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  1. You've probably noticed I've been working on Billy for his XJS. That's the class of thing I'd be looking at; big, wafty, old. It's also the baseline in terms of price (I think he wants about £4500 for it as a straight sale). You're absolutely right, you only live once. A man should treat himself sometimes! Edited to add: nothing German!
  2. That's exactly what they were. I had several, including the Transit and Escort. If you bought the fully-built examples, you could tell which were engineered as kits because they were screwed together rather than riveted (a method less than entirely reliable, but good as a thumbnail guide).
  3. They're only worth what someone will pay. I thought I was sitting on a goldmine with my last Granada: very early production, V6, manual... couldn't give the fecker away. I ended up taking a disastrous loss just to get rid of it (well documented on here!). And a Granada, for all its many faults, is a much better can than an Escort!
  4. Even with my initials on the number plate, that's a resounding NO. I've never liked Escorts and certainly wouldn't give 4 figures for one!
  5. Readers with particularly good memories may remember that I had a back-box section removed in its entirety from my Rover 800, where it didn't quite fit. I stored it in my lockup, naturally. Also naturally, I scrapped it a few weeks ago when it became clear I wan't going to need it. Er, yeah.... So a bit of research using my local contacts ensued, and I eventually went to Martin's garage, where I haven't been since going off work. I thought, if anyone will have a scrap pile, it'll be Martin. Well the car's been in today, and now has a lovely length of stainless steel pipe between rear axle and rear bumper, just peeking out from below the latter. Bass rumble still present, which I wanted, but absolutely not to excess. More to the point, the fumes now exit behind the car, rather than where they can infiltrate the cabin. So I went to drive away and got round the corner and halfway up the hill... and the engine died. Something electrical, clearly, as there were no lights on the dash when I turned the key. I jiggled about with the battery connections, which I thought might be the issue, and it started again. And got half a mile up the road, stopping at the roundabout, where at least there was another lane people could use to get round me. A very nice chap in a P4 stopped and kindly drove back down to Martin's garage to call Martin out to me, and a passing lorry driver recognised Huggy from the HubNut video! Not the first time that's happened either :) So Martin came out, jiggled wires until the car started, and we drove back down to the garage where he had a better look, and found the lead to the starter wasn't tight. He tightened it up and boom, let there be power. While there, we were having a critical look over Huggy's bodywork. Three years outside, including 12 months of inactivity, isn't doing the bodywork any good at all. I think I'm going to have to be quite serious about looking for suitable swops.
  6. 4 randoms please when the time comes!
  7. I'm not normal either, I'm proud of my quirks. Well... most of them anyway. Don't worry about the paint, I'll be perfectly happy as-is when I win your Roffle for it.
  8. The Green Hornet was a masked vigilante, much like Batman. In fact the TV series was made by the same studio and they made crossover appearances in each other's shows. He was a newspaper owner named Britt Reid, played by Van Johnson IIRC, with a chauffeur named Kato who was played by Bruce Lee. There was a film not many years ago with Seth Rogen (?) in the part. They built a bunch of cars for the new film, all customised Imperials very much like the original which Corgi reproduced so well. For a series that was barely aired over here, the car stayed in the catalogue for a surprisingly long time, and it's not hard to pick them up used.
  9. 'Twas August 1978, maybe 6-7 weeks after passing my test. I got my hands on a borrowed 1971 Hillman Avenger and drove from Southport to Leeds to visit the famous Cruise. I tried it again a couple of months later in the 1960 Austin A40 that I'd picked up as a freebie between times. The poor A40 didn't survive, I saw off the head gasket on the return leg and the car was never the same.
  10. As a lifelong van licker I'm following this! A water pump should be easy to get, but see if you can clear the passages in the block before you fit it. My Cyprus A40 had the same thing. In fact everything you might need for that engine should be pretty easy to get hold of. If you have the time you might as well strip it, prep the head for unleaded, open up the ports a bit...
  11. Strangeangel, you were soooooooooooo close! I'd pay very good money for this over anything built since, including Huggy! Fastest? No Most economical? No Best handling at speed? No Most comfortable on a long trip? No Survival rate in a crash? Nil BUT! Just look at the damn thing. Every time - literally every time - you stepped out of your front door to go somewhere, you would wear a grin you couldn't wash off with turps. This thread is about the best-looking car, right? We've just seen both contenders. There are no others.
  12. First school car: Escort 1.1 Pop, WCK 726R. I hated it, so changed schools. Mini, more mk2 Escorts, and finally a mk1 Fiesta, UYM 717S, in which I passed! Family car at the time was a Triumph Herald 12/50, ATD 315A. This was all 1977-78.
  13. Yes, twas indeed me. Boggy, I did send you a PM, has it got buried in your inbox perhaps?
  14. Huggy is in the Naughty Corner. He's had a bit of a bass rumble going on for some weeks now, but today... the back silencer fell right off, on the road. I went back later and picked it up, but it's rotten, I'll have to find some sort of replacement. That said, he isn't actually very noisy, just a bit deeper-chested. And really, having most of an exhaust, terminating in rot, isn't very good is it? I'll have to see if I've got any exhaust sections in my lockup.
  15. Nobody said in one go. A quick-release front wheel makes a heck of a difference.
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