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  1. eddyramrod

    Rozzer Shite

    Not just me then... In Southport in the early 80s we had a mk2 Escort Popular, same as the local pandas, except it was red and registered JUM 47V. It struck me as odd that one of our local copcars was registered out of town (Leeds) and on a short plate too, so of course it stayed with me.
  2. That 1987 Red Line mag has gone on my Watch List, to send to my mate in Cyprus. It's just up his street; last time I saw him he had one of those Covin "Porsches."
  3. I haven't visited one in over four years, but at that point the answer was a resounding Yes. Also, prices? They were already laughable, and if they follow ebay it's only getting worse.
  4. I don't know how I haven't spotted this thread before, but WOW!
  5. This just showed up on my Facebook so I thought I'd share it...
  6. Well that's nothing short of magnificent! Thank you
  7. Speaking as an habitual moustache-wearer: that's a doozy!
  8. (Months later...) Yeah I have, haven't I? I do like variety, always have. Unfortunately as the old cars get older, it gets harder to find something "different." Or at least, makes finding them more expensive. And, thank you everyone for the comments on here. It's nice to think someone is enjoying my words.
  9. Bronze is actually in contention, but one of my teachers had a white one, that I rode in once, so white is still top of the list, at the moment.
  10. This is a to be period piece, IIRC. Back in the 70s and 80s many Capris were given the kind of treatment described. Ditto Escorts, Cortinas, you name it, especially Fords. I know, I was there. Not doing such things myself, but certainly reading about, and associating with, people who did. Nobody back then imagined these things would rival small houses in terms of price, 40 years later! I am writing a sitcom with three friends, and they have accepted in principle that a classic car might be involved. However I am the only person who "sees" the car in the scenes we write (tbf it's mostly in the background and is hardly ever seen moving) and who cares about what the actual car might be. Current contender is a 1975 Sunbeam Rapier, preferably white. Most readers, and this is a harsh reality for someone like me to admit, will not care about almost all the details of the car. "A beautifully-painted customised Ford Capri" is quite enough description for most people until a specific detail is needed, eg "Sarah dug her cigarettes from her bag. Jim spotted her action and reached with his left arm to stop her. 'I don't want you smoking in here,' he said. 'Look at all the fake-fur on the doors and dash; imagine how that could burn.' Sarah nodded her understanding and put her cigarettes back." @Missy Charm: good luck!
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