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  1. you might find there is nuffink wrong with that spare as it has been out of direct sunlight
  2. is that a Mr Wobbly is can see gibbering in the corner! 🤣
  3. bubster now needs an hubnut tee shirt to celebrate his new TRIANGLE OF DOOM!
  4. damn was too busy stabbing my thumb* to beat the doctor to the yeller prelude 😪 *shirley everybody stabs their thumb when changing a kitchen tap? no? just me then 🙄
  5. shirley that crapi didn't have rong wheels in minder!
  6. i like the scheduled off/on feature which certainly adds to battery life & the way you can tweak the power savers to suit your self in fact its amazing how many things a whoarewe can do that a something p9 cant
  7. any chance of the orange & 75th anni metrobuses?
  8. so the long and short of this is the wife likes her new car! lol
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