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  1. It almost seems a shame to remove this label from my new rocker covers: "Hot run tested and electronically tuned" it proudly states. But in true Leyland style, the label wasn't even applied straight!
  2. Kudos for attempting a nice mitred joint - I've just folded mine round, which seems to work although not original looking.
  3. This is mine, which I've owned since 2004. Seen here at the NEC in 2013: Link below in my signature!
  4. September 1997. A month after passing my test I had to go on a week long training course near Worcester, when I lived in Sheffield. With quite a bit of excitement I jumped in my 12 year old Hyundai Stellar and set off on the 150 mile trip. (Equivalent to doing it in an '07 plate car now, which hardly seems like anything to write home about!)
  5. The BXs were different - if you have central locking you have no keyhole on the boot lid. Bit of an inconvenience sometimes, if you only want to get in the boot. It's a puzzle why you have both a keyhole, and the solenoid. And if all the locks match the key, it suggests the tailgate is original to the car, but as stated, RD spec should have central locking and no boot keyhole...
  6. Ok, the good news first! I've put everything back together. I've also stripped out the caliper sliders and re-greased them, as it's not unknown for them to stick and end up wearing one pad prematurely. Brakes are now working nicely but spot the mistake, and the reason I had to remove the wheel again once I looked at the photo? And the bad news? Rust. A common spot, and I already had concerns that my 'slow down' treatment was no longer effective. I was right! I'll pop the wings off and cut out the rot; also a patch is required on the A pillar seam (another common area!)
  7. Can't remember the gearbox code, but the TU engined XS definitely had an intermediate bearing in the long driveshaft. That was actually the first FWD driveshaft I ever changed!
  8. To be a complete pedant, they didn't use that logo until 1992; the earlier one looks like the left hand side of this: But yes, the idea of glueing on a badge had crossed my mind!
  9. Understated is what I'm after! So satin black may be a good shout. (Especially if my mate can fit them in his powder coating oven, as that's the only colour he does!) But crinkle finish black might be a bit more special without looking obvious - plus cover any imperfections after removing the rust!
  10. Yes, P76 they are. Whatever I decide, at least it's not final so if it looks rubbish I can change my mind!
  11. I will post up figures; I have recorded over the last 16k miles so a decent comparison. But I am being side-tracked by another, far less important job on the car! I rhink I've mentioned the fact I'd quite like it if it wasn't immediately obvious that the engine came from a Rover, and although some people don't twig, the word R O V E R on the rocker covers is a bit of a giveaway... So I was after something devoid of bling, something that would look like it could be a standard engine. And, thanks to @MorrisItalSLX these arrived today all the way from Australia! The only question remaining is what colour to paint them? I was initially wondering about a black crackle finish, but then I thought that a repaint in the current blue might look quite nice, matching the filter and distributor cap. But probably wouldn't look OEM. Maybe silver?
  12. You say that, but... 😛 The XM variants of the switch are, so the facility is there to add a couple of 3mm LEDs, or a grain of wheat bulb. EDIT - Given what the OP mentions about the painted on arrows, it would seem as though this was a further cheapening of the switch when illumination was not required. I've only seen the other type until this point.
  13. Not disastrous, but a PITA still! I'd already given the areas a squirt of Dynax, as the existing coating had cracked. But on looking closely the areas seemed a little bit 'bulgy' so I gave them a poke. Oops! They were standard, but probably most of them had disintegrated by the time the cars reached their 10th birthday. Plus nobody bothered refitting them after a ball joint change! But I figure there must be a point to them otherwise Citroen would have saved money if they could! I've worked on a few other BXs, and anecdotally seen a shorter life without them, but that could well be down to other variables. I think they do protect the rubber from the direct heat from the brake discs, but the perishing I've seen may be down to the poor quality of rubber parts which seem to be prevalent nowadays.
  14. Of course, although I've probably finished the log collecting for this year, so I've parked it up out of the way, and taken the battery out.
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