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  2. Daihatsu anyone? 2003 Daihatsu Terios 1.3 Petrol Sport 4x4 105k mls, A/C | eBay
  3. This looks fun* for a tyre fitter York Vintage 4 in line trailer | eBay
  4. 1963 early Bedford TK cat whisker | eBay
  5. MG ZT 2.5 190+ v6 | eBay 'This car. Has 100k miles on the chassis' 'but it have proof of a new engine being out in with 30k miles by mg themselves' 'so the engine has done around 35k miles' 'The radio just says waiting and the rev gauge wasn’t working on the clocks so I replaced them but it just says 0 mileage now. '
  6. ALFA ROMEO 164 3.0 V6 1990 | eBay
  7. We're going to struggle to beat finding Alf Garnett in a wheel barrow on eBay for quite some time.
  8. *Your current bid puts you in the lead.
  9. Ford Transit MWB Camper Van | eBay 'Me and my partner lived in the van for 18 months whilst travelling central America' Fucking hats off to the fella. I went to Malpas (about 12 miles away) in a Transit 2.4 once, and it felt like a 4 month adventure.
  10. Wolseley 15-50 1958 classic car | eBay 'Get ready to turn heads and make a statement on the road' 'stunning'
  11. Milk float | eBay Crying out for a Honda C50 engine conversion.
  12. Citroen GS 3 speed automatic ULEZ Compliant Classic Car | eBay Aside from needing those number plates frisbeeing into the nearest skip, that does look a treat.
  13. Think this may have been owned by Jonathon Ross. It looks wubbish, anyhow.
  14. peugeot 106 cars | eBay 'no MOT wouldn't take much to put though' Repair immediately (major defects): Nearside Rear Brake pipe excessively corroded too wheel cylinder (1.1.11 (c)) Offside Front Inner Drive shaft joint constant velocity boot split or insecure, no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (6.1.7 (g) (ii)) Nearside Front Suspension component mounting prescribed area excessively corroded significantly reducing structural strength (5.3.6 (a) (i)) '110.000 on clock' Date tested 9 January 2023 FAIL Mileage 94,878 miles
  15. Not sure what's going on here, but it's either a Stoke based round of bukkake or (far more likely) someone telling their Touran to fuck off Volkswagen Touran running but spares and repairs | eBay One of the best motoring related moments I've ever had was when Cartakeback came round and took mine away to be crushed.
  16. Have to say stopped watching it years ago when it became all about 'that' presenter and the scripted hilarity*. The fact they got another insufferable arsewipe (McGuiness) in tells it's own story, really. Bangers & Cash is a million times better/more watchable and Henry Cole and his cohorts are rapidly growing on me.
  17. Jaguar xk120 Replica | eBay 'This will never be mistaken for a replica'
  18. 1977 DATSUN 140Y NO RESERVE ! | eBay
  19. Honda VFR400 ?1989 | eBay 'Will need to be dragged out through the dray hole so a stout rope and some muscle will be nescessary' Bloody hell, M8, most people are just happy with a hamster up their arse.
  20. I'm sure someone on here collected those Volvo Itera bikes. Possibly @alcyonecorporation ? Soz if wrong person.
  21. Invacar Model 70 1978 Icon Retro Trike Invalid Disabled | eBay
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