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  1. It looks like it's designed to be driven by someone thats given up caring. Therefore needs 250 bhp and 4x4
  2. Glue them to position 2.5.
  3. The fact that you flashed them, was the (only) mistake you made. It was clear that they were being a knob long befpre they undertook or cut you up. You (probably) could have avoided being cut up, because you probably knew they were undertaking, and probably could have backed off and given them room. The above is based on a year of comuting to Aston in Brum, South down the A38. Just let the docks get on with it. I usually find a way to breeze past them about 2 miles later without them even realising that they got in the wrong lane. That said, I've had people flash me for overtaking them, and yes, I've intentionally gone over the speed limit to do it safely, as they were a lot under the speed limit, and it's fucking irritating. Why the fuck has it got anything to do with them. On one occasion, I watched the guy who had flashed me, drive into a cul de sac behind me, and turned around and knocked on his door, to ask him why he's flashed me. He looked proper scared, so I decided to leave it, with the words "I wondered if you'd spotted a fault with my car"
  4. Are you leaving Wales ? Whereabouts in Snowdonia are you from? I'm off to Llandonna on Saturday and might drive past Llanberis on my way back to the Midlands on Sunday.
  5. Wide low profile tyres, rock hard suspension, and anti-Roll bars. My Astra GTC will grip the road in the dry like a go cart. (In the rain less so).
  6. That took me to this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234718482815?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=ZOF4sdQoRgS&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=RFD4ZNeaSB2&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=MORE
  7. When I was an Engineering student, at Coventry Poly, I used to go and look at the final year project exhibits of the Industrial and Automotive design course. All very wacky.
  8. New POD


    What's stopping you having a yellow car with lots of random letter and number combinations all over it.
  9. New POD


    That number plate looks so much better than the modern plates attached to a battered Morris minor that must have been recently plate raped, that lives down my son's road. It's got an A reg circa 1964 on 2022 plates, held on by what looks like the charging cables for a generic mobile phone. I'm not up on Minors and trying to work out build dates, but I think it had pre-63 plates last time I saw it. I failed to take a photo.
  10. Some but i'd love to see the minutes of the marketing meeting, which decided what was essential and what wasnt. Steel wheels, blue tooth for phone, cruise control, front electric windows, electric hand brake and hill start control (although it's an auto, so not as useful as in a manual car) And a rear wiper. Also electric mirrors, which don't seem to be heated. And central locking. Very light tint on glass. But not DAB radio, no parking sensors, no trip or fuel. And warning messages are coded. No front fog lights. Unlike my GTC which has DAB but no phone Bluetooth, parking sensors, heated mirrors and self dimming rear view mirror, tyre pressure transponders, actual messages on the display and not codes. But a manual hand brake. An extra button on the key to open.the boot. And the rear side windows don't open at all.
  11. If you want anti-theft, buy an astra exclusiv. Who wants the steel wheels, giffer trim and none of the gizmos
  12. I think I'd define that as, you can probably tell him not to buy it, being able to spot an obvious turd from 10 foot away, but wouldn't be able to tell him to definately buy it, as you might find it hard to spot a polished turd that's been rolled in glitter. How many cars have I driven an hour to look at and within 25 seconds knew i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy? 50%
  13. I worked on the "Smart Solenoid Team" for Lucas, on the DPC pump. Which added 15 minutes of unspecified protection, to the stop start solenoid, as part of a change in European regulations in 1995. There were two things I remember. One. Pointing out that in future, if someone wanted your car, they would just wait for you, and take your keys on pain of death. Two. We had the system tested by the French version of Thatcham. Where a consultant* managed to get a car started in 3 minutes. Cost months and ££££s to add extra features to the system. *My understanding is that they employed a number of very clever ex-convicts who had a few days to understand how it all worked, and then come up with ingenious ways to defeat it. Basically, it would stop the opportunitist, until the information got out there...... now with the web, I'm.sure it's on YouTube.
  14. They always look nice with Sri130 wheels. A mk3 cav GSi caliper with just fit inside them too. I'm a little bit jealous.
  15. E) I bet he's got an I phone that was launched in the last 3 months, and his "wife" is the same colour as the van, and has bleached blond hair and botox. But b.
  16. I wonder which engine its got. Oh.......oh well.
  17. Looks like ivy. And a Ford popular ?
  18. I love it when GP's fuck with HR departments. Years ago, the (Massive) company I worked for (Lucas Automotive Electrical) had a policy that if you had a day off in the week either side of a shutdown, you needed to get a doctors note, which they'd reimburse you for. Anyway. I went back for 2 days after new-year, and on the third day I was sent home halfway through the morning being I clearly had some sort of flu. That was Thursday. Over the weekend I improved, but we had to call out the GP for our baby, as the whole family had come down with it. Anyway, I says, "Whilst you are here can you do me a note for Thursday and Friday" Asks me If I get sick pay at normal salary. (Yes). Signs me off until the following Monday. Words like "Look at the state of your wife, You need to look after her and the kids, and you'll need a week to recover as well, so there's no way you are going back to work on Monday. At my return to work meeting, my boss was giving it all "You've let the team down, you need to show commitment, etc", and I just said "look, your rules said I had to see my GP and get a note, and she decided that I was seriously unwell, and forced me to take time off. I would have dragged myself in, had I not had to see the GP. It's a good job I did because I still feel a bit shit, so I won't be doing any extra hours until I'm fully fit"
  19. 1983? My sister's year group had lads of 17, who had 250s on L plates, but by 1984, we were limited to 125..
  20. I work not far from there on Aston Hall Road. Never been to Star City, (apart from Costco). I've walked past it on the Canal at Lunch time.
  21. There's nothing better than the roof down when it's frosty with the heater on full, wearing a warm hat and scarf, though.
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