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  1. Second headunit arrived. Remove borked Aiwa unit from MX5, find Sony wiring adapter randomly lurking behind it, plug in, works. 🤷‍♂️ That was easy.
  2. As above, rear sill ends, rear arches, failing central locking motors, potential for HGF. Being a Honda engine, if the CHECK ENGINE light is on then turn the ignition on then pull back the carpet in the passenger footwell, there's a little porthole to a light on the ECU that will flash codes at you. If nothing happens when you turn the key then the main fuel relay has died. It's located behind the centre console trim on the passenger side. Rover people charge through the nose for used relay boxes because they think they're NLA, and some weirdo on the owners club forum even made his own
  3. That's lovely, and looks remarkably devoid of rust for an NB - admittedly, as time went on they became a lot less rot prone. Bonus points for the Enkei alloy wheels, one of the more desirable standard wheels they come on. @hairnet is a terrible influence isn't he? Nosing about his at the Field of Dreams pushed me over the edge, I knew I had to get another, and early ones really aren't staying cheap any more. Enjoy it!
  4. Busy weekend has been had. So yesterday I started off earlyish, as it was off to Doodlay to pick up some wheels I'd won on eBay. The tyres on the MX5 were naff Chinese ones, as the rather odd sized 195/60/14s they were shod in were £60 a corner for Uniroyals, £70 for Bridgestones, or else I've got to mess about trying to work out what the right size tyre actually was. Mm, nah. Browsing ebay I found these wheels by searching 'mx5 wheels', tidy, refurbished in the past and three of the four have rather good tyres on them. Plus, the tyres are 195/50/15 which are cheap as chips and there'
  5. Don't feel bad, all Rover/Honda products with rear discs have really really naff handbrakes.
  6. A long day of driving today and a few serendipitous moments have made the tinkering day I had planned tomorrow slightly more exciting. Writeup to follow tomorrow....
  7. Mine has a still sealed, unused IR remote.
  8. Post is starting to arrive, looks like some tinkering will go on this weekend. I think I'm going to be helping bugger about with a K10 Micra too...
  9. So it's not an estate, it's still a really nice car for a good price. I say go for it.
  10. After waking up to a PM, rather suddenly the 205 has left ghost__house and headed a bit further north.
  11. I'd come to an agreement to sell the 205, however as I had three manual cars at the house my mum couldn't easily get her auto Bini out of the garage, so I've been hurried along with the sale to make space/not have cars lying about. This mercifully didn't poise an issue and the 205 is now paid for, taxed by, and registered to the new keeper - everyone that's after a go will be happy to know it's staying in the fold. This means I can park it out of the way up the street until it's collected in the near future. The radio I ordered for the MX5 was posted today - the seller had been working in
  12. Just had a nose through. The Corolla is class! I'd really like to try one of them (or an early Carina or Camry) but the prices of UK ones are mental.
  13. Two and some bicycles, though I seem to end up with anywhere between two and five cars randomly.
  14. My house is from 1962, with a drive, garage and on street parking. I'll take an early Mini, a TR3, and a Volvo PV444 plsthanks.
  15. For £3k I'd want that Polo to be a GT. There was a GT for £2000 on eBay a couple of months ago, and non-GT 1.0s and 1.3s (and GT swapped 1.0s) seem to be in the 1-2k bracket.
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