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  1. 1964 Triumph Vitesse 6 MK1 | eBay
  2. austin maxi 1750 | eBay I swear you can actually smell the interior on a Maxi, just from photographs.
  3. italjet 50cc monkeybike | eBay
  4. Peugeot 406 glx 2.0 16v saloon | eBay Bit of a weird one this, runs on something called 'petrol'.
  5. Soz, not soz. Have to say it wears its mileage (178k) exceptionally well, and the chain has been done recently. The lack of rear leg room is an issue though, to the point where it might have to go to be replaced with a 5 series or something.
  6. Doesn't @Mr_Bo11ox have a bit of a thing for these black silled Rovers?
  7. East Lancs Dennis trident Cummins bus Spares Or Repairs | eBay
  8. Please be careful sharing towns or exact locations, there are some unscrupulous thieves operating abroad who'll steal highly valuable classic cars. Someone's already had the lenses off that Corsa.
  9. Quadrophenia: a film about people who have shit, smoky, slow old motors that never seem to go over 45mph or change gear properly desperately trying to reach the coast before their mobile rust machine breaks down. vw t25 transporter Air-cooled Doka pickup crewcab | eBay
  10. Piaggio Ape 50 1984 | eBay 'DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER ON THE SIDE OF THE APE RUBBISH2GO DO NOT OWN THE VEHICAL' 'For sale due to my retirement I owned and used this Ape at shows and exhibitions to promote the company whilst i was still working ' 'DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER ON THE SIDE OF THE APE RUBBISH2GO DO NOT OWN THE VEHICAL' Write something to thames1950x Hi M8 do Rubish2go own this vehical?
  11. Love the old TS, have a 185ER which is a proper rattly old thing that keeps deciding various things (mostly electrical) shouldn't work, but it's great fun.
  12. 2000 FORD TRANSIT RECOVERY TRUCK SPARES REPAIRS DAMAGED | eBay Unsure if the floor is partially turfed, or it's a reflection
  13. Small Vintage Pashley Trailer. Camping.? Motorcycle? | eBay Overhangtastic
  14. Stop everything '1996 Renault Clio on Facebook MarketPlace, I think. This is a rare chance to own something A bit special I have looked online and there is only to one of them is mine it is a 1996 Renault Clio campervan in very good condition it was running perfect when parked up now it is just spinning over could be immobiliser or Ignition problem engine and gearbox 100% sound it is a lovely little van with a lot of life left in itNeeds a little TLC viewings are welcome we are located in Desborough Northamptonshire cash on collection £2,500 James Tallis, Kettering
  15. Have we had this yet? Fun Classic Custom Retro Vintage Hot Rod Noddy Show Car Tax Mot ULEZ Exempt LOOK | eBay 'young lads (and ladies) literally jump for joy at the sight of it,' I assume he's talking about his purple headed womb broom here, not this thing.
  16. One off, retro custom built ATV, Landrover, V5 for agricultural use | eBay
  17. Vespa Electtrica, 2020 - Electric Scooter / Motorbike | eBay 'She is in good condition except a bump where i dropped her in my first 10 mins of owning her' 'I have taken good care of her '
  18. Assuming it still has some semblance of underneath bits, that's a right little bargain.
  19. 2012 CUSTOM HARLEY DAVIDSON 103CI 30" FRONT BAGGER FULL AIRRIDE CHOPPER BOBBER | eBay It's not 21G either, it's fucking thirty-five grand 'Beautiful'
  20. Ford Tipper D Series Cargo 1615, 1973, Two Owners, L Reg (June 1973). | eBay
  21. Hydrocon Highlander Mobile Crane, 1966. One owner for last 50+ years. | eBay
  22. Someone round here has an Alfa a bit like this in metallic green. Looks absolutely stunning.
  24. PEUGEOT 504 DIESEL PICK UP | eBay It's in Southampton which probs helps secure its fate.
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