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  1. In Civic news, the caliper is most definitely knackered. I need to keep moving it about on private* land as we've got tradesmen in at the moment, and this has revealed that the caliper is dragging like fuck, and well and truly knackered. Once it's MOT'd (going to have to pay for a retest unfortunately), it's off to a mate of mine in Huddersfield (same chap that's minding the Micra a few pages back) who knows the car and is over the moon with it. He offered me my money back on it which I'd be daft to refuse, and that's part of the reason I managed to get the V50. Part of the reason that
  2. Volvo in, surprisingly it got here under its own steam with a trade plater who then left with someone else in another Volvo, I expected a flatbed. It doesn't appear to have been washed or valeted (dealer has only had it a week or so) but that's a plus in my books as I'll do it myself. Little bit of paint pen to clean off the windcsreen, sticker residue from a GB sticker on the back, etc. First impressions are very good - it feels a lot faster and more planted than my C30, with a lovely smooth and direct gearshift. The driver's seat bolster has a crack in it - TADTS, it's a synthetic
  3. 190+k on that 305 I very briefly owned (speaking of, it's currently available on Marketplace!). My 850 was on 192k according to the ECU, but the odometer was (and probably still is) stuck at 168,449. Was handy for mileage allowances on the insurance, or I'd have tried to fix it.
  4. 210k in a 1.3DX is mentalist territory. Nice job, very few get sufficient care and attention to avoid getting run into the ground. Bet it still runs sweet too, it's rare to see any 90s Honda on more than 120k that hasn't been ragged to an inch of its life or run into the ground.
  5. Someone on here made their own riveted plate recently didn't they? All you'd need is the right used numbers (eBay?) and some metal to stick them to.
  6. V50 has been MOTd and delivery has been arranged for Monday. As promised it's had a clean pass, which apparently required two new tyres on the front. Now I know the traction control on these Volvos doesn't like cheap tyres, and it just strangles all the power if the wheels try to spin - you need good quality, grippy tyres on the drive wheels. So if there are some half worn branded tyres on the back, and budgets on the front, I'll be swapping them around. Let's see what we get...
  7. OH FUCKING NO. That looked like this at FOTU 2019. What fucking arsecunt ruined that?
  8. 135, 138, 140, something like that yes. Junkman and I have the same issue with 405, they're an absolute pig to get in and out of for some reason.
  9. They're a MK2 Focus underneath. The 2.0D is the 140bhp Duratorq TDCI, which is actually a PSA 2.0HDI.
  10. It said FSH in the ad, but that's fucking gold. Thanks! If I don't have precise details I'll be getting them from Volvo then.
  11. (Yes, the value range on them is bonkers. A fucked DRIVe is £1500, a low miles 2.0d really is that much).
  12. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202101037595834 This is it. I should be getting it at the end of the week, it's getting a year's MOT and then being delivered. Deposit down, payment on inspection and delivery. The Parrot Bluetooth kit is a winner as it has music controls, you could get V50s with aux and USB but not Bluetooth.
  13. I used to daily an 850 T5, no chance of me doing that again. 2.0D R-Design.
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