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  1. ERF C SERIES 8X4 CUMMINS L10 1985 | eBay
  2. Good God, yes Classic Ex-Vauxhall Motors Bedford TM Recovery Truck | eBay Owned by Vauxhall Detroit diesel Used at the E. Port plant. There's just nothing not to like.
  3. FIESTA MK1 VAN 1983 1.1 SPARES RESHELL OR VERY BRAVE REPAIR BARN FIND LATEST V5C | eBay Eye bleeding description, be warned.
  4. Anyone got a good search engine? Fucked if I can find the film that starred Leslie Ash, Melvyn Bragg and U WOT M8's dad API Lamby Polo Lambretta style street racer scooter | eBay This 'Gatch' fella who ruins paints scooters with his 'art work' needs to take the 't' and the 'c' out of his name and swap for them for an 's'
  5. Must be the rarest Mk3 left now. Bloody lovely that.
  6. I'd love to see it (and the Mk1) when finished, weather permitting could whang up on the Lambretta one day. Been trying to find the P.O of this Cavalier, but seem to have lost contact details for them, they'd love to see pictures when it's done.
  7. Oh, is this the way they say the future's meant to feel? Or an 84,000 miles Laguna standing in a field? And I don't quite understand what the floor stain is Dear God, I hope to fuck it's not his jizz And tell me when the recovery truck comes as it's got a broken spring Oh and in the middle of the night it looks less shite, but then tomorrow morning Oh, it's all come down Renault Laguna 1.9 dci Dynamique 5 Dr Hatchback, 1 Owner, Genuine 84k, 120 Bhp | eBay
  8. Wonder how 'Swerved to avoid a packet of fags' is going to look on the accident report to his insurers Aprilia RS4 125 | eBay
  9. 1989 FORD TRANSIT CLASSIC OLD TRANSIT | eBay The two three most important questions that remain unanswered on the advert: 1) Why is there a ducking being tickled by a snake in the bottom of the photograph 2) Does it have the correct engine? 3) Has the radiator been shot like a cartoon cowboy who's just had a big drink? Luckily, our old M8s at the DVLA have confirmed it's a 2.5 diesel
  10. PS: When are you getting a Mk3 to complete the fleet?
  11. LUK are decent things. Been great to see the progress you're making with the car.
  12. Hi Billy, I seem to recall you were looking for a folding caravan my lads thinking of selling his in the near future

    regards Keith

  13. Several pictures of a motorbike with no engine in it and other pictures of the engine in quite a few pieces on the same advert. 'Does it run?' from more than one person. One of them was told if he comes up and rides it away he can have it for £50. Never heard from them again.
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