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  1. A couple of last weekend's car boot sale finds. Boxed Majorette. Toyota bin lorry. Ferrari F40.
  2. Would be interesting to hear the back story on that car,how did it end up there with only 800 miles on it? Do yards over there sell complete cars,or does it have to be scrapped?
  3. Corgi Whizzwheels Vita-min also. Who knows what lurks in the depths. I want to rummage through that box so much!🤣🤪
  4. Matchbox Super GT Capri in there too.
  5. No,most were ruined with stupid mods,and driven into the ground. This car is an extremely early one,registered on the 30th of September 1991,they were officially released on the 19th,very low chassis number,one of the first 300 built. 2.2VTEC.
  6. Lovely sunny day here today,so took my Prelude out for a run. Did about 60 miles and enjoyed every one of them. Needs a good wash now.
  7. I don't understand this either, Why fit wider wheels,then have them positioned (Camber YO) in such a way that they probably have less contact on the road than the original skinny wheels from the factory had? The mind boggles,I'm not against mods,but this is just downright stupidity,and will do nothing for the drive-ability of the car. There is a few good threads over on RR though,the guy in his 70's building a 60's style Gt for one. https://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/218220/reliant-kitten-rebodied-formed-aluminium
  8. My collection of estate cars, 2008 2.0 diesel Mondeo daily,owned for over 10 years now. Rarely this clean,as I essentially live on a dirt track in rural Ireland. '99 1.6 petrol Mk1 Focus,this has been in the family now for 17 years. Great for hauling home more dead estate cars. 1978 1300 Viva HC estate pulled out of a scrap yard. 1977 VX 2300,except this one runs a 1.8 turbodiesel lump and 5speed box from a Sierra. Slowly going rotten,sorry let me rephrase that,it is rotten😂
  9. They are an odd thing really,I don't think they ever caught on. This was the only one I've ever seen,if it wasn't boxed I'd have left it.
  10. I picked up this boxed one a while back. Never tried it.
  11. Only car that makes me angry is if one of mine has a FTP or throws up some random issue just when i need it.
  12. This would suggest otherwise,shame to loose those sot mags.
  13. That Dinky VW Fastback is glorious!! I will admit to serious pangs of envy on that one. 😂
  14. Selling for a friend 🙄
  15. Was there once,very tidy yard.
  16. Scored these three in Tesco today. Amazed to see these on the shelf,this was all they had,as I would have bought the full set of five. Chuffed to have found the Starlet,I honestly thought I'd have to get it online,same for the Landcruiser.
  17. You do really wonder what is going through somebody's mind to create that!🤪
  18. Autoshite taillight repair.
  19. Oh yes,I've got one of those too.🙄 Thankfully it's in self isolation at the moment,this pandemic isn't all bad.🤣
  20. FE Vauxhall Victor/VX Estate Audi 100 Avant.
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