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  1. That (Chevy) El Camino isnt. It's the El Camino 's mortal enemy, a 1972 Ford Ranchero. And I would.
  2. In so many ways, that's lovely! I won't be buying it though. 1: I've got no money. Big hitch. 2: It's described as "a CF, not a CF2" when a CF2 is precisely what it is. Which makes it too young for me anyway. Plastic front. 3: It runs "from a can... two good spare fuel tanks included." Alarm bell. How much more work would I be buying before it can be used on the road? 4: Looks lovely in red, doesn't it? But that paint is somewhat younger than the metal under it. Inside the box and under the hood it was a white van. Why is it now red? What's hiding? But at least it has the right engine, the 2.3 petrol slant. And the frame around the back doors looks a whole lot better on this 40-year-old van than on my 11-year-old original. Thank you for spotting it though!
  3. I agree, and I've looked at it close up!
  4. Almost all of mine falls into the same bracket, although if I really tried, I'm sure I could make quite a bit of money on the 50-odd 1/18s I have now; but they give me so much pleasure!
  5. I think that's lovely. I'd be all over it if I had money!
  6. I would very happily buy that if I had the money. Driving a car from the 50s isn't difficult, you just have to allow for much longer journey times and stopping distances.
  7. If he gets to £2 each then Dinky Anglia please! Also one or both of the Corgi Elans and the Hillman Husky. Please! But not at more than that.
  8. Funny how the cheap rate never applies to the dates I need!
  9. Thanks Tim, but I'm not seeing anything that could persuade me to lay out a fiver. He will have to come down significantly if he wants my custom!
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 12 weeks? How innocent were we in the olden days of 18 months ago?? Anyway, at the moment the Premier Inns are open, so both Cannock and Fareham are on. Dates are upthread.
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