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  1. Hmm..... I've driven around in 'cheap, shitty crocks & complex as a turnip watch' for years... Cheap, me? Aye! 😉
  2. 'G'...... Last year's before tinfoil gauge steel/really painted 🧐
  3. Autotrader...... £500 filter search.....
  4. @brownnova...... Suzuki Swift, red De03enk. Fffffffffffffnell *nah, NOT rusty 🤐😱
  5. ...... Grimsby? BTTF ace ✔️
  6. 'Diplomatic Grade' waftmobile for a plush wallah, in the darkest sub-continent. Such a fella as might brag of having a Zeta tractor, in the back 1/4 acre.... running the irrigation pumps 😉
  7. Sent my photo card + form & cheque..... Oct! Still waiting 😱
  8. Ahh..... I used to go there (fixing cash registers/cash drawers/epos) and always thought *on the rainy days.... Butlins +added Mud 🤐
  9. Guy over on RR just popped for this...... https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/220686/1989-astra-1-6l ♥️🥂
  10. Kit Car........ Aye!! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/454966886292577/ *From RR
  11. 52mm Pod &360° base @£3.70 del.....!! 🥂 Our Asian brothers to the top step, once more 🤐
  12. Bloody Hell...... Fortunately mine doesn't have a speck of grot hiding...... "Loss of directional control" Wonder if that has been quoted [*cause of!] on insurance claims/nuns&kittens 😱
  13. A cheappo screwdriver/poondies >> heat and melt into the 'broken missing' flap spigot might help redirect HOT air. My 2dr also had issues with the rising glass [driver's door] missing the slot... Actually being outside the doorskin frame. Sporting selection of 'recalls' there 😱.....
  14. @grogee.... "..At least she can't be in the wrong gear in an auto. Think her next car will be an auto as *she struggles with choosing the right gear at the right time.." Aye... Slushbox relives all responsibility for "ratio indecision".... hahaha 👍
  15. Ooof! Purple Checker Mats 4Winnahs.. Neet 🧐
  16. Absolute definition of "gatepost warranty"* *sub-clause ".... If I hear you shouting 'Oi, m8!' you can come back" 🌠✔️ Nice waggon....
  17. When I went in for the MOT the 'vent pipe', back to the filler neck, was leaking. Drop tank required to fix it but, as it was a chafing nick - not grotrot - he cut a slice out and inserted a metal shunt, clips either end. It has deffo fixed it as I now get the 'pffummp' when unscrewing the cap... cos charcoal can! 👍
  18. .... Yeah, and the monkey is trying REALLY hard to get 'patch' to buy it....
  19. @HooviesGarage...... LoL 👍
  20. I do believe 'some' LU art deco stations have such views.....
  21. I am steadfastly refusing to descend into a 'willy waving' contest..Vis: Helming Hoops "Ohhh.... like yours 😌" 🤫
  22. There are 'iron men' in a brook, in Edinburgh.. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17696169.gormleys-figures-finally-restored-edinburghs-water-leith/#:~:text=SCULPTURES%20by%20the%20Turner%20Prize,Water%20of%20Leith%20in%202010. 🤫
  23. 35k up.... Yesterday 🌠🥰 Garrbollox *not imploded YET! 🤫
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