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  1. I take it they didn't want a CF as a swap? I'm just trying to work out how to cut those uprights down without 240v. Adapt a 9" grinder disc to 3 stud and attach to the Flymo Saxo?
  2. Up to about 09 reg as a Piaggio I believe. Edit, apparently still available.
  3. Made it back to Bridgnorth. Many thanks to @Six-cylinder and @Mrs6C for hosting another excellent weekend and everyone else who came for being ace company
  4. Don't worry, I handed him a hard hat as soon as he got out the Maxi.
  5. Much like the 00s era mini clubman with the suicide rear door on the right hand side which was something of a piss take when they were supposed to be a British car.
  6. If both problems started at the same time could the permanent live for the radio be touching the switched live? If the same circuit feeds the heater fan that could put both on (but would probably blow a fuse). Other than that, curse the Cheese eating surrender monkeys and ask @John F what to do with a Picasso.
  7. They might not last longer than the Suzuki's but if they cost £7k and last 3 years it would be great as Suzuki don't sell cheap cars any more.
  8. Hope so, we need something to replace the Suzuki Celerios at work. They are doing well considering they've been hire cars for 4 years but won't last forever and we like Renault's.
  9. How many laps will Dez need to do on the Jinling towing the little roller to get if flat?
  10. Was that RMWeb? Similar happened there recently loosing all the pictures.
  11. All this talk of Orion's and nobody's mentioned the Cortina 80 based rear lights.
  12. It's next month Daz, you'll probably have bought 2 cars and an Escort van by then.
  13. 1931 Alvis? I suspect not but I have no idea what the truck is.
  14. More terrible photos from South Shropshire Moto Guzzi engine FTW, owner was nice too. CPT challenge! Better photo from Miss C And an even better one from my Scottish correspondent.
  15. That's wonderful and terrible in equal measure 🤣
  16. I assumed it was a MK1 or 2 Transit.
  17. Leyland Experimental Vehicle in the 80s
  18. Looks like you've brought a section of field to exchange for the shelves.
  19. None, nearest I've even driven is @Six-cylinder's 2CV. Despite this, 4 of the 6 vehicles I own leak. At least the British made ones leak through the floors as well so I only have to bail out the Dacia.
  20. @warch That's where it was today, over by the Italian car specialists.
  21. Good chod, terrible pictures.
  22. You're welcome to swing by, I'm here most evenings but might be back late tonight as the gaffer is taking us Karting.
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