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  1. go through fuel system and remove any jubilee clips as not fit for purpose and replace with proper diesel hose clamps
  2. how can it be classed as bodgery with proper white plastic ends- that's factory that is 🤡
  3. the 1.9dci found in yurrup & ireland is the renner lump
  4. dont forget to change the engine sound on the radio!
  5. thank you Tim*- the genteel one now has an friend *Tim is the postman
  6. i'll put my hand up for the resail silver crapi after you've gazed at it long enough pleases
  7. i love the "angry pigeon" noise those things make but after a Nissan & Hunda i am too scared to have an landrover plus my mate Garry builds them! 🤣
  8. you could celebrate the opening of a paper bag they'll still come! 🤣
  9. i did wonder if it was something like that- who knew a auto with an H gate! lol
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