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  1. when i were no'but a lad opening doors/bonnet/boot was standard!
  2. silver rimz FTMFW! 👍 oh and the contrasting stripe? has you mate with the mazda got a bit of the turquoise left?
  3. for the olds tornado you need 1352 wheels & 1361 for marcos rover 2000 looks good on hunter minilites (1353) rover wheels are 1351 1354 for rolls royce
  4. period drilled indicators are far moar preferable to *shudder* motorcycle unit attatched to the bumpers 🤮
  5. RED!🙄 wash your mouth out! this car comes from a time when everthing was still in back & white!🤣
  6. ummm! 2020/2021 facelift Civic Sport 10 gen dealer model yes the floor lifts and there is a spacesaver and tool kit flocked carpeting the sun shade on sunroof slides! 1.5 turbot fankoo ali express
  7. only the original had the red tit- the later reborn versions sadly are lacking and the clicker
  8. you haven't sat on the remote and activated the "vivid" setting by accident?
  9. Karcher jetwash just being advertised- it's got a fucking app coz it's "connected" what the actual fuck- you get your phone out next to a big water spraying monster to change its settings! 🙄😖
  10. https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/walsall/2020/11/10/oxygen-tank-sparked-like-roman-candle-in-fire-that-killed-walsall-grandmother-inquest-heard/
  11. i'm not sure why you are getting twitchy at the thought of the temp getting to 90*- thats normal as indicated by 90 being in the middle of the gauge, if anything surely running at 70* is too cool- thermostats are usually rated somewhere between 86-92 fan would normally be set around 100
  12. yes but not nearly as expensive- this is Autoshite after all 🤣
  13. prolly be moar reliable than a c class or a4 these days🤣
  14. if only there was a large field somewhere where anything was allowed in even a new range rooney! 🤣
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