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  1. Fat spaniel 😁 It wasn't expensive, because it's got starship miles.
  2. One of the guys in the MR2 Roadsters group has WH05TWO I think it's a great plate.
  3. sorry, took no pictures today, but had an awesome day out (as always) at Sunday Scramble, Bicester Heritage. Never fails to amaze me how many new units open every time we go. The car decided to play up, however. Either a faulty (or dirty) ICV or a vacuum leak. Keeps revving under idle.
  4. I love me a 300ZX, but that's just plain horrid. Horrid bumper, horrid spoiler, wheels are shite. I'm also very wary of people who lie. Says 80k unmodified. That's clearly modified and the last MOT has it down as 121k. I think they think they can get £10k for that. The fact that it doesn't mention it says that it's probably a NA import which isn't the one everyone wants anyway.
  5. A quick look at the MOT due in the next 6 weeks suggests it might need new rear tyres, a new exhaust and possibly a ball joint. If you have the facilities to fix them yourself, could well be an excellent runabout.
  6. I had a Prius company car. I hated it. Every time I looked at it, it filled me with anger. BUT, for all its faults (the exterior and the interior), it actually drove quite well and had a fair bit of poke. It also did great MPG. Not to mention it was actually more practical than the Vectra it replaced.
  7. Honda Jazz. Invariably driven by old arthritic old codgers that really shouldn't be on the road. I was with a mate last year, following one driving at 30mph down some A road that didn't have any bits quite straight enough to overtake. I joked "I bet she's off to church or something" and literally a minute later, she pulled into the church hall fete. Weirdly, I have a mate who has a particularly hot Honda Euro Type R with all the mods. His daily is a baSE Jazz. I cannot even start to understand how this happened. I regularly rip the piss for this.
  8. OK, let me hit you up with FREE stuff! First one, as someone mentioned above..... Azure exams. Doesn't matter what you do, cloud is God. Developer, support tech, even service desk. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/events/training-days/ Azure Fundamentals. Not only do you get the 2 days training course, they let you sit the exam for FREE! IT Security (SOC) - it's the big in-thing now. I joke not, we can't hold onto our SOC (security operations centre) employees. It's relatively hard to get into, although you might be able to get onto an apprenticeship (open to all btw - some of my apprentices were in their 30s when I was hiring them) You could do a lot worse than doing this course (it's free- simply write to them, explain you're out of work and want to get in the business and they'll send you a free login - promise!) https://www.antisyphontraining.com/pay-what-you-can/ Do all 3 of John's courses. They're all 5-9 at night or 6-10 in the summer. I did mine whilst working full-time. Open University do free IT Courses too https://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses Thing with all the above is that you don't necessarily need to take exams. But they all look good on your CV. As does volunteering. If you can't get a job in IT, have a look at IT volunteering opportunities - a local charity might want help. Put an offer out on NextDoor or your local Facebook group to help Silver Surfers.
  9. ,Well, 2 weeks after expiring, my Missus car still hasn't been booked in for an MOT. Definitely under 100 miles. Still not going to beat 2017 and 2020. 3 miles both times.
  10. In the UK, your car will always have its own registration plate and I've never heard of it being given to another. So when you want your private plate back, you write to DVLA who then tell you to use the old one. So wise friends, if you ever buy a private plate, don't throw away the old one. Put it back on when you sell the car 😃 What gets me is that if they get pulled by the Police, the DVLA could literally scrap it, particularly if they've got previous (which you know they almost certainly have).
  11. Having worked in IT for 26 years, the last 18 as a hiring manager, I've never once considered people not worthy because of an exam. Quite honestly, I tend to read people's CVs of what they can do rather than what they've passed. If you tell me you can disassemble a laptop and put it back together without faults, rebuild an operating system or follow processes and procedures, keep customers happy etc., I'm more likely to hire you. If you lie about the above, you'll get found out pretty quickly and won't pass your probation. I had a guy came in who said he had years of experience implementing a particular product when I was a product owner (actually, I am again now!). It was very clear that he didn't.
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