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  1. you wouldn't realisticaly call it silver if you were stood next to it!
  2. *anorak on* that's Chantung Gold- slightly lighter than Cashmere that preceded it *anorak off*
  3. put a 2w bulb in instead of the probably 1.2w- lowers the rpm the charge happens 😉
  4. hold the phone! the mention of Welly toys earlier lead me to a mooch of their website and look what i found in 1:24 scale no less
  5. they've not long had a new one at work- wall mounted! main unit inside, hose reel outside, 100litre tfr tank inside! the only thing it don't do is hot!
  6. on the subject of jet washers i'm thinking i may need to replace mine soon so i've been mooching- pro-kleens units look good value for money https://www.prokleen.co.uk/pressure-washer-kits
  7. i think you't find it's rule 23, subsection ii, part c part b states car should be of beige colour unless they are yellow! 🤣
  8. the eletrical sockets on the wall look worried 😲🤣🤣
  9. i think those square foggies would suit the mgmgmgmgmgbgt better than the maurice
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