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  1. They look like they stole these alloys off a vectra, circa 2004.
  2. What year was the mk3 cavalier GSi introduced. That must be the year.
  3. If I had the money, I would turn it into a beast. I'm sure that with say 400 bhp it could still be green.
  4. Work is a 2 way exploitation. IF, you could get more pay for less work, a closer commute, nicer working environment, more flexible working, more praise, and more security. You'd go and get it. If they could employ someone on less money to do more work, take more shit, and more unpaid overtime, they'd have done it. So whilst the equilibrium is there, both parties are exploiting the other. Currently. In some parts of the country in some industries, the balance is for once in favour of the employee. Hence care home staff, saying "Go on sack me for not having a jab" or bin lorry drivers saying "I'm off you cunts " And companies saying "do you know anyone that wants a job?" Brexit has fucked the fine balance where companies could pick and choose, and employees could take it or go on the dole.
  5. Spagetti Junction, from my Lunch time Walk.
  6. You forgot to add that they were shit before that. In any case it's not a hard job to retro fit chrome bumpers and early suspension, although the cost may not be worth it.
  7. New POD

    Stop smoke

    That might be a problem with a 2000 Astra.
  8. New POD

    Stop smoke

    I think he'd be happy to do that....when he gets back from his hols, I'll see if I can broker a deal. You won't get the same warranty though.
  9. New POD

    Stop smoke

    Make Joe an offer for his mk4 Astra. He's hardly using it as it's not Birmingham emissions compliant. And he's getting the train to work. 60k on the clock.
  10. When we were insuring my daughter as a named driver on a Bini Cooper, there was a suggestion of a black box. I'd rather poke my eyes out with a stick covered in puss. The price reduction was not impressive enough and the terms and conditions were heavily weighted in thier favour.
  11. Replace ment for the focus ?
  12. White. It looks like a kitchen appliance so just add a Smeg badge.
  13. Beware the empty nest syndrome.
  14. My wife's Granddad would visit any establishment he intended to take his wife for a meal in, a couple of days before and ask if he could see the kitchen, before he made a booking. He would only take her there if the kitchen was as clean as her own, and the chef was clean shaven. Now if that's not romantic, I don't know what is.
  15. There is a bit of rust under the original Griffin, so i glued a holden badge over it.
  16. Yeah sorry. I was thinking mk2 escort rally cars.
  17. What ballocks is that?
  18. 1st Drive out in Sir LAstralot. 125 miles average speed 68.7 mph average fuel use 39.7 mpg This is a view of Snowdon from Ynys Mon Looks like a fridge from the front. Appears to have a big arse.
  19. I bought a metro Turbo with a Turbo Sticker across the rear window. I removed it but it took me 4 weeks to finally remove the residue of glue.
  20. The Omega is off to a new home. Replacement is a brand I'm familiar with.
  21. I've found that it's always worth checking the main dealer for prices. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised.
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