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  1. i've got a button in my neu one that can simulate this 😆
  2. i would imagine with the escrote hearse you could actually be late to your own funeral
  3. a sevel van (big one so fiat) is hold accel & brake pedal down then turn key on for 10-15 secs then off and voila no light
  4. please put some correct number plates on
  5. filler pipe shouldn't be plastic- they rust and leak
  6. the Lucas name is held bt Elta Lighting https://eltaeurope.com/lucas-bulbs-wipers-switchgear/
  7. insewerants have said new for old cos it was 6 weeks old- but might be May before one lands in UK! the mother was black & blue with bruises s/f was coughing so bad from airbag dust/powder it strained his hernia a touch- but they're happy to have walked away so easily there was seemingly 3 accidents at different junctions to the same island/roundabout
  8. just don't park too close to a school with the dog in the car whilst eating a quarter of bon bons!
  9. echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo 😆
  10. it doesn't get much better from behind 🙈
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