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  1. This is very interesting! It does have a fairly lumpy idle, and off-idle, as a result of the cam I think - and the limitations of carb fuelling. But I think it had smoothed off mostly at the speed you were recording at. Can I blame you for the sudden loss of coolant 20 minutes later though? 😛
  2. You have fuel, (presumably) compression, and a spark. So the question in my mind is, is the spark at the right time, and is it still sparking under compression? You can check both with a timing light clamped onto the HT lead(s). You may find that you get a strobe when in free air, but under compression the spark finds it harder to jump the gap, and takes an easier path via damp connections. Good luck!
  3. Finished the journey in a cloud of steam too! (Sorry, not trying to outdo you Jim, hope you get back ok). My engine cut out at Betws y Coed, popped the bonnet to find coolant everywhere, drenching the HT system. Once that had dried, I restarted to find a spray of coolant fierce enough to prevent me from actually seeing the source. Allowed it to cool down and started topping up from the ample supplies of water all around me. But as fast as I filled, it just poured from the water pump. With the engine started however, the gush slowed to a trickle, although once temperature and pressure
  4. I'm still up for it - it'll be an adventure, and a far better story than "it rained a bit, and I stayed at home." Even if we just attempt sign language through steamed up windows, and go for a nice* scenic* drive. I may pack some WD40 though!
  5. Well, this had the ignominity of a FTP yesterday, on my way home from work. Just driving along, and ground to a halt First thought was running out of fuel, as the gauge was fairly low. But looking at the fuel filter, there was still some present in it, so moved on to the ignition side. No tools or multimeter, but I managed to establish that there was voltage at the coil using a random spare warning light I found and some wire. At this point a work mate came past, and he helped by checking the HT lead for a spark while I cranked it over. Spark was there, but I noticed the fuel pump n
  6. I'm tempted to stay over somewhere the night before, so would be good to plan a location there's more than one of us staying at. And if there's a bar (we're allowed to use ) then so much the better! Rather be sat in a field somewhere than a hotel though, so if others are up for camping I'll do some research.
  7. Would there be interest in a set of On The Road magazines in binders, from the 70s? If so I can bring them along...buy me a drink and they're yours!
  8. A workmate of mine around 15 years ago was into trials, and I was the passenger/bouncer in his Marlin on a number of occasions. I remember a 24 hour event all over the West Country in the depths of winter, where I wore just about all the clothing I possessed, topped with an XXL motorcycle oversuit. Just about warm enough! Here's a photo from my phone at the time, when the number of camera pixels was on a par with the number of phone book entries. It was enough to get us interested in production car trials, so we bought a 205 Gti for £100 (those were the days!), fitted it with a set o
  9. I parked up for a run in the wilds of Snowdonia on Friday afternoon, not worrying about leaving the car in a quiet layby. One of the things about owning a rare car though, is that people notice it. Within a couple of hours I'd had two messages on Facebook, telling me I'd been spotted! Including a photo of a giant penis my mate had drawn in the dust on the rear window... Never did I think that owning a bland Korean car would make me conspicuous! All seems reasonably ok, although I had to top up with coolant on Friday, and I'm sure the AC isn't as cool as it used to be. Still enj
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