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  1. I'd go for it - my E34 is on 170k and well sorted mechanically. It drives really bloody well. And it was £550... Parts for E34s are for the most part dirt cheap, too.
  2. re: Hills, are the plates on the Peugeot in question not pressed metal rather than raised digit? They really don't look like raised digits to me. the Italian Job Minis had metal plates for sure.
  3. The Minis in The Italian Job wear plates in the same font...
  4. Driving in Manc? Just don't. The one way bollocks was bad enough before they used Covid as a justifer to temporarily* pedestrianise part of Deansgate. They actually botched it and some of it had to be undone as the bus companies threatened legal action.
  5. Not really as they're just facelifted Carina Es. Much better than vomiting your life savings at a K11.
  6. 2010: that one was my dad's. It's still on the road, somewhere.
  7. Packages finally started coming in today so in my lunch break I ticked a few things off. New rear wiper to match the fronts, a set of Denso spark plugs (89p each from ECP), both installed. There's a new oil and fuel filter (£1.29!) waiting to go on, a cabin filter, and some antifreeze as someone's mixed blue and green (Prestone?) and it's gone a bit black/dark green. New radio in too - it's nice buying proper stuff, as it fits like a glove: Alpine mechless, same as the one in the saloon, save for no CD slot and red buttons instead of blue. The dash lights up orange so it fits in. £45 on eBay, used but boxed and complete. Only been waiting since Christmas. I went to investigate the non-functional driver's speaker - unclipped the grille and a perfect condition original speaker is revealed. Pioneer, no less. Thought to myself, someone's unplugged this, and sure enough the speaker had a plastic clip on multiplug on the back of it that had been unplugged and wrapped in electrical tape. I've seen this done a couple of times iirc - giffer thing? don't understand it at all. Anyway, that's back in and working, and sounds fantastic. No need for new speakers. The passenger footwell is damp again, but I suspect it's done what Rover 75s do with blocked bulkhead plenums. I'll investigate that soon. I've got some new tyres to fit (aren't Uniroyals great value?) but I'm not doing that just yet as I need some spigot rings for the wheels - alas they're trapped in the postage purgatory that currently is Royal Mail.
  8. One of my Civics was like that - it'd been sandwiched in an accident and had repairs at both ends, to significant expense. Auto Trader claimed it was a Cat C but the V5 was clean.
  9. you've done alright there!
  10. Ghosty

    Jumbuck Shiting

    Fun fact, early Lancer Evo bits fit on these.
  11. Our hatchbacks seem to be fine on E10. The 5 series hates it though, and I daren't put it in the sedan Civic.
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