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  1. Duh. Posted this in the wrong thread... I'll have another go Very nearly bought a car! Someone else ended up beating me to it. No idea what was wrong with it either - Seemed a bit too good to be true. Was a 2006 BMW 320D with around 140k on it. Brand new MOT on Tuesday with no advisories (which is shocking for one of these - they normally have at least brake line corrosion at least). Fella only wanted £1500 for it. Was looking at this too. At nearly 50, I might be a bit old for this look I'm not sure these are shitters yet. They will be when me and my dog have finished with them. I'll no doubt wreck the paintwork. Dog will no doubt wreck the interior.
  2. I know you lot probably think it's a load of old crap, but I watched the Wheeler Dealers they did on the Amazon last night. Whilst they initially threatened to do an entire overhaul, they eventually simply replaced the clutch master and slaves and all the suspension, front and rear, then rocked up with an absolute perfect looking car. Either way, I very much enjoyed it, and particularly thanks to this thread, very much appreciated the Volvo Amazon. If anyone has Discovery+, it's season 15 or apparently episode 122. Here's a taster
  3. I washed my daily for the first time a few weeks ago. The only other time it had been done since the beginning of Covid was when it was serviced. I washed it, because I was attending the golf as a guest of BMW so I thought it would be respectful. It's already looking dirty 🤣
  4. Basically this. M140s of that era are worth an absolute mint. They're actually increasing in value. The M140i is a 3 litre turbocharged engine with absolute bags of torque. Its replacement, the M135i has less BHP and a more sanguine 2 litre. Thing is, it looks fairly OK at a distance - a straight swap into a chassis of a similar era. The wheels look OK too. Someone will pick that up, swap it in its entirety into a shell that has a blown engine or something and sell it off as the real thing. And arguably, this is a more honest ringer than one that's a cut-and-shut.
  5. I'm probably no help, because I'll be there from Thursday -> Sunday, but I'm staying at the Ibis at Birmingham Airport, over the road. I believe it's still available. I only booked it a couple of weeks back once we'd had our stand confirmed. Anyone who is coming, please visit our stand - it's the MR2DC stand. I'm the fat bloke with the blue Mk3 and the brown engine.
  6. My latest source of decent quality alcohol is covid grade hand sanitiser. Usually 80%+ and clear. It's excellent for cleaning stuff too.
  7. Do you use an airbrush for these? They look amazing.
  8. I dunno about Bunglebus, but when my kids were little, car boots were the place to go. Saw lots of boxes like this and we'd always let the kids pick a car or two. Quite honestly though, if you'd offered them a tenner for the box, they would have bitten your arm off.
  9. I'm strangely attracted too. Completely impractical for what I'm after.
  10. Interesting point. I had my kids young, so when I actually got round to passing my test in 1996 at the tender age of 24, my wife got pregnant a few months later. Therefore disposable income and cars have only occurred in the last few years. However, I did particularly enjoy driving in the mid-late 90s, even though my motor of choice (not) was a Rover 213S (HGF) followed by a Vauxhall Carlton. Times were simpler then. 50p a litre for fuel. The Polis were understaffed, but speed cameras were not yet a common occurrence. There was definitely less traffic on the roads and it didn't seem like cars were the eternal enemy. Parking was cheap or free. Whereas we're about to hit a Big Brother point in motoring. In the next few years, black boxes are almost certainly going to become mandatory. Road tax will be based on mileage and this will be the excuse. Which means that eventually, the powers that be will know exactly how fast we are driving at any one time. I've already seen proposals to limit cars to 70mph except under certain circumstances. Now, I'm no speed demon before anyone attacks me, but yes, like EVERYONE, occasionally I'll stray into 35mph territory without realising. Or indeed as I found yesterday, accidentally doing 63mph in a 50mph zone (why on earth do Oxfordshire and Northants insist on making all single-lane A roads 50mph?) I try really hard to keep to the speed limits. I'm far from perfect. And a GPS based black box would almost certainly have me lose my licence within a month or two, as it would most of us! Certainly, any fun that's left in driving would instantly disappear.
  11. Where do we put our names down? 🤣
  12. I'd still take the Tickford. And save myself £105k in the meantime. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224601501766
  13. MOT expired on 29 August 2007 Yeah, good luck with that! I reckon it was handed in under the scrappage scheme and a breaker/scrapper thought it was too good to crush and wanted to hawk it about for spares. I'd be very surprised if you could actually get a V5 for it. Although it does show as SORN. Interesting, because the registration alone has to be worth quite a chunk - I'd be surprised if you couldn't get a grand for it. If it said B16, it would be worth at least double that.
  14. Pray, where is this group? Sounds great!
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