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  1. Really touching. And a huge well done for all your hard work!
  2. I'd have been well up for this, but I've booked a Travelodge. I might be able to cancel though...
  3. Things are just too busy at the moment, so I'll have to wait until the August one too. By which time I'll have finished my job so plenty of free time! (So if anyone local is in need of spannering...)
  4. What time are folk arriving for this? I finish work at St Asaph at 1630, so makes more sense to go straight there if I can make it.
  5. I've missed the boat with the cheap Premier Inn rooms, so have booked in at the Travelodge on the Friday night. Still planning on meeting up with folk in the evening though. I've unexpectedly been invited to another car show on the same weekend though, which may be of interest to FOTU attendees: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/classic/uks-rarest-cars-featured-classic-silverstone-summer/ I'll be heading along on the Sunday (had to apologetically rearrange after I realised I was double booked!)
  6. Or stick a V8 in it? Although I probably wouldn't TBH.
  7. Maybe try the filament style LED type, to as closely as possible replicate the original bulb? We're using those in the Airstream to try and preserve the lifespan of the plastic lenses.
  8. Unless you have the 16v wider calipers, one of them springs a leaks, and the spare you have is the normal kind...
  9. Tempting, but given that I quit my job on Friday, I think I'd better save my cash for now! So any form of making money is of interest right now... This will be earning its keep next Saturday as a wedding car with a difference. As well as transport to the venue, I'll be taking the couple to a remote mountain spot for photos. Thought I'd better tidy up the rear seats in preparation, so did a quick cover job with some left over material from the Airstream. I also laid some carpet down in the bottom of the tub. I'm no upholsterer, so don't look too closely, but this is only a temporary job anyway. Long term the plan is to ditch the tailgate and fit a rear door for ease of access - just waiting for one in the right colour ideally!
  10. I'm keen, also possibly for the Tuesday meet at Mavericks. I'm over that way (ish) for work in St Asaph, so another 30 minutes in the wrong direction makes little odds.
  11. One minor advantage over a jubilee clip or similar, is that the band can be positioned over the head on the joiner, giving a more secure seal. https://www.floteconline.com/categories/powergrip-sb
  12. It's always been ok with the old hose, as there is a vent on the radiator above the top hose inlet, and also the inlet manifold, teeing into the header tank. The new hose is maybe a little higher, but filled easily last night. I've done around 80 miles today in it, and they do work! It's a very hard plastic, so not your typical heat shrink tubing.
  13. So what is my plan then? I'd considered Ligerex clips, and black coated jubilee clips, but discounted them in favour of heat shrink tubing. Before you think I've gone mad, hear me out! They're actually made for the job, and are marketed as giving a more consistent clamp over a wider temperature range. It took a while to find a UK supplier, but I did in the end, and have also used them to disguise the join between different hose sections. I must admit to being slightly sceptical, but they seem to get good reviews and have been around for several years. I could have used them for the ends of the hose, but I'm old enough to realise this won't be the last time I remove the hose, and I'm not rich enough to use a single use only clamp on something I know I'll be removing! As an added bonus there is less chance of snagging my arm on them, and once I've scuffed them up a bit to remove the writing I think it'll look to the casual observer just like a one-piece hose.
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