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  1. "Did I fill up with 4 star or E5, to tell you the truth I've fogotten myself with all the the excitement of getting triple Nectar points, you have to ask a question, do I feel lucky?"
  2. Reminds me of the Rover 2000 TCZ which isn't surprising as it is also by Zagato
  3. The Citroen Relay back to back Available to buy from Citroen for motorhome conversion companies etc https://www.carscoops.com/2024/05/citroen-jumper-back-to-back-is-a-weird-two-headed-lcv-with-a-clear-purpose/
  4. They could at least used a Scorpio, although I'm not sure which one is worse.
  5. No prizes for guessing what this is based on...
  6. Apparently it's called sport because it is designed to be the right size to fit in the pocket of a sports jacket
  7. Looking at it again it looks like it could be Ocker Hill in Tipton (the cooling towers from the power station were demolished some time ago)
  8. Interesting headlamp configuration, you know when you have been flashed by a Gatso
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