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  1. I had a pre-facelift CDi Auto with the 1.8e 8V (same as astra gte mk1) , and gingercators. Cost me £6.45. If you are going to post up auctions, will you come back and update us with the sold prices. ? Please. 😇
  2. The windows are very manta like. And yet it looks to be front drive
  3. Bloke at work has this. Wants to know where he can get the "glass" for the building. I have one without the plastic frame or the building. Want to know where I can get them ?
  4. Shall we play scrabble? I fucking lost again.
  5. I get the feeling that American Automotive companies have been shit for a very long time. Complacent is probably the word.
  6. Brilliant. I usually buy the "exterior mediocre slow dry white, probably suitable outside if it doesn't rain too much, provided you use 3 coats of the special primer, and 4 coats of top coat and the clear laquer to protect it, with at least 24 hours between each coat" Because its 5% cheaper.
  7. Thing is, there's no crumplezone to absorb the energy. So I'm guessing all the energy was taken by the seat belts and the driver will have a massive bruise across thier chest or even life threatening internal injuries.
  8. You can say that again.
  9. Easy fixed with a roller and some matt green army paint.
  10. Have you got an interior in your shed ?
  11. I haven't worn shorts except on holiday since I left primary school, where we had to wear them even if it was minus 10 outside. Nothing to do with being a man or a boy, more to do with some psychological disturbance in my soul.
  12. £700. Bargain. No interior. No MOT. Erm. Not a bargain.
  13. Fuck me, that's 7 of your 5 a day. Salt Processed red meat Sugar (wait. It's zero sugar, so only 6 things bad for you) Caffeine Fat Tar Nicotine Chod speed. May the gods of chod travel with you and you see your enemies defeated in your mirrors on the return leg.
  14. A JiZz ? Fuck me, how tight is he that he'd make an offer on a car that's only done 1.8k? It would have to be a shit car, for it not to be worth that. I wouldn't be wasting time haggling.
  15. Result. I'll be out today, but if you need to shower, you've got the key to the back door. Not saying you smell but it's been over a week now, without hot water.
  16. They will also have loaded the latest version of the software, with some additional bugs and a few faults taken out.
  17. No offence to anyone with a tattoo. But they will have tattoos.
  18. Should be enshrined into law that all car makers have to use them. They could survive a nuclear blast.
  19. Didn't Princess Anne have a passion for those door handles. Was it designed and built by a reliant employee?
  20. Yes, the fat, and salt indicators are very red. We all need to be eating less processed shit.
  21. Generation one Bini win the award. You open the bonnet and look up.
  22. I don't think the roof is erm standard.
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