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  1. *FX is London, so *HX may well be.
  2. That Demio on the front page was bought by Craig Cheetham for the feature. He has a habit of buying his feature cars I think, I gave him a lift to an eBay purchase e46 last year while I was down getting some parts off an R8 he had. Said that was for a feature too. blguy1975 that posts on here sometimes bought the Demio off him recently.
  3. 305 getting sold again, oh dear [emoji1787] once I got it home I had a slightly more involved go at dusting out the interior. It came out well but the vinyl and plastics need a properly good scrub.
  4. The Civic needs to be re-insured after all the mods. I'm going to take it off the road for a few weeks, as at the beginning of August I won't have to declare a claim made against my mum in 2014 any more, where her old Polo's ABS decided not to work and cracked the bumper on a nearly new Jazz. Naturally the occupants claimed whiplash. That should soften the blow slightly. It's a telephone job as online is just 'computer says no'. It's frustrating not to use it, but the T5 is more than enough fun. In other news the 305 has departed northwards.
  5. I think I put them in the Pleasure Wagon to stop them from blowing away in the wind.
  6. 1. Brownnova 2. clayts450 3. davidfowler2000 4. skattrd 5. chaseracer 6. catsinthewelder (probably) 7. strange angel 8. Ghosty Yes I'm coming, in a car this time instead of as a passenger hopefully. Civic perhaps. I still have the banner and I've decided to keep it, so it'll be there.
  7. This leaves me on Saturday to head even further north. Old Man's just not having it. Shame, as it made sense, but apparently I'm not allowed to have the T5 kept off the road instead.
  8. JohnK drove the last bit. It looks as if it might be changing hands again anyway...
  9. The arches are solid, actually
  10. Then why am I having a mild panic attack? lol. As much as I like it Old Man says it is 100% not welcome and my mum is on holiday. I think it might be for sale when the V5 arrives.
  11. What the fuck have I done?
  12. 305 is now lowering the tone of my street. JohnK is away in the S90 with Rich and Proton in tow.
  13. Woodhead. Almost home.
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