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  1. We played the "buy cheap, buy twice" mantra a couple of years back and spent proper money on a Samsung washer and dryer. With washers, we kept buying Beko, Candy and the like, then wondering why they only lasted 3 years before the motor burnt out or the board fried. As above, kept playing the triggers broom with the condenser dryer, replacing parts, new condenser (they get gummed up and there's only so much you can do with them). Ripped it apart a few times - you'd be surprised how gummed up the rest of the internals get. Replaced some internal parts a few times and so on, so that lasted 10 years. The dryer is a heat pump based one, so uses hardly any electric.
  2. So completely under the radar, 30,000 people in South Hampshire lost their water on Thursday night and it never came back until Sunday. We're told we may well have more outages. But because we don't have lots of MPs living in our area and being the scumbags that we are, it barely got a mention on the news, unlike a few thousand folk who lost theirs in leafy Surrey for 24 hours and suddenly it's a "Major Incident". Anyhow, we turned that into a benefit. To avoid the outage, we booked a last minute holiday to a holiday park on the other side of the New Forest (who did have water). Was dirt cheap and turned out to be made up of brand new static caravans that were very clean. And the best bit is that it turns out we get £30 compensation for every 12 hours we're without. As that was 6 of those, we'll get the holiday paid for too!
  3. Toyota Will. Based on a Yaris apparently. Proper odd thing. What's more odd is that I saw this for the very first time on Friday (Facebook Marketplace suggestion) and then on Sunday, I saw a pink one in the flesh, parked outside someone's house! How weird is that?
  4. 2 seats. The GT86 was the obvious replacement for Celica.
  5. Thank you I've heard of the series (I've a friend who is an absolute nutter about it - goes round taking pictures in London of all the locations it was filmed in).
  6. Depends on your level of desperation, but Amazon sell them.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=Timtam&ref=nb_sb_noss
  7. I'm OK with those. I'm pretty sure my son who is 26 would possibly recognise Lumley out of those because of Ab Fab. I took interest in the New Avengers when it was repeated on TV, but I don't believe there are many under 50 that could name them all - it finished in 1977 when I was 5. Even Knight Rider is probably something that many under 40 have never watched. Cilla died 8 years ago and probably became irrelevant around 2001 when he was 4. He would probably recognise Jackie Stewart these days, but certainly not 60 years ago. These, maybe I should know who they are..... but I don't And I'm glad someone asked about Paul Mariner. I even know who he is (having originally lived in Bury in those days).
  8. Well indeed 🤣 I'm afraid it was one of your pics that did it for me. Should I know who these people are?
  9. These are amazing. I have family and friends who regularly return to these shores. We always ask for these. You can actually buy them in Asda in the foreign food aisle.
  10. I won't use the P word, but certain communities either overbreed them if they're still complete, or they use them for fighting, hare coursing, that kind of thing.
  11. Once they got it out and gave it a wipe, that tidied up nicely. Looks like a proper nice wafter that. I'm guessing it's probably fairly low mileage.
  12. Am I the only one who doesn't know who half these people are? I probably should know, but I'm not that old. Someone will say "Well don't you recognise him? It's Billy Bobchuffer, the famous wood whittler"
  13. In case you were wondering, BYD are a battery maker. In fact, they make batteries for Tesla. This is rather ironic that they've in turn decided to become a manufacturer of EVs because Tesla themselves didn't really want to be a manufacturer originally - the idea was that they would put the battery technology together with their motors and running gear and sell it to other manufacturers. But the other manufacturers weren't that interested, so Tesla decided to do it themselves. I'd argue that Tesla are still the "Apple" of the EV industry, but like Apple, they're also expensive and fairly mundane. But they definitely do it best. Anyhow, going back to it, the Dolphin and the Seal will shortly be seen on these shores. This is the Seal. It costs more than the equivalent Tesla. Yet these Chinese EVs were supposed to be cheap 🤷‍♂️
  14. I don't know if anyone else watched it last night, but the new Wheeler Dealers series started with a Pug 205 Rallye. What I didn't realise was quite how startling the prices are now for pretty much any Pez Pug. I mean, the one they got, whilst it was generally in good shape rust wise, they felt they got a bargain for a heavily underpowered 1.4 engine with some rotten paintwork, 2 broken bumpers and a scabby interior. Is this going to be the new Mk1 Escort? Is it time to hide your genuine GTIs in the garage?
  15. I'm aware I'm taking this particularly enthralling topic a little off-topic, but I test drove cars for our fleet team - at one point I had 1-2 a week. What I've found is that many new cars have both an analogue dial as well as a digital version. Using a GPS, the digital one is normally pretty accurate - often within 1mph. The analogue dial can be as much as 10% and usually at least 5%.
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