipe I just got delivered. The hanger rubbers are OK and with a piece of u channel across the F.C. and a heavy wire hook, to either side, then hanging/location will be sorted 😎
  10. #twitalert#.... 🤔 Some of you may be thinking 'hmm, looks to be a LONG FartCan for a SHORT ARSED Swift!' Yes, me too 😮.... It is 2" shorter than the underfloor 'gap'. 🎉 ... TF 🚙💨
  11. Like fu#kinn Xmas, here...... 🍾🥂 ...... And I think the prices on 'boy racer' sites charged for a piece of pipe 😮! 🚙💨
  12. Dropped into ToolStation and scored 1M * M8 threaded rod @£2:60 ....... Bit of 'fartcan clamping' jiggery-pokery may be required. I have a sack of nuts/shakey washers + some scrap u-channel 👍✔️
  13. TNT* delivery tomorrow [18th Wed]...... *No.... DHL (driver hopelessly lost) ☕ I think most of my £12 must have gone to the courier 😵... 🥳
  14. HaHa.... The 'very conscientious' pipe supplier has asked me for a Chassis number/Reg off 'my' Mondeo..... Reference to 'bodging a fart can' onto a Swift has cleared the Ebay log jam 🙄... 🚙💨
  15. Yep..... That's me 👁️ .... move along now, nothing to see....
  16. Popped a 'blinder'..... 🙄 60mm pipe, same as FartCan 🔨✔️ ...... £12 delivered, well, I had to tbh 🤣🤣
  17. Some 'cut n shut' pieces will require sourcing..... Measure 3x.... Buy Once.....
  18. Oh dear........ 😕 My factory back box sounds like it's 'farttafartting'... Hmmm 🤔😎
  19. ...... Anyone following, err, 'modified' Cav on RR 🔨🍾
  20. No photo..... Wallsend. Beige met 1.6 Toyota Carina, Dreg. ... Dulux n/s/f wing #D847MDB ..... Trailing a D-I-Y trailer 😮 Check that MOT (last change of keeper 2015)..... Badgers Ar$e 🤐
  21. Sooorrtteddd...... 👍
  22. The Speedo needle in MrSavvy went on a bouncefest - el cheappo no-name FleeBay purchase restored order to proceedings.... Lasted beyond disposal, fair enuff 😎
  23. My Sky 'superfast bb' kicked in yesterday, new Hub all set-up👍 Uploaded some piccies to another forum.... Like a flash!! Happy Bunny 👌🏆
  24. I Izz Disappoint... 😕 Speaking as one who hammered a 1p into a socket, to substitute a Welch Washer - for my Imp kingpins...... I now discover the shoes in my Swift are 'universal' L/R >> never had a car like this 😮. I have spunked £10 on a set of brand new shoes BUT I only needed to *swap them round 😱 *previous garage service may have tried this, though 🤔 HaHaHa .... 🚙💨
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