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  1. i believe the larger discs came with the 5 stud equiped cars i.e 2.0 & 2.5 and not just later cars
  2. i think you may have misread the advice earlier- i believe you should be filling with plain water to run it up to temp for a short while so as not to let coolant contaminate the hg before it beds in
  3. What is the payload of the Iveco Daily 70C18? It's the only van/chassis that covers the weight range from 3,300kgs to 7,000kgs gvw with subsequent payloads from 3,600-4,600kgs and cargo volumes from 7.3 to 19.6 cubic metres, making it a truly impressive range of vans and chassis cabs
  4. yes please i have fond memories of the renner 12 estate from childhood years👍
  5. i've just found an ebayer flogging the majorette renner 12 called bungle_bus this isn't our bungle bus is it?
  6. the shaguar might have steely wheel option in the box- tamiya quite often do this e.g minilites or hubcaps in the mini cooper s kit
  7. we had 10 polio slo-motions/no-motions at work what hateful bags of shite they ALL OF THEM were in and out of the stealers with MIL on with the reply TADTS the 208 replacements were like rockets compared to them there i've got it off my chest now
  8. get some decent led bulbs- matt furious checked the beam pattern and found it beter than the std bulbs but eleventy times brighter
  9. it may have had b&w but not b&s i think black & silver look shit on anything
  10. i would imagine whatever fits a princess will be similar/same as crapi/rs2000 etc
  11. the vivalasvegas is marking its territory
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