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  1. I saw this pair and thought they'd make a nice spot. When I got there I saw something better, it's been on before as Miss Cats saw it driving down the road but I don't think many will mind it being back 😁
  2. @dollywobbler Happy to fetch that Charade lump from Bridgnorth and hold onto it for a bit.
  3. Time to start talking about the ombudsman I would say.
  4. I've mostly been enjoying the vitual thrill of winning races against @320touring, something unlikely to happen in real life.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Venucia_T60_001_China_2019-03-21.jpg This has looks that will really annoy Mercedes Benz which is odd as it's built by an offshoot of Renault/Nissan who have rather a lot to do with Mercedes these days.
  6. I've been running an old Sierra as a taxi and a Marina Coupe as an unlikely weekend racer but. I decided to enter the shite wedding car business with. Which I was happy to find only had 19/20/30% damage so I fixed that and didn't find any work so jumped back in the Sierra.
  7. Has that gone from 298k to 12k ?😯
  8. Just a gentle dusting of snow so far on the hill but the wind is howling. Fortunately the only cars of mine within tree range are the camper and maybe the Discovery both of which are a bit fucked. Driving home last night from Wales was exciting in blizzards.
  9. That's well nice, well done on breaking the Vauxhall habit Chris 😁
  10. 17 with Mr Bollox being #2. Cosmetically the worst parts are removable panels. Front wings and bonnet could really do with replacing and the doors aren't great but I have spare doors. The sills might need patching along with the spare wheel well and the rear arch's aren't the best. The front subframe doesn't look too clever though and if you're going to take that out a reshell certainly becomes a tempting prospect with plenty of tidy cars with knackered K series motors still out there. Saying that the main issue I have is that the engine won't start and that was an issue before the starter stopped turning.
  11. Super lazy spot as Miss Cats saw it outside her work πŸ˜‚
  12. It's moved onto the dash for safety but it's still there πŸ˜ƒ
  13. I've not had much tinkering time lately but a bit of a OMG the modern is broken last week* saw me thinking that I really should get another car working. 2 things I needed to do were ordering a clutch kit in either 180mm or 200mm and moving the Bollox Rover off the only flat bit of concrete** nearby that will hold a engine crane. Part one had me tearing my hair out the other night and still isn't done. Part 2 started today as they were resurfacing the only road up the hill so I couldn't go out unless I wanted to be out all day. Prevarication obviously happened first so by 11am I'd sorted out a new broadband deal and done my tax return and it was time to get on with it. Every wheel was solid despite me unseizing a couple of them recently. In turn each was loosened (breaking a 19mm socket in one case). Caliper beaten hard with a hammer, squeezed in a G clamp, a little brake fluid released then the jack handle used against the wheel studs to lever it into moving. After a couple of hours I had a car I could push to and fro, marvelous, is the engine seized? 5th gear selected it will still push to and fro, cool will it start? Fresh battery, click Fucksake, where's the jump leads? Connect Focus, click. Click. Click. Etc Beat starter motor repeatedly. Click Try leads in a different place. Click Try leads directly onto starter solenoid. Click,. What about the other bit? Sparks, many sparks. Click So I gave up and strimmed the overgrown bit near the house. On the plus side it is now mobile and some dash wipes I found inside made the steering wheel and gear knob 1000% nicer to use. Not sure where to go with it though. Anyone want it? * Symptoms including, locks playing up (far more than I initially realised), brake fault light lit, car not knowing the temperature, indicators not working etc. Caused by my daughter dislodging a big bundle of cables from the fusebox which was easy to fix once I worked out what was wrong. ** I recently found out that there used to be a corrugated iron garage here till it blew away in the wind.
  14. He's on here mate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://youtu.be/LRaC5Uy1PGg
  15. That's upsetting 😞 Anyone fancy trying Leominster auctions at Kingsland? https://www.leominstercarauctions.co.uk/about/about/
  16. I've never heard of people calling leaf sprung Land Rovers "Minis" before.
  17. I suppose it's a little more likely to prevent damage perched up there than sitting in the crease 6" below but it's not doing the looks any favours.
  18. I'm going to guess it's a diecast that delivery which makes me think he's buying something from Eddy Ramrod. That boat Tintin was using would probably be quicker to get across to his From NI than Northern trains though.
  19. Which reminds me of Dodgy Tom who referred to his as the Sex Trial πŸ˜‚
  20. They might not negotiate the price on the phone but they should clarify whether they are planning to MOT it or not. Β£12 ULEZ charge is bugger all in the general scheme of traveling 200 miles to buy a car.
  21. The ends are usually just soldered on so we just need someone handy with a plumbers torch. Thinking about it I've probably got one somewhere so I'll try to have a practice 😜
  22. My dad learnt to drive on a tractor then spent the next few years building roads without owning a car. When he met my mum she had a mini, which was replaced by a better one. Next was a Blue MK1 Fiesta which caught fire on the drive with me in it. The replacement was a V reg MK2 Escort which became my mum's soon after when he got a red MK3 as a company car. A mk4 followed then an F reg BX 14RE. A Primera was next (still red) then a juice green Mondeo Verona was his last company car. He bought it on retirement and ran it for a couple of years before PXing it for a Y reg MΓ©gane that was later mine. A blue Corolla followed then the MK2 Focus I have now. He currently has a 2015 Focus 1.5 diesel in metallic dark blue. Possibly the most exceptional thing about his cars is that the only silver one was a Clio my stepmum had when she moved in.
  23. Early MK2 Focus? I don't think we've even had a van come back in from hire quite that bad 😦
  24. @TataBobu You absolute legend, thanks mate 😁
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