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  1. That's his daily family wagon (V6 as well ) - you remember Todd from the BXagon trip?
  2. The bushes arrived this week, so I set to replacing them. I decided to do the whole lot while it was in pieces, although wished I hadn't when the first fastener sheared off! To be fair it's the first one to do so in my ownership I think. Drilling out wasn't too bad, with the aid of a jack: But tapping it again was slow due to limited access. Eventually it was back together though (position has now settled after a few compressions of the suspension). Just in time for a trip to one of our favourite spots, which has yet to become overrun by crowds. Only a matter of tim
  3. I have a spare leisure battery I can donate to the cause. (They were in a bank of 3, but one failed, and need to have a bank of matched condition batteries otherwise I believe they will self discharge faster). Anyway, I know I'll forget to keep it topped up so it'll end up dying, so may as well go to a good home!
  4. The former is reasonably effective on its own - your very own hot jetwash for those 'stubborn stains'...
  5. Ever since I've owned this the front ARB bushes have looked a little perished, but never seemed to get worse or have any detectable play. I'm now questioning whether I have been able to apply enough force to satisfactorily check for play against the loading of the suspension! I'd noticed a clonk yesterday, so jacked it up to check, and I *think* I may have found the cause. Fortunately it's from an era where you can buy just the bushes rather than the whole link, and at £1.30 for a genuine VW bush I think I may splash out and do both sides.
  6. I remember around 20 years ago, I was on a gap year from Uni and during the summer one of the other students had hired a field to organise a kind of mini festival. I went along with my girlfriend and a mate, who had borrowed his mum's J reg Clio for the trip, and who kindly offered to run me into town after I had exhausted my supplies of alcohol for the weekend (probably around 1900 on the Friday evening ) Being the chivalrous kind of gent I am, I let my girlfriend sit in the passenger seat while I squeezed in the back seat. Upon return to the camping field, my mate was weaving in and out
  7. /\ Blimey, how far down the slipway would you have to go to launch the boat?!
  8. Still keen, and 11th October is looking less likely to clash with my wife's birthday break
  9. You can even stop and get out if you need to, provided you don't mix with other people. We're in Germany ourselves (not sure if it's me or someone else you refer to!) so plan to cross Belgium on Saturday and fill up at an automated petrol station. Toilet stops fortunately not a problem as we're in the van! How anyone would prove adherence to this is a mystery...
  10. After nearly a week, the new solenoid finally arrived from Autodoc.de - I'd expected faster with stereotypical German efficiency, especially after paying 7 Euros for delivery! It was a simple job to fit it, and now all is working as normal, so I no longer have to embarrassingly stall it to stop! All else seems good under the 'bonnet' - no obvious leaks at least! Yesterday I met up with an old friend who owns a proper 70 Series Landcruiser, which I unfortunately didn't manage to get any decent photos of! But it's a proper solid old truck which he's shipped
  11. I can quite happily sit and drink wine, and even talk about non-car related subjects! I brought my wife down for the last one - I thought it might be a gentle introduction, and seeing as we were going that way anyway it wasn't as if I'd asked her to give up a weekend. To my surprise and pleasure she enjoyed it, so may well come again! There are a couple of pubs nearby, so may be worth enquiring whether they do rooms at a reasonable rate.
  12. I've been! But presumably they are far removed from road-going trucks?
  13. Here's a question for you drivers - what is it like to drive a tractor unit solo? Given how responsive a normal vehicle feels when you unhitch after towing something (relatively) weighty, I'd expect them to absolutely fly along! Unless there are other factors, like traction perhaps? Presumably you can skip gears on the way up if needed.
  14. Well, after 14 years and 75k miles, for the first time this has needed roadside attention whilst on a journey! We're on a minor European road trip after visiting the Field of Dreams, and first of all crossed into France on an eerily quiet Eurotunnel train. This was the restaurant building! Managed to find a few quiet spots on the way down, as looking at the rules you are allowed to pass through France, and so long as you don't mix with other people, don't have to quarantine upon return. This was a lovely car park next to a river, and had it to ourselves. It go me thinking
  15. North Wales police are pretty hot on speeders. I got caught doing 35mph on the entrance to a village at 6:30am - IMO in accordance with the conditions, although I agree I wasn't consciously paying attention to the speedo. How's the ride on the BX Jim? We reset the ride height before the MOT, as it appeared to be riding high at the front, which can affect the comfort. To start with I adjusted it to the 'book' value of 166mm (+10/-7mm), which worked out to be 290mm including the height of my ramps. This still seemed a little high to my rule of thumb of 4 fingers between whee
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