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  1. Something I was extremely successful at for many years, without even trying!
  2. Bus Stop was a song by The Hollies in about 1966. I was slightly mangling the lyrics to make a joke. You young people, you don't know you're born! (and other old-man cliches)
  3. Is it a wet day? Did you offer her a share of your umbrella?
  4. 3 doors or 5, Billy? K or diesel?
  5. Er, nope, not me anyway! Well no. I just don't have to commute (even when I did, it was only 4 miles each way). Huggy can sit for weeks (as you've read here before!) without going anywhere, and that was before lockdown, so none of his miles are essential, except where they impact my mental health. Which they do, every time, and positively! Given that my only other costs are insurance (cheap) and repairs (cheaper than one might think) I will keep Huggy, or a car like him, for as long into the future as I possibly can. Smiles per gallon easily outweigh miles.
  6. I drive a 47 year old Cadillac. Draw your own conclusions! :)
  7. @antony denman Was the James Bond influence too strong? Is that why you went for blue? I like the Get Carter idea! Some day I must post up photos of my 1/64-ish movie cars, I've got rather a lot, some of them quite obscure. Meanwhile, today I've had more models in the caustic solution and some have stripped better than others. Some will need at least another soak.
  8. AAAAAAAAARGH! Oh I'd love to find those now! I think I'll pass on the Hunter, thanks.
  9. Most likely civilian tbh. I've spent years hoovering up cheap Hunters where I find them, and managed to get 3 including my much-abused owned-from-new original. They've now all been repainted to match the 3 i and my parents had: two Minxes and a Sceptre. The one I had from new is the red one, appropriately as that was the first of the three we had! The Sceptre was the last, and had been used by Ginger McCain for training his racehorses on Southport beach. It's also (so far, touch wood, etc) the only car that's been stolen from me. I got it back but it was never the same and even
  10. I spy most of a Corgi Hillman Hunter there! OK it's incomplete, but if the price fits I won't worry too much. Does it have all four wheels? It's a Golden Jacks model so they often go missing...
  11. The Camaro isn't Moochie's, it belongs to Buddy Repperton. (I couldn't remember his name, I had to look the film up on IMDB!)
  12. I've had some of mine in the caustic bath today. It's removed the Humbrol but not the original paint. Have to give them another soak. One thing I did do today was grind the cast-in lettering off the Ecurie Ecosse transporter using my not -a -Dremel. Some more soaking over the weekend and they should be ready for primer on Monday.
  13. This seems like a good point to air this photo again... Tomato, my Cypriot Metro van, meeting his grandad! Also... My 1993 Mercury Sable, with his grandad!
  14. To be honest I don't know. This one was just listed as "a black Firebird" and was close enough for me. Likewise my Christine was just "a red Plymouth" and again , was good enough. I actually hadn't spotted the differences in the Kill Bill car!
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