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  1. Comfort and ergonomics issues are the main thing. I barely fit in it on multiple levels. There's a knocking from the rear that sounds like it could be a damper which are £90 a corner, as are the tyres which are a similar price before fitting, the park switch on the gearbox doesn't always let it start... . It's cosmetically poor too.
  2. Not got there yet, it's not always the same policy I'm switching or starting so they don't notice too much. I use Admiral by default unless Performance Direct/Grove & Dean will quote it as they offer me £2-300 insurance on classics. For moderns that Admiral won't touch I go Esure. I randomly got a renewal email from Confused for a Peugeot 306 (possibly the estate I had?), and it was something utterly reasonable like £350.
  3. Oh, I didn't mention - it's another 1.5 VTEC-E. Goes very well.
  4. Home. No writeup. Literally nothing happened apart from an intermittent ABS light.
  5. This one's mine - the Prelude has serious potential for ruin so needs to go, especially considering I got it in a deal that benefitted me, and that was my only reason for accepting it. Despite being the same spec as my mum's, just a bit newer, the spec is different. Both have electric windows and heated electric mirrors, mum's one has a sunroof, a Honda branded radio and central locking. Mine has no sunroof, no central locking, aircon, a centre armrest, and a Pioneer radio...
  6. That's an offer and a half, I've only just seen this. Alas I was utterly knackered to the point I couldnt drive any more, so I found the nearest Wetherspoons. Just off the M5 in Halesowen a mere six miles from the services I was at. And free parking outside!
  7. I'm near Brum now. Had a quick bite but I'm going to find something proper.
  8. Mostly giffer. Logbook says 2 previous keepers so I'm the 4th. Service book is stamped to 16k. Feels like it needs a good drive to loosen up a bit. Off to find dinner.
  9. Cardiff Central, or as they call it in Welsh, Hall Dechs.
  10. Well I made my connection at New Street - three minutes instead of 30, and saved myself an hour's wait. But I'm fucking starving.
  11. I agree. Not as comfy as they were, and Detachis are fucking dire, but still passable for the most part. My train is 20 minutes late thanks to a trespasser, and I have a 30 minute connection to make in Birmingham. 😬
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