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  1. Ghosty

    '93 Mondy thread

    This is out and about! Saw it on my way home just now.
  2. Yep, LS in those! Absolute winner. Like that a LOT.
  3. WAVs take up a lot of space, you should get an mp3. 🙃
  4. Classic prices holding at 150/year for the sedan. Mum's EF is about the same. Hatch and Cav stand me a grand a year between them, though I'm going to put it on classic at renewal in April as with all the mods and it off daily duties, it needs better cover, and it'll save me £400 or so. Used to be able to insure anything I wanted for about £3-400, but it's more like £550 now.
  5. Corolla's a weird one as the Auris breaks its run in the UK...
  6. Door shuts on a mk2 Granada I looked at that had 12" long rectangular steel plates tack welded in place, with each weld blob no more than an inch apart. No grinding back, no filler, but painted.
  7. Ghosty

    New car day

    Oh that Type S! Good sleepers those.
  8. Ghosty

    New car day

    2.2s can be mapped to be Type R fast. The only 2.0 was the type R... a Type-S would be 1.4 or 1.8.
  9. Autos with stalling issues when in drive for me has always been a dizzy fault. MX5s don't have a dizzy per se but could it be worth replacing the cam sensor?
  10. Next logical step from cat theft, innit.
  11. 420GSI that, he's ended up with it back and it's for sale for slightly too much. Paul is optimistic with his Rover antics I think. When he says something's a keeper that just means it gets a slightly longer stay of execution. He ended up with my old 416GTI, no idea what became of that as it's been on SORN for the last year.
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