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  1. Oh dear, I need to replace my leaky pipes. Fluid is annoyingly expensive CHF.
  2. @rainagain for 2, check the power steering fluid level (hidden under the o/s headlight on my hatchback).
  3. Taken from passenger side of LHD Dacia!
  4. If anyone else does this avoid Parking Eye type carparks when the shops are shut. You are allowed to park there for 2 hours or whatever to use the shop. If it's shut then you aren't using the shop so you can be fined. I think they won a case against someone who was there at night using an electric car charger (which they paid separately for).
  5. Our local arseholes did make that connection and left my 220 and a scrap MK4 Astra up on concrete blocks with bits of exhaust removed. Wasn't too upset though as the whole exhaust on the 220 is scrap, there's a complete replacement inside the car and it doesn't have a cat.
  6. A few more from me and Miss C, all about the same shape this time.
  7. Thank you very much for another ace weekend @Mrs6C and @Six-cylinder. It was ace to catch up with everyone even if I was the most disorganised person in the world. Always great to start the day with a geometric Scottish breakfast and a go in the Toledo was lovely. Made it home in one piece despite driving though Bridgnorth. Lots of interesting things on the motorway presumably on the way back from Goodwood. Had an ace moment where a MK1 Transit beavertail with a Triumph 2000 racing car on the back and a early 80s 300ZX were passing me and an Edsel with a 60s caravan, we were almost outnumbering the modern cars.
  8. We had one like that, swapped the mirrors over to the short arm ones from a panel van and it's fine now.
  9. I'd love to have all of mine mobile, camper and Disco haven't moved for ages and the only reason the 220 has moved since it's MOT ran out is Mo coming over to help me tow it out the way.
  10. A wheelbarrow, mine to be precise. After a job last week I loaded it onto the trailer along with my cement mixer and set off to drop the mixer back with the friend who's borrowing/storing it. About halfway I noticed that the blue ratchet strap wasn't visible on the mixer anymore so stopped to investigate and found it wasn't the only missing item. Found the barrow by a particularly vicious speed bump which must have moved things enough to unhook the strap. Back to using ropes in future then.
  11. Has anybody enquired about buying it complete? Pretty sure it hasn't been UK registered so can't have thought it with have a certificate of destruction. I've got too many projects already but can't sit by and see it scrapped.
  12. I wish mine was still in this condition, it was just like this before it got the camper conversion. Miss Cats says the big station wagon had a Plymouth badge.
  13. Forgot the tanks! Should probably also mention that Miss Cats took most of the photos, she's better at it than me
  14. Thought about sticking these in other threads but there's far too many. If I'd thought about it earlier I should have booked the Dacia in as an exhibit. As it was it made pleasant transport to the show. It wasn't the only classic in the carpark.
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