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  1. God knows I've tried with these fucking things. Heard banging noises about 1.30 this morning, ignored them. Took missus to work these evening, got home looked at Merc and the passenger window and screen have gone. Called the police, and as I'm on the phone to them the local copper is outside anyway. Got the crime number, spoke to the outside copper and tried to open the car to look at the inside. Car won't unlock, so used skeleton key and got into it. Patches of black, smell of burning. Fucking thing must have caught fire behind the dash or on the A pillar, lucky it wasn't whi
  2. Shitting hell, this is so tempting Vauxhall Vectra B Supertouring 2.5 V6 *garage find* | eBay
  3. 'Suzuki Wagon R Camper' 'The Great Awakening' Suzuki wagon r + Blue rv camper touring motorhome | eBay And the answer to THE big question is... No, it's not very from you, @TheDoctor
  4. YES! 1999 LDV PILOT spares or repairs project camper conversion | eBay
  5. Leyland/ DAF OTHER motorhome registered on v5 | eBay 'Motorhome on V5'
  6. Absolutely no idea, captain, would assume they're next door to whoever is selling the caravan.
  7. Yes, it was on there at least once. I've not looked yet, just put a better battery on it and tried to start it.
  8. Meanwhile in Stoke, a man is offering a bowler hat to his car Mitsubishi Shogun LWB Automatic 2800 Spares or Repair | eBay
  9. Vintage retro classic cadet 10 | eBay 'comes with kath kidston flooring that is still boxed up'
  10. BARN FIND Rover 827Si Honda V6 Great History MUST BE SAVED 800 Series | eBay 'Come back and join us next week on Rover Hunt?'
  11. Ok, ok, maybe someone would piss on an Iv*co Iveco | eBay
  12. It transpires he's erm a 'caravan enthusiast' I think we'll call it.
  13. Cavcraft

    106 Rallye

    Shitting hell, that's every kind of amazing.
  14. Right, some afternoon tinkering: Seat belt buckles arrived for Yaris yesterday, now fitted... ...the handbrake (highly ineffective) was made much better yesterday. One wheel bearing (advisory on MOT) needs doing asap. Quick attempt at starting the Mazda, better battery fitted and put boost pack on too. It's got to be fuel related, excuse dreadful video, but you get the idea... VID_20210114_133520.mp4
  15. This is how it started, with a fairly odd advert: '***** *** Cedar year 1988 H 10 months MOT needs a carburettor I had a AA start in the carburettor Karen is a small bit of work drives 100% and started' (Lost messages which I deleted sadly, but we'll pick up again from the other day) Hi Brian, would it start and run and make it back to Chester do you think? 'Yes put my invoices to bring and Orla hello Laura because you need to have it insured and taxed before you can move it' 'Yes' Ok thanks I'll look into transport costs. What is wrong with the carb
  16. Some of us can't afford to buy an S320 diesel and still have!
  17. {Looks for 'ignore user' button}
  18. Bless me turbo nonce father, for I have sinned 'Worry not, young man, because the flesh is weak and the heart is deceitful' 'It's worse than that, cock' 'Feare not, for what thine imparts to me will remain untold to others and God will forgive you for your sins' 'Erm, I've bought a Ford Transit mobile confessional box' 'Praise the Lord, young man, for you are a true disciple of His great work and you will be rewarded in heaven above' '
  19. One Off Mercedes-Maybach S600/ Lorisner Classic Two Tone Replica + Private Plate | eBay 'This can be a beautiful and unique wedding car' Just by setting fire to the fucking abomination? 'If you do not want to pay £150k to buy the new Mercedes -Benz Maybach S600/Lorinser luxury vehicle' Then you're highly unlikely to want a hideously crayoned 210,000 miles S320 diesel? Verdict: HORIFFIC.
  20. Mercedes 814 7.5 ton furiture lorry | eBay 'No even broken raves in the back of the body'
  21. Big money but wonderful Transit 1988 F ford transit 120 swb panel van classic mk3 85k mint condition | eBay It's clearly got the wrong engine fitted though
  22. For Bornite to help himself prepare for the Volvo's appearance up his council?
  23. Don't look at it as slightly* over-priced van look at it as an (almost) mobile moped storage unit.
  24. No mention of experiences buying shonky Talbots from Suffolk though, so please let us know how you get on... TALBOT EXPRESS LWB HiTop DIESEL 2.5 Manual 5Sp. | eBay
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