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  1. our old 1500 super needed one good crank with full choke then would start on second crank ax wheel trim- the black ring isn't still in the wheel is it- i have seen that on psa dustbin lids before
  2. i believe vulgy didst post an picture of the corsa b showing a similar event
  3. well you might be considered to be slightly biased 😉
  4. there seems to be a fauxrover missing from the mancave
  5. angle of dangle of the rear wiper could be ax or fiat... but i cheated on the reg number
  6. ford tinacorna/granada/crapi reliant rebel/regal/robin/kitten/scimitar
  7. metro pug 106 1.0 xn citroen ax 1.0/2cv fester fiat panda/uno renner 4/5/6/12/15
  8. while you got your Mahmouds sleeves rolled up you might as well check for damp
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