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  1. You'd better give the iPad back. How long did you have to stay quiet?
  2. I think if you are using the car on the motorway and have good anticipation you actually don't need to use your brakes much.
  3. Technically i think it's still Victoria Road even that close to the beach A road that is home to red squirrels and millionaire football players.
  4. Managed to spin a dangly mirror Sierra estate on the Coast Road at Southport in the rain. Dad's investment in cheap tyres coupled with my adventurous driving style, which tested and found the point of no return in "style" really wasn't my fault. Honest.
  5. That was me. Circa 1980s as a teenager. National Trust at Victoria Road, Freshfield. Guilty as Charged your Honour. The concrete was still wet. I was out on my "paper round bike" the one with no front brake and cow horn handlebars. There were no witnesses to my terrible crime. When did I tell you. Was I pissed ?
  6. Have you met decision makers in a large conglomerate, where decisions made are like Chinese whispers, and eventually the people making it happen have no budget and don't want to do it anyway.
  7. New POD

    End of shite?

    Says the retired man in his 90s. You are not wrong, but when you are 56, and your retirement hopes are at best, a set of carefully assembled assumptions, or when you are 30 and have 3 people depending on you, and your income barely covers the basics, sometimes it's hard not to be prudent.
  8. I wasn't saying alcoholism is a good thing, just that some people can get to the point where it takes a good amount to start slurring thier words. To be fair, if she was weaving all over the road, then she probably isn't one of them.
  9. It's amazing how much you can train your liver to cope with. Isn't fine related to income? If she was a housewife, she might have no income.
  10. Having a number plate gets the possibility of getting the keepers details, if you ask the DVLA, and they agree you reason is valid.
  11. How did they find it? The fitter, will have filled in an assembly build complaint, and this will have been checked along with a pile of 2000, other build issues. He propably glued it back so they knew where to look.
  12. A kitchen fitter, told me, that he reckoned, 50% of kitchens (where the home owner hasn't recently moved in) are paid for by an inheritance.
  13. I think telling them that they will get nothing, which might make them incredibly angry and dysfunctional or might make them blossom into model citizens is one thing. Given that they will be mature grown up adults, and long before he's old he'll be able to tell if they are parasitic knobheads, or well rounded and successful in their own right, I'm guessing that he might not actually do that. Mind you, if I was his child, I'd like to think that he would do something useful with his money whilst he can actually see the positive impact it might have. Also, it's not strictly true that the kids have "Made their own way". I bet they went to the best schools, and had some fantastic childhood experiences, and mixed in the right circles. Like any (decent) parent he will have tried to give them the best start in life. Probably.
  14. An old news item https://www.theguardian.com/money/2008/apr/23/charitablegiving.childprotection?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other If you hate people it's the best way to piss them off when you die. https://www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/support-us/legacy/leaving-a-legacy
  15. And yet the number of people who give money to donkey sanctuaries in their wills far out weighs any other charities
  16. Only started rattling since you started driving it. 😂
  17. It's called complacency. BLMC may also have been similarly afflicted, with an insular local world.
  18. The MOT history is why Mots should be every 6 months. Plus 48k in the 2021 imagine the misery of doing 130 miles every single day of the year in that. And I like Vauxhalls Finest. Wonder where in the world they assemble the Holden version?
  19. Yesterday I realised how illegal my number plate was. Today I "fixed" it Took me 5 buckets of warm soapy water to get it clean. That's my news. I washed my car
  20. New POD

    End of shite?

    Inflation ? 300 quid in 2006 is worth 456 quid now. Definately accounts for some of it. Then the scrappage scheme which paid out 2000 quid on anything with an MOT took loads of shite off the road. I honestly think that since the mid 90s you couldn't get a decent car easily for under £500.
  21. https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/helmets/arai-rebel/ https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/helmets/arai-rx-7v/ Not sure why you wouldn't look for a helmet with 5 stars. Mind you even with a 5 star rating you don't get green on the side impact with any helmet made by arai They did have one. Says discontinued https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/helmets/arai-gp5x/
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