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  1. My tame welder has one on 225k. They're definitely good for miles.
  2. Even at that mileage that's £500 on a good day. And that's with MOT.
  3. Just remembered something I saw on FB, I think brownnova's a bit busy today. It's his wedding anniversary.
  4. Yes, this chap was a pure shyster. had also used pictures from Anglia Car Auctions instead of taking his own, insisted that a vinyl roof on a mk2 Ghia estate was standard equipment, and just looked perplexed when I pointed out that the inner sills had been plated with tack welds he just mumbled...
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/5775488395857825 The Emeraude 11 auto's for sale again, on the Isle of Sheppey. Apparently the diff is noisy sometimes. £850.
  6. ...because the wiring goes through the headlights?
  7. This. There's a short somewhere and the wash/wipe is blowing fuses.
  8. went to look at a supposedly 50k miles Granada 2.8 Ghia once. The guy insisted it was a genuine 50k miles car, it had an absolute stack of history, but conveniently he had no paperwork for it before about 1990 where the odometer apparently read 8000 or something. I asked if he was really telling me the car did 8k in a decade and he said yes, and that the rest of the history was 'missing'...
  9. So I've been off to Simply Japanese at Beaulieu this weekend as a bit of a holiday with some friends, and I went in the Aerodeck. About 780 miles on it, ran well on the way down to Southampton but then later that night when we were off to the beach, it started running on three cylinders, and it turns out the carbs were making a bit of a bid for freedom. Stuck them back on and tightened them up and they behaved themselves for the next day or so - the car show was rubbish, though I did . Went across to Littlehampton that night, then the next morning started to head north at a leisurely pace, A roads etc. Stopped off for a bit in London in the evening, then headed north. Got as far as Banbury and stopped at a petrol station - turning into the forecourt there was a bit of a dip, and that knocked the carbs off. The night guy at the petrol station and a passing copper were both quite helpful and made sure I was OK. Got them all screwed back on, headed off, and the car cuts out again - after a previous electrical FTP, the fuel pump wiring had been get-you-home bodged into the switched live for the electric windows by soldering a wire to the fuse (!) as I thought I'd have sold it by now, and the bodge expired. Swapping it to the other electric window didn't work either, but the fuse hadn't popped, and touching it to the battery positive ran the fuel pump. So, I ran to a nearby Tesco (the benefits of FTPing in a town), got some parcel tape, and taped the fuel pump's bodged positive feed to the battery positive, and started the car so it doesn't flood. Ran fine. Can't turn the engine off unless I un-tape it, so it's a one shot run home. I have two mates to drop in Warwick and Leeds on the way home too. Oh, and the car FTPd with an open window. Which is now stuck open. At night. I also later found out that the windscreen wipers have also died. Hoodie on, heater on, it bloody worked. Got home and stuck a bin bag over the open window with the parcel tape, and went to bed. That was fun*.
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