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  1. Yay! Good to see it getting some action :)
  2. It's only in Carlisle! Someone buy Huggy quick!
  3. It couldn't be cheap enough. I'd want paying, and at a bloody good hourly rate too!
  4. Yes it does. I'd never heard of it before. The bird seems otherwise healthy and happy (yeah, like I would know) but the main element for me is the way the white one stays with it. I just think that's so sweet.
  5. When I've actually booked the overnights I'll let you know, but the routine will be the same as it was in Volvoland. Show up at the motel reception and ask for Mr Rafter, and either the receptionist will let me know you've arrived, or she'll send you over to the nearest dining establishment where we can have good craic for hours. For simplicity we'll most likely book the same venue both ways.
  6. Shame about those wheels on the Galaxie!
  7. So, return visit yesterday afternoon... This is the "Green thing" that was hiding. It appears to be some kind of rally-raid sort of truck. Plastic body. There is a recovery truck in the same box... ...along with a Disco3 and a bunch of variously-scaled Binis. Now if we go down to Matchbox/HW size... L-R: a 90s Crown Vic police car; Lexus LS400; Audi Quattro and a Sprinter police van, by Realtoy. L-R: the next generation of Crown Vic; two of an earlier generation, when they were called LTD and built on the Fox platform IIRC; a Celica; and, of all things, a Citroen Cactus! I'm thinking of nabbing one of those LTDs for myself, I have a purpose for it. He should be there today if anyone wants any of this.
  8. So buy my brown Cadillac and I promise to save you from the Red Peril!
  9. Lol! I think they're trying to encourage reed growth, there are several such compounds at various points around the lake.
  10. Quick someone, buy Huggy so I can pounce on this! What a fleet that would be, a red Jag and a red Bentley. Delicious...
  11. Barrow Park has Canada Geese on the lake... These two have been here a couple of years now. The brown one has some dodgy-looking feathers on his/her wings, not sure if you can see them properly but they stick out at rightangles, more or less in the middle of the wing, both sides; I reckon he/she can't fly. The white one never strays far from the brown one. They're always together, and I reckon the white one is on Carer duty. Such devotion is lovely to see.
  12. I'll be back this afternoon then and snaffle the 110 for you. Green thing, the one with 04 on the roof? I think it's a speclift recovery vehicle, but I'll check when I go back, and snap it for you.
  13. Tat rummaging has occurred over here too... Not a whole lot that might be of interest, but I don't remember seeing these three before, all boxed. As you can see, his prices are fair! Boxed Vanguard Spitfire looks so nice I might have bought it myself, at a fiver, but with more than half the back bumper missing, I decided I have enough projects on the go. It's even got a raised soft-top and a tonneau cover! No idea why this one's gone sideways, but never mind... Land Rover 110 is 1/34 scale according to the base; little Clio is 1/43. So, if any of the above take your fancy, you know what to do.
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