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  1. 1 AZI to 999 YZI (Oct 1979 – Apr 1980); Dublin County registered.
  2. Same here,Just seems to be so much pointless shit in cars nowadays, So much so I'm finding myself eyeing up a Dacia Duster🤣
  3. In the fast paced world of diecast tat when faced by the Nemesis it's kill or be killed!!!
  4. No wonder @theshadow is gone quiet lately 😂
  5. https://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/viva-dormobile.htm Found this on the Viva hearse.
  6. Found these too. Not the most exciting of Matchbox models,but it was the right price. Also this Playart Mazda pickemup truck. Nice!😊
  7. Found this today. VW looks like a matchbox copy. Dates from 1996.
  8. Wonder if that still exists? Honey starmist Viva HC.
  9. Oooh the cats done a whoopsie in my toy box!!🤣
  10. Not quite,but the tailgate is on an electric switch,opens with a Clunk!
  11. It's Irish reg,so no v5. I conservatively estimate that it had over 3,000 passengers during it's 30 year working career though😉😂
  12. Smoll Eddy's example has seen better days🤪
  13. I know the prizes on Bullseye were a bit on the shit side,but I don't think they'd even get away with a car last made in '78 on a programme that started in '81🤣
  14. Impressive weights in yer Kilt there Laddie!!🤣
  15. I'm the sixth owner of this.
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