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  1. Update to this is that she wrote to them, pointing out that the bereavement process did not explain the SORN would become invalid (only the road tax) and supplying prof of the vehicles we SORNed. This was only two of them, as two were trials bikes which had never ever been on the road, are not even road legal and hence were already SORNed. They've let her off the four fines, but are demanding she pays for road tax for the two bikes to cover the 2 months they had neither tax or SORN.
  2. Winter is nearly over and I STILL haven't got round to taking the gearbox out! Trouble is, I'm missing driving it a lot now, especially this sunny afternoon, so I' m hardly motivated to start dismantling it! I'm currently tempted to tax it for March, and worry about the leak later...
  3. I know, crazy! I paid just into 3 figures for mine, but I sold the original plastic Series 3 grille for £41 (brand new ones £36???!) and a Series 1 aluminium badge for £46, so man maths means it only cost £20 Prices seem to be rocketing, and I really thought I'd missed the boat on fulfilling a childhood dream. Think I got in just in time!
  4. Er, yes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/670822052?iid=401753038294 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Land-Rover-Series-2a-Maltese-Cross-Grille-/184469926703 I didn't pay that much, as it depends how well they've been advertised. But I'm planning on security screws to hold it on!
  5. My new gaiter arrived today, seemed pretty thick and rubbery although there's a lot of poor quality rubber around nowadays, so time will tell how long it lasts. We went shopping in it tonight, so the first chance to test it. I'm likely to be biased, as I paid for it but my wife said (unprompted) that it's made a massive difference! I measured the sound level over the 12 mile trip home, a mixture of 30mph villages, and 50mph cruising. Average was 76dB, with a peak of 82dB. No idea how it compares to standard, but it's now possible to have a normal speaking conversation, and just feel
  6. This bunch: http://www.wrightoffroad.com/products.htm You can buy it from other resellers, but it was a slightly better price dealing direct, they included the kick panels too, plus were really nice to chat Land Rovers with!
  7. I thought the same, but I picked this one up for £3.5k, so it seemed like it was now or never! There was an element of 'mate's rates' involved, and the chassis has been welded rather than replaced, so would be worth a bit more with a galvanised chassis. But I'm happy with it
  8. Had a large and rather heavy parcel arrive recently! 40kg of floor matting; this is the main piece: There's a section to cover the middle of the bulkhead, a pair of kick panels to cover the bottom of the A posts (more for cosmetics I guess), and lastly another big moulding to cover the seat box. This needed drilling for the seat bolts, and also cutting for access underneath the seats to the fuel tank, storage etc. Here it is in place, although seats not fastened down yet as the original fixings are too short. Annoyingly the handbrake gaiter was a bit fragile, and has now
  9. If you think about the controller in isolation it may seem pricey, but for the total outlay with a CDH it's still a bargain. The ability to turn off if it gets too hot is invaluable if you are in a space with any reasonable kind of insulation! I've actually refined it further by limiting the maximum fan speed also which has a number of benefits: When it cuts back in during the night there isn't the whoosh of it running at full speed waking us up. It will take longer for the temperature to climb, so the number of on/off cycles is reduced, cutting battery drain during startup. By tuning
  10. Interesting, as they were both classed as high end vans of their era, with a premium to match. It does ride the bumps well, better than my iLoad does when empty!
  11. Yeah, not too bad considering it's knocking on the door of a quarter of a million miles!
  12. Not sure if this fits here, but I'm back on a motorbike for the first time in 6 years! We've been left some trials bikes, so me and my wife are getting to grips with going as slowly as possible! It's surprisingly good fun, and the engineering which has gone into them is interesting to see. A tiny radiator and cooling fan - makes sense as they are next to stationary for most of the time. Everything tucked away to avoid damage when you drop it. Pleased that it's a hobby we can do together, as that means no complaining
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