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  1. That's all so familiar! Good luck my friend, hope it improves for you.
  2. Nice shed! Nice Gilbern too, what exactly is the programme of events now you've got it in the air? That might affect my guess...
  3. If it had a Webasto roof (ooh, get her!) this would be the twin of the one I had in 1981. CLV 993K, long gone now of course.
  4. In Southport hospital? He's lucky to have walked out of that place, it's like bloody Holby... the only way out is horizontally. I'm from Southport originally, I know about this! Good luck POD.
  5. Indoor workspace! I'm so envious... This is looking brilliant already, it's going to make my work on Huggy look so rubbish. Have you sourced a replacement engine yet?
  6. @bunglebus that black and white police car is a 1973 Chevrolet Bel Air, as used by the dozen in Roger Moore's first Bond film Live And Let Die.
  7. Today was the first time in several days that the weather has been kind enough to let me work on the car... so this morning I did! I've shattered myself but got a lot of good work done. There will be photos in a day or two, but for the moment, take it from me, the repairs are going to look not only period correct but also pretty darn good! And a WHOLE lot better than they did before I started.
  8. Count me in for two on that Cortina too. Can't really turn it down, can I?
  9. I would guess Ixo/Altaya, they are clearly a partwork collection because I have several others. Police cars of the world, that sort of thing.
  10. I've never owned a Horizon, but I have been crashed into by one, 35 years ago. I was in a T25 pickup so I survived. Meanwhile, on the Costa, it looks like the local Interceptors have finally nailed that dodgy expat in his Cadillac... I should do some more of these, shouldn't I?
  11. Saying that though, I have two in Spanish police livery and have never taken a photo of either!
  12. My pleasure! But, do go through the packaging again, as the TR definitely had a Ramrod screen. I took them both off the cars for postage.
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