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  1. No it's a very good thing, £200 which I will refund if you get it through an MOT!
  2. My new bike seems a little high with 8 former keepers considering it was registered in 2015. It's not the highest on my fleet though. Officially I'm the 17th registered keeper of a certain M361DHP and I'd love someone else to take it off my hands. It's not the highest though! My Freight Rover Sherpa has 18 former keepers making me the 19th! It is 35 years old though and has 950k on the clock although I'm assured this is probably a fault with the clocks.
  3. chodweaver - x2 Popsicle - x1 Sunny Jim - x1 rob88h - x1 95 quid Peugeot - x1 gm - x1 MorrisItalSLX - x1 adw1977 - x1 AnnoyingPentium - x1 Matty - x1 I_am_Diesel - x1 castros_bros - x1 Rust Collector - x1 Macscrooge - x2 Six-cylinder - x1 dozedustan - x2 chaseracer - x1 sutty2006 - x1 brownnova - x1 loserone - x1 ProgRocker - x1 Wibble - x1 RobT - x1 grogee - x1 Wilko220 - x1 quicksilver - x1 Cookiesouwest x1 Zelandeth x1 Garycox x2 Red5 x2 Catsinthewelder x1
  4. We made it to the CBT today, a bit late as the directions on the website sent us to the main base while the instructor was waiting for us in a container at the cattle market carpark a mile away. The delay wasn't much of an issue as the carpark was an ice rink, it got better later though and we were soon enough riding the CB125s around fairly competently. Sadly not quickly enough to get the road riding done before dark/rush hour so we're going back on the 1st which is helpfully the day my insurance starts. Terrible photo from a terrible camera. The Supershite is coming along nicely, engine isn't entirely oiltight but has improved. I'm going to try loctite thread seal as I have a bottle and can't see a reason I'd need to remove the bolts it's leaking from. Exhaust is now off, biggest hole is welded up but smaller ones have appeared so need another few hours fettling. As I've finally got the pipes off I could refit the footboards, gearshift and rear brake (they were in the way of fixing it in situ). So a bit of noisy riding around the yard happened. We were all going to raise money for Help the Hero's but are now doing a charity each. I'm leaning towards the local Hedgehog Sanctuary.
  5. ^^ Doesn't seem unreasonable so long as they let you give it a good check over. If you're willing to risk it you could get a bargain (or a headache).
  6. Isn't the problem in the jets rather than the bottle? After getting fed up with it in the last cold snap I've got almost neat washer fluid in the Focus rather than my usual 95% water blend.
  7. That's a very kind offer Chris, fingers crossed I won't need it but really useful to know there's one not too far away.
  8. Unexpected spare day today so cracked on with the Keeway. The boss said I could bring it up to the workshop as the other bikes are already there so borrowed a Luton with a broken tail lift spring to fetch it from the unit. You can certainly see why they fit the springs, I could barely lift it back up. Fetched the bike and found it nearly as heavy as the Dacia to push so 1st job was strip, clean and grease the front brake which all went fairly smoothly and seems loads better if not entirely perfect. Next I fixed the indicator, lovely easy job as just a bad connection on the bulb, also fixed the indicators on the 1310 I'd driven down in (bad connection on fuse). I've got the footboards off at the moment and have given them a good wire brush, kurust and coat of black smoothrite. I've drilled out the couple of snapped bolts on the alternator case, tapped the holes and cut down some M6 caphead bolts and fitted them. Hopefully it'll be oil tight now. I don't know yet as I've drained the fuel and oil so I can lay it on its side to fix the exhaust. Access still isn't that great so I'm going to try and take the pipes off and weld it up properly. Once that's done I can put it back together and put it in for a test. Insurance starts on the 1st of next month. Apologies for misremembering the Dragon Rally, obviously the one I went to must have had a different name but Google can't find it and I don't think there were any badges or T shirts.
  9. I think that's the Elephant Rally, is the Dragon Rally still on the same site as Stormin the Castle? I spent my 20th birthday there, it was bloody cold but good fun. I used to be in Durham MAG back them so knew Jim who ran Stormin fairly well.
  10. Thanks chaps, I have done it before on a twist and go 50. But that was 23 years ago when the two I'm going with (lad from work and his mate) were still in nappies. I'm really looking forward to it, the chap on the phone was sound and temperature's might even be above freezing I'll spend this week very visibly checking mirrors and cancelling indicators in the car and vans and hopefully the road positioning will come back quickly from all the years of cycling. A Honda X8R-S just like my old one.
  11. I should probably have asked which was was TPO (£118), Comp was £111 and the £71 I'll probably go with is TPF+T. Better than Carole Nash who wanted £100 on top of those prices when I rang them but did include recovery. They wouldn't quote at first but that was because I was going to leave the bike at work behind 2 locked doors and 3' thick walls so it's obviously going to be safer in my shed (well it will be if the river floods again).
  12. That's a very kind offer Nick, we are fairly prepared. One of the lads who retired last year is going to come too in a van with a pink Chinese scooter in the back much like the Beetle nobody wants to end up in on Top Gear adventures. Though saying that knowing there's a workshop with all the tools up there could be very useful if we snap a swingarm or something similar. Just did insurance quotes, one company can cover it for £71, £111 or £118 depending on cover level. Would anyone like to guess which price is fully comp?
  13. MGs respray looks ace, unlike the VWs!
  14. I'd forgotten about this thread, but just caught up on the last 10 pages. I bought a Keeway Superlight off Billy over Xmas and have a CBT booked for Friday. Just got to make it oil tight and a couple more minor jobs before it can be MOTed. 3 other lads from work have bought 125s this weekend (1 Honda and 2 Sinnis') and the boss has hopefully bought the forfeit bike (pink Wangye scooter) ready to ride to Lands End, then John O Groat's then back to Ludlow. Plan is to raise a bit for Help the Heroes along the way.
  15. That would probably be the best plan this year or we're going to need March - February.
  16. Looks like a Bristol VR, there used to be a row of them outside my secondary school getting the kids back to Brandon and Bowburn.
  17. Technically you can (with less than 9 passengers who aren't paying) because it's over 30 years old but I believe getting insurance to do this is really tricky.
  18. @Talbot If anybody knows how to crash test a mini it's you!
  19. Mini alternative, Daewoo Matiz Beetle.......... Rear engined Skoda, Golf GTi..............MG Maestro or ZR Capri........... Renault 15/17/Fuego Rover SD1........................Saab 9000
  20. Found a workshop manual for the new motorbike online. Excellent Chinglish descriptions.
  21. All 3 were there earlier too but spread around the carpark.
  22. You must be the decision committee for the classic car show my Dacia' just got rejected by.
  23. I should have taken a picture earlier but I saw a Chester and District road sweeper parked in in a normal space between 2 cars in Aldi carpark in Ludlow.
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