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  1. I've got these in the Stellar: https://www.ringautomotive.com/en/product/R796 Which sound similar although halogen versions. I'm a little worried about heat build up, so will stick to the standard 21w bulbs I think.
  2. The plating process was a nightmare - I think the chemicals have deteriorated in storage! So I just gave the tow hitch a coat of paint for now. I've also fitted my reversing lights but not wired them up yet as I'm waiting for the gearbox switch to arrive. The 12N socket hadn't been fitted when I bought it, so I installed one that I'd previously removed from another vehicle. I mounted it to a neat little plate which fits in the PTO recess, which I'm hardly likely to use! The socket is appropriately marked, which pleases me In doing this I've noticed that the drop plat
  3. I never realised Komatsu did smaller stuff like that - looks a handy bit of kit! We hired a bigger one a few years back to level some land and dig out stumps, it was on something like 20,000 hours but did the job despite being well worn in... Wish I could justify one but we just hire one when needed - fortunately delivery is not too far for us, unlike you!
  4. Does that meet with your approval now? Another little job was replacing the fuel hose, as although it looked recent there is a lot of dodgy stuff out there which has a short lifespan, especially with ethanol in fuel now. Plus I'd bought a few metres of Gates Barricade hose to do the same job on the Stellar. Then onto the less important stuff! The heater controls after 40 years of use were a little worn, and difficult to make out. Not a problem really, as I'm not sure I'm confident enough to take my eyes off the road and actually look at the sliders! But it's the first thin
  5. Minor, enjoyable tinkering to be done. I've found a working voltmeter, so installed that. Replaced the battery clamps, which were a little too small. And made a start on tidying up a tow hitch. I've dipped it to remove and corrosion. So the next job is to zinc plate it. My last attempt gave rather a dull finish, which is likely down to the current setting being too high. This being a bigger surface area should be hopefully less sensitive and fingers crossed will look better.
  6. They've been replaced by (presumably) halogen versions, and a new alternator too - I was pleasantly surprised seeing as I wasn't expecting much!
  7. Best complaint I ever had after selling a car was that the 13 months MOT it was advertised was not the case. Well yes, after the eBay auction running for a week and another week waiting for collection, don't be surprised that it now only has 12.5 months MOT! They also complained that an indicator bulb had blown and there was less fuel than shown on the dashboard photos. Is it any wonder why folks don't like selling cars? Anyway, glad to see you have upgraded from a Cortina to a much superior vehicle!
  8. I probably don't have a typical Series experience with this one - new shoes/wheel cylinders/master cylinder/hoses/brake lines/servo means it's likely reasonably close to as good as it gets! Certainly it's not a patch on a modern vehicle, but the brakes haven't worried me travelling at comfortable speeds. It is uncomfortably noisy at speed, so I'll probably wear ear protection on longer trips - I know from motorcycling that you feel a lot more refreshed afterwards if you wear ear plugs. But no significant water leaks - certainly not enough to get me wet although there's the odd drip visibl
  9. If I was going down that route, I could just swap them with the log collector Discovery, which would give epic amounts of wheel torque. But not high up on the priority list really. Wouldn't mind a Series 2A wire grille (have you seen the price they fetch?!), but can't think of any Disco parts I'm after thanks!
  10. That was something I wondered about - kept meaning to do a Google image search as I wasn't sure it looked right! I need to delve into the wiring anyway to fit a trailer socket, so will sort out then. It's a real pain manoeuvring at night without a reversing light, so I'm considering what to fit. I think a set of front sidelights with brighter bulbs would look better than aftermarket fittings - any other ideas? A V8 conversion has been suggested, but I quite like the original engine - it suits the vehicle I think.
  11. I've been doing a few bits and pieces on this over the last weeks, so will update the thread and maybe one of the mods can move it into the main section? You can maybe make out in this photo a map light (not functional) on the underside of the dash, and a universal choke cable. The light is stopping the steering column cowl from seating correctly, and also stops me from fitting a choke cable in the usual place. I've since fitted a Metro/Rover 100 cable, since it has an integral switch - and I had one spare! This illuminates the original 'cold start' lamp, albeit in
  12. What's wrong with the cable? You should be able to make your own using standard cable fittings: https://www.venhill.co.uk/cables-and-components/fittings-amp-components/nipples.html Or even if you didn't fancy it yourself, getting one made up for you.
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