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  1. Not so much the bike... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1983-HONDA-MTX50-1895-NO-OFFERS-TAKEN-SORRY/174207526381?hash=item288f93e5ed:g:pp8AAOSwltVeFdcJ ...but the vendor's T&Cs.
  2. No, but very similar indeed. IIRC, mine had 'FM' as the locality identifier on the plates.
  3. I think my mate's brand new X7 came with Dunlops. Ridiculous choice of tyre to fit new, the Suzuki was skittish at the best of times. In the wet, especially over man hole covers, it was fucking lethal.
  4. Dull content warning: Got the buffer out before, nice couple of hours graft including washing it twice, then polishing. The interior fag smell is nearly gone now, thank heavens.
  5. Thanks, that worked a treat. I used an old, mostly washed out kitchen cleaner thing with washing machine liquid and washing up liquid mixed with boiling water from the kettle. Found an alloy wheel brush that was t too harsh then got to work. The difference was amazing, did every square inch of the interior I could get to, in the end the sun is drying it out just nicely. Did the headlining, seats, carpets, the whole thing. The driver's door card cloth bit was so black I actually thought it was plastic trim, and the windows were so disgusting it must have been almost impossible to see out if in the sun. I used the hot water/washing up liquid/sponge/wipe off with newspaper thing, the windscreen took 3 goes of that. In first going back out to it this morning, it did smell a touch better after yesterday's efforts. After a 2 hour go today (above pictures) it was much better again. Went out to it just now and sprayed Febreeze and air freshener inside, will try it again later and see if smell is much better. Fingers crossed.
  6. The break down services told me very recently they've been doing absolutely shit loads of batteries. One of them said it's because peoples cars are being stood for weeks not being used, so they're being called out to check/replace them.
  7. That's been off the road a long while! Thanks, watch listed it.
  8. Mo was totally on the level about the state of the interior of this car, and this is in no way a complaint against him. Started cleaning the inside of the 406 this morning, the stench is unbearable. Left windows open slightly for a day, didn't make much offs. Got the old Karcher out of the garage, the pump for the wash bit doesn't work though. However bad the driver's seat looks, the front part was 20 times worse before I started. In the end, I used one of those scouring pad on a stick things that are normally for cleaning fish tanks. Did the headlining where I could, too. The interior light switch area looks like some sort of brown mottled bakolight, or some old bag who smoked 300 bifters a day's net curtains. Although better it's still horrible by any other standards. Some perfume I found in another car has been liberally sprayed inside.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-SV-650/254536522525?hash=item3b438f1b1d:g:ygwAAOSwEIBeZ0yv 'YOU WON'T FIND ANOTHER' Thank fuck for that.
  10. Distance buying champion 2k20 Thank you to those who offered to help, you know who you are and how much it was appreciated.
  11. Back to work today, four trips out in a 19 plate Berlingo. Stupidly compact (when you're long and fat) in the leg area, and no air con. Still, it was great to be out on the open roads which were very quiet. Plenty of traffic coppers about though and a two traffic womble cars were hunting in pairs, so I'm guessing VOSA were open somewhere.
  12. What a bargain, well bought @theshadow looks class for the money.
  13. A lad in Devon wants my Lada, but is (naturally) worried about paying for it without seeing it, then getting someone he doesn't know to collect on his behalf.
  14. The only other way is to do it on trust and arrange a courier to collect it for you if miles away.
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