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  1. My mum has an R56 on 35k. It's had a timing chain, melted its rear lights, a couple of ATF changes....
  2. I'm about if it's on, and I'm still about if it's off, seeing as I don't live in Schrödinger's box.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1972-TRIUMPH-TOLEDO-1300-RWD/184762549702 995 BIN
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990-Mitsubishi-Galant-1-8-not-spares-or-repairs/154411256033?hash=item23f3a0c8e1:g:o7EAAOSwnFZgc5Cm A 1990 Galant in remarkably good nick, and a very fair price. GR9 for FOTU etc.
  5. More mild annoyance today. This is the tailgate. The grey plastic numberplate plinth bolts on to the tailgate from inside, which is OK, there's access. What's less OK, is that at some point someone's spray painted it for some reason. With no prep. The paint had terribly inconsistent adhesion and is completely the wrong shade for anything on the car, and looks like arse, and removing a GB sticker lifted a lot of it on the far side of the pic too. I tried to scrape it off as evidenced in the right side in the foreground of the pic (nothing to lose), but results were mixed. Also,
  6. A mate of mine shared me that Blockbuster pic on Facebook a few days ago, and I've just come across it here. The R8, especially with a Honda engine, is a great all-round car. Tons of space, comfy, quiet, efficient, smooth on the motorway, yet if you want to push it, the Civic lurking beneath comes out to play, and the revvy responsiveness and planted handling from the all-round independent suspension mean that if you can see past the body roll, they handle on rails. You can drive them seriously hard and they just lap it up, you just have to see past the body roll from the soft Rover da
  7. That would be amusing but he's not the type to do shows like that I don't think. He was quite amused when he saw I'd bought another white automatic 416 though.
  8. Yes I did, posted it off with a cheque 22/3. As of today - 3 weeks later, the V5 issue date hasn't changed on the tax checker. Website says to allow up to 4 weeks for turnaround and I'd fully expect that if not longer. The Volvo's V5 took a good 3-4 weeks to show up too as that was done by post. Online applications are still sub-1 week turnaround, I got the Rover's V5 on something like last Thursday and I've only had the car a week.
  9. I have no idea who this post might be referring to. None at all. AH-STU Gesundheit.
  10. Mild failure today - having successfully replaced the bulb in the clock, I had a look inside the distributor. I think the last person that did was in Longbridge in 1991, the cap had corroded terminals and the arm was almost completely worn out.
  11. Couple of minor things today, I tensioned the alternator belt. Squeal begone. The belt was virtually new and had just been badly fitted. Levered the alternator back on its slider with a big screwdriver, tightened it up and job's a goodun. DAB aerial was routed a bit more neatly while still being easy to remove - it goes down the side of the dash now and the excess length is stowed behind the glovebox. I gave the interior a bit of a vacuum out - it was mostly clean but there was some dog hair on the back seats, and cleaned up one or two small bits. I need to take the bumpers off one day
  12. Before the AS Zoom call this evening I gave the 416 a run. It runs well, but I think the car needs some exercise, and maybe a clear out of the throttle body to improve it a bit, the throttle response isn't quite what I expect. I suspect a change of the ATF will help too. I had a mess around with the slightly fancy DAB radio, and found that you can change the colour of the button lights, so I set them to orange to match the rest of the instrument lighting. Also, whoever plumbed it in did an alright job, as when you turn the headlights on, the display dims! The dash clock does the same
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/390896610925969/permalink/4498736070141982/?sale_post_id=4498736070141982 Very late Metrocab, only on 200k or so. £700!
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