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  1. Maestro Van 700,petrol. | eBay
  2. vauxhall chevette estate 1979 tax and mot exempt BARN FIND | eBay
  3. Not the most confident tower, ok going forwards, shit at reversing. But where's the fun in paying someone else to do it*? Trailer hire and a number plate (they wouldn't let me make one with cardboard) was £70, obvs I found I had a legit spare plate after I'd bought the new one. Anyhow, went surprisingly easily, albeit for maybe 10 miles in total. Some daft cow tried to COME AT ME, BRO in a Clio but soon realised she was fucked as the parked cars were on her side of the road. Anyhow, even managed to reverse it (unloaded) 3 times without too much hassle and get it back in one piece.... A mate of mine said VOSA told his dad's uncle's first wife that towing weights and all that bollocks don't matter, as long as you have cheap flashing lights on the roof of your van, and they are forward facing ones (but facing the back) with the white lights gone over with red masking tape. *I tried, but my M8 was too busy.
  4. Sadly, the interior in this one has been had off (by a previous owner, years ago) and replaced with fairly basic model seats. A GSi interior or half-leathers from an SRi would probably improve it. The body work is quite shit too, sadly.
  5. Erm, seem to have bought an old Vauxhall... ...a 2.0 Super Touring. It's pretty bad body work wise (the kit didn't do them any favours) but they're a rare old thing now.
  7. 'as you can see in the photos its in a very sorry state 1989 HONDA CRX 1.6 | eBay
  8. triumph vitesse 2.0 6 cylinder not stag,spitfire barn find spares or repairs | eBay
  9. Truly and utterly THE worst commercial vehicle ever made, bar none. Not only it is an Iv*co, it's the horrific fuel guzzling, completely gutless and totally unreliable 4 pot bastarding piss pot pile of dog shit one. Iveco curtainside | eBay 'Starts and runs as it should' I'd leave that bit out, M8, you're going to struggle to sell the fucker anyhow.
  10. 1989 Ford Transit Pick Up Dropside 2.0 Pinto | eBay Shame it's got the wrong engine, otherwise it's ace.
  11. VW Convertable Beetle Vert 1960 air-cooled | eBay
  13. Lambretta LD150 | eBay
  14. Comes complete with a VOSA Shat Nav ford transit mk3 van | eBay
  15. 'STILL HAS THE ORIGINAL CARPETS WHICH ARE LOVELY.' AMERICAN MOTORHOME, RV, PREVOST, V8 DETROIT, REAL STUNNING WORK OF ART. | eBay It's like God's waiting room on wheels, and all the better for it.
  16. Want it taking for a test run up the canal, M8?
  17. That's about right, imho. Incidentally: Paging @UltraWombleas he's after a 'ped for his daughter.
  18. If you hover your mouse over this image on the eBay link it actually looks like a giant dog is shitting on that blokes head Kawasaki Z1000 ST 1979 Low Miles V5c Historic Registered Lovely Condition | eBay
  19. camper van project | eBay 'great for someone who has mechanical experience ' Less great for someone who has photographic experience.
  20. lotus elite eclat excel | eBay *You're the highest bidder.
  21. MBG 50CC Moped | eBay
  22. Motorbike Peasero 50cc | eBay
  23. You know when you see all that 'Spend the night in Britain's most haunted pub/library/toilet/prison/soap factory' old bollocks? Cheltenham vintage caravan Lucy Restored by Lucy Jayne Vintage caravan workshop | eBay This must eclipse the whole fucking lot of them, it'd be a major challenge to stay in there for more than 15 seconds without calling for Huey and having nightmares for life.
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