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  1. You really don't. Just do what I do and throw them away. Life's too short to be worrying about MPG.
  2. I got the colour right!
  3. Fiat Multipla in light green metallic?
  4. Thank you Paul, but you need to enjoy it for a while. I might remind you of this kind offer in a year or two though!
  5. You jammy sod, I've been chasing those on ebay for years! It doesn't have to have the speaker on the roof; it doesn't even have to have a box! One day... (yeah, keep telling yourself that, Edward, you might even believe it eventually)
  6. I've been over to the lockup again, and I think I must have all or nearly all of the cars out of there now. So those are the cars, usual rates apply (Matchbox size 50p, Corgi size £1, postage extra). The rates are arbitrarily adjustable. But now, here's a treat, a GENUINE BBC DOCTOR WHO costume! Well part of one anyway, a jacket/waistcoat. Made for Jonathan Adams to wear in an episode called "The Robbers," it turned up in a costume auction that my sister attended many years ago, and because it wasn't complete (this is all there was) she and her husband decided not to keep it in their extensive sci-fi collection, so they passed it on to me. I've never worn it, and probably never will, not least because I've put on weight since then. ("Then" being about 1993-4) It's beautifully made, nylon scales lined with cotton and trimmed with suede. The suede has gone a bit mildewed but I'm sure could be rescued by someone who knows what they're doing. It should be fastened by lacing, which I think is supposed to go up the wearer's back, but there was no lacing with it when I got it. What's it worth, a tenner plus post?
  7. It's Eurovision night, so I'm listening to it on the radio, because three years ago exactly, that's what I was doing on my first drive in Huggy! That first drive being 200 miles from Derby to Barrow. Happy Anniversary Huggy.
  8. Yes, bottom-left corner of the Lakes so 100 miles or so from you. I know it's doable because I picked up my Mercury Sable from Tow Law a few years ago.
  9. Go on then, I'll have a tenner's worth of randoms please.
  10. That Commer pickup was also available in grey-over-red; I had both when I was little!
  11. Well... You brave man! I'm looking forward to seeing progress in due course. Nice to have all that backstory too. It's going to be epic! For shipping, these guys get good reviews.... https://www.facebook.com/kingstownshipping/?__tn__=%2CdK-R-R&eid=ARBGebhOSZDDlga-8k_o0H-mfv321vkedb5vVPPTREdAdA37z6hzWONDKvQQF398Tu0uuQ-hwVeSRBGi&fref=gs&dti=21451895995&hc_location=group
  12. 4 and 16 please. If I can convince my neighbour he wants my C3 this will change....
  13. You won't lose me, it's not that easy! I just won't be here as much. What do I miss? Being able to see at a glance which threads have been updated since I was here last, without having to look at the time of the last posting and work out if it was before or after my last visit. That's just For Example. I don't think I've used the forum enough yet to pick out much else. Don't mind me, I'm just a grumpy old fart who can't keep up.
  14. I think I've worked out what the problem is. It's too much change at once, that I haven't initiated, and therefore I'm failing to cope with it. My entire life stands as precedent for this viewpoint. I'm on computer, I don't do phone-based internet.
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