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  1. Speaking of rallying I'm on a job in Ceredigion (west Wales) today. Came past all the service vans for the RAC classic with interesting old tat everywhere. Saw Stratos, Kadette, Starrion, 911s and loads of MK2 Escorts.
  2. Found a 8mm Snap-on spanner in the scuttle of Miss Cats Corsa the other week. No idea where that came from as it's only had tyres in months.
  3. There's an enormous Montego on FB marketplace for £550 in Bilston.
  4. I've just got the renewal email from Churchill (with some prove you're not a robot bollocks that isn't showing up so I don't know what it is). Done a bit of comparing the meercats and I can get it down to a little over £240 (with £500 excess). The downside I'm finding is that the cheaper quotes don't include driving other cars. If I upgrade to premium cover they do but that's another £60 or so with no other useful benefits.
  5. XC90 in full drug dealer trim on the outside but pov spec inside.
  6. AFAIK trailer wiring is only checked on the MOT if it's the new type of 21 pin connector.
  7. I'm feeling quite relevant with my static strip adorned Dacia
  8. Aye, a bit of those 2 alongside. South Shropshire Shiter. Middle aged PSA powered family car being used as a builders/gardeners van. Would include @Scruffy Bodger's 405 ,Dodgy Toms 306 and my Focus. Fairly well looked after in many ways but almost always seen with a lot of tools in the back and often a roof rack or trailer full of stuff too. Traveling between small jobs for little old ladies who make us stop for tea and cake.
  9. Apparently did it in a week, although 24 hours of that was continuous driving so I'm guessing speeds weren't too high! On a completely different note, I've heard of BYD but not the Dolphin so was surprised to see it win an award. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/361181/byd-dolphin-carbuyer-car-year-2024
  10. Could that have been caused by someone saying to the new guy, " stick it on an A reg" then not checking it was a suffix?
  11. I used to live right behind there. He wouldn't have much fun riding up it!
  12. The back of that wobblebox is surprisingly solid. I'd have thought you'd have gone straight through it with a bull bar. Best of luck with the repairs.
  13. Saw this parked up in Bridgnorth the other day.
  14. Notorious Estate? Well done @GingerNuttz, hope the finger heals up nicely.
  15. It was a white 405 1.6 saloon. Turned up on the tat thread with no MOT but will pass easily if a few minor faults (such as 20p removing from the handbrake mech) were fixed. Kept being relisted with an increasingly angry description. Caused much amusement on here and theory's on how much it was costing him in listing fees.
  16. Popped to the supermarket at the weekend and found an old bike meet at the brewery next door. Suggested to the Mrs that if I passed my test I could get myself an old bike that wouldn't be any faster than my 125 but would be a lot cooler. She didn't say no. Took mine to work this afternoon as it was the first trip I was sure not to have a passenger. Risked a trip without leathers as it was almost all on lanes so not really over 30mph. Should probably charge the battery as kick starting it everywhere is getting tiresome. Perhaps old bikes aren't for me 🤣
  17. For more info.... https://londonist.com/london/transport/dartford-tunnel-bike-bus
  18. Good to hear from you @Shep Shepherd Are you all round the country in the DAF?
  19. The 292 from Kidderminster to Ludlow would be perfect for destruction testing demonstrators but I don't think Black Diamond have ever had a new bus. I'm assuming it broke one last week as the usual full sized bus had been replaced with the front end of an Iveco Daily and the back end of a portacabin.
  20. Isn't there some rule about overhang not being more than 2/3rds of wheelbase?
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