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  1. We were allowed out on Saturday. The Missus is still coughing badly, so she's not been anywhere. Whereas I decided to do a large amount of shopping and go to the ice hockey on both Saturday and Sunday night. I work from home and can be very inactive so didn't really consider it. Still had to go to bed at lunchtime for an hour today. I'm toying with going up shortly with a book, I'm fucked. It wasn't something I associated with Covid.
  2. “Please only bid if your genuine. I ideally need the car to be picked up with a couple of days of the auction ending as this is the only time I have off, so please bare that in mind or message me first” Sounds like he's been pissed about.
  3. Thank you. I'm normally very good at searching and finding stuff. We're putting the house up on the market shortly and don't have a drive, so I really don't need any old cars (I've just got the fleet down to 3), but I do like this. I like the "MOT Expired not long ago". I was thinking last week or even last month. I didn't think he meant 4 months ago 😂
  4. Witchcraft 😂 I think it's one of those simple 70s electret microphones. IIRC, there was always a strange bit about all the sonic cars.
  5. Ooh I like that. Do you have a link?
  6. Priced to sell. NOW REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE BUT NO SILLY OFFERS THANKS I'd like some of what he's smoking please.
  7. Basically, the car goes along under its own steam. Click it and it reverses, whilst turning. Click it again, and it goes straight forward again. It was for those of us who couldn't afford a proper remote controlled car.
  8. If you need a car to wrap, I've one that would do the job (I'm not sure I could afford Yianni)
  9. I'm aware that people don't like that kind of thing (and frankly, neither do I), however, what is the Parishes view on turning something like this into a BBQ? I've always fancied a "Fast and Furious" style one.
  10. Last MOT was nearly 4 years ago and had a sticky calliper. It’s not been driven for 3 years and I guarantee you’ll have trouble with the entire braking system. in addition, DO NOT try and change the clutch on axle stands and even then, expect it to take twice as long as any other car you’ve done. Ask me how I know 😂 There’s a reason why the clutch is £80 and the labour over £300
  11. Indeed it does. £600 sheets. But it's still neither Retro or Classic. It's just AS.
  12. The one @Jamie and I were discussing popped up in the "Classics and Retros under £1000" Most of which are neither particularly retro or classic 😂 They're mostly AS. For instance... today's offering
  13. Fair enough about not having the slushbox, but that's still not a "barn find". I don't understand either why the bodywork would go to shit if it's sat in a nice dry barn? I thought that was the point.
  14. I’m not sure about barn find 😂 I seem to remember the advert says he hasn’t used it since lockdown and the MOT has expired a year ago and the bodywork is now rotten, because it’s been left outside, unused. see my avatar 😂😂😂 not to mention it’s possibly the most undesired 3 series. It’s a 316 2 door.
  15. I'll have to dig out my pictures. I didn't realise we did trailer/camping shite. I've got a lot of previous. You have a much later "Easy" (Is it not the Easy II or something?) as it's the updated colours. Ours was 70s chocolate brown and beige. Similar to this Matching awning like this When me and the Missus got together, we bought a Combi Camp Easy. Didn't have the kitchen. What it did have was a completely rotten floor. So I took the floor up, re-laid it and then glued down some B&Q value veneer wooden flooring. Took a proper camping RCD unit and fitted it properly at the end of the bed. We had the complete awning for ours too. The hinge also went, although it wasn't the actual hinge, but where it was fixed. We absolutely loved it. The main benefit was that if we didn't have the kids (I'm divorced), we could literally rock up to a site, and have it ready to sleep in minutes. When we did have the kids, we were properly organised. What you'll realise is that the metal cage comes in really useful if you don't use the cover (and you don't really need it when you're going on holiday). We had everything arranged in large plastic storage boxes. One had food, one had accessories, one had cooking equipment, one with clothes and so on. We then strapped them to the cage and covered them with a tarp. When you arrive on site, even if it's absolutely pissing down, you can throw the boxes in the main bedroom whilst you sort yourself out. The bed and bedroom was so utterly huge, we could sleep us and the 2 kids in if we needed to. The normal state of events was to put the awning up and we had what's called a "universal awning extension" (which is basically a 2/3 man tent that hangs out of the side). We've been through loads of tents and seen lots of trailer tents, but never found anything with the absolute simplicity. Quite honestly, if they made a trailer tent this simple today, we'd buy one! We bought it for £200. Sold it for £400. Replaced it with a Sprite Pop-up Caravan. Had that for a year, completely renovated and sold that too. I must dig out some pictures. I was going to recommend the combicamp forum, but I notice that it closed in 2016 due to lack of interest. Aww fuck. I'm off to buy a combi camper again. I was trying so hard to think of a reason to put a tow bar on the merc too......
  16. I promise you I had one of these (F2 Evolution), this was anything but dull I'm toying with another, but they're rust buckets and would be a true piece of AS. Aww, no love for an S15 Varietta with an electric, leaky drop hood? The wonderful thing with Nissan is that they've ticked pretty much every box. Proper 4x4s and trucks. SUVs of all sizes (including proper ones that actually are 4x4 and can go offroad). Sports cars. Sad chelsea tractors. 1L old folks cars. Everyday family wagons. Hell, they were even in there in the early days of MPVs. They seem to have cracked most of the markets. I still can't see me owning a Nissan (although that particular one above is £21k + Import costs and if I had that, it would be high up my list). I'd like to have considered the 350/370Z drop top as a more powerful replacement for my MR2, but they're a very heavy pile of shite. I'd go down the Porker route first. I'd like a Skyline R34, but they're just stupid money. I would be up for an Elgrand, but I'd need either a dirty diesel or one that's been converted into LPG because I couldn't afford to run or tax the bastard thing.
  17. I love your thread. I've read this a couple of times and it amuses the hell outa me. The sheer value of some of those cars (the Shelby Cobra is probably worth more than many houses in Aberdeen), Bentleys, Rollers and all sorts yet you have them sat around in a barn. Have you ever thought "hey, fuck it, I'll get rid of 40 odd of these motors and just keep the ones I really enjoy"? I'd love to have the space and the time that you clearly do to tinker, but I think that many cars would be too many 😂
  18. I'm going to scare you now. I'm using the Bank of England's inflation calculator. That says 03/75. So I'm guessing March 1975. I'm going to hazard a guess that it's a working men's club too. In today's money..... those half pints. Bitter - then 9p. Today - 95p Skol - then 10p. Today - £1.06 Guinness - then 11p. Today = £1.22. So I'm going to compare with Spoons (because it's cheap) 🤣 Bitter - 99.5p - choice of much better things than Tetley I'm afraid - on draught Hobgoblin, Hanlons Citramas IPA, Batemans Rosey-Nosey (which I like), Wychwood Bah Humbug (which I also like). I'm actually impressed - people slag off Spoons, but a quick peek at the drinks menu, they've got some decent winter beers on offer at £1.99 a pint. Right now, they have Ruddles on offer for 99p a pint too, but that's a special offer, so I left it out. Lager - (bleurgh) - Bud Light - £1.09(1/2). That's as equally shocking as Skol 🤑 Guinness - £1.64(1/2). So that's gone up considerably.
  19. That sounds like some huge achievement! Thank you so much. I've pinged you a PM.
  20. I've had 2 BMWs as company cars. To drive, I like them. They generally have a bit of poke about them, the auto gearboxes are half decent (once you get them going - anyone know why they are often sluggish to pick up initially? I've driven loads and always found this). But the interiors. I've driven them with work for years as test drivers. I've had everything from 1 series through to X5s and all manner of electric and hybrid nonsense. I've never once thought "Ooh, they've finally caught up with Mercedes on their interiors". They're usully black and utterly dull. Until about 2000, they were still fitting 3 series with tape players as standard. Imagine that. Paying top dollar for a car with a tape player that's the "ultimate driving machine". My latest one, a 330e was plenty quick enough. But you charge it up all day and you get 25 miles out of a charge. You can't go over 50mph on electric (the later one has this fixed). It cost £33k and had no touchscreen and the basic stereo with a terrible sat nav. No Android Auto or Apple Car Play, because BMW are too cheap to pay the £20 odd licence (although you get their app, which makes absolutely no sense and never really worked properly on Android). Cloth seats from the 1970s. Plus you only got 25 miles out of a charge, which means you lose half the boot to heavy batteries. But hey, it make the BIK worthwhile. The interior was just so drab, it was soullless. I bang on about Pugs because even though ultimately, they're pugs and you'll get so much depreciation, but I'd drive a 508 every single day over a 3 series.
  21. As above with the blue oval, I'm afraid I'd struggle to own one. Unless it was a Mustang. Old or new (but not in between much) Do I need to show you what I mean? Oh go on then And equally, I'd take the 2008 Shelby GT500KR (and yes, I'm aware what the KR stood for) Otherwise, obviously OMFGITSANRS2000ORMEXICO are nice, but not in my garage of dreams. And Lancia. Oh my Lancia. How ugly and shit most of your cars were. But I would still love to own a Delta. Even if it weren't a real Evo or even a Turbo. I just want to put a cage in, paint it white and put Martini stripes all over it. As for ze German People's Cars, again, there are few that do it for me. From modern times, I'd love to own a Phaeton W12. SImply because I'll never be able to afford a Bentley with one in or an Audi R8. I'd love to own a floppy top Karmann Ghia And lastly Fiat. The Missus has one. I'm not a fan and would never own one (although I may yet own an Abarth 124, but not the Fiat version) Except this. It's a thing of beauty. Fiat Dino.
  22. Did the tax rules not change in 99? I know that even if the tax is free, you're supposed to apply for it, but I know that many didn't and it was rarely followed up. Also, I'm not even convinced that the database records were properly updated for tax-free vehicles. I've had issues with this before with a classic I was looking at. For example, this one
  23. I have 2 issues with this Firstly Whilst technically, the C5 was sold in the UK if you imported one, I don't believe it was ever sold as a UK car - LHD only import. If we're playing that game, then theoretically you can still buy a car with pop-up lights that meets legalities (but not in California apparently) https://www.aresdesign.com/en-us/cars/panther-progettouno/ It's a copy of the 1970s Pantera. So.... the last car I believe to be sold in the UK as a UK car was a Lotus Esprit v8, of which 1 was registered in 2004 (according to HowManyLeft) I'd love to pretend I knew all that, but I didn't. I'm quoting from this place and being a smart arse. So please do prove me wrong. https://moviecultists.com/were-pop-up-headlights-banned
  24. as I said, 5TU (which IMHO is the best plate ever), used to be on some proper AS of a Toyota Corolla. It was a bloody awful car and IIRC had done starship miles as a Taxi. The car I'm guessing eventually expired. It's currently on an 18 year old C320 CDi that's probably worth about 0.2% of the value of the plate. Parkers estimates it's value at £650. I mean, if BOB1 went for £250k...
  25. Yup, that was a succinct way of what I was trying to say above 🤣 Thank you.
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