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  1. One day this week, I believe I said. Well, sorry about that! Several weeks later and still no photos. Life got in the way. I will try and get some photos soon.
  2. Well... you never know what you're going to see, do you? One day a gloriously shabby Corsair, the next day this! That was unexpected!
  3. You got actual information out of Tesco? I mean... Tesco?????? Well done!
  4. Excellent choice of commercial! I love a good Roadrunner. Can't see you regretting this.
  5. The Daimler is correct on those tiny tyres! That's just a consequence of the range not having a constant scale. I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. I had a 998 A-series Metro with a towbar on, is that ambitious enough?
  7. @Matty Don't beat yourself up! (There's always someone waiting to do that for you...) It was a good spot, the van looks lovely. It's even the right colour. Just a shame about the specifics.
  8. Looks lovely! But: does not start, leaking brake fluid... so it's a garden ornament then, for 5K. Also, it's the Opel engine, not the slant. But still beautiful, thank you.
  9. Please please tell me you picked up that Lincoln Zephyr!
  10. We were talking about Corgi Golden Jacks recently, so today I decided to drag some of mine out. L-R: Corvette, unrestored; Hillman Hunter, made up to resemble the one I had in 1982; Mini Marcos, restored in random yellow. Naturally I forgot one! Toronado, wearing what I know as Corvette wheels (the green Vette has them too) but don't they just look right on it!
  11. Remember this? Well forget it now, it's disappeared. Today I was out and about in the Volvo, and I caught a glimpse of a roofline, so I turned the car around and went back for a better look. I thought, there are only two cars that could be, and I think I know which it is. And I was right. I loves me a Corsair, I does. No idea why this was parked there, but there was a beavertail just behind it, and Barrow is a big banger town. Considering it's 54 years old it looks pretty darn good, if a bit worn around the edges. It'll be the 1700V4 Essex, which was
  12. TBF you are probably right! I paid less than half of that for Huggy five years ago...
  13. HFM????????? Makes Huggy look like the bargain of the decade!
  14. Thank you; they baffle me too! There seems to be little in the way of a pattern, except that anything I might want (and most of what I never would) shoots up so high only dogs can hear it! I don't think I could do any better than insult you at the moment, so rather than do that, I'll step aside. FWIW I think you've done right starting things at 99p and letting them go where they will. @Datsuncog: have your way with the Stags!
  15. Compared to ebay prices they are probably in line with current trends. However, current trends are beyond my budget, so thank you for the offer but I have to pass.
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