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  1. Exactly a week ago. I requested via email, my meds, for my heart. Seven days. Radio silence. Is this because the Pharmacy have the prescription and they send it off for a robot to full fill the order in a warehouse miles away. Or because the GP hasn't done it yet. Or because the GP has decided that I'm ordering them too early, which i did because I'm likely to be away all next week, so really need them this week (which bi explained in my request) Or because the Pharmacy have them ready. But haven't texted me, because you know, random quality of staff.
  2. I last owned a Honda in 2015. I got a letter inviting me for a new airbag the other day.
  3. Or just a policy to make all customers feel valued. For all they know you might have a job where you run a fleet of 2316 management cars for JCB, and you last order was 2315 insignias in appliance white. Or be fixing your mother's car and actually be in the market for a new car in the next month or so.
  4. That is a bargain. I think.
  5. 115 bhp SE 8V CDi. Has central locking, 4 electric windows, height adjustment of the drivers seat. Front fog lights. Proper luxury seating. That one has early Sri iron cross alloys. Would have come with 13 inch cross spokes. I had a 1.8 Cdi automatic and regret selling it. (The auto is just special but not in a good way.)
  6. I have at least 5 times said to my barber. You are the expert. You cut 40 heads of hair a day at least. What do you suggest for a bloke my age. I have an interview next week. I'll be wearing a suit and talking ballocks. Guess what. Blank looks. We end up with agreeing short back and sides and a Hitler fringe. Well fuck that. I bought clippers in lockdown and it's 2 mm all over.
  7. Under GDPR regulations, you could ask the police what information they hold about you. I think. I know Comedian and left wing him an rights act Activist did that with both the police and MI5 and Nestle.
  8. Try getting the link right. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1983-DODGE-RAMPAGE-AMERICAN-CLASSIC-RETRO-PICKUP-/174794887138?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  9. One for the ironic names given to cars. Second behind Picasso DESIRE.
  10. I had exactly that on a mk2 and a mk3 cavalier. But on the ignition switch. It is electrical grease that's got too hot because the contact is not fully made and therefore there's too much current going through half a contact. Probably maybe I think in my opinion. No warranty given or implied.
  11. It cries out for the engine and gearbox and diff and wheels out of this... I'll get my coat now shall I?
  12. Eventually got to speak to the builder. He is like the cast of boys from.the black stuff. I'm not interested in hearing his tale of woe about the current job he's on. I explained the problem (very) politely with not knowing if he's going to come when he said he would, and the problem.it causes with planning my work location. And I explained that we might be without electric for a few days from.the 27th and he's absolutely definately 100% going to start Monday. But he really needs to get paid from.the job he's currently on, so he can buy supplies. WTF??? I said, that of course
  13. I vote we give each guest 500 quid and they also don't buy the dress they planned or the matching shoes and underwear and favinator and bag and Umbrellor, meaning each one has £1000. And the 2 hotel nights they are each funding. And we put that money in a pot. And then we use that money to rent a hotel for a weekend. Where we have a party. Where we need to put our oldest smelliest clothes on and get ratfaced
  14. I am more grumpy, because somehow my life is more complicated than it needed to be. 1) Work. That pays the bills. I am uncertain about the contract I'm doing. Because they really want a permie staff member but the pay wouldn't do me any favours. So long term who knows. I have the offer of a contract in Barrow, but it's inside IR35 And IF I had nothing else I would definately have to do it, but they won't wait forever, for a decision. Then an old manager has contacted me about a permie job in Birmingham. Quite senior. Need to find out more. But I'd close my LTD company and commute from U
  15. Are they 4 pot AP calipers at the front? If they are 3 of the pistons will be seized. (Says the ex owner of a metro turd...o ) Or rather 6 of the 8 pistons will be welded indefinitely to the actual bores.
  16. Que the Tesla Yodel app on any I phone 14 and above that yodels for you, in a constant loop
  17. Magna Steyr ? The same people who bmw contracted out the build of the Cuntyman to (in Austria).
  18. You are heading for the beach at Formby and you fancy a fist fight ?
  19. They look like a French alternative to an Audi TT. Are they any good? . Seem a bit pricey for a megane, like the TT seems to be pricey for a golf.
  20. Oh, the cost of missing comma. Or maybe a full stop or even a colon. No PayPal: bacs, cash on collection, Bitcoin, cheque, or broken x boxes only.
  21. I'd be less specific on an open forum. Thieves are very clever.
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