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  1. Well now... I promised you some pictures. Let's begin with the big yellow garage that's away upthread somewhere, that I restored a few years ago. It's turned into a busy forecourt! All the cars are my own restorations too. There's also a village garage... Keen eyes will recognise some Matchbox and Hot Wheels here. The red Bentley is an old MB Silver Spirit with some slight resculpting. This was in a charity shop in Ulverston and would have gone to the tip if I hadn't dug a quid out of my pocket. And after a village garage, let's head to the big city... Remember I alluded to bringing something back from Down South? I spotted this on Facebook, being offered FOC to anyone who could collect quickly, or it would be going to the tip. I messaged former Shiter Mercrocker, who lives down that way, and he kindly collected it and stored it for me, and brought it to our Solent meetup last month. It's a little bit warped, but I think I can straighten it up, and when I have, there's a verandah to go back on, over the main doors. It's supposed to be Sun Hill police station! It's huge, there's another piece of road that won't even fit on my antique table. @paulplom said very recently he had sent me a little present... here it is. Yes, the Dinky Vega Major coach! Still with the opening bootlid too! He posted this up ages ago on TDW and I expressed an interest. We both then forgot about it, until this week, when he kindly sent it to me. It's in remarkably good condition for a 50 year old toy! There isn't a battery cover but there is a little barrier that swings across the battery space, so maybe that's all it's supposed to have. I haven't put a battery in to test it yet. This is one of those Dinky Toys I never had when I was a kid, so I'm especially delighted to have it now.
  2. That's nothing short of marvellous! May it serve you well for a long time.
  3. It now looks like she's going to be in for the weekend. Noticeably, it's ten years this month since she was in hospital in Paphos.
  4. Sorry... I had some other stuff to do today, but sometime tomorrow I should be able to do a shoot. I hope.
  5. Keeping her again tonight, phone again tomorrow.
  6. Thank you, but I see you've already spotted the obvious issues! Never mind eh? /pedant alert: slant 6 is a Mopar in 2.7 or 3.7 flavours, this is a slant 4. /end pedantry
  7. @tooSavvy You got a better result than I did! When I swopped my Volvo for CMS206'sAstra, Churchill wanted a load of extra money out of me! Wait a minute... going from a 2.5 litre 1996 Volvo to a 1.7 litre diesel 2004 Astra? I managed to get the increase down to £69 by adding MrsR, even though there was no way she was ever going to drive it. Guess who isn't going to get my business for the next shite car?
  8. Well it won't be tonight. They're keeping her in at least one night, possibly more, because there was talk of me bringing in a bag in the morning with stuff she will need.
  9. There will be some, way back in this thread, but I'll shoot some tomorrow if you like. I've changed the traffic now: the "new" models have gone and the forecourt is filled with Corgi/Dinky restos. There is also now a smaller garage, and a 1/43 police station.
  10. Like this, perhaps? This is in its not-quite-finished state, back in 2014. I've added pumps and some more stickerage since then. Not bad for a dilapidated wreck off a car boot sale!
  11. They'd only booked her in for the rash, with a nurse. Nurse escalated us to nurse-practitioner, who did a couple of routine obs and then booked us into A&E. So that's where I've had to leave MrsR. NP reckoned it was sepsis, which is a worry. Not a clue when I'll get her back.
  12. Oh bugger, that Mazda is VERY appealing!
  13. Bollocks! I've just typed out a four-paragraph tale of criminal damage and it's disappeared because I clicked "show new post" in case it was relevant. @sierraman I totally agree! I could get quite worked up about that when I was driving trucks, and often had the widest ERF in Lancashire!
  14. MrsR is ill. She had a scan last week, for which they needed to inject her with some "contrast dye." She also started some new medication. She's suffering a reaction to one thing or the other (can't tell which) consisting of a major and sudden rash, swollen and puffy eyes, loss of what little appetite she has, complete loss of sleep and inability to manage the pain she was already in anyway. Not to mention the lack of energy. She's phoned the doctor this morning and got an appointment with someone this afternoon, so that's something I suppose.
  15. Erm, not quite... I've had a Gran Fury of that generation!
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