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  1. Drop it off here on the way home and I'll cover your train fares
  2. My first driving school car was a mk2 Escort, WCK 726 R. It was horrible, and I doubt even I would have such a model in my collection.
  3. Nah, don't worry. It was no more than an impulse, I have no real idea what I would have done with it anyway. You go for it, and good luck! Thanks for at least trying.
  4. Yes, I spotted that too. Matchbox don't make one of these, lol, and don't the pics form part of the description? Isn't he therefore legally required to sell me the van as shown? Assuming I win of course. Please, don't anyone bid! @Wingz123 stand by for collection please!
  5. HFM??????? Suddenly Huggy looks criminally cheap!
  6. That sounds like a telly series in the making!
  7. D'you know what, I would actually put in a bid on that if I thought the sale would be honoured!
  8. I'm delighted to see another Princess among us! I've had two, but neither was a B series, it'll be interesting to see how this one develops.
  9. If you want to print off that pic and take it in, then please do. As long as I get the credit I'm happy.
  10. My dad was the eldest son of a Dublin farmer. Good news about Freynes, thank you! I wonder if they keep a heritage fleet at all?
  11. Here's the E83W that's been at the local shows....
  12. Splendid idea, well done 6C. Splendid car too, I'll take a random seeing as number 16 has been claimed. You are Franz Sanchez AICMFP.
  13. 100%. The only fly in the ointment is the Cadillac, which is still parked up with the battery flat.
  14. Oh I have! I found a couple parked up behind a village restaurant when we lived in Cyprus - a restaurant we would visit often - and when I started going to the Lakeland Motor Museum and surrounding shows, there was one among the regular attenders. The engine is offset to the left...
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