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  1. The second generation Nissan Primera was launched in the end of 1995 in Japan, and in the autumn of 1996 in Europe. Unique in its class, new Primera featured multi link beam rear suspension with multi-link front suspension.
  2. NO the p12 had the beam set up p11 was same as p10 hence they were quite good at BTCC p11 has plastic wiper spindle bushes which WILL wear and wipers WILL clonk on bonnet edge- p10 items are metel and will fit ti solve the problem
  3. you could always chat up Richard the Slag Stag to see if he has a 1 3/4" stromberg spare
  4. leather bench seat and walnut fablon on the dash for what Mr Wobbly said- Invaplah/Invaplas 😁
  5. whilst you are poncing about with you camera you owe it to yourself to do a remote start on that durty slag of a dodge 😁😉
  6. much of my school holidays was spent there!
  7. ta muchly- won a whizzwheelz one in red/orange as well
  8. my house was bought new in 67 by Grandad- at the time there was a Hillman Minx parked in garage/on drive followed by a H plate Austin 1300 Allegro 1500 super on R Maestro 1600 HLS on Y F plate Sunny 1.6 LS J plate Concerto 1.6 16v P- Primera 2.0 SE '52- Primera 2.0 SVE '07- Civic spaceship '11- Jazz ES hybrid
  9. would like mg if it is not too bad please
  10. imp & mgmgmgb/c? price- are they worth it?
  11. i do wish Tim the postie would stop it! if i'm honest i didn't think i would win this job lot
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