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  1. This is fantastically shit, to the point where it should just be left as it is ford taunus/cortina mk4 import project uk registered v5 | eBay
  2. Can't be many better looking cars on eBay, but it's very salty 1972 Ford Cortina 3.0S Saloon Petrol Manual | eBay
  3. Wrong Section Roulette potential bargain Car | eBay
  4. bocxoa sunrise 3m 175cc | eBay
  5. Vauxhall Astra G 1.7 cdti Estate 2004 11 Months mot FSH 1 owner | eBay 'Genuine reason for sale, got attacked by a vacuum cleaner'
  6. Soz, wasn't trying to justify diesel against electric, the reverse really. Having a modern diesel to do very low miles is absolute insanity.
  7. That's (some of what) makes me laugh with the frothing EV brigade who talk about the miles between charges. fair enough if you're doing shit loads of miles a day or whatever, but just for surely most people's commute/daily use they're great. I think (maths are a bad point) that you'd have to get 65mpg out of a diesel to meet 10p per mile, which must be quite improbable for most vehicles, so your home charging costs make it even more worthwhile. For congestion zone charging areas it makes it even more sense, I guess.
  8. 1981 cadillac Seville spares or repairs project | eBay
  9. WINNER!!!111!!! I take it from the photo you can get 134 miles for £11.61, and it is cheaper to charge from home as I'm guessing those charging stations cost more?
  10. Says the man who goes on his moped to Southern Ireland! Don't know if you went there at any point, but Smith's now moving everything up their 'new' Honda place on Whitchurch Road. They've lost Triumph (I'm sure someone said Yamaha are pulling out to, but that could be wrong) but have R.E and I believe BSA. Yesterday (stupid o'clock in the morning) all the lights on the Lambretta decided not to work, so used the e-moped instead. My mate fixed the Li, a wire had come off the regulator, or whatever it's called. Used it today and have to say it's still as fun to ride as it ever was. Tomorrow the Harley is going for a spin, assuming it's not icy.
  11. F350 Ford American spec lift recovery classic 1983 minor project exempt Uk px ?? (ebay.co.uk) '5.2 petrol/lpg engine runs and drives on both' http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f2d87246df29c773068e457/5f2d8a91dbdd9818624fb036/5fb2c8ac7ee00b468b9cf6a9/1629396720059/?format=1500w 'It also does not have a petrol tank' 'the jam jar in the engine bay is for a little fuel to help start when cold on petrol'
  12. This Sudden Accident with a Perkins engine looks fucking ace 1970 Seddon 134 Perkins 6354 | eBay
  13. Na na na na na na na na BLAT MO! BLAT MO BLAT MO Batmobile! | eBay 'you can’t park it anywhere without getting mobbed by people'
  14. /\ Is that an Anglia or early Escort van in the garage next door?
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