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  1. While there are echoes of R20/30 in the general shape, the design language here has much more in common with late'70s/early '80s Citroens than Renault, IMO. Shape is largely reminiscent of the GS/A (and possibly CX), and that rear end is massively reminiscent of Citroen's mid-80s round of facelifts, adding plastic bumpers and grey trim to late 70s cars, especially the Visa. Further to this, Renault never bothered trying to facelift '70s cars for the '80s unlike Citroen (again see GSA and later Visas), Renault either did next to nothing (R4/5), or released completely new models like the 11.
  2. This is absolutely screaming Renault 20/30 at me, the front end is the only difference, and there's not a lot in it - especially the 20 with the fishtank headlights, as opposed to the more sporting 30's twins.
  3. L plater on 60k; SORNed 2016, J plater 120k; SORNed 2013. Both last had V5s issued in 2012. They're looking remarkably free of rust considering the amount of time they've been sitting, and the J plate car is wearing a set of GTI spec lattice alloy wheels (possibly as part of the Luxury Pack which also yielded a leather interior). Both are automatics too. Sad to see them that way, as they're remarkably capable cars really. My latest purchase bears a close resemblance to these two, give or take some bumpers, wood trim and a camshaft. These cars could very easily live again, but only if the price is right, as both will need headgaskets replacing as a matter of course after the amount of time they've been laid up. And cambelts as part and parcel, as well as partial head rebuilds etc... bet they'd run sweet though. That J plate car is my ideal spec R8, really - it could only be better if they offered a twincam Honda engined automatic without the sports seats...
  4. The last R4s were 1992 iirc. J/K is the very latest they come, though UK models are very rarely later than C/D plate. In France, you can get a runout 1992 4GTL Clan model in almost showroom condition for about €8000. They're valuable, but not massively so - 90s Minis for example significantly outvalue them over there, in similar condition.
  5. I'm not 100%, but I have a distinct feeling it wouldn't be my dad's Capri 1.6 Laser I was brought home in, so I'm going with F473KNF, a 1989 Ford Fiesta 1.1L automatic in maroon, with wheeltrims from a Fiesta 1.6S, but painted cream like the L wheeltrims should have been. I'll have to look for an actual photo of it, but for now here are some examples:
  6. My Jag has a non-transferrable plate. It was first registered as B42XVH but immediately had a private plate put on, when the car was sold on from the first owner in 1989 this private number was removed - instead of reverting to the original number it was issued non-transferrable B38TRW - cannily, RW is Coventry. It's always reverted to B38TRW in absence of a private plate since, and the original number is lost, never to be used again. It seems in the late 80s/early 90s if a private plate was changed on a car, it had to have a new MOT, they were rubber-stamped 'Cherished Transfer Re-Registered' and the new reg written next to the stamp. Guessing that's to do with lack of computerised systems? As a result of this the Jag had two MOTs in as many months in 1989, original owner took his plate off, sold the car as B38TRW, only for the new owner to put an NI private plate on it!
  7. Local funeral director runs Falcon/Fairmonts around 2007/8. They have hearses, limousines, and an estate with blacked out windows that looks the bollocks.
  8. I suspect it might be deliberate, I think that hole in the bumper is a cold air intake.
  9. Just been sent a picture of my new car arriving at its temporary custodian's place. Anyone want to buy a 306?
  10. As far as I know things are go, well the money is on its way anyway (this is rather protracted). My 'new' car is in the middle of nowhere, in a county that you should generally avoid (but has nothing to do with Junkman). From there it will be moved an hour the wrong way, to an apologist of the model in question who I understand is going to MOT it for me. When it is ready and my 306 sells, a collection mission shall ensue. I might have a friend coming with me on the collection, but he is expecting a baby so details of the collection mission are very much up in the air.
  11. I've bought something that won't surprise anyone on this forum. It's reliable*. 306 is for sale now, is £750 a fair price?
  12. Ah, EGs. They're a rare beast now, and they rot worse than a lot of contemporary Hondas. Fucked examples can be had fairly easily for under £600, but a good one is going on £2k.
  13. Today I fitted an exhaust centre section to the Peugeot. It is now a lot quieter, and will hopefully stay that way this time. I'm kinda unimpressed with how well it does an estate though, the tailgate aperture isn't big enough for what I mainly use it for, which is bikes. I want another R8 - a mate of mine has pointed out a twincam Honda Concerto, and a plan might form there. In other news, I'm very very broke and need to find a job I'm mentally capable of doing (bear in mind I'm looking into being diagnosed with ADHD, too). Whilst the bike shop is good for me, it's casual employment and whilst it's exactly what I want and need right now, it doesn't provide and my parents aren't helping. Life is a bit of a bastard.
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