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  1. Was there actually anything wrong with this? I thought this thread was about crap that should be weighed in or overpriced. It’s no longer available. my folks have just weighed in a high miler v40 which had fVSh - just one owner. Had everything it ever needed. I’m shortly going to be in need of a sturdy car for the dog for 6 months until I can get a new more suitable company jalopy (bmw saloon isn’t really appropriate)
  2. Talking of the OO cars.... next months DVLA auction has OO02OOO coming up, which might be useful for my MR2.
  3. I'm doing something wrong. Cars is probably the one hobby that has the least dickheads. What thoroughly annoys me is that because I work in IT, garages think I know nothing about cars and an easy way to pick up some cheap cash. I know how long it takes to fit an O2 sensor, or the handbrake cables, or indeed the rear subframe. As for charging £360 labour + VAT to change a cat, you're absolutely having a laugh.
  4. Oh, quite agree. I just find it odd that someone sets a record for something bizarre like that, only for someone else to do it. I mean, why pick the same thing? There are plenty of inanimate objects about that you could put an engine in. Fastest greenhouse. Fastest chipshop (we have chippy vans locally that come round once a week. Much like an ice-cream van, but sells fish and chips)
  5. I get the impression that the minute he breaks a record, someone is setting out to do it again. He recently set the record for the fastest Electric Ice Cream van. Top Gear immediately set about breaking it (and did).
  6. I've fortunately mostly been able to avoid selling cars somehow. However, when I was selling my 75, there was crap in the engine filter and it made a weird tapping noise (almost like tappets). I was absolutely clear on the advert that this was an issue and that this was why the car was for sale a mahoosive chunk off the normal market value. Bloke came from the South Coast to Bedfordshire to look at it by public transport. I once again reiterated that it had this issue, that I wasn't budging on the asking price. He rocked up, looked around the car. Commented positively about the
  7. Worlds Fastest Shed? (I saw this in the flesh last year) Or as seen in last year's Christmas #1 This thread has got Edd China written all over it (the shed above beat the record that Edd had previously held). Apparently, at one stage, Edd owned 5 world records. Largest Motorised Shopping trolley Fastest office (The Hotdesk) Fastest Bed Fastest piece of furniture And the fastest Amphibian vehicle
  8. I’ve seen a decent copy too, had some kind of Chevy V8 in it. Sounded great. was in Gulf colours too.
  9. Similar mileage..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224468577951 And it's a turbo. With a "kit" Is there a "shit fake cars" thread anywhere?
  10. I too thought this, but chose to keep my mouth shut. Anyhow, short of not wanting to start an unnecessary new thread, does anyone know if there is a thread for "fake" shitboxes? MR2 based Ferraris, that kind of thing? Surely that's the ultimate in autoshite?
  11. You have some lovely old Mercs there. Not fancied a "touring"?
  12. Had an RCZ-R on an extended test drive (Before Covid, I was doing a lot of long-ish term test drives for work). The engine is proper bonkers. If you'd told someone 10 years ago that they could get 300BHP out of a 1.6 turbo, they'd tell you to give your head a wobble. Same engine as the 308 GTi (which again, is a fun car - nearest thing to a 205 GTi Peugeot ever made) I'm about to get the 150k one, which is quite extraordinary for an MR2 Roadster. They normally start burning oil around £100k. This one didn't. Last owner was a lady owner who paid for anything and eve
  13. I used to absolutely love me one of those. I ended up buying a Hyundai Coupe F2 (They clearly rotted or something, because it was actually a great - if not bonkers - car). Nice buy.
  14. I get that many people can't spell, particularly it seems, those who sell on eBay. Genuinely, it's not a pop. I can't run for toffee and I appear to not be able to lose weight (and keep it off when I do), so I'm far from flawless. But is it that difficult to a) throw it through a spell check and b) put some formatting in? And if you're that bad, is there not anyone in the house that might be able to at least look it over?
  15. Following. I'm guessing here that by saying your folks live on a farm, you find yourself with similar acreage? I'd really like to start getting more cars (currently have 4) but space is now at a serious premium and the wife is getting antsy.
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