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  1. It needs saving that's for sure, wouldn't be too surprised if got the OSF 'treatment' of a lowering kit, RS Turbo alloys, Recaros and bonnet vents. The fact it's still live (at least I'm assuming it is) is a good sign, he's probably just had the usual morons offering him £100 at 3.00am, hopefully you could get it at a decent price.
  2. Rover 216 Convertible cabriolet | eBay
  3. Rover 25 1.4 5 door hatch 2001 long Mot | eBay *It'd be a lot more desirable if the last two numbers of the reg plate were swapped round.
  4. Tx2 black cab | eBay 'Ladies love this car' I reckon playing 'Fake Taxi' outside some scouse night club could be interesting.
  5. This looks like an Essex girl's slipper MG TF 135 White 2002 with Hard Top Spares or Repair | eBay
  6. Kudos for the getting the fella who filmed the intro to 'Rhoobarb & Custard' to take a photograph of your van, M8 Nissan vanette cargo 2000 model | eBay
  7. The back ground picture )of the garages) to that Marina van look really familiar. Is that a 'shiter's house? Not @triggerI know but something rings a bell.
  8. The only reason it could be £2,250 is because of it's rarity. If you can do the work yourself then it's possibly worth it, but imho the arches, resultant re-spray (and it'd need to be spot on) plus getting a decent seat etc would mean if you're buying it for monetary reasons, you'd need to keep it a long time. Needs to be at least £500 cheaper.
  9. {rubs hands together} Nostalgia is a funny thing though, have said it before but stuff like CB360/CB250/KC100/YB100 (especially the YB, I think because they can be made into FS1E replicas quite easily) etc were shit when new and didn't age well, but are quite expensive now. In other news...the 125 'custom' thing went today, in fairness could have sold it several times.
  10. Definitely the 'don't store them outside' bit! I've seen 2008-ish onwards Yamahas and Hondas rusting quite badly when left out, but Chinese bikes really do accelerate the process. The nuts, blots and screws are usually the first to go (rusty) quickly followed by the chain then oxidisation hits the monkey metal around foot peg hangers, etc. Reliability wise they do seem to be moving forwards and like anything else, maintenance (especially preventative) is the key.
  11. Both, though the modern stuff doesn't interest me so I move them on.
  12. It's (another) Lexmoto and probably generic. It's been off the road a few years, was shoved into the lady's garage when it packed up as her daughter rode it and not touched since. Had a quick look at it today, bought a new plug and before actually fitting it, I checked for a spark. Kick and electric start produced nothing, so pulled the plug cap off and tried the plug directly into the HT lead. That didn't seem to do anything, so I screwed the plug cap back on as tight as possible and thought I'd try again before ordering a new lead and maybe a coil. One last try and this time I fe
  13. Classic mini car parts mk 1 cooper Trafalgar interior mirror 60 years old | eBay
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