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  1. they are replacement lights the originals would have been marked up as Lucas Lucas Homofocal headlights is what they are- wide angle & long range in one unit the driver side one looks like it should have a plastic cover not a rubber one- which is where the didelight wiring is routed iirc they were also used on the leyland roadrunner
  2. honda cats have much better contents
  3. in the West Midlands "back in the day" if you noticed an Allegro in your mirror with the reg starting NOF**** you knew it was CID 2.8i Sierror in low spec- didn't last as they kept crashing Montego 2.0i base? mates dad worked for ARG and told me ther may* have been some Maestro 2.0i base models in existance
  4. i think it was posh ones that got those lights
  5. ooooo the cylinder metroid has stickers 👍🎖️ the equipe is missing its fog lights!
  6. i was looking at this caliper and thought it says ATE and sure enough there are ATE listed in the parts book
  7. o.s.i daf was one of my favourite corgi toys- unfortunately it wasn't mine!
  8. is the FORD script on the grille suposed to be a plain silver or more of a chrome? if the latter you could try a molotov paint pen- it does a really decent looking chrome on models
  9. the blue driving school one i had as a swap i believe and always loved it cos of the steering- so yu can imagine i almost peed my pants when the triumph acclaim was so equipped🤭
  10. 5 year guarantee https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/enduroline/096-agm/
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