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  1. Thank you,It does all feel a bit deja vu though!🤣
  2. Passenger side hinge panel next. Now at least the bonnet can be reattached. Bit of grot around the A pillar to deal with too. Done. Battery tray next.
  3. Has your opinion of those two changed since they trashed your car? To my mind it was a nasty thing to do to somebody else's property.
  4. Next,time to repair the drivers side bonnet hinge panel. Start by offering up a repair panel. Chop out the grot. Start to weld in the main patch. Strengthening panels welded back on. Replace the outer skin on the A pillar. Give it a squirt of temporary primer. Another bit done. Just the other side to do🙄
  5. Could be worse,on a Mk1 Focus you've got to remove the nearside wing🙄
  6. First job was to remove the 1.3 engine and gearbox. This had approx 70k on it,advertised it online and it sold within a couple of days to a guy who wanted it as spares for a Polo,that put a little bit of money back into the coffers. Then it was time to start on the most daunting part of the resurrection, the front offside chassis leg and valence. This had been damaged sometime in the distantpast and not repaired very well,resulting in the chassis rusting through,inner wing/valence was a mess too,so it was chopped off just forward of the strut tower. Quite scary. Time to stitch in the doner part. Welds cleaned up and a squirt of primer applied. First shell repair completed,you've got to start somewhere I guess. Next repair is the bonnet hinge panel,Great.🙄
  7. I'd be tempted just to replace the seals and refit it. Any hydraulic spares shop nearby?
  8. I think you should take a look and report back😉
  9. How do the seals in the Lift pump look? Sometimes just taking old shit apart,checking,cleaning then reassembling can work wonders.
  10. Not much to report on this,I hardly done any miles in this at all this year. I did use it to take some hedge clippings to the tip though. It currently resides in my cousins garage. I have made a start on this though... 1990 3 door GTI 8 valve,non sunroof and clear glass,manual windows so this must have been the base model. I bought this year's ago,it had a blown up engine, so I converted it to a 1.3 carb,no idea why I just did. Plan was for either one of my sister's to drive it,but that never happened, then a local Muppet showed an interest that came to nothing. So it just got parked,and cannibalized for parts,and as a dumping ground for parts. It's rusty,but not totally rotten,but the usual mk2 grot spots are present. This time it's going to be diesel powered,with power steering. This rotten Mk3 is the doner Its a 1.9 straight diesel,but I have all the parts to turbocharge it. Will see,lots to do beforehand though. 🙄 Why do I do it to myself.
  11. Finally got the covid, not a happy bunny.
  12. Just think of the earbashing you now will not be receiving 🤣
  13. Oh yeah!! Great purchase,what a beauty. Enjoy the journey home.
  14. Shame he didn't manage to put the cunts into casualty 🤣
  15. More than likely they'll be praised by the other knuckle draggers as "Legends M8" Smashing up a rare,valuable,desirable car has a kudos in that community. It's bizarre,and some to attain that status will resort to stealing other people's property. I'd be livid if it happened to any of my vehicles.
  16. Sad end to two nice cars. So many stolen cars end up on the track. Didn't the editor of Practical Classics have his Mk1 Granada Ghia stolen and raced too? I'm surprised the track officials let those cars onto the track,giving the amount of publicity that these cars had after they were taken,surely they have some responsibility in this too? Time for a ban on banger racing I think,just on health and safety grounds alone.
  17. Nice variation of cars there. Whoever did that interior on the W114 needs to be shot with a ball of their own shite though!!!
  18. The smaller grommets with the slot in the head are your rear seat belt mounting points.
  19. Why not? It's all bolt in stuff,finding the parts would be hard part.
  20. Put a 1.6 or 1.9 diesel in the Audi,or get a diesel one.
  21. Some recent finds in no particular order. Hot wheels Chevette. I don't normally buy other people's customs,but this appealed. Glued back together though🙄 Hot wheels 65 Mustang with real riders. A favourite when I was a kid, Ruff Trek. Kidco A team Van. Goofy looking Johnny Lightening Pontiac. Majorette Renault Extra. Hot wheels Baja bug. Hot wheels Citroen C4 Rally car. No idea who made this,1971 Ford Pinto. Siku Karmann Ghia. Lastly we have this Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser that looks like Smoll Eddy has slapped a for sale sign on already.
  22. That Range Rover is the least functional of the Rolamatics,they never seem to work correctly. The Clipper and Hot Rocker were the best.
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