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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/peugoet-205-diesel-1-8-turbo-12-months-mot-/193488401977?hash=item2d0cceb639%3Ag%3A0PsAAOSwUFJe0iuC&nma=true&si=sRh3udhaZvGaPdLfsYIcNeXkXS4%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Some of you will be relieved/surprised to see this, but I've bought A MANUAL. And what better than a rather bargainous looking 205 D Turbo? I'm going to mask up and get a train to it some time this week.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990-OLDSMOBILE-TORNADO/254615534665?hash=item3b4844bc49:g:hJUAAOSwVDNe1spu I want this, but a series 3 XJ is smaller...
  3. Coolant level warnings on Volvos have been commonplace since the 850, eyeball it and take them with a pinch of salt. Whiteblocks often need either the tank, cap, or sensor replacing. Tanks and caps have a habit of cracking, I replaced the tank and cap on my T5 as it leaked, fair enough after 25 years and 180k. Caps are easy to get from breakers and tanks are available new for £cheap.
  4. Yes it is, whiteblock is one of the names for the Volvo Modular Engine, the 850/960 four, five or six cylinder engine that evolved into, amongst other things, the D5 my C30 has, and lasted in some form until the mid-2010s.
  5. No, I've only had the one 306. It's an H plate 960 - one of the very first whiteblocks.
  6. Update, the seller already got back to me, he's open to near offers and will hold it for a month for £100 non refundable. I'm sorely tempted as it'll stop me pissing the money away. It's a very early Volvo 960 3.0. 125k, cambelt done, new discs and pads, recent oil and filter, all mod cons and Caramac leather. It's £995. WCPGW?
  7. I'll keep that in mind, as I've messaged the seller to enquire about it. I know I like them as I've already had two of them, and three unrelated cars with derivatives of the same engine derivative, just not one in this getup.
  8. Seen a car I really want but it's in sodding Barnstaple. Devon's a pain at the best of times. Good price too.
  9. Oil changed, it's made a difference to the shifts. Gonna do it again in a week or so. The dipstick is under the air filter housing. Logical...
  10. Found a dipstick on the C30 gearbox. Fucking get in.
  11. That's a winner. 306s are good cars, I liked mine. But it just didn't do well as being an estate, and I'd got it as a bike carrier so I got rid. The C-pillars on these rot from the inside out (I think it's to do with the sunroof drains), take the trim out on the inside aand check for well hidden rot. You don't want to pull one of the seatbelt mountings out and fail an MOT.
  12. Throughout lockdown I've been ferrying a friend of mine around as his girlfriend, another good friend of mine, is having a rough time in lockdown with her mental health issues and a mum that's going through a divorce subsisting entirely on wine, they need safe places to stay and need to keep a balance, and guess who's the only one with a car. Manchester to Blackburn pretty much every other week. On the return leg of the last journey the Volvo put up a big red ! and a message 'transmission service urgent'. It also refused to come out of 4th gear when moving, however you could manually shift 4-2 when stationary. A restart cleared the fault, but I got 10 litres of ATF and tomorrow I'm going to have to try and flush the gearbox. 'Sealed for life' box which means taking the transmission cooler pipes off and running the car... what fun that'll be.
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