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  1. Anything RWD and small to medium-sized really: Vivas and Kadetts spring to mind. Manta and Ascona are already on their way up. Rootes Arrow series are also climbing. Marinas are picking up but not at the same speed. I'm a bit surprised the humble Minor hasn't been grabbed in the same way; it's light and simple and is basically an MG Midget under the skin. I know it's been an established classic for decades but you can still find them at remarkably reasonable prices. Ditto the Austin A40. Old Toyotas and Datsuns? Most have rotted away and the survivors seem to be up between GM and Fo
  2. The blue D series with flat trailer is being rehomed, all the others are still available, indeed they are still sitting on the roof of my model garage where I photographed them! Want list remains untapped.
  3. I was just thinking the same!
  4. Reduced, did I say? I've just been looking at eBay. There's practically nothing at the prices I've been asking. I mean not even stuff I don't want, never mind anything I would actually like. The models I would choose are all three or four times what I'm prepared to pay. I have decided to keep hold of the GTO. I found a 66 and I think they look good together. I've also put the white Firebird back in the cabinet. Not entirely sure why, but neither was I sure I wanted to sell it. I mean, what will I buy to replace them, given what people are asking? Also, there are hardly any A
  5. Condolences, of course. Volvo 850 estate? I know of one that hasn't moved in about three weeks...
  6. "TM" is a local registration too. It's quite possible the truck hasn't been more than a few miles from home in its entire life! Could even have been part of the press fleet...
  7. The Astro seats look like a lovely place to sleep!
  8. I rather like that. There is a faint alarm bell ringing though, because it's listed as an 1800 engine, which wasn't available in 1970-71. Of course it could easily have had a replacement fitted in a 50-year life! Appropriately, it's in Bedford, Bedfordshire. Where else would it be! Watching, obviously!
  9. Thanks Dez, but I suspect there's a lot more work in that than is listed. Anyway, a Luton? Not for me I'm afraid.
  10. What a bummer! I've just seen this on FB, hope it turns up intact. The penalties for offences like this need raising to Dirty Harry levels.
  11. Don't worry about that, it's perfectly normal for old American cars. I positively expect it! A couple of slow turns, a burst of whizzing over... and VAROOM! With a side order of chuff from one of the exhaust manifolds, most likely. That's what Huggy does anyway. It's all very pleasing on the ear.
  12. They are good, yes: our identical Denim Blue example did the trip to Inverness every year while we had it. That car was one of my better decisions!
  13. All correct! Shame the Allegro had to be moved on but space is at a premium in there now. I can see why they saved the Corsa, it won't be long before the only people who buy them will be Shiters, who will in turn be displaced by the moneybags brigade. Either way there won't be any left on the road. I'm looking forward to hosting the northern Shiters there again, when we're allowed...
  14. Thanks Tim. I can't really turn it down, can I? Slip it into my box s'il vous plait, and soon we might have to square up!
  15. Oh bum, I was just about to ask about the Tokyo copcar and the Berlingo, and maybe some of the unboxed Vanguards.
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