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  1. Darrell Juson, 'Hereford online car boot sales and wants' Facebook.
  2. When you enquire about something and the initial response is 'There's two on eBay that are £5,000 each at the moment'. I didn't fucking ask how much anybody else's was, I asked if you had the paperwork with yours.
  3. Oddly enough, the back light is EXACTLY the same as the Lexmoto. Bet the Peugeots were built in China, too.
  4. Where are we up to? Oh aye, this arrived... Doesn't run and is clearly a bit shit. Some sort of Peugeot iirc. Anyhow, the van went and got replaced by... ...which seems quite fancy, dare I say it. Garage situation now raised to CRITICAL CODE BLACK, and the emergency lock-up has had to be deployed. The non-running Peugeot (above) has been usurped to the spare garage, but it leaves another problem because the Li is away being fixed and has 'done a Lambretta' in style now, with an ever growing list of repairs to be done. Helicoil for the head, new clutch, complete re-cable, strip and clean carb, replace airbox pipe, speedometer not working and apparently some oil seal thing has gone and saturated the brake shoes. It really needs a disc conversion up front tbh, but at £350 or so, I'll just ride even slower and leave bigger gaps.
  5. @vulgalour very kindly sent me a book full of dreadful (but nonetheless GR8) cartoon jokes the other day. Cheered me up no end, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.
  6. +1. Even 17-18 years ago it was horrible, can't imagine what it's like now. It was pretty much a daily thing getting into some sort of argument with an idiot on the road.
  7. Where in Cheshire are you, Wack?
  8. Hard to know what you're moaning about, tbh. Thought my car used to be owned by a former president of South Africa. Turns out it was Nissan Main Dealer.
  9. That's lovely, well bought. They're also not that bad for tall fat people.
  10. That's gone beyond fantastic, what a great buy.
  11. Totally agree, Wuvvum. The only reason we can afford to buy our place is because of the 'right to buy' scheme, combined with a very hefty discount and my redundancy. We missed the boat many years ago because of shit wages/our financial situation (credit history) etc. It's not the end of the world, but having something to leave for the kids was a major factor.
  12. +1 on the resistor, won't be an expensive job I don't think.
  13. 159 aside, the others are I'm afraid absolutely gopping, especially that Audi.
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