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  1. It was a front wheel for me too (Citroen Relay) I set about nicking wheel bolts for the other wheels but then found the snapped off remains of the original 5 still in the hub so had to call the big orange taxi. They called a contractor which was wise as it took a huge gouge out of their bed unloading it after the ratchet strap the wheel to the hub plan went wrong.
  2. With a bit of luck the hydraulics might be able to lift it up so we just need sleepers and brave shitters to place them. I wonder if we can use the hydralic power to undo the wheel nuts by lifting it up and letting it down onto a breaker bar?
  3. At the start of the year I had too many broken cars (405, Dacia 1310, Rover 220 and Disco) and 2 working (Focus and Safrane). I got the 405 working again by paying the garage almost as much as I paid for the car to fix the brakes (still crap) and MOT it but power steering and aux belt issues have seen it do very little this year. The Safrane ran out of MOT just before lockdown one and still works perfectly well but needs a few things doing. So with far to many projects and not enough time I did the only sensible thing and bought another. A 1988 Freight Rover Sherpa with
  4. I think I saw one of those in the background of Back to the future II.
  5. Sorry, far to many projects here already. It is pretty though 😂
  6. Brilliant, thanks chaps. I spent hours on Google images the other night but never thought to look at Fiats because I imagine they'd dissolve in about 10 minutes up in Scotland. Your picture might be that one 10 years ago 😂
  7. This came pottering through the village earlier, appeared to be doing some work despite looking goofy too. Speaking of which, my son spotted this the other day, anyone know what it is?
  8. I always assumed that the dial a ride type operations were just there for pensioners and the disabled. I've never considered using the local one but technology really seems to have made it worth looking at again. From not even thinking about it before I'm now hoping something like this will take over our local busses.
  9. Happy Princess day Angyl https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/princess-day/
  10. That looks ace Mat If you need any bits from my Disco just say.
  11. The overspeed bleep on the work van got quite annoying on the Autobahn (set at 80mph) but the cruise control was wonderful.
  12. I really don't see the point of insisting people carry a bulb kit when manufacturers are allowed to build cars that you can't change the bulbs at the side of the road.
  13. From six cylinders motoring notes.
  14. Weren't 206's built at Ryton though? I get mildly fed up with bonnet catches on the passenger side and indicator stalks on the left with Continental tin but it really irritates me with cars built here. (Says the man who fitted a bonnet release lever in the glovebox of his Focus)
  15. So this is the sight that greeted me, not ideal for keeping the rain out. Fortunately the lid would fit through on an angle so a plan was formed. With the opening catches or whatever you call them removed I thought I could unscrew the bolts with pliers and replace them but it turned out that they weren't bolts. Drill a hole and use a screw then except there wasn't much for the screw to go into. Why didn't I do this earlier when I could use power tools? Hang on there a vice in the shed that'll make it easier. All in place, probably should have got some silico
  16. Aye, the Discovery is getting quite ripe. Today the V5 turned up for the Sherpa so I went out and made an effort to get her started. As it's not going anywhere near the road soon I just used Kerosene. Once she'd fired up I wandered into the back to check on the leaking roof and found that the plastic skylight had vanished in today's strong winds. Fortunately I found it behind the van and it's just the plastic bolts that have snapped. I'm hoping that numberplate bolts are the same size but might have to do it with steel bolts for the time being if they don't.
  17. Its a fair list now, from A-Z AC Ace Brooklands, Cobra, 428, 3000ME Allard P1 Anadol SV 1600 Berkley Bandit (prototype) Buckler MkV Caterham 7 Citroen C5, C6 De Tomaso Pantera Donkervoort S7 Elva Courier Evante 140TC Fairthorpe Zeta Falcoln Caribbean FBS Census FSO Polonez Gilburn Genie, Invader Ginetta G4, G26, G32, G40, G55, GT5 GSM Delta Heron Europa Iso Fidia, Lele Jaguar XJ, XK, X Type Jensen S-V8 Koenigsegg CC8S Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Freeland
  18. That Fiesta Ghia reminds me of my dad's old next door neighbour Auntie Joyce. She had a mint C reg example in that blue for years as you couldn't get the later ones in Ghia spec 3 door.
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