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  1. After several coats, I've built up a decent layer of glue. Then to protect it further and neaten it up, I covered the spine in self-adhesive tape. It's supposed to be suitable for long-term book repair, so hopefully shouldn't ooze stickiness after the first hot day in the car! A shame about the punched holes, but short of scanning and reprinting (no!) I can't see a solution. Loads better though And no sign of glue running onto the pages either. It seems strange that the edge bond could hold the paper strongly enough to use, but it seems to be holding fine!
  2. I take your point, but the rest of it is so shiny it kind of lets the side down. I'd actually prefer something which was tatty cosmetically, with less worry about such trivialities. But seems a shame not to try and keep it tidy.
  3. No joy from the previous owner, but I've found somewhere around 50 miles away who will be able to either make up a custom aerosol from a scan of the correct shade, or even better, fill a can with what's been left over! I reckon there must be maybe 300ml, which once thinned down may be enough for a couple of coats. Only £6 per aerosol so definitely worth a try.
  4. Hermes have on one occasion previously managed to give me the GPS location of where the parcel was 'delivered', but it was a battle to get through to someone. On two other occasions they've been even less helpful... My latest problem with them last week was that for several days the tracking info was showing delivery had been attempted, yet we were in all the time. My wife had at the same time raised an investigation into the driver who had collected a parcel from her (so they clearly know the correct address) which hadn't reached the depot, so I suspect the driver wanted to avoid awkward questions. Sure enough it was delivered the first day we went out! It's got to the point where I'll avoid anything delivered with them (and Yodel), or ask if I can pay extra for a proper delivery service.
  5. That's my plan B, although depending on how far in from the spine it extends, it may obscure some of the text. (Not that I have to refer to the manual often, I think I've figured out how the car works after 24 years!)
  6. Things have been a bit quiet on the Stellar front, and I can't see it on the road until next year now sadly. It'll hopefully *finally* give me chance to sort the gearbox leak at least! In the meantime I'm going to try repairing a far less important item (and hence a more appealing task!) 36 years of use have taken their toll! You can see that the previous owner has obviously decided to put it in a ring binder after it disintegrated, then presumably realised that punching holes along the bottom made it rather difficult to read! I should imagine that trying to find another, for the pre-facelift versions made for only 2 years, might be tricky. First stage was to straighten it out, and clamp the pages together. I've bought some book-binding adhesive although normal PVA can be used. I suspect it's just watered-down PVA anyway, to help penetrate the pages edges, but it was hardly expensive. Then I dribbled it onto the spine, and from now on it's just a case of adding a thin layer once dry, and repeat. The first layer seemed to soak in very well (hopefully not all over the pages!) so need to build up a thicker layer for strength.
  7. Yes, I'm just discovering the minefield of Bronze Greens! Easiest thing to do is to ask the previous owner where he got the paint mixed, and grab some more.
  8. I had a bit more time today than I thought, and the weather was perfect for spraying - still, sunny, yet cool enough for there to be no insects around. So I etch primed it and gave three coats of Bronze Green from a rattle can (3 in total). I knew it was Bronze Green as there was a left over tin from the respray with that written on the side. Paint went on reasonably OK, although a couple of areas need flatting back. But the biggest problem is that it's the wrong sodding colour! The code on the tin is G6465, which I've now discovered bears no relation to either green. I'm thinking that (if it's actually a LR colour) it's more like Coniston Green than Bronze. I certainly prefer the body shade to the new green at least!
  9. Especially if you wear a welding helmet like this.
  10. Funnily enough I almost lost an Alfa 75 in the same way! Again I propped the carpet up with an extension bar, but a spark landed on what I thought was a cable on the inside of the floorpan. That turned out to be the (under pressure) nylon fuel line, which with a pinhole in it processed to soak the carpet in petrol! The car was saved by my girlfriend at the time who was watching, thinking quickly enough to grab a CO2 fire extinguisher and put it out!
  11. I know the feeling well! Fortunately things are a bit better now time-wise, and I'm using the justification that I can sell the tailgate for more than the safari door cost. Hence I'm actually earning money! Not much time on it for a week or so, but I managed to hang it temporarily (again!) to check alignment. Great success!
  12. Yes. I'm older and wiser now (and own the proper trousers). Oddly I've never been much of a 309 fan, preferring the looks of the 205. But reading this thread and the history of the Talbot Arizona almost makes me want one!
  13. I didn't take any work in progress photos, but the first stage of the door repairs was to replace the bottom rail. There was a section below the lock which was also rust weakened, so that was cut out and replaced too. Followed by the closing sections of the upright, and cross piece. All ground back in readiness for paint... And coated with Zinga. Sealant was then applied to the surfaces contacting the door skin, and it was offered up before hammering round the flange to secure. That took a lot less time to write than to do! Probably about two days solid work in total to get to this stage. The skin was quite tricky to get the edges tucked under the two uprights either side of the window, at the same time as getting the lip over the window bottom rail. Still, it's done now and just hope it fits!
  14. I've bitten the bullet and decided to replace the rear door skin. It was only around £30, and means I can be more brutal with the old skin without worrying about refitting it. So here is the door frame in all its glory: Slightly worse than expected, although it was so easy to remove the skin I was half tempted just replace it without any frame repairs, and only repair that when it falls apart. I won't though! The observant will spot a couple of other changes too - firstly I've painted the LR logo on the mudflaps, as the old original flaps would have. My method is rather cheaper than buying a NOS pair... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NOS-Land-Rover-Series-88-SWB-Series-1-2-2a-3-Rear-Mud-Flaps-Brackets-GLR304-/402005387571 The other change you might see is the rear seats, as we've had them re-covered. We had plenty of material left over from the Airstream, but I think the colours suit the Landy well enough.
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