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  1. I'm up for this Oh, I went to it. It was lovely Five stars, would watch Deltic go back and forth again
  2. Mrs_Pillock is using the excuse of she was ill, hence the poor performance. I was quite chuffed with mine. Good game, good game.
  3. Because he chose a car that would break for many thousands of pounds so cost more than my whole fleet put together ?
  4. The S-Class was only showing a fault for tyre pressure, but tbh if I was selling an S-Class at auction I'd leave a Bluetooth dongle in it and be furiously resetting the warning lights as it lumbered through. That red Fiat was hilarious, I guess it's a bad crash repair as the wing was a different colour. But the boot lid was squiffy too, had panel gaps that would make a BL employee blush. V6 Twatrag actually seemed relatively quiet, perhaps that's just compared to the number of cars that were knocking their tits off at idle.
  5. The youngest is doing motor vehicle maintenance at college, and he's doing work experience this term at a garage. Sent me this photo today of what he's been doing some work on...
  6. I reserve the right to not get up in time, but I think this is a goer
  7. Yes, I turn them off before any sort of dogging activities.
  8. You want a rant? Here's a fucking rant. I gave my old company BMW back in June. At the start of November I got an email from Dartford Crossing telling me I had to bring my Pay as you Go account back to order as it was -£5. Yes, that's right, I forgot to take the BMW off the account and someone had used it over the bridge. I emailed back to say sorry, I got rid, I can provide evidence. They emailed back to say doesn't matter, the terms say you're liable. Me: OK, I accept that and I'm sorry. Out of interest has the driver of the BMW paid? Them: we can't tell you that. GDPR innit. It's your responsibility to keep your account updated. Me: Because obviously if they've paid, your business isn't out of pocket. Them: if you let us know the last four digits of the card number they used, we can transfer the payment to your account Me: erm, it's not my car. I don't know who is driving it let alone their card number. But thanks for confirming that a payment was made. Them: you owe us five quid mate Me: so a payment was made, you're not out of pocket, can't we just forget all this? Them: five. Quid. Me: what happens if I don't pay? Them: we will contact the owner of the vehicle Me: you've just said a payment was made. Oh, and by the way, where do you stand on the GDPR aspect of telling me the dates and times a car I don't own crossed the Thames? Then: it's your responsibility blah blah blah Me: when you say the owner of the vehicle, is it then or now? Them: it's your responsibility waaaaaah waaaaaah Me: Will. Anything. Happen. To. Me? Them: we'll keep asking for the five quid. Me: BYEEEE TL;DR, I messed up and forgot to take my old car off an account. It crossed the bridge, a charge was made and paid for by the new owner, but still my account is in arrears so they can make an additional five pounds. Robbing twatsticks. Oh, and each email takes four or five days so this has dragged out for nearly two months.
  9. I'll have been on trains as the clock ticks midnight, I'll see if Mrs Pillock fancies even more trains. (For anyone local and interested, Great Central are doing their steam and diesel NYE running)
  10. These Trippets just appeared on Facebook, apparently Loughborough based. What are they?
  11. Pillock

    Ford timelord

    Holy crap. Tracking down* one of the involved parties and giving them a tough interview* is above and beyond! This thread just keeps on giving.
  12. He seems to build one caravan a year so I guess he has 40-odd weeks of paid work. You can see from his AirBnB though it's £100-odd a night, four caravans each bringing in £400-£500 a week in the summer and just ticking over on weekends through the off season. Not bad! The three he currently has are split between his own land, and his family's farm so I guess there's people on hand to clean and refresh between visitors.
  13. The guy with the gypsy caravans and Bluebird etc says he doesn't yet make a living out of it, but that's because so far the takings from each one has been ploughed into building the next one. He did say he could see a time, probably when the fourth is finished or maybe get a fifth somewhere where it would be his only job - I guess four or five quirky caravans around the country would take a fair bit of looking after. That said, he's a pro carpenter... we stayed in one for just two nights and in that time he went from a few bits of wood laid out on the floor, to a recognisable frame of a caravan with a roof on. I guess the trick is to make things desirable, and an Airstream certainly stands out from a sea of beige bedsits on the site. We were just flicking through one Saturday morning when we found his first one, made a booking there and then, and were in the hot tub by 4pm.
  14. It's "Silvery Green Car Tuesday" at Sainsburys in Kimberley, near Nottingham. Drivers of silvery green cars get up to 8.5% off all fruit, vegetables and toilet rolls. Note the police have turned up in their Vauxhall Astra to control the crowds. Due to underfunding, they have to brush-paint the stripes on their patrol cars.
  15. Can we make a booking plz? We stayed in a Bluebird caravan in Devon which has been set up by guy we found through AirBnB - but now book directly, he's got two gypsy caravans he built from scratch, both with outdoor hottubs, eating and seating areas and loads of nice little touches. He's also just bought a fighter jet which he's converting into a hot tub and building another caravan to go alongside. The Bluebird is the one I posted pictures of earlier in the year, it's got a hot tub in a land rover - https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/10238461
  16. Ha! I'd missed this thread, been keeping up with the more boring design pictures they'd been tweeting for the 150th anniversary (old packaging and stuff) but had no idea there was so much chod in the archive.
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