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  1. Did you even live on a council estate if some tattooed shirtless youth wasn't ragging one of these around whilst he necked a can of lager? road legal quad bike | eBay Highly convinced* by the Yamaha stickers.
  2. Fucking hell, this was tempting... Renault senic rx4 4x4 | eBay No test for a couple of years though and the last one mentions that it started overheating on tick-over.
  3. 1970 Morris 1800S sport | eBay
  4. Now here's a little story to tell it is a must about a hedge find Alfa that's turning into dust Some cars can keep your fortune others make you skint this Alfa isn't up to much But the log books worth a mint Oh...my Alfa's a dustbin it's a pile of fucking tat it's damper than Jordan's fanny and probably smells like that The bottom's like a banana so bring your rigger boots you'll have such a job to pull it out the bastard's taken roots Ohhh...my old car's a dustbin the fucking thing's a farce that gaping great big rusty hole is like my ex-wife's arse Ohh, my old car's an Alfa... Alfa Romeo GT full Restoratiion project | eBay
  5. 2001 lada niva cossack, SPARES OR REPAIR BARN FIND | eBay
  6. land rover freelander 1 td4 | eBay 'Perfect for long drives and rough terrains' Is there a new 'thing' on eBay now that automatically makes your advert sound like a 1990's salesman? This isn't the first advert I've seen recently that's full of flowery worded old bollocks.
  7. bedford pickup 1979 3500kg **RESTORATION** | eBay @eddyramrod
  8. Rover sd1 2600S for restoration | eBay
  9. Citroen Xantia 2.0 HDi SX Diesel Estate Manual 5 Gears 1999 118,420 miles 50 mpg | eBay Looks a very honest listing.
  10. Fantic Chopper 1976 Tx130 50cc Sports Moped for Spares /Repair with V5 | eBay
  11. Honda XL250s 1978 | eBay Relatively cheap for one of these and you could probably increase the speed a good bit by taking that ERF exhaust off it.
  12. Mercedes S Class S320 2001 | eBay Couple of issues but seems a cheap motor at £895 or offers with a decent bit of test. Got bitten on the arse big time by a similar one (same colour and engine) a year or two ago, but when they're right they're such a nice thing to drive. Big job sorting the suspension?
  13. ERF LV 4X2 CHASSIS CAB | eBay
  14. Ford Focus 1.6L For Sale | eBay 'A clean Ford Focus' 'Car is as good as new' 'Car is as good as new'
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